Random thoughts and random images

Of random events and random pages

Random decisions and random plans

For a random life of years that spans

Randomly is the way we are alive

Random efforts seemingly to survive


To really live a life, we need to learn,

that first we need to completely unlearn

All the randomness that has stuck to us

Of things that were taught to us

Some beliefs of which a cocoon we  spun

Recognize  it to be nothing less than a prison


Let the randomness be boundless and abound

To cross the horizons and swing us around

To let us see beyond the possible

Of things we thought were impossible

Sever the thin but strong threads of limits

And ascend the random, but new summits


Through this new randomness that will surround

With the new found clarity we will be astound

It will take us to places we never dared tread

And will find our own course instead

We will now be free and knowingly random

And the meaning of life we will now fathom

The incompleteness is now complete

You had instilled such joy, I had felt complete

Not a care in the world no burden unwieldy

A song in my heart, tapping were my feet


There was a time when time stood still

Every moment when I gazed at your face

All my dreams, I hoped you would fulfill


Yet a fear, a doubt had been lurking around

Will I one day, from my slumber awake

Find reality hurting and the pain profound


We never could really travel together

Fate or what else that stood the barrier

Pondering, makes the predicament only harsher


We lived the years as there were to live

But something was amiss something unconsummated

More often than not, the mood would turn pensive


Heard of your demise today, my heart went offbeat

That potential and those possibilities that could have been

My feeling of incompleteness is now complete.

One moment in time

I lived all my days, for that one moment in time
No past no future, in that instance
Felt the world around me sublime

All seemed so clear to me and yet I was blind
Wanted no past no future in that instance
A knot was getting tied there, never to unwind

In your arms I lay trustingly when you kissed my forehead
Felt no past no future in that instance
For me only for me this is, my every being pleaded

In the life that I live, such moments I want to steal
With no past no future in that instance
Time would just stop and the days would turn surreal

Sigh! We walked our separate ways, now memories drop by as gentle dew
There was no past no future in that instance
So never mind the ending dear, love, with you it did ensue


This swinging, this restlessness every now and then

The days go by and life is leaving me behind again

Moments subtract as I slowly enter the tunnel of chaos

Wrangling my being and drowning me in the darkness of pathos

Leaving me with a mind devoid of inspiration and drive

The cosmic forces against me seemingly connive

Reasons, or are they pretexts, pull me in every direction

Which way do I need to go; priorities are all up for auction

Here I am free and yet bound in my heart

Can I ever, the maps in my mind rechart

Is this world, for me specially paved ?

Or am I here, for this world to be reframed?

Is it a cause or is there a reason that I am here

Am I to just let go, or every moment should I endear

Just for now, this moment, I know is swinging me about

Tomorrow will be another day I know without a doubt

I will live my life as there is to live

Myself and my insecurities I shall soon forgive








In Life as I meet new people
I believe, there is something to it
Or else why in this colossal
Only a few bring meaning to it

Through a glass window we share the milieu,
and a glimpse into your perspective I get
What is it that life has taught you?
And what is there for me to peruse?

Does life convey something deeper?
Or is it a meager passing fantasy
To be brushed off as a simple banter
And move on after every perspicacity

For this world I might be too naïve
But I prefer to be this way
For how this cosmos we perceive
Bit by bit it gets built that way

You might think that’s, but ludicrous
“Get practical” you might admonish
Why turn blind to the crassness
Its intrinsic you might say

On many counts our views will deviate
But the dialogue will surely continue
For when differences permeate
New vantage points will mediate

Sharing is a commodity so scant
I am happy to do it with you
Of thoughts and ideas and penchant
And appreciation for however that we might be

I wish not to trample on your space
While getting you to my point
And shall respect and embrace
Your standing with complete grace.


