My kids taught me so many things……

||Tasmay Shri GuruveNmaha||

Receiving you in my arms for the first time…

I realized how wonderful motherhood is going be.

Your giggles showed me,

how contagious laughter can be.

Listening to your babbles …

I realized how to pronounce words in a better way

When you are happy,

it is so natural that you sway.

Chocolate spread all over your mouth and fingers,

demonstrated a different style to have it.

When you refused to eat…

I learnt how to prepare the dish and attractive way to present it.

When you tell me you are scared of dark,

I know how genuine and honest you are.

All of us are scared of something or the other,

But pretend that we really don’t bother.

When I made a mistake of comparing you

with another good boy or girl,

That was you who brought to my notice –

you can’t really compare a gem with a pearl.

Your continuous creping for a balloon,

taught how to insist things

Merrily patting your hands in water puddle,

you taught me how take pleasure in small – small things.

Engrossed in tearing away news paper into shreds,

you taught me how to be with what you are doing.

There is so much I have learnt from you,

you taught me how to experience life as a human being.

Politicians and Cricket! !


After the General Elections and formation of Government, all the political leaders of the country have decided to take some time off. While the World Cup T20 is going on in England, our politicians too have decided to play a cricket match. They divided themselves into 2 teams:- The Ruling Coalition and The Opposition

After much deliberation about the playing eleven, the teams were formed as follows –

The Ruling Coalition

  1. Sonia Gandhi – has decided to become the Non Playing Captain
  2. Dr. Manmohan Singh – has been appointed the Vice Captain who would manage the players on field, based on the instructions received from the Non Playing Captain
  3. Mamta Banerjee – has been made the Wicket Keeper, since she can stop anything, let alone a cricket ball (given her track record of bringing entire West Bengal to a standstill hundreds of times)
  4. Pranab Mukherjee – has made the team as a Pinch Hitter, as he has expertise in bailing his party out of tight situations
  5. A K Antony– has been made the opening batsman as he was expected to have a good defense (being a Defense Minister)
  6. Shashi Tharoor – has been made the team’s fast bowler, hoping that he can bowl as fast as he speaks English
  7. Sharad Pawar has made a last minute entry into the team, after his attempts to form a new team under his captaincy failed.

Rahul Gandhi has refused to be a part of the team, and instead decided to scout for new talent so that he can build a strong team for the future.

M Karuna-nidhi could not be a part of the team due to health concerns, hence he has taken over the post of Coach. And by using Coach’s discretion, he has included 4 of his family members into the team (this despite strong opposition from the Non Playing Captain and Vice Captain).

The Opposition

  1. L K Advani – has been chosen as the Captain because he is now getting used to the role of scrape-goat
  2. Jayalalitha – has been chosen as the wicket-keeper since nothing can get past her.
  3. Lalu Prasad Yadav – has been chosen exclusively chosen as a fielder so that he can display his sledging prowess on the ground. ( “Dhut…. Budhbak!!”)
  4. Arun Jet-lee – has been chosen as the fast bowler. He is hopeful that with the initials “Lee” on the back of his T Shirt he shall bowl as well as his Australian counterpart Brett Lee.
  5. Seeta Ram Yechuri – has also been chosen as a fielder only, who would always field at “Third” man.
  6. Jaswant Singh – would be the Stand-In Runner in case any batsman gets injured, as he has expertise in escorting people (remember Kandh-har??)
  7. Amar Singh – shall take the role of spinner. Just as he confuses the whole world about his political stands, he shall hopefully dupe the batsmen as well.
  8. The one Seat reserved in the team according to the “Women’s Reservation Bill” has gone to Sushma Swaraj

Prakash Karat was invited to join the Opposition team, but is refused as he “ideologically” opposes a western game like Cricket. The only game he agrees to play is “Chinese” Checkers.

The Opposition team requested retired player Atal Bihari Vajpai to be their coach, as he has the only Captain under whom this team won a match many years ago. But Atal ji has refused the post by uttering his famous line “Aisi ghatiya players ke sath match khelna.. Achchi baat nahi hai!!”

The not so funny part is that the only eligible players in Parliament, Mohd Azharuddin and Navjot Sidhu, shall not be able to play because all positions in their respective teams have already been booked by others.

