A tribute to my sister.

“At night,
Alone in my room, I sit,

And miss my sweet little sis,
Who has gone for further studies,
We have always been good buddies.

Whenever, I used to feel low,
She was the one to give me hope.

She is bubbly,
She is charming,
And she is so cute,
Without her, I felt the solitude.

She has always remained straight forward,
With her, I never felt bored.

In our home, she has been the boss,
But yes, was really afraid of dogs.

She used to imitate everyone,
Living with her, was so much fun.

She has always been conscious of her looks,
On her facial methods, I can write a book.

We both look alike,
People often asked me,
“Is that your twin sister standing by your side”?

We both share a same sun sign,
And have shared our bad and good times.

Our choices have always been opposite,
If I loved “black”, she was fond of “white”.

Yet we have a strong bond,
That, I am sure of, is going to last long.

I miss my little sister,
Of beauty and brains,
She is a mixture.”

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