odd man in

education“I don’t like to do the odd man out” said my nephew trying to convey something. On probing further he explained “odd people are great people; didn’t you see ‘Taare Zamin par’?, he questioned putting me on a track that derailed the teaching machine in me. On second thought I agreed with him. In this world of competition when few people appreciate what is good and appreciable in others we all endeavor to fit into that frame which is generally appreciated or liked. Parents force children to score high marks so that the admission to the professional course becomes easy. But by aping we forget the fact that originality is the easiest way to success.

But to think differently is something that is difficult. It is difficult not because we as individual are not capable of innovation, but our case is more like an earthen pot that is cast in a particular way and then toughened to remain in that shape. With our schooling we learn to read write and think in a particular way. The capacity of a particular profession to earn fast buck makes us think that this is the best thing to learn. We all fall in line and behave like robots with our single aim in life, the capacity to make money. A person is said to be successful if he has the ability to earn money in way that involves less time, less work and above all, is approved by the society. If we look back at the history most of the successful people were the ones who thought differently. In the annals of history the person who thought differently always had to bear the brunt of public ridicule, apathy and the setting was always not at all favorable to the new idea. Take any new idea you will find that it is always opposed and many a times ridiculed. We are expected to enact certain script, it may be written by family, society or even self.

We always hear people saying “this is not the way we Indians behave” or “this has never happened in our family” and also “I don’t do it like this”. So the barriers in the path innovations are huge and complex. The success of a new idea depends on the originator of the idea. He should protect it from being booed out as weird or impossible even before he tries it out. The conviction in the idea should be absolute. The fun is if you conduct a survey, a majority votes in favor of innovation but when it comes to accepting the new ideas it is the majority that opposes it. This is so because individuality is a harmless trait possessed by one’s self. The same trait in others is downright absurdity. Edison, Galileo, Newton, and almost all the great people thought differently. Their behavior was considered abnormal in their respective times but today the progeny is grateful to them that they thought differently. When the entire world was fighting the world war two Gandhiji thought differently and won freedom for India without any war. Now is the need for the world to think differently. So next time you tell your child “that is not the way they do it” remember you have killed some original idea.

sow it

Vexed the earth,

Baked in scorching sun,

Parched here and there in sun fire,

Was dumb with despair,

Holding tears in eyes,

Desperately retraining

The tearful overflow,

Drawing from her sap,

Provided for the deep deep roots,

So that the barren tree tops,

Are laden with new shoots,

Blossom, bloom and juicy fruits,

Sets up the musical mood,

The bulbul and the nightingale ,

Sing throatfull tunes,

Of love despair and hope.

Autumn! Autumn!

Yet you remain unfazed,

Autumn recedes, the bloom too fades,

The fruits snuggle the branchlets,

In melancholy embrace,

Still you remain silent.

Yet again the sun bakes up the earth,

But still you remain unfazed.

