Boarding School Consequences on Children


The other name for boarding schools is residential schools. Here children have to live away from parents and along with their fellow students and teachers.

These institutions have boarding and lodging facilities for children and teachers. However, as far as boarding schools are concerned, there are two schools of thoughts. Some people feel that sensing children to boarding schools is not a good option.

While a few people feel that at home children don’t learn much and at boarding school their nurturing and training is better. They can also be said as home away from home. As every coin has two sides, the same thing can be experienced here too. And so here is the discussion of positive as well as negative points of a boarding school.

Positive Consequences of Boarding School on Children

Since children have to stay alone in a boarding school they learn to schedule their tasks and activities and hence learn discipline and punctuality. Good habits like exercising, praying, waking up and sleeping on time imbibed in a child at a boarding. The child will learn to be responsible on his own and so he will become an independent human being.

There is lot of time that children get and so they can get into recreational activities also. Children become bold and a go getter because at home they are always protected, but here at a boarding school, children get good exposure to the outside world.

Negative Consequences of Boarding School on Children

Children do not get the family atmosphere. Once they are sent to boarding schools, they miss their family too much at least at the initial stages. And this is the reason why they do not learn family values. They may feel unloved. It may be harmful for their emotional state.

Many times, kids may become too much bold and may misuse the freedom. They may get into bad habits because parents are not there to keep a watch. Some common bad experiences like ragging, punishments etc may shatter the self esteem of the kid.

Sharing Bed with Your Baby Safely

Sharing bed with baby

Your entire life will change after the birth of a baby. The happiness that you will feel is just unimaginable. Things are going to be wonderful here on. However, there are a few amendments, alterations and adjustments that will have to be brought about in your life after the birth of a baby. There are going to be many decisions to be taken after the baby’s birth.

But one of the most important decisions is that where will the baby sleep? Well, it is but natural that when a mother shares her bed with her baby, it is going to be very convenient while taking up breast feeding. Also, it grows a bonding between mother and the child. However, if you are planning to share your bed safely with your baby then just read on:

Convincing your Partner

Your partner will not like the fact that you want to share your bed with the baby. This is because; it will make him a bit lonely. However, you can convince him about this matter and take decision as to how long will such a bed sharing take place. Tell him, how important it is to attend baby when he or she is crying and bed sharing will also make breast feeding easier. You can also invite him to share the same bed. But tell him to avoid smoking if at all he has any such habits.

Make a Special Bed

You must go for a soft bed because babies are very delicate. And also try to remove all those hard and pointed things from the new bed. Make the bed very safe or the baby. And in case if there is a small gap between the bed and the wall then removing this gap is vital. If the bed is open from all sides and you are afraid that baby will fall down then add borders to the bed. You can buy special bed if you want.

Buy Special Baby Blankets

Your blankets are too big for that little one. And so you must buy apt sized baby blankets.

While Sleeping Dress Baby with Comfortable Clothes

Since you are sleeping with your baby your body heat is already there. And so avoid over dressing your baby.

The fun of Queue-ing

bus-queueThis incident I talk about here is what happened a few years ago but as I think of it , seems ages ago since with the online world where we do get to Queue really now. Learn how queue-ing can be fun !

I was recently married then and my husband and I were working out the logistics of our first travel back home to our parents place in Delhi for Diwali. Having decided the dates of travel we got up one Sunday early morning to go the Indian railways travel ticket counter. I guess those days you could book 60 days in advance..well not you could, you had to else you might not really get tickets.  Getting up Sunday morning was an ordeal enough and just to make sure neither of us was at an advantage of being able to sleep late we had decided that both of us would go together, or was it really to be able to spend good 3-4 hours together? (Must have been the latter, we were recently married then 🙂

Well, we thought we would be the first ones to reach and were hoping to grab some tea at those small tea stalls outside but aloha we had lots of company already. We got into the shortest queue – so it seemed then.  The window was yet to open. We got into some pleasantries amongst each other…Sunday morning out in public was no time to be romantic anyways! As the sun rose higher could sense the patience levels of people dropping down …A few folks ahead of me was a couple..i should say a strategic one..they had come with their 2 little ones..what made them strategic was they took turns amongst themselves and their two children to stand in the queue while the remaining three members in their hum-do-humare-do family took a leisurely break sitting on the benches watching the commotion in the room. Finally the guy ahead of me mocked at their strategy and remarked – your family had no better place to go for a picnic is it…so the wife innocently said “Actually my elder daughter has gone for a school picnic to khadkwasla while we came here, so the whole family has not come really”…Ahh something to smile about in the innocent she was!

