Are we living?

Haven’t we had enough?
Isn’t it time to say NO?
What does it take to stop terror?
Does it do any help?
Except for disintegration of mankind

A civilization shattered in the name of ideal
Ideal of no ideal at all
A blood shot savage aftermath
And a world of helplessness
A world devoid of compassion and humanity
Are we moving ahead?
Are we living?

I saw a Human

I eyed on him
His eyes, lips, eyebrows, his face
I saw deceit and dagger looks
I saw an ogre
I eyed on him
His eyes, lips, eyebrows, his face
I saw love, compassion, harmony
I saw an angel

I eyed on him
His eyes, lips, eyebrows, his face
I saw scorn, vulnerability, disbelief, cynicism
I saw a human.

Love me no matter what

My eyes are growing old
With the bleak I suppose not to see and less of shines I must
I wonder if you will like me with old eyes.

My ears are growing old
With spurt of falsities and less of solicitous symphony I must
I wonder if you will like me with old ears.

My lips are growing old
With the fake guilt smiles and less of squashy love I must
I wonder if you will like me with old lips.

My nose is growing old
With plastic breeze and less of essential fragrance I must
I wonder if you will like me with an old nose.

My heart is growing old
With sopping up blots, blues, blames, growing big and supple
I know you will love me with an old heart.


Amen to Truth

I have seen many people who would never tell the truth right away. Some lie outright and some are just so scared to tell the truth! They fumble, hide, make up fake stories and become hated in the whole process so much so that it becomes their habitual thing. Like the other day as I was coming down from the ICU, I heard one doctor speaking on phone telling the caller that he was on the over bridge and would be right there in 5 minutes! No way could that doctor would have reached that place in five minutes! He had a straight face but others had utter disgust for that same person they look up to as “God’!  He was being demoted to a liar in seconds!

Nothing could be grosser than to lie when you have a better option. I can understand why some people lie. They are fearful of the consequences that they might have to go through on being truthful. But then, there is no better choice than to tell the truth and be guilt free in life. White lies are still OK since we are saving others from some harsh reality but I would most certainly loathe a liar who just speaks untrue things habitually.

I personally, however tough it may sound, never quite get to the point where I have to lie. White lies are fine sometimes and I have been there as well but making up stories and cheating is just so gross. I believe, there is but one truth. No burden, no guilt- only sometimes we have to be careful the way we deliver it because truth is not always taken in the right spirit and may hurt people who should not be punished. So, for me, there is only one truth, one guilt free option and one beautiful life.

My Affirmations

I Love and Appreciate Myself Just as I Am


Life is beautiful

I appreciate, I thank

I value myself


Life is beautiful

I am healing hurts, old wounds

Getting better everyday


Life is beautiful

I can change, I am worthwhile

I live in present


Life is beautiful

I make friends, I care, I love

I live with gratitude


Sweet Memories

A few broken pieces of primitive metal caps
Some tin cans, squared plaques, poster colors
Disoriented brushes, hordes of tainted greetings card
Sparkles, glues, satin ribbons, barbie, mickey stickers……..

Some sweet love letters sealed with heartaches
Old, tattered Alice in the wonderland, a few Archies comics
Tintin adventures, archaic pencil boxes with extinct pens
Glitters, magnets, cellophanes, colored papers, chalks…….

A closet full of childhood reminiscence
Full of engaging memories, indelible nostalgia
I will have to get rid of those, definitely this time
I need space, more space to accommodate unfamiliarity…….

I have run out of coveted sizable space
The mahogany closet is a monster
A monster, which has to be killed
My childhood memories have to be killed …….

A Prayer and A Wish

She left her home in her best dress
Keeping the keys and docs orderly
Sticking a note where to find what
Sipped her favorite strawberry shake
Wore the floral skirt, her favorite..

The slippers, she bought recently, the best of the lot
Sprayed the English lavender, her signature spray
She wanted to look good, smell good till forever
Kissed her parents
Smiled at her granny’s photo..