The wind roars by the night,

Scattering dust by the day,

Whirl wind and strong tempest,

The clouds rush and push ,

To invade the blue sky,o

On the earth,

Spreads darkness

With thunders and lightning ,

The rain breaks through the sky,

Amid storm and commotion ,

You set off from your safe abode ,

To soar high up  in the sky, recklessly,

Amid the clouds,

Then dash down the beechen green,

Up again, to dart across the till earth,

Then amid dazzling lightning,

And deafening thunders,

You speak up,

Don’t be afraid,

Don’t be alarmed ,

Get up quickly quickly,

Hurry hurry

New seeds ,

New hope ,

Sow it up ,


vice called free advice

free-1If somebody is to point the vice or the unwanted things in society we generally talk about smoking, drinking and other such things as bad habits and  something that is not good for the well being of our own self and others. But recently I have come across a new vice that is ruining the society and troubling thousands for no reason. My friend’s daughter who was preparing for her board exam was fed up with the advice that people kept on hurling at her without her asking for it. This unwanted advice she complained wasted her time and confused her very much. At last she evened the score by asking them why they did not apply their wisdom to their own advantage. My friend got taunts that her daughter was the most ill behaved child and got some advice on the proper upbringing of children. In earlier days advice was sought because it was given carefully and after considering all the pros and cons of the issue now the word advice has become so hazardous that some wise chap has named it as gyan bidi. I need not highlight the hazards of a bidi or the hand rolled cigarette. People who are caught unaware by these advisers are the worst sufferers. A  friend of mine had a pet dog that got scabies, some one directed him to purchase the medicine directly from the chemist as his dog too had scabies and got cured in single dose. The chemist handed out the bolus and my friend fed it to his dog. Next day it was gone, not the scabies but the dog. It died of drug overdose. My friend cursed the advisor and himself. He later said I was almost hypnotized by that confident advice, later the chemist told me that the dose was meant for big animals like cows and buffaloes. The fine line that distinguishes a suggestion from an advice is often crossed and the result is hazardous if the matter related is serious. These advices are not only unnecessary many a times they are hurting and sometimes funny. Obese people often get advice from all and sundry on how to reduce weight and the most hurting ones come when that person is eating. Eat less you fatso or something like that is impolite and hurting but yet  many people do it. A plump friend has devised a way to tackle such advisers . He retaliates with something like why don’t you eat properly you look sick and colourless whenever he sense some advice on  obesity coming his way. These however are extreme ways of tackling the problem, the solution to the problem remains elusive till there are unwanted ad visors in the society. In our country where every Tom and Dick advices Sachin on how to bat, tells Lata how to sing, Amitabh gets some lessons on how to act, no one can escape this trap of unwanted and misplaced advice. All we can do is duck them like an expert batman ducks a bouncer and be prepared to hit the next advice for a six. The best way to deal with advice is by putting Newton third law in practice. To every advice give back an equal and opposite advice. Till we learn the art of tackling advice it will always remain an ad(ded) vice in our life.

Ever young

Ceaselessly the time wheel ran ahead,

Twenties thirties forties the age too sped,

This though, yet not frozen my life’s morn,

Similar tendencies sprout when the same hues adorn,

Still the sunshine pumps up every nerve,

Same is the zest and same is the verve,

Sagacity? Nay! Lasting love! Devotion! Me a love devotee!

Warmth of love ripples the youth in me,

Why about life should one care?

Endless avenues trapped in edgeless snare,

Let the cup of life over flow with joy and glee,

Ever thirsty for happiness the youth in me,

Mirage, deception, dream, call it anything,

Yet I see the truth peeping through everything,

Nurtured the soul not the perishable in me,

Not a seeker, carefree the youth in me.

The tickle of section 377

Ignorance is bliss and the joy of being a witness to the bliss that ignorance spreads leaves me amused. When all the print and electronic media is raving over the article 377 some cute ignorant chaps are trying to understand what is it all about. Question Mark

My friend’s son whom his father forces to read paper amused us with his snooping on the section 377. His question were always answered and encouraged but when he came up with the paper in his hand and questioned “Papa what do you mean by Gay marriage?” my friend was flabbergasted. He could not think of an answer so all he said was “Ask your mother or Aunty”, we too were stunned by his question, seeing him approach us with his query his mother was making curious and funny faces which made it difficult for me to hold my smile.

Poor parents, they have to face some real difficult problems before the kids grow up I thought. Realizing that his mother was answerless he gave me a curious look, I decided to tackle the problem head on as I always do “ Get your dictionary we will see what it means as even I do not know” I said . He returned with the speed of light giving me no time to flee from the danger spot. We scanned and found the meaning of gay as having or showing joyous mood, and I conveniently overlooked the other meanings. “So that means happy marriage” we concluded and he thought for while and said “so they have made it a rule now good for my friend” he commented as he proceeded to his room. But his mother who till now was shying away from him wanted to know what he meant by that. “Arey , now parents can not fight government wants happy that is gay marriages” He said as he pushed off in a very studious mood .

