THANKS GIVING DAY……. a message

sun cloudsIn the name of ALLAH, the merciful and compassionate

All the Praises be to ALLAH.
Thanks to Allah the ALMIGHTY, who bestowed us with all the bounties through out the year, all the favours he made in our life even those to which we cannot recognize at the time and thought of to be his wrath and we turn on him, the most MERCIFUL, and want to rebel but HE does not displease us even after having all the power but let us keep going on our path, the path of destruction, the path on which even the most generous king will have nothing else to do but to please us with death…..!

Lets come, today, thank Him whole heartedly and ask for forgiveness for all our bad deeds, the rebellion we created against, him, the most LOVING king, whose LOVE and CARE for us is more than a mother and ask him to provide us the shelter and calmness on the day (ARMAGEDDON), the dooms day when even MOTHERS will also abandon their bearing child, father will not recognize his son, love will end, the door of FORGIVENESS shall be closed and HEAVEN AND THE HELL shall be put forth for the balance of judgment will be raised and at that day (THE DOOMS DAY) there will be no EVIL no GOOD, everything will be what you have made today to process the trail for TOMORROW.

“Many a town have we destroyed, our punishment visiting them by night or while they are resting at midday. When our punishment thus visited them they had nothing to say but ‘We were indeed unjust.’ ” (Qur’an vii,4-5)

“There in will be two types of people in the HELL, bad people doing bad things and good people watching bad people doing bad things” (Bible)

MOHAMMAD and His successors be praised

Jesus shall be praised