Though I find I have things to do
they just happen to pass me by
Watching me ponder and then despair
and end the moment with a mournful sigh!

I was never like this I feel
before years a score and five
My emotions now soar and dive
into the whirlpool of my life

I sometimes wonder what it means
that makes people look up and smile
I remember I used to do the same
but now its been quite a while

Is it me or just not me
when things don’t happen then I wonder
I sometimes smile and sometimes weep
and then to my moods I  surrender!


Mind filled with uncertainty
slowly inching towards insanity
I had to decide real quick
which I did in quite a nick

I knew I had to change my job
felt torn between a smile and a sob
not knowing the future in store
filled me with a fear right to the core

debits credits deposits and loans
had my cup filled up to its brim
my expression changed to smiles from moans
hence averted a situation grim

thought I would take up a career quite mild
and turned my talents to work with a child
mild it was not, surely not a child’s play
kept me amazed and exhausted day after day

looking at the world through the eyes of a tot
where everything is clean never any blot
a world of flora fauna and colourful inscriptions
my idea of this world took a new perception

they truly love you with all their heart
sometimes makes you feel so torn apart
and when they look at you with no malice
your heart is filled with divine solace

its just not 1 2 3 or A B C
there is more to it that eyes can see
shaping a future making a difference
I  feel like a potter with clay and his wheel

and when you see them grow as a person
I cannot describe the unbound satisfaction
but the day comes when you say good bye
and watch them go with a tearful sigh