This swinging, this restlessness every now and then

The days go by and life is leaving me behind again

Moments subtract as I slowly enter the tunnel of chaos

Wrangling my being and drowning me in the darkness of pathos

Leaving me with a mind devoid of inspiration and drive

The cosmic forces against me seemingly connive

Reasons, or are they pretexts, pull me in every direction

Which way do I need to go; priorities are all up for auction

Here I am free and yet bound in my heart

Can I ever, the maps in my mind rechart

Is this world, for me specially paved ?

Or am I here, for this world to be reframed?

Is it a cause or is there a reason that I am here

Am I to just let go, or every moment should I endear

Just for now, this moment, I know is swinging me about

Tomorrow will be another day I know without a doubt

I will live my life as there is to live

Myself and my insecurities I shall soon forgive







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