Thanks and gratefulness to God

Thanks and gratefulness to God Somewhere I read this morning about a little girl saying, ”I didn’t receive anything good from God today. Why should I thank Him and express my gratitude?” Many of us would agree with the little girl. Many of us too would say the same thing. God appears to be a silent person. You pray and pray and He never answers your prayer. During this morning ‘s mediation and Bible reading, I did think about this point – Should we say “Thank you” to him every day as a routine? Then the commentary from the daily reading guide book put me wise. Should we look for only the down-to-Earth side? God does not sleep. He watches over us every minute. He probably prevented something bad happening to you. You may not know it. But God is aware of it. The writer gave a nice example John lost his wallet. Instead of cursing God or demanding an explanation from Him, John thanked God saying, “Thank you Lord, only my purse is gone.. The thief did not physically harm me; he could have stabbed me or at least scratched me with a knife. He did not take away my college certificates. Thank you for protecting me Lord. I was shaken out of my ungrateful mind. God knows why John had lost his purse . By losing some money today, he had not become a pauper. He will make it good some time. He wants you to know that He had saved you from several possible road accidents through your walk or drive from place of work to home.. He has prevented you from tripping over a stone or someone in a crowded street. So, don’t be angry with God if you have not received any visible blessings today. Invisible blessings far exceed the visible. We should be all the time thankful to Him and praise Him too. You have been created on this Earth only for that purpose – to praise and glorify God. God expects this from all his creatures. Often we do not know what good things He has done for each of us today. Here is a small story. There was a power cut that evening around 8 p.m. Rosy, 18, was returning home after her music class. The road was dark, absolutely dark. In order to reach home, she had to pass through a dark alley which was lonely without any kind of human traffic. Rosy prayed earnestly to her Lord. “Lord protect me, help me reach home safely. “ As she walked cautiously, she saw the figure of a man leaning on an electric pole. Holding her heart in her hand, Rosy inched her way nervously and crossed the danger area safely. The man did no harm to her. Some 20 minutes later, another girl passed by the same alley and the evil man pounced upon her and raped her. Many people heard her cry and rushed out to help. But it was too late. He had done the job. The police nabbed him. For some reason Rosy went back to the site. She talked to the man. “Listen, I too walked alone and you let me go. Why did you molest this poor girl?” The devilish man replied, “No you were not alone; You were walking between two hefty men. So I couldn’t get at you. ..?” Who were these two hefty men? Angels, obviously. God had answered Rosy’s prayer and provided the security cover for her. She didn’t know it but the villainous fellow noticed the presence of the body guards. Shouldn’t Rosy thank the Lord for her safe arrival home?


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  1. 3 October 2011

    The article “Thanks and gratefulness to God” was very good.I wish many people read this.Ingratitude is a rather too common spiritual malady among men and women everywhere.As the article rightly points out, the blessings we can not see far exceed what we can see.All of us would do well to express our gratitude to God more often and more whole-heartedly than we may be doing.


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