(I dedicate this poem to my fellow bloggers)

Creativity happens in bursts and spurts
The urgency then to express is at times such,
That the Yamdoot’s path too sometimes diverts

Giving us time to finish what we started
Forgetting the task on him that was laden, he stands
absolutely mesmerized watching while we moulded

An artist completes what God had begun
only but a miniature of the quintessential
divinity he believes was never forsaken

Dancing and singing and writing and painting
are the endowments of the one Almighty
In the different rays of the same sun we lay basking

There are never any rules he said to create
just bead all the notes into a symphony so pervasive
that will bind all the beings in one harmony to vibrate

Talk and write with words that are soothing
to exhilarate and bring to life a dying spirit
or bandage a heart that was deserted and left bleeding

Paint with all the colors and shades you have
don’t you mind about the shape and the design
just express and drown in the pleasure you derive

Each art form he said is only a component of the whole
so create and build and construct without a heed
just let the feelings percolate and liberate your soul

So create dear artist with all your efficacy
for till the time you have something to consummate
Death too will be constrained to wait outside in the alley

The ‘Julie and Julia’ syndrome – day5

Understanding the changes within

Till the last day of her life actress Parveen Babi was convinced that Amitabh Bachchan was trying to poison her. Parveen Babi had suffered from Schizophrenia all through the later part of her life.  The height of “innocence” they say is “madness” where one is unaware of his own self.

Is it fate then, that lead to these circumstances and conditions in life? Are we doomed to it? Or is there a way out?

Don’t we all live schizophrenic lives to some degree or other? Can we guarantee that our view of this world is always clear and correct?.
Every time we perceive something, it is always filtered through our emotions, our desire, jealousy, pride, ignorance, or aggression. And when insecure we pass judgements, we compare and get defensive.

The origin of perception is always from within and not outside. A piece of music may bring pleasure to some and discomfort to others. The same  tourist place may bring happiness to some and displeasure to others.
All the different perceptions we have, arise from our very own minds. Through our prejudices, which is our own creation. Or sometimes through external conditioning, when  we accept what has been taught to us without analyzing or examining its  reliability or authenticity.

The sum total of all our experiences ( the internal reactions to the external events ) and conditioning condense within us and we form a belief system. This belief system is what takes us through our life. Either towards prosperity or towards doom.

Lets have a look at what then could be the winning formula.
Studies show that our brain vibrates at Alpha level (9 to 14 Hz) when in a calm meditative state and at Theta level (4 to 8 Hz) which is the deep relaxation or problem solving state, when all the distracting thoughts are blocked out and  a state of awareness is brought about. Awareness provides the presence of mind to see the assumptions and false beliefs before we invest in them. And when we no longer live by the false beliefs in our mind we no longer have unnecessary emotional reactions. With practice we can choose in the moment not to believe what our mind is saying. This allows us to see the emotional roller coaster coming.

Meditation brings about a stability in the mind and takes us to a state where we no longer ‘react’ (with our emotions), but we ‘respond’ (taking responsibility of our role in the situation and remaining conscious of our feelings, thoughts and reasons and being aware of the bigger picture ).

Self-awareness is empowering. We almost always perceive ourselves as a part of the system outside . We believe that the system and the design outside is fixed and perfect and that we need to fit in there. With self-awareness we can  look at ourselves in isolation. It is in the simplest terms, the discovery of one’s own personality.

Making meditation an integral part of one’s daily routine is the key to the whole predicament.

The mind can weave itself warmly in the cocoon of its own thoughts, and dwell a hermit anywhere.” – James Russell Lowell


Today is the  27thday of my self-proclaimed exercise regimen (read my post “The julie and Julia syndrome – day1”). The compulsion I have laid upon myself to be accountable in my blogs for the same has turned out to be a very very successful experiment. I am feeling light. All the aches and pains in my body have disappeared. I have lost most of the flab.
But certain areas like around the waist etc still measure the same.  I have not only, not broken my consistency, but I now aim to link it to some sport. Though I have yet to decide upon something specific. Meanwhile I completed  the basic course of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s ‘Art of Living’ .

There is paragliding, there is bungee jumping and then there is the Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s  ‘Sudarshan Kriya’ . Only experience will speak. The thrill is something that cannot be put in words.

A lesson from the Scarlet angel

Two sex workers visit a bank to deposit gold. The bank official ask them to sign a form. The girls say they do not know how to sign. The bank officials laugh. The girls return back in tears. They share this incident with Amirbi.

Amirbi Shikandar Sheikh is a brothel keeper in Sangli, Maharashtra. She is called an  Awwa , the Kannada word for mother. A matron, a guard, fiercely protective of her girls, Amirbi decides she needed to do something about this.

With her overbearing physique, her leadership qualities and her protective attitude, she could have stomped back into the bank and given the officials a piece of her mind and warned them against humiliating her girls, but guess what she does? she becomes  the first woman to start a school for the sex workers.