We were relieved that we were saved from answering odd questions. I took leave fearing that the fellow will come up with more queries which I may not be able to answer. I am always amused when the kids put their parents in tight position by asking funny questions but having experienced it the giggle lasted for longer time. I have seen kids’ dressing-down their parents for not taking them along to their marriage and many other such embarrassing questions but the question that was put to me helped me see the parent’s side of the problem in answering kid’s question.

Today as I was sipping my tea watching the lovely rains that drenched our city the little fellow phoned up. “Aunty you told me the wrong meaning of Gay marriage “he scolded me over the phone. “Why what happened?” I asked apologetically. “You come over I will explain it to you” he continued in a commanding tone. I do not know who has enlightened the little chap on the subject but can tell you I am in for some very funny moments next time I go there. Bringing up children is the most difficult thing on the earth but the way people grow up shows that parents answer the questions beautifully and some times diplomatically but kids catch up and realize that some questions are really difficult to answer.

Jyoti Thatte


post mumbai attacks


O gory hand of human devil ,
How you kill the innocent at will,
Your shameless hand behind every mishap,
A worthless feather in your shameless cap,
You come, you see, you destroy,
A bodiless little hand still holding a toy,
A howling father loses his wit,
In a mad attempt to gather the gory bit,
A scarlet truth runs through all the races,
Confirm the blood stained clothes, shoes and disfigured faces,
In the name of god you hold the gun,
No greater sin committed under the sun,
Which god admits blood soaked offerings,
Your sin will bring nothing but sufferings,
Give your mother a reason to be proud,
Fear the wrath of one above the cloud.

jyoti thatte

Happily unmarried .


Happily unmarried .

Marriage is always a most talked about subject in the universe. the married and the unmarried  have  different opinions about marriage and its side effects .But the most baffling is , “Marriage has many pains but celibacy has no pleasures” .As this comment admits that marriage is painful condition  but does not give celibacy the advantage of being a better state .More over the days are gone when state of being unmarried was equated to celibacy . so the subject is  a very complicated one and there are no chances of its being simplified in near future but the relevance of marriage to contentment  and stability is still there. before I venture too far from my subject let me retreat. Bachelors and spinsters have to pay different penalties for their freedom . While I explore the comic side of the price the spinsters pay the other side must be equally interesting.
One day my friend told me that spinster is a word used generally in a derogatory manner for single women (“who fail to catch a fish”, she winked and said to make her point strong)   and that was the reason she wanted me get married . Her comment challenged my sense of humor and I said “but my dictionary says, woman who can make the heads “spin” and “ stir” the heart till they die are called spinsters”. “your dictionary must have been edited by some married person whose sweetheart never married him to enjoy the freedom.” I pressed my point.  Thereafter she never commented on the issue probably for her own safety and my relief.
Then there are people who take a sympathetic view of your lot and think that you are in a state of perpetual agony because you are not married They call you for dinners  and lunches so that you should not feel left out and give you some ideas to be happy. While the gastronomical delights are welcome the other enlightenments are impenetrable .
Doubtlessly India is a democratic country because unlike any other country in the world we have all the rights and the right to interfere in others life is matchless ( with special quotas for the aunties ) .aunties can say any thing to anybody and I  think they have special civil liberties when it comes to marrying of the singles in the vicinity .  like eagles spot their preys and dash on it with matchless speed and if you are not alert enough you are married before you realize it . After the act, the happiness on their face can not be explained in words . and when they see their prey surrounded by children and nagging spouse the wily aunt giggles  to glory .
To marry or not to marry is a very personal question but in India it is personal question to be compulsorily solved by public at large and that too with a compulsion  of marring the first available kill  . the unmarried are amusingly treated like the chickens with bird flu ,married before they choose otherwise  .
My scorn is aimed  not at the institution of marriage but at the way, the reason and the mediator that people employ to get married .but that is the way things are in our society so all that can be said is long live the aunties who settle the long lasting marriages.

jyoti thatte