And last but not the least, Meira Kumar has been appointed as the nation’s 1st Dalit Woman Match referee.

(Reproduced from the orginal with permission from the author)

I Don’t Want to Be a beggar, Ma

growing up (source:
growing up (source:

Looking at your child growing up is a different experience altogether. The kind of happiness and satisfaction it gives to a parent, especially a mother, is more valuable than winning a jackpot in a lottery. Every day is full of surprises, new stories, exciting and innocent puzzles of life to be solved by you for your little one. And sometimes shocks, too. It’s like growing up with your kid. As a mother, I love each and every moment of this as I get to witness something new every single day of my life. I learnt so many new things and I also unlearnt many things.

That day was like any other day. I had come back home from work totally exhausted, as usual. I opened the lock on the main door, gave a missed call to the day care lady so that she could send my five year old son back. In the meantime, I made a cup of milk tea for myself and changed into a pair of slacks and a worn out T-shirt. I was about to take my first sip of tea, when the door bell rang. I rushed to the door as the ringing became incessant. There I saw my son standing with his bag slung back, water bottle around his neck, and shoes full of mud. I smiled at him, but he didn’t respond, unlike his usual self. I brought him inside, freed his back from the burden of the bag, removed his dirty shoes, and took him up in my arms.

“How was your day, baby?’’, I asked him, kissing on his cheeks. He smiled weakly, not saying anything. He wriggled and broke free from my arms and quietly went into the washroom to clean his hands and feet. I was a little puzzled and concerned with his behaviour; nevertheless, I made a glass of cold milk and popcorns in the microwave. He came out of the washroom, took up his dirty shoes and kept them on the shoe rack and wore his slippers.

I placed the glass of milk and bowl of popcorns on the table next to the T.V, as he likes to have his milk watching BenTen (a cartoon character) on Pogo. I didn’t say anything, but decided to watch him silently to figure out what was wrong. To my shock, instead of switching on the T.V, he opened his school bag and took out his notebook and started doing his homework. This was really unexpected because usually I have to cajole, threaten, fight, shout, and do everything possible on this earth to make him sit and study. But here what do I see- a five year old behaving himself so well, not watching his favourite program on T.V., not looking at the popcorn bowl, and totally immersed in finishing his homework. This was too much for me to bear.

I prepared myself and went inside the room. He didn’t bother to look up. I sat next to him and tried to start a conversation.

“So this is what teacher has asked to do today?” No response, except a short ‘Hmm’ sound.

“Hey, why don’t you first have your milk, popcorns, and then do your homework? Wouldn’t you miss your favorite Benten on Pogo?” I tried again, without sounding too instructional or commanding.

“But if I don’t finish my homework and do not study, God will make me a beggar, isn’t it mummy?” came his quick, innocent and sad reply.
“Who said that to you?” I asked shocked.
“You only told me the other day mummy, that kids who don’t study and finish their homework are turned into beggars by God because He is angry with such kids. And I don’t want to be a beggar. I saw a beggar today. He was so dirty and he didn’t have any food to eat. His clothes were torn and he had no slippers to wear. People were shouting at him and he was crying.” My son’s face had turned pale by this time and he was almost on the verge of tears.

“Tell me, mummy, now that I am studying, Will God be happy with me? I don’t want to become a beggar”.

I was so taken aback that for a moment I didn’t know what to say. I just clasped my son so tightly that he had to juggle out of my grasp for want of breath. I hugged him and with a bright smile told him that he was a very good boy and God will never be angry with him, whatsoever. This revelation brought a flicker of smile on his face. But he still seemed a little flustered and doubtful.

“Well, what mummy meant was that you should not spend all your time playing and watching T.V. If you do not study for some time, you will not learn anything”, I replied meekly. I didn’t know what else to say. He seemed relaxed at that.

“Does that mean, I can watch Pogo now and study after that, and God will be okay with that?”, he asked in his usual chirpy and exuberant style. I heaved a sigh of relief. Thank God, he was his usual self, after all.

“Yes, it means that you can play, and watch T.V, have your milk and popcorns, and then study.”In his happiness, he kissed me and started dancing on the bed.