While I was reading about this news in the newspapers, my first reaction was, “one must thank the bank officials for smirking at the girls and humiliating them for being illiterate”.

Blessings they say always come in disguise. All one needs is the insight to recognize it and turn it into an opportunity. I must admire Amirbi. Amidst all the chaos and muck surrounding her, she had the clarity and serenity to visualize this opportunity. Change happens, in the very moment you look for it. We often hide behind excuses while making this shift.

Amirbi was deceived and pushed into this trade at the tender age of 15. Education was out of question. Today in her forties, her eyes welled up when for the first time she held the pen in her hand to sign in the notebook. She hopes that education will give her girls an opportunity to move on, to source other means of earning a living.

There are so many people who have found their strength and capabilities in the face of troubles. Many have become financially independent and successful, but not until adversities had hit them first. Often reaching a point where  their bread and butter was now at stake.

An adversity can be endured if we hold on to the belief that there is a goal to be achieved and that there is a cause to the pursuit.
Adversities are inevitable but if one can swim through it and turn it into an exciting journey then the benefits are more far reaching than one can imagine. No wonder a smooth sea never makes a skilled mariner.

Adversity has the effect of awakening talents, which in normal circumstances would have lain dormant.

Could I then conclude that, the one who had the opportunity of  an adversity was lucky?
But again one should always prepare oneself and be ready. Set oneself up, be informed to take up these opportunities when they do show up. Do not live in a cocoon oblivious of the outside world. Or else the chances will just pass by.

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”. — Roman philosopher, Seneca



The mystical abode needed painting
A task that was pretty daunting

Colors dull or bright needed to be chosen
For every room and every faction

Each room housed  a different personality
And with them the colors had to agree

Some were grim and others, people of substance
And every hue needed to define their semblance

An uncle always melancholy and fray
His room had always been a shade of grey

An aunt, forever sparkling and full of life
Why orange would harmonize, the reasons were rife

A teenage son, in his own world who’s perpetually lost
A mix of shades it had to be and definitely crisscrossed

A young girl an epitome of sophistication
For her the color of silky pearl’s always in fashion

Wisdom that grayed granddad’s hair
For him any color that was fair

The painter brought his color palette around
Wondered why in a fixed pigment each person was bound

Each one deserved the freedom to change
And move up and down in every range

Life you see is never a constant
Said the painter in a voice very prudent

Let’s paint the whole house a shade of white
For each one to decide upon his own tint with delight

White invites every color into its heart
Dark shadows quietly then depart

The color of every experience will only shine brilliant
Allowing the soul to move on as it changes every garment

The ‘Julie and Julia’ syndrome – day4

Understanding Success

“Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.” ~ Sir Winston Churchill

Back then about a decades or so, I made a choice
Today too I talk about it in the same voice
Priority to my family first, it will be
The point I never miss, even when I am broody
In time I changed in many ways
Though every now and then,  myself I did appraise
Tried holding on to all the skills I did possess
And was loosing a grip on many I do confess
Every tool needs to be sharpened from time to time
Often the rung of my own personal ladder I could not climb
People are recognized in this world for what they accomplish
Strive all their life to guard their feats from blemish
My mind opened and as a person I did grow
While counting my successes sometimes I felt hollow
I am always available for my family first
And in their life I am completely immersed
Each one is flourishing I know within deeply
I am known only by what is left of me

Do these thoughts cross my mind because we often grow up with an external conditioning? The mechanism by which society measures success is at times very strange. A certain amount of powerlessness makes people feel that you absolutely need a certain amount of money, or be around particular people or own specific things to be labeled as successful and that without them, you could never be happy.

So what is success?
It is, I believe a state of mind. And one cannot measure that with external devices. It is about finding your own unique pace and rhythm in life. And the ecstasy of playing your own music your way. It is the freedom you experience when you are being creative by setting your own standards. It is about doing what you love best, your best possible way. Be it writing a novel or writing accounts books. Be it about playing a sport or commencing a business. It could even be about being able to get a chance to meet and chat with your hero in life.

So here again I emphasize on self-awareness. With the lack of internal awareness we keep going round and round in circles.  But by being able to develop inner awareness, we could become much more involved with life because we would understand ourselves and others with a new and exciting clarity.