Could not resist overhearing the guy ahead cribbing to his friend about how corrupt the telephone department is and how he is being made to run pillar to post to get back the security deposit money for his land-line during the disconnection – I reminded my hubby that we better keep the security deposit slip handy – talk about learning from others’ mistakes.

At the rear end of the queue were probably some college girls exchanging sob stories about how their parents would not allow them to marry the love of their lives – my husband and I were reminded of our good old loving days.

Ahead of me were two young lads in army uniform chatting, loud enough that we did not even attempt to not hear. One of them said he was asked to come and book this ticket for his manager for the nice holiday he was taking to Goa with his family and how his heart yearned to take a holiday too.

While we got to peek into lives of many ..what seemed at the start eternity finally seemed to be getting over…We were nearing the agent and my heart almost skipped a beat wondering if any of the folks ahead of me in this queue and many more across hundreds of windows, would have booked tickets on the same date on the same train thus denying us the chance of getting confirmed tickets. I began to silently pray to God uggggghhhhh who is this whom God has just sent!! ..a guy just barged in at the window, grabbed the chance that was supposed to be mine, spoke to the ticketing agent in what seemed to be some code language, got a ticket done and rushed away while we kept clamouring for justice…When i got to the window i complained to the ticket agent for entertaining the out of queue guy. The agent explained that the guy was God sent (read some railway officers assistant doing babugiri) and he had to be issued the ticket etc etc…As long as I was getting my confirmed ticket I did not care then and later wondered…..Though the God sent man got his ticket faster did he have as much fun as I did queue-ing!

And now i wonder if we ever have so much fun ticketing online!!

How to get the best out of a budget holiday

Most of us believe that the best way to spend a vacation is to spend more. We want stay at that beach resort with a private pool or beach or even better, at that water bungalow. We wish to experience those heavenly sounding services at the spas. We just want to make the holiday perfect. It is true and fair. But most of us have financial limitations.  And the guilt of having spent up most of the savings does not leave us for a long time. In the pursuit of that ideal holiday, we miss to enjoy the little joys of holidaying with loved ones.  But it need not necessarily be so. Here are a few tips to remember for an exciting and guilt free holiday.

  • Plan In Advance: Be it the accommodation, food or activities, there are always many choices available. And you will almost certainly find that exciting yet economic option that fits you. But only if you search enough. Once decided on the destination, look out for the best way to spend your budget. A search on the internet will give you many ideas. Or you can ask the folks online for suggestions. If you have friends who have traveled to the place before, they can be of help.

Also read all aspects of the place you are traveling to. This will help build extra excitement.

  • Be open to Experiment: Nothing will build more memories than a new experience. Have you always looked for comfort. For a change try the inexpensive guest houses.  Or that small inn that is  far from the main tourist attractions. It may be away from conveniences but it will have a more local touch to it. By inexpensive, I am not talking low on quality. If one looks for enough, one can always find that underrated gem of a place or food.
  • Explore: Don’t follow the trodden path. Take a diversion. You might just make a new discovery.  Take an early morning walk and you will see beautiful sights that nobody told you, existed.  And it does not cost a dime. But wherever you go, do keep safety in mind at all times. Always have a companion while venturing isolated places.
  • Live the Local Flavors: Remember this is your chance to understand another world. Take interest in the lifestyle and culture of the place. Not only will this make your holiday exciting, you might help spread awareness about the local community by talking about it to friends. Try the local food. No restaurant will probably make that food in a more authentic way than its made there and you can get it cheap too.
  • Adventure: Dont miss on adventure that you can have. It is imporatnt to do some physical activities as doing that will awaken your senses more than any spa treatment can.  You can swim in a pond if your hotel does not have a pool. You can take an early morning bicycle ride or climb a hill andyou will have ample things to talk about when you return.