Cuddled the puppy who licked her as always
He looked with the most honest eyes
Only to get an unsure look
She could still see her mom waving
She sighed, closed her eyes
Thanked all, friends, sisters, family
Close ones and not so close ones

Who knows this could be
The last day on earth
The last day in her life
Who knows she might lose it to a fanatic

India is hit yet again. Today the newspapers carried yet another gross, grotesque, condemnable act of extreme terrorism. Where are we moving! What have we made out of this beautiful world! No political strategies no inter relative schemes; I just know that this has to be stopped. How? I do not have any answer but all I know is that this heinous intimidation must be stopped; we will have to brave it out. Let’s get our message loud and clear. We are not going to take this anymore. Let’s join hand towards a better and more beautiful India.

My heartfelt prayers for all the deceased and affected souls in the train tragedy.

My Struggle for Independence

On Independence, interdependence and Individuality

Being independent and living up to being one is an act of great responsibility which everyone yearns for. Some are, apparently, independent as early as in their post teen years and some, in country like ours, are still not, even in their sixties. Does that mean being independent is a frame of mind that depends on our thought processes, the way we perceive things and the extent we are affected by our surroundings?

In our society, it’s still OK when a person, single but of age, to stay with their parents, with their families. But, being in a family and having to do less stuffs, does not make one dependent on others or vice versa. True independence is not just being able to do stuffs by ourselves and having to make a living out of our profession, going to the market, buying vegetables and then eating and tomorrow is an another day! I have seen people, who are in a family, with many authoritative people around, yet having a strong opinion, a sense of decisive choices. They think, they talk and most of the times, live by what they believe in. They have individualistic traits that make them independent. On the contrary, some who have been living alone since tender age still do not quite have their opinion, their free thinking power, their might. What I want to say is, independence is not as much as in our apparent decision to live all by ourselves as in being able to think, reason and live independently. I agree, living by our own means and deciding on several small earthly issues and subsequently, seeing it happen does make us individuals enough to take a decision. But being independent is not just that at the end of the day.

My ability to think for myself and having the power to see the broader view of what we are thinking and what we are not make me strong. The power to decide between the right and the wrong, the power to reason as I believe in and to stand by it whenever situation arises and be responsible for what I do and what I do not, not only makes me independent but also beautiful.

It’s about making one’s own choices and getting less limited to physical restraints. Having said this, no one can be fully independent or dependent for that matter. The base of every society ensures our interdependence – the cohesive force that binds us together. That way ‘true independence’ might sound like an oxymoron. But then, when we wait for our parents’ nod or our spouse’s choice or our kids’ opinion, we are still independent. For all of these manifests our love and integrity to our families. It’s important that we instill this power to think independently, to speak our minds, to have our own reasons, choices and preferences, the sense of righteousness, the power to judge unaffected in the formative years of the children. The children should also learn that freedom comes with responsibilities. The responsibilities that they would grow up to do justice to.

I have been trying to have a terrace view, alienating myself and believing in my understandings and the perceptions. Trust me, nothing is more beautiful than having to determine and resolve the things we believe in, for ourselves. It makes us beautiful and the world too.

The Morning Sun

Tryst with the morning sun..

He winks through the pane
As immaculate and dazzling
Throwing a naughty dare
I have a demanding day today
Still loving the tranquil laze

Tryst with him never go waste

Look at him, he’s still being naughty

Just cannot tame or trade with him

He does not give in to allures

He is not a con man, not a lie

He never deludes, he never fails
He is the morning sun

The Color Eight on My Rainbow

“Laugh as Much as You Breathe and Love as Long as You Live.”

We are in the middle of another year we did live it. Some very well, some of us not so well but we did live it. Life is like that. No matter how difficult it seems, how sad, how upsetting it appears we live on. Nothing is more normal than living. But then, the way we choose to live, the way we choose our priorities and precedence, the way we face and live the obstacles, make us happy or sad at the end of the day.

How did it matter if I had smiled at that infamous fellow who was unnerving everyone with his uncharitable behavior? How did it matter if I had helped that old lady crossing the lane or how much time would I have spent, had I stopped by the unknown flower and appreciated it! Now, as I look back, I can only feel sorry about it now. I should have listened to my heart instead of frowning over some deadlines, some drudgery. Yes, I should have. I cannot do anything about it now except regretting the moments when I did not listen to my heart. Time is like sand, we cannot hold it on our palms. Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever.