ACTION TAKEN : (on day 4)

  1. Reiki meditation : Evening 7:30 pm to 8:45 pm practiced self-healing. Read out positive statements again about my health. I visualized that I was exercising daily and saw myself slim and healthy, beautiful and energetic.
  2. Work out with the skipping rope. : Completed 100 jumps at a slow pace.

  3. Pranayam : Did 5 minutes of  anulom – vilom and 60 counts of kapaalbhaati which took about one minute.
  4. Aerobics : Evening  5:00 pm to 5:45 pm .I am feeling very active. Though not able to complete the routine smoothly as yet.
  5. Diet : still not been able to figure out a routine for the same.

    Plan to take up the first level of ‘Art Of Living’ course. Heard it helps you reach your optimum weight. May God help me!

    “You don’t drown by falling in water; you only drown if you stay there.”~ Zig Ziglar

The ‘Julie and Julia’ syndrome – day3

The purpose of life is a life of purpose – -Robert Byrne

Understanding ‘Demotivation’

When I decided to start with my health mission . Only my family knew about it.  I was reluctant to talk about it with any of my friends or others close to me . Today I wondered, why this fear to share?

Am I afraid of negative reactions or was I afraid that I would be demotivated?
People would write it off as “another one of her whims”, “oh! These things don’t last” , ‘oh! Exercise is it?”
I mean I definitely had not taken it upon myself to save the world had I? So what’s the big deal?

Is there a perfect way to deal with demotivation.
One suggestion – “when a bull charges simply step out of the way”. Peace!
People don’t see through our eyes and we get blindfolded to theirs. And when a bunch of people keep harping on the same tune, we too start believing, that, as reality.

I have seen so many of my friends go silent when they were preparing for a course or an interview or even something like buying a new house. As if to say, ‘let me get this over with and then I shall talk about it’.
They were gathering their strength in those moments of silence.

“Awareness” in general and “self-awareness” in particular, is a magic word. A magic wand, which clears all the clutter. The garbage remains around, only until I am not aware of it.
I found meditation, to be one  way to get around with this obstacle.

Surely positive people around and positive thoughts around are life savers .Hence my positive statements before I start meditation. After all, if you do not hope, you will not find what is beyond your hopes.

I find myself struggling hard to keep up with my regimen. I keep swinging up and down on the motivational swing. Has it got to do something with the lunar phases? NAH!!! (When a person smiles in times of trouble, he has found someone to blame it on)

On a serious note, what I need is, to not lose my focus. Not this time.
I remember in one of  Laxmi Mittal’s interview, he mentioned how he had started enjoying his hobby of playing golf. Then one Sunday as he was heading towards the golf course, he took a U-turn and went back home. Simply because, he realized that he had started enjoying this game so much he was afraid, it was going to shake his focus. I was astounded at this thought process and that one statement changed me in so many ways.

“There is no Challenge more challenging than the challenge to improve yourself.”
-Michael F. Staley

ACTION TAKEN : (on day 3)

  1. Reiki meditation : Evening 6:30 pm to 7:45 pm practiced self-healing (I should make it a point to follow one fixed time, but looks a bit difficult).
    Read out positive statements again about my health. I visualized that I was exercising daily and saw myself slim and healthy, beautiful and energetic.

  2. Work out with the skipping rope. : did not do this today. One ‘grumpy’
    point for me on that!
  3. Pranayam : Did 5 minutes of  anulom – vilom and 60 counts of kapaalbhaati which took about one minute.
  4. Aerobics : Went off without any cramps. I took the counts slowly on the abdomen workout . My legs weigh like a ton. But my body seems to loosen out a bit and luckily I did not get any body pain though I had started exercising after such a long gap.
  5. Diet : still not been able to do anything about it. One ‘grumpy’
    point there too .

Today the circumference of my stomach measures one inch more than before.

WHAT? Did I miss something there? Grrroooaannn !!!!   but then……

A laugh is worth a hundred groans in any market – – George M. Cohan

The ‘Julie and Julia’ syndrome – day2

A lot of people are afraid of heights. Not me, I’m afraid of widths – Steven Wright

Understanding  ‘self discipline’
(ok girl! better late than never)

One who says “it can be done” and the other who says, “it cannot be done”. Both are right .
One looks for reasons to do it while the other looks for reasons not to do it and both will find them.