So the next time you make an escape, be the real traveler, the explorer. Great holidays are all about making beautiful memories.  So go ahead and have a thriller of  a holiday and that too without feeling guilty of having spent too much.

Reality sells like hotcakes…

z94245835Gone are the days when television broadcasting used to be meek and sober. Only one channel, limited viewing options, all this prevailed, and hence prevailed what is called quality broadcasting. With the number of channels skyrocketing, television content has started becoming mediocre. How fondly even today viewers recollect the evergreen “Yeh Jo hain Zindagi”, “ Chunauti”, or “Hum Log”, or “Khandan” days; when soap operas used to start, create a niche, be talked about, create their unique identity, and one fine day, like any soap, these soaps used to get over, with a meaningful end; instead of dragging on and on endlessly, meaninglessly and relentlessly. Come to think of it, programmes like “ Wagle ki duniya”, “Circus”, “Doosra Keval”, “Buniyaad” and many more are cherished by viewers till date.

But since more than a decade back, we have been gripped by the “Saas Bahu” extravaganza. Heavy drapery, larger then life sets, a display of lavishness, where everyone is shown fully decked up in ornaments; such that one would feel that one is attending some kind of wedding ceremony on daily basis…..

This whole television offering has become bloated. There’s as if no place for simpletons here anymore. Media management has truly come of age, and huge capital investments are pouring in these TV production houses. Of course certain professionalism too is coming in, but at the end of the day, what viewers get are these crispy, overtly dramatized bunches of soaps.

And now, we’ve even gone a step further. We are into this “Reality Shows” big time. Large scale viewership, tooth nail TRP fights, big money, huge publicity, great scope for real life adventures—all this defines this reality business on TV.

Be it those hard hitting singing competitions where kids fight it out and sweat it out, hoping for that moment of victory; and are eventually told they sung well, or sometimes they are told they faltered and lacked quite a bit, at times they are told they were just average, and amidst all this they are forced to taste the bitter truth called failure. For the producers and sponsors, it is merely a competition. But for these barely 8 and 9 yr olds, this whole thing is impacting them psychologically, and making an ever lasting impression on their brittle minds. It’s hard to say who will take these failures in their stride, and who will succumb to those failures. All said and done, for them it is life long. And then, when we hear those results announced, and their reactions are shown, those who have failed break down, one really tends to wonder whether this whole thing is for real, or is overtly dramatized to create audience impact.

So, be it the “Big Brother” episode, which swept in talks of racial discrimination of Indians; or the later occurrence where one of it’s winners who was on death bed, readily agreed to broadcast her own death for millions of viewers; or be it the “Idol” trophy and tag, which was completely aped from Western media, or some other reality show where adventure was on in full swing, and venturesome people accepted challenges like bungee jumping and what not; time has come when we stop and think for a change as to what has become of TV as a mass media. How are all these programmes becoming so very popular, and climbing up the viewership charts? Haven’t we ourselves made them popular? And why? What for? Are we so hungry for content that in the bargain, we’ve lost the definition of quality broadcasting?

And if all the above mentioned reality shows weren’t enough, we now have on our platter, the much hyped and publicized ace of all reality shows— the Swayamwar” thing, where the hostess of the show declared that she’ll be tying knot to one of the participants on the show, and she did it! We ourselves as viewers are responsible for bringing shallow TV viewing in place. As viewers we give in to this kind of entertainment, and get engrossed in whatever that’s being shown. Why are we becoming so passive to this reality thing?

Not that we need to completely go back in time and say that those were the days; the limited serials we were shown that should be the end of story. But yes, that truly was a golden era of TV viewing.

Today’s overall TV programming is no doubt marked by some really good TV channels, but prima facie the reality shows—no way.

Wake up viewers. Wake up fast before it is too late; and these kinds of shows grab and start cashing in on your personal lives.

After all in TV business today, who says reality bites? For the broadcasters, reality is selling like hotcakes……….