The whole incident shook me and I realized what impact all that we say to kids in our anger, desperation, happiness or excitement, has on their little minds. I couldn’t bear to see his sad and concerned face, as if the whole world is coming to an end. As a mother, I cringed at the very thought of my son like a beggar, a sight very common on Indian streets and roads, the country I belong to. But what I learnt from the whole experience was to tread with caution while saying anything to the child because you never know how he/she is going to take what you say. As a mother, I will never forget this otherwise not so important incident, as this helped me develop a healthier bond with my son, and also gave me a peek sneak into his tiny mind.

(Original posted here, reproduced with permission of the author)

Book: “The Middleman”


The Middleman was recommended to me by a writer I admire. I am grateful to him: without his recommendation I was likely to miss it completely.

The book is set in Calcutta in the 1970s, but it might well have been another world. The book highlights the widespread unemployment of the times with outrage and sensitivity. (Millions are unemployed in Calcutta at the time, a character informs us.)

What I didn’t like so much about the book is that it seemed to be overcome by pity for the unemployed protagonist and others like him. It is a difficult perspective to understand for us who have found work when we looked for it. Moreover, the protagonist Somnath and his friend Sukumar seem to be trying only for jobs that are suitable to their education and ‘status’ and don’t consider trying out a menial job or a small business that might give them something to do and a little pay. Circumstances at the time may have been such that this course of action would have proved unfruitful: but the fact that they don’t even try holds you back from really feeling sorry for them.

Those were more prejudiced times, but the fact that the protagonist refuses to move outside of the narrow stereotypes of class and gender precludes much of the sympathy you might have felt. Somnath feels humiliated when his girlfriend pays for lunch, and refuses to marry her even though she’s facing pressure from her home to get married soon. His friend Sukumar is worse:  he gets offended when, responding to his criticism of her cooking, his sister asks him to help in the kitchen.

The author does provide us with an educated, somewhat independent heroine who is probably ahead of her time. So it seems reasonable to think that the author himself does not agree with the prejudices of his hero.

The book ends with a melodramatic coincidence. Yet how do I object to coincidence when such distinguished writers as Charlotte Bronte have used them?

The book is undeniably well-written – in spite of the difference in culture it draws you in and makes you want to know how Somnath fares. It draws a faithful picture of its time, and is worth reading if for that reason only. What was the most impactful part of the book for me was its afterword: much of the story that I had felt melodramatic was, the author reveals, actually drawn from reality.

A simple life


“Whether I shall turn out to be the hero of my own life, or whether that station will be held by anybody else, these pages must show….”
– From David Copperfield (Charles Dickens)

For the better part of my academic years, I didn’t know what I would become. I have seen kids saying: “I want to become an engineer” or a scientist at very early age. But I really didn’t have a single clue about my future.

Many people thought, I would become a doctor because of my pathetically illegible hand writing. (Some of the skeptics thought – I would become a bus conductor!). I had such bad hand writing; some times I myself could not read it. During exams I used to read notes from my colleagues!

When ever asked about my future I used to say that I will become a priest!! This was a perfect answer, because no God fearing religious person can counter that! This continued till seventh standard.

Forbidden fruit
For 8th standard I joined a co-educated school. Mine was the first batch of boys. Earlier, it was predominantly a girls school. Till then, I had never seen so many girls at one place. We were outnumbered by a large number of girls. There was too much attention from the girls and wild distractions. I was extremely vulnerable!

In this COLOURFUL environment, first time in my whole life I realized, what I am going to miss, if I ever become a priest! Sadly it dawned on me, that I was not the chosen one – for Gods work. God had other plans for me. After that I never thought of becoming a priest!

Future Wife
I met this girl in the local church youth circles; we spoke this and that,
“What do you do?” she asked.
“I study”
“Oh, you are a student. What else do you do?”
“I write sometimes” I said.
“Anything published?”
“Not yet, but I am sure someday, someone will publish my articles”
“Do you know, you have the highly unlikely profile of a candidate – for a women to be interested in”

I knew that. But if you have followed history closely, women have fallen in love for some of the most bizarre reasons. And men have started their courtship with some of the worst possible questions.

Mine was – “Have you seen DDLJ?”

