Togetherness, to sleep or not to…?

Nothing wrong with pre marital sex

No, it’s not my caption. I read an article with this title in this morning’s news paper. I was horrified and disagreed violently with the publication. It so happens that it has been written by one Sofia, a Britisher. I am sure no Indian woman would have dared make such a suggestion ever.

Sofia claims that if a woman has enjoyed the pre marital sex, then she will have a healthy relationship after marriage. Absolutely wrong. Will such a woman stop with one such experience? Won’t she have more and possibly with newer men? In which case she is not likely to opt for marriage at all; she would have become a confirmed single girl gallivantor of a first class order.

I think pre marital sex is a taboo, at least in our Indian context. No Indian maiden would think of it nor a courting young man. It is a forbidden fruit or a fruit to be tasted at a later date. The longer the wait the sweeter will be the taste !

“Why not?” you may ask. “After all they are engaged to be married. So What’s the harm?” Such thinking will end up in sorrow and self guilt and self condemnation, friend. Your fiancé, whom you considered the most beautiful woman in the world, would suddenly look ugly in your very own eyes. Next, you are bound to feel so guilty that you may not like to touch her again because your conscience will tell you that you have done something prohibited by our culture. And you are most likely to run away too from her leaving her to fend for herself. You would not want to look at her face once again at all. You would embarrassed too because guilt will be eating into you. You would have lost all interest in her as well.

The above is not an imagination. It’ a true life experience. A and K were terribly in love. They had been engaged just some three months back and the marriage, for various reasons, was due some six months later.
But A couldn’t wait; he lived some three hundred miles away from K. One day he travelled all the way down to K’s place where she was living alone, being a teacher in an outstation. When you find your woman alone without any one around, your passion jumps to a new height. And that’s exactly what had happened. It’s not known if K approved of it but perhaps she had no role to play in the game. ‘A’ hating himself for the act took off back to his home leaving behind a weeping K. And K became pregnant in course of time. Pregnancy had to be terminated in a crude way because it had to be done in total secrecy.

A and K got married all right in due time. But the marriage turned out to be sour and insipid. K could never conceive again. And their marriage was sliding down to near zero level. Within three years they broke up. True, they didn’t divorce. But A one day suddenly abandoned her and turned to another woman. K looked absolutely loathsome in A’s eyes.

If only they had refrained from that horrible pre marital adventure, they would have been a happy couple with a couple of children and A would have been adoring her day in and day out. She would have looked gorgeous and gorgeous with each child.

If you are having any clandestine plan to do such thing as what A and K did, please give up the idea immediately. Delay it, delay it till the D day. Remember Shakespeare’s words, “To delay is to increase the pleasure…” and indeed you would experience much greater pleasure on your W day.

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