I have learned one thing, that one thing that I would like to go along with for the rest of my life. We must take charge of the kind of living we are supposed to live. We must not frown over what could have been, what should have been and what ifs. Focusing my consciousness to a greater and better goal and living it as my conscience tells me to, will help me face the ordeal positively. No blaming game, no regrets, no remorse. Being myself, loving and living life to the fullest, forgetting, letting go, smiling more often, being able to take the censures and learning from them and enjoying life with others around me – that sounds terrific, isn’t it? We cannot rewind the cycle of life, neither can we live it again. We cannot get back to 2009; we can only look forward to 2010 with a different kind of effort if we are not happy with the present. Doing things differently will yield a different result, may be better and more beautiful.

I have never taken any resolutions ever, nor did I make any pledges. This year also, I haven’t, for long term goals never work for me and especially in today’s perspective when I do not quite know what’s going to happen tomorrow. So, no resolutions – only more consciousness, more awareness and more perception, more righteousness with an evolving support system, happiness network that uplift me spiritually.

I have dived into the depth of my inner self. The first dive was very scary but soon I started liking the challenge. The fear comes when we are unsure, hesitant and ignorant but once we know where our beings are, what we want – we are vibrant with the color of life. I have just begun to enjoy the vibrancies of life. It’s ecstatic! It’s a new color in my life – the color 8 on my rainbow. I call it the color sun.

A Little This, A Little That

Digging from Childhood

I dug through this last week in my endeavor to clean the clutters. It was a beautiful, silly kind of feeling which I could not resist sharing with you.

A little this, a little that

A little smile, a little pat

A little laugh, a little wink

A little care, a little kick

A little fight, a little love

A little treat, a little sob

A little heart, a little wish

A little dream, a little miss

A little world, a little we

A little you, a little me

A little this, a little that

That is all I want.


Nov 19, 1983

Children Are the Happiest – A Myth?

(Here I will categorically exclude the children who suffer dishonorably and go through the most mortifying days of their lives. They are in my prayers and will forever be.)
I was watching a few street children playing with mud and smudging each other. I thought, they were the happiest creatures on earth today. Free, uninhibited and spontaneous. But then, that was just an onlooker’s perspective and I had little idea what was going on in their minds! Even kids have their happy and sad times. They too have their share of down moments. They too go through peer pressure, pressures of task load and an incessant torture to do well in exams. And today, they are even a few steps ahead of our times. They have to have the right dress, right gadgets, right food, and sometimes the right hair day! They are losing their childhood so fast! But do they really know what bleak moments of life lead to the do-not-exist-kind of state! They don’t. Then how could they be the happiest?

Do you really think that a kid knows what is it to become happy? Happiness to them is just a paper boat or being able to play in the sun or even sucking the cheapest lollipop. As a kid, how badly I wanted to grow up fast to earn my own money and become a doctor and help others! My friend wanted to become a pilot and fly in the sky!

It would be a matter of mere speculation that children are the happiest. Its only when that they grow up and know what it all takes to live it, that they realize the true meaning of happiness. Its then that they feel that they were better off as kids! Generally speaking and keeping aside all those children who live a degrading life, childhood may be the most secure and safe, but children might not just feel that happiness! We adults are in a position to compare for we have lived it all. A child cannot delineate for he has only seen the brighter side of it. Childhood is bliss and kids are relatively stress free, care free and are uninhibited. True! But how does that make them the happiest? We have to know the both sides of life, both happy and sad times to actually become the happiest. We may be blessed with most blissful childhoods, we may have all happy things on earth but as a child we cannot gauge at the depth of happiness for we have not seen the big bad world.

And that’s essentially a grownup’s point of view!

You can laugh at me now!

Holding the TV remote on my left ear and desperately attempting to change the TV channel with the AC remote, I couldn’t really accomplish anything.  I went on trying with the AC remote but the channels just wouldn’t change! This went on till I found my real phone lying on the bed peacefully! That was a real case of wiring going mismatched and some kind of scheme of the brain. This incident has had a terrific impact on me for two days straight. I just can’t stop laughing at myself and switching off from the off and on bouts is really getting difficult. Even as we talk here, I am laughing!

