Random thoughts and random images

Of random events and random pages

Random decisions and random plans

For a random life of years that spans

Randomly is the way we are alive

Random efforts seemingly to survive


To really live a life, we need to learn,

that first we need to completely unlearn

All the randomness that has stuck to us

Of things that were taught to us

Some beliefs of which a cocoon we  spun

Recognize  it to be nothing less than a prison


Let the randomness be boundless and abound

To cross the horizons and swing us around

To let us see beyond the possible

Of things we thought were impossible

Sever the thin but strong threads of limits

And ascend the random, but new summits


Through this new randomness that will surround

With the new found clarity we will be astound

It will take us to places we never dared tread

And will find our own course instead

We will now be free and knowingly random

And the meaning of life we will now fathom

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