DDLJ was a mile stone movie. It is also a mile stone movie in my life. It is the first movie I watched with a girl (later married her), in the theatre bunking the college. It is also the first movie, where my mom caught me – watching it with a girl bunking the college!

That is when I realized my mom’s network is much more powerful than Mossad.

Suppose you are John Doe; planning to do something mischievous in Israel, the moment you arrive at Tel Aviv airport , the first thing you hear on the microphone will be – “Attention Mr., John Doe your wife and kids are safe with us ; waiting for you at Gate 6”

If you are a normal tourist you will appreciate the hospitality of the airport staff. But if you are a veteran cold-war-fiction-reader like me you will immediately come to know that it is a signal for John Doe to quietly surrender at gate 6 else his family will be murdered brutally.

Mossad can sniff any unwanted activity months ahead because they have the strongest espionage network in the world. My mom had a stronger network! The money I borrowed from her for study books and actual cost of the books, the marks I reported in each subject and the ones I really got, the classes I bunked – all this information she had on her finger tips!

I saw DDLJ in Mangalore 35 KM from my home even though it was running in near by theatres just to avoid mom’s spies. After the movie came straight to home as good student, First thing she asked was –
“How was the movie?”
“It was good” – shocked!
“Who is the girl?”
That started a long interrogation session – just like Mossad!

That was long time back.

Hard talk
“Are you going to marry the same girl?” mom had asked, years later.
“Yes” I had said.
“What if I say – No?”
“Then I will wait till you say – Yes”
“You have already waited for almost a decade!”
“I will wait some more, I am used to it now..”
“OK” finally she had resigned “You are stubborn. The only negative quality I have. Unfortunately the only quality you inherited from me!”

DDLJ is also the first movie I watched after my marriage. But this time at home with two girls! Wife on one side and mom on other side!

Marriage course
Interestingly till the last moment I didn’t know that MARRIAGE COURSE is mandatory for a Christian marriage. Come to think of it, no other religion forces a marriage course! Being superior in animal kingdom, I don’t know why human beings need a marriage course when other animals simply follow their basic instincts!

I joined a marriage course conducted by a Goan priest. I was simply amazed by his comprehensive knowledge on sex. Is it possible for a person who is practicing celibacy to have so much theoretical knowledge without Practicals? Of course it is difficult!

Before time
Just one week before my marriage I was invited for my friend’s marriage. I attended it, with my fiancée (Same DDLJ girl). It went up to very late; we took the last bus home. When we reached bust stand, it was empty; there were no autos or taxis to go home.

My home was at 1 Km distance; hers was at 3 km.

“What do we do now?”
“We need to walk” I said. “If we walk to your home, then it would mean a 6 Km walk for me plus 1 km to my home. Instead of that lets both of us go to my home”

“What? Before marriage, what people will think?”
“This is an emergency. There are no rules in war and…”
“Ok, lets go “she said.

Mom opened the door. She was clearly surprised by seeing both of us. She was expecting only me.
“Why the big hurry?” she said “any how you are going to marry her in a week!”

D – Day
My marriage was no different than other marriages, so as usual there was tremendous leg pulling between my side and my wife’s side. Long discussions and arguments on simple things like whether to have mango pickle or mixed vegetables pickle for the menu!

Complete strangers took some major decisions! There was a moron from wife’s side at center stage most of the time. Asking people where to stand, when to click the snaps, where to sit. I was sick of this guy.

“Don’t you think your uncle was acting too much on the stage” told my wife after the marriage.
“My uncle” she was surprised “I thought he was your uncle!”

First Night
One of the prominent people of my town was celebrating his anniversary on my marriage day eve. I had an invitation. He was such an important person, that I could not simply reject his invitation even if it was my first night!

I went to the function with my wife, thinking it was a half hour hi-hello-bye affair. God, how wrong I was! The function dragged till midnight with speakers after speakers giving lengthy speeches on successful marriage! The last thing you want to hear on your first night is speeches on successful marriage life!

Good news
When I reached home that night everybody was sleeping! My wife could not sleep because she had hundreds of hair-pins and flowers on her head; till early morning next day I was removing hair-pins!

In the morning, when I came out of the bedroom first person I met was my grand mother who promptly asked – “When is the good news?” Since I was hearing it first time I could not make sense out of it. But after that over the period thousands of people (some perfectly strangers) have asked me that question without shame, without presence of time and without politically being correct!

Life after marriage
First thing we learned in our marriage is cooking! It is a shame that being very good cooks our parents didn’t teach us anything! Only thing I new was – Maggi.

I came to know that Chapati’s come in many interesting shapes other than the regular circular ones! I was bit tired of my mother’s perfectly circular shaped chapati’s. My wife makes chapati’s in all possible shapes for e.g. square, diamond, parabola and my favorite Amoeba shape! My mother could not do all these shapes; I think she was lacking creativity!

50 – 50
Modern days are not like that of our grand fathers, where ladies used to spend their entire life in the kitchen. Time has changed. Early in our marriage I and my wife have decided that one will cook and the other will clean the dishes. I have taken the onus of cleaning and realized to my horror that cleaning is much more difficult than cooking! The complexity of cleaning increases day by day as you postpone it!

Lessons from Marriage
Found practically that soft drink cans kept in deep freezer explode! This is because – all liquids increase their volume at a low temperature. Even though I had read this during my schooling, never gave a serious thought about it till I practically experienced it.

Before marriage I was a hardcore fan of Baywatch and FTV, now all my favorite serials start with the letter – K. The challenges of modern day husbands have been increased by never-ending Ekta Kapoor serials. All ladies get their state of the art tips from these serials.

I hate Ekta Kapoor more than Hitler, who was directly responsible for killing 6 million Jews during World War II. She can expect physical harm if I ever meet her. I have a feeling that an Amoeba has more IQ than Ekta Kapoor!

In the golden-olden days, my grandfathers didn’t have the challenges of Ekta Kapoor. They were happy men. My maternal grandpa has 6 kids and paternal has 9 kids. Obviously they didn’t believe in contraceptives!

A simple life
If you ignore the near fatal food poisoning incidents in the earlier days of our marriage, I feel my wife has become a super cook! She can now, not only participate in all India Konkani speaking women’s cooking competition, but also can give some valuable tips to Sanjeev Kapoor! Of late I have found that her chapati’s are becoming more circular, I think she is losing creativity like my mom!

Young couples ask me all the time about the interesting moments of my married life. Incidentally they are aware that I knew my wife much before my marriage. They expect something romantic and filmy. I try to escape this question because they will not believe my answer.

Most romantic things of my married life are – cleaning fish, going to the market with wife, drinking tea together etc. Most of the beautiful things in life are simple day to day things. They don’t cost much. You just need to have an eye for them.

(Reproduced from here with permission of the author)

Movie: Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs


Like most sequels, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs does not live up to the earlier Ice Age movies. In my opinion, the movies have been descending the scale, with the original Ice Age being by far the most engrossing. Even Ice Age: the Meltdown was pretty good. This latest one is like a badly engineered clone, retaining some of the core of the first two movies but little of their adorableness and interesting plotlines.

The movie retains the main characters from the last two movies: the mammoths Manny and Ellie are going to have a baby, Diego is scared he’s losing his touch, the possums Chuck and Eddie are as annoying as ever, and Sid is the same stupid lovable sloth. There are a few lovely cuddly baby creatures added in, a courageous but eccentric weasel and (you guessed it!) lots of scary dinosaurs. I wished we had seen much more of Diego, who I’d always found the most complex and interesting character – but he’s relegated way to the side.

The movie is so obviously a fantasy that you know everything is going to come right in the end, that however many dangers (and giant dinosaurs!) the friends are pitted against, at the end they are going to be back in their safe, happy world. Even the play area Manny had lovingly created for his to-come-soon baby and which is wrecked through Sid’s unintentional but unbelievably stupid actions, miraculously becomes whole again in the end.

The movie does provide a few laughs, and the animation is great. A nice way to spend a couple of hours, but little stays with you after you leave the cinema.

Just another day……

A gloomy wet evening when time has come to a complete standstill, wet platforms, winds smelling fresh from the just concluded downpour, frenzied passengers anxious to board, and once trains storm past, it is an absolute full stop.  Quietness prevails on the long deserted