This is not the first time I found myself being so funny. Many times I look for for my spectacles everywhere and just when I am about to get mad at myself my mom starts to  laugh at me, which makes me even more jittery. My mom with her sweet gesture asks me about the stuff on my head. I put my hand on my head only to find the glasses lying there peacefully.

If you are not convinced enough, this one just get you the glimpse of the kind of person Mimpi is. Only yesterday, I was looking for my spectacles fervently. It was a long, tiring day and I was bogged down so much so that I thought to just lie down and watch the TV. So, I started searching for the thing. I went about two floors and searched all the probable places. And guess what, little did I realise that they were sitting on my nose all the while! Isn’t that stupid?

You can laugh at me now!


The dark cloud did barely made visibility

Through the dark avenue.

I was riding past the darkest of woods

With much hollowness and silence

It was a long journey of wish unfilled and seething pain

A journey, a nightmare no one should ever live

The nature was still and poignant

Sombre, sorrowful at my tears

I couldn’t remember how long  I had traveled

All I could remember was

Hollow darkness and numbing pain.

Suddenly, I felt a sweet breeze brushing my face

Soothing my eyes and loving me

I felt like being loved again

I felt belonged and connected

I opened my eyes to light

And to the most beautiful of rainbows.

What’s in a Flower?

A Flower Tells Us A Hundred Words…

Pristine, chaste, tender, intense
A flower shows us the way to God
Or way to our inner selves, our soul
It brings in a sense of awe, wonder, peace
Love, memories, nostalgia

Every time I look at a flower – dew fresh and serene
I feel, I am looking at the eyes of a naive child
A child, who is eager to be cuddled and touched
I touch the tender petals, breathe the aroma

And leave it there to grow to feel the bliss forever

Gadgets I Cannot Do Without

Gadgets, gizmos, geeks – no I am not much into these stuffs but I cannot deny my dependence on certain gadgets. I have developed strong adherence to a few over the years. If you ask me, well I can do without them but it will going to take time.

1. The first on the list would be the LAPTOP.
It has given me a strong sense of conviction that I can get accepted even when I rant out. Thanks to you all guys. It’s a Compaq Presario

2. USB PEN DRIVES: This is most indispensable these days. They are handy, easy to navigate and carry. I have 4-5 flash drives (1 – 4 GB) with me all the time. Thanks to my brother-in-laws who have been way too generous.

3. DIGITAL CAMERA: It has become an integral part of my living. I capture all the unsaid moments, sad and happy nature and anything that catches my eyes. It’s my best companion ever since I got it. Mine is Casio with extra zoom.

4. HAIR EPILATOR: For obvious reasons. I better do not go into details. *laughs*

5. DIGITAL PHOTO FRAME: A recent addition, a gift from my brother-in-law. I am loving the features – music, photo, movie. I just wish it had an eBook Reader!

6. And the most important gadget that I cannot live without right now is the HAIR STRAIGHTENER. I have to have all the time. I love my hair smooth, straight and silky and guess what this gives me a great look! I do not have a bad hair day anymore!

What about you guys?

My Dream Board

It’s all fresh, all new, lovely
The air smells different
The animals curious
Its spring the year round
The muscle twitches, eye lid flutters
The world around is clueless, beautiful

Something new is happening
The sound of life changing
Everything is fresh and full
I am building, intending, knowing

It is all I need to know
All else is just landscape
Sand, scrub and grime

Who says dreams do not come true!

As an avid web writer, I have been writing for several sites for more than six years now. I have been writing on many of the international writing websites that pay. I am still writing actively on several international forums. All through, however, I was dreaming of a competitive Indian writing site that could actually stand at par with them. I was hoping for some Indian site to come up with ultra zealous fervor and professionalism.

Then, one fine day, I stumbled across indianblogworld and got the glimpse of the quintessential Indian passion instantly. Indianblogworld has a neat theme and a pretty face and I would like to consider it my privilege to have come across it.

Today when I thought of writing my first article here, I thought I must start with an earnest gratitude and appreciation to the site creators and administrators who have really made my dream come true in more ways than one. It has made me proud of my nationality. Nothing like being able to write down your thoughts in a forum where people share the same ethos and integrity and when you get paid for something you love doing – nothing like it! So, here I go thanking everyone and looking forward to have a great experience sharing our thoughts and connectedness.

Kudos to the team!