Two black bugs and sixteen red ants

Frank went deep into the bush

Hiding from his father’s stare

Saving himself from Amanda’s eyes

Amanda is more a mother than sister

And he finds her more intimidating

Than the wild bugs in the bush

He eyed two black bugs crawling chameleon

Frank picked one by one balancing in his two wannabe fingers

Dropped them immediately into the empty jam bottle

Then, he looked for preys here and there, all around and over

Not finding anything interesting and little upset

He settled for the tiny red ants on the tree above him

Sixteen red ants, venomous and perfect

Then closing the bottle lid quickly

Frank lounged quietly as he shook the bottle intermittently

The two black bugs and the cavalry of sixteen red ants

Fought historic epic battle till they all tossed for life

And eventually died to the eight year old’s whim.






2 Replies to “Two black bugs and sixteen red ants”

  1. *snicker* we’ve got ants too, which will be dealt with when we put in new doors, hopefully.As for dnortactisis, well, lets see, there’s fanfiction, my new obsession with bento boxes and looking at pictures of people’s lunches. Putting recipies into my new program (Souschef) playing with Delicious Library, and listening to the roof leak. I don’t really work around them, I sort of just let them take control.

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