How does one achieve the results one is looking for?
Discipline dear discipline!
We picturize ‘discipline’ in terms of school environment or strict parents. And we generally associate it with ‘restriction’ or ‘no fun’ – mostly a negative connotation. Often related to an outside coercion. And that may partly be true in the short run.

Because we are all looking for instant gratification. ‘what’s the purpose of living if we can’t have fun?’. Ultimately it’s all about enjoying and having a blast. And we have only one life to do it.

That brings us to another related term – “self discipline”?
Why self – discipline?
When we don’t want the fun to go overboard and ultimately turn unexciting, we need an anchor called “self-discipline”.

So, how do we catch this cloud called self- discipline?
The first step – will power. Next comes consistency. Almost everyone starts off with great enthusiasm and very soon the wind goes out of the sail. Consistency is the only way to get there.
The target is, that the activity should become a habit, a way of life, mechanical. There shouldn’t be any thought process involved while doing it. Like self- hygiene. It should become second nature.
Once your research on what needs to be done and how it’s to be done is over, then all we have to do is military–like daily drill. Just do it and do it.

Its about creating a habit consciously till it reaches your subconscious.

Just as it takes muscle to build muscle, it takes self-discipline to build self-discipline.
Well now getting back to myself and my, self-proclaimed exercise and diet regimen. Day-1 was the day for resolutions and research.
Day-2 onwards the action begins .

  1. Reiki meditation : Morning 10:30 to 11:45 practiced self-healing.
    Later,  I read out some positive statements about my health. I visualized that I was exercising daily and saw myself slim and healthy, beautiful and energetic. This helped me calm my mind
  2. Worked out with the skipping rope.
    Expected benefit : Will help lose weight, will help to speed up the metabolism,   improve muscular co-ordination, tone muscle mass and develop muscle mass, improve reflexes, balance and agility, help in increasing concentration.
    Result : Could not go beyond 75 jumps. Took about 2 minutes to complete this.
    (To look back and think that I used to be an athletic champion in my school, college and one right through to representing my bank where I used to work. Seems like it was some other lifetime)
    Took a small break of 5 min
  3. Pranayam : Did 5 minutes of  anulom – vilom and 60 counts of kapaalbhaati which took about one minute.
  4. Aerobics : Evening 6:00 to 6:45,  I attempted aerobics. I say attempted because I could not complete it. I had to abandon it after 15 minutes. I was doing it after a break of 5 years. I used to complete the whole workout smoothly then. Today I reached the abdominal workouts and got a catch in my stomach and doubled up. I was writhing in pain as the spasms kept coming back in cycles. My husband had to rush to prepare the hot water bag for me. And he was teasing me “double O quits?”.
    God! The first day – a disaster. Well this was expected.
    I shall not give up though.
  5. Diet : Had planned to skip dinner today, but was not able to control my hunger so had it anyway. Will need to work on this slowly.

Blogging is therapeutic. Like introspection it opens our mind to many recesses we had never delved into before. It does not matter, how many are reading it. You are thinking aloud, is what matters

Self-respect is the root of discipline; the sense of dignity grows with the ability to say no to oneself – Author: Abraham J. Heschel

The ‘Julie and Julia’ syndrome -day 1

Here I was in my drawing room, sprawled on the sofa and experiencing the phrase “bored to death” in its totality. I mean I wouldn’t have been bothered had I  actually died that day. I would have probably looked down at my body from above and muttered to myself lazily, “dead eh?”.

It was then that I remembered that my brother had the membership to the  DVD rental service and had asked me to use it as he was going to be busy for a few days .

I picked up the DVD to be exchanged and walked into the store . The person behind the desk too looked like, he could do with a few rajnikant jokes . Was he really bored or was it just my jaundiced eye , I was seeing yellow everywhere (read boredom ). I proceeded to sift through the collection. And there I spotted “Julie and Julia”. Meryl Streep being my favorite actress I picked it up. Got home and played it. And before I knew it, got completely absorbed in the scenes. I lived all the emotions Julia and Julie felt and cried through all of Julie’s disasters and all the flurry of emotions that she went through.

The movie is based on two true stories – Back in the forties we meet a young Julia Child (played by Meryl Streep ) a bored wife who has accompanied her diplomat husband to France. And her journey as a student in the Le Cordon Bleu cooking school to a cooking teacher to writing the cookbook “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” for the servant less Americans which was  published in 1949.

Simultaneously the story shuttles to the year 2002 narrating the story of Julie Powell (played by Amy Adams) who on the other hand is timid , never manages to complete anything and hates her job which involves, having to   handle phone calls from relatives of the 9/11 victims at the insurance company. Once at lunch with her close friends, Julie feels very small and trivial compared to her successful friends. Its then that she decides to bring about some change into her life. She discusses it with her husband and concludes that she loves cooking and happened to have the cookbook “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” written by Julia.

She decides that she needs to set an AA (alcoholic anonymous) kind of target. That is “one day at a time”. So she targets, cooking 524 recipes out of this book in 365 days. And she decides to blog about this activity  every single day. By and by she sees her world expanding as readers start commenting. And eventually transitions into a strong woman. She later publishes this experience in the form of a book “Julie and Julia” ,which is later made into a movie.

Well for me, it was like as if my prayer had been answered. I am approaching 50 (Not that age matters . You could start feeling worthless at any age and decide to pick yourself up from there). And my life has not been getting anywhere. Now a housewife, who had committed to giving my home the first priority. I have longed to do something that would make me feel worthwhile and satisfied. However minute it might be. I started with 2 or 3 activities simultaneously and in the process becoming jack of all trades and master of none. And slowly discarded all of them.

So I thought  how about me following Julie’s footsteps . Seems like a very good idea. I should start with only one focus at a time. Let me see, I guess I  first need to set targets like she did.  I should to  be systematic and probably scientific in my approach. Blogging about my  daily  progress would be a good idea . This will give me accountability.

So here goes, I shall take the plunge today :

FIRST TARGET : Health REASON – (This is the most important part. Because if I don’t know why I am doing what I am doing then it won’t last. ) : Well ! I am beginning to put on weight and right now it seems like ‘the beginning of the end’ to me. And I want to follow the doctrine “ A stitch in time saves nine”. I have started experiencing knee pain and back pain recently. Age is catching on me. I need to exercise regularly  to keep healthy.

TARGETED RESULT : Reduction in 10 inches around my waist , and 10 inches around my seat and reduction in about 5  kgs of my weight ( It  already  looks like a daunting task. How did I manage to get this far?)

PERIOD : 60 days  starting today (Is this an unreal time period? well I shall soon know)

METHOD TO GAIN RESULTS: I plan to do it with no help . I could easily join a health club and get the results, but it’s not all about statistics.  It’s about disciplining my life and being accountable for my dreams and desires. It’s about being consistent in the activity. It’s about exploring my limits. It’s about finding my own happiness. And in turn I shall definitely spread this happiness around.

I call it the ‘syndrome’ because the condition just got stuck to me. The word also means ‘run together’, and  Julie is with me  giving me new hope.

So there ! Be with you soon again .

And I decided to die

To feel as never have felt before
To be as never have been
To breathe as never have breathed before
my last gulp of air
To desire and to love
with an  intensity that will permeate
Never will let it fade away
And feel it as never have felt

My last moment in death,
may open me to the essence, that
only feelings bring meaning to life
and Sensations would sweep all over
Telling me to let go and not crave,
all the pleasures and the pains
Of  love and of partings
And feel it as never have felt

The quest to experience
every experience there is to be
To rush and to fall
To feel hurt and to weep
To open all my wounds and cry
The malady I shall not deny
To up heave all the burden and liberate
And feel it as never have felt

The things that I have right now
would not have really been
As exquisite as it is just now
To be treasured, and to be cherished
In the moment of my demise
The depth of it all
On a pedestal I shall keep
And feel it as never have felt

To know and to fathom
There’s nothing outside of me
The universe is but subsumed
Inside of me to conceive
Impregnate me with the cognition
that I live, is only for me
To breathe as never have breathed
And to feel as never have felt

My last gulp of air, may just about ignite
Illuminate and show me all
till now that I never had seen
That “being” is just the “now”
To experience and to fill
And for death I need not wait
to teach  what life is all about
And to feel as never have felt

Allium cepa

The onion has made everyone cry,
Kanda bhaji is not a dish now to fry

The cost in hushed tone is asked,
The bandit is but standing unmasked

An allium too could act so pricey,
The situation had never gotten so dicey

Without the onion I am now dishing up dishes,
Trying to  bail out my poor wallet from more bruises

The onion we all took so for granted,
Now has us but completely baited

It now stands smiling sparsely on the stands,
watching our juices oozing out of  sweat glands

He is now declared the king of all kings,
The shallots never had it ever so splendid

To cook or not to cook is the question to ask,
The master chefs in India do have quite a task

The radish I hear is now making the rounds,
Yes a  surrogate but nevertheless abound

The taste of the onion shall we now forget,
And love and adore the radish instead

Lazeez Pyaazi pakoda is now a thing of the past,
Mooli will be filling our zoli is the latest forecast

Heart beat

You just came and set the tone
for a song of my life to repeat itself
Not  knowing that the hurt  inside
can turn my heart to a molten stone

What is in you that makes me a fool?
over and over and over again
To amuse yourself, but never again
will let you use my  heart as a tool

Oh! how could you, just how could you
do what you did, a second time through
You walk into my life and out as you please
won’t you turn  back  once to see the pain I go through?

The time has come now in fact
to keep my life and focus in tact
I will try my best and never let you see
in my hearts and thoughts,whatever the cost be.


The process of getting to be a man from a monkey left behind a tail.

I mean that the tail was left behind. Now that you had a superior brain, what do you need a tail for,  seemed to be the theory .
Though I see so many practical uses of it even today .

It would be so convenient for the TV announcers to shoo away the flies, had they a tail .

You could train your tail to hold the newspaper while you had tea & sandwiches early in the morning .
You could use your tail to catch a pickpocket while he is active with your purse.
Or a well trained tail could pick someone’s in a crowded place .

You could also train your tail in the discipline of karate & Judo and could have a sixth weapon along with your 4 limbs and a head .

The two wheelers have models with break mechanism closer to your hands or feet . You could have a third model with one near your tail .

The beauty pageants could add one more award :The most beautiful tail of the year ”

The fashion designers along with bell sleeves and bell bottoms could design ‘bell tails’.

You could match the ‘Gondas’ at the end of your plait with that at the end of your tail and decorate it thus .

We could have kept the cosmetic industry busy producing creams and lotions to keep the tails silky and smooth .

Girls could woo their lovers by twirling their tails sensually .

You could swim the clear waters of the rivers and use your tails to catch fish.

The doctors could slap their patients unconscious again in case they woke up in the middle of an operation .

Militants could swear that they would keep their tails tied in a knot till they achieved freedom .

You could strike a yogic posture where you could balance your body on your tail and prove that the brain , placed either in the head or knees ,weighs just the same. Its only the balance of the tail that matters .

After all this, I wonder why we ever felt ashamed of our tails and hid it inside our stomachs, only to suffer from appendicitis later .


Gazing up into the sky
watching the dark clouds roll by
A flash of lightening
A burst of thunder
made me wonder!
made me wonder!

Walking through the woods
the chirping of the birds
the swish of the willow
my mood turned mellow
made me wonder
made me wonder!

Out at the sea
listening to the waves
crashing on the rocks
or embracing the shore
made me wonder!
made me wonder!

The growth of the feotus
deep inside the womb
and the eventual perfection
of this human creation
made me wonder!
made me wonder!

Do we really need to visit
the obvious places of worship
when you have all this around you
a splendour so real so true
I wonder!
I wonder!

Is it not a perfect day
walking through this golden ray
towards a perfect place to greet
where the sun and the horizon meet
I wonder!
I wonder!


A face I know so well

Or so I thought

A mind so simple

Lit with confusion and despair

He was born

not so sure when

He was here to share

the warmth of the sun

He was here to believe

the coolness of the wind

He wanted to be an Ace

But couldn’t keep up with the pace

the scars of misfortune

writ wide on his face

Destiny ! they said

that he was an addle-head

He fled into a safe corner

that never did exist

A mire of his own conceptions

A result of his own perceptions

Give me a hand comrade

for I shall not resign

The Act of God

I aspire to redesign


Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!
that must be the Blackberry
that must be her ring tone
and my expression  turned to stone

Blackberry is so smart
sadistic from the very start
the minute dinner is served
demands attention as if deserved

The dinner is cooling
leaving me ever so fuming
Oh!  God what the hell
should be my dinner time bell

My husband reacts with a stare
in answer to my glare
My son meanwhile stands still
and advises me to take a chill pill

Oh! do I need this change
in the midst of my midlife
Oh! is it a fair exchange
A blackberry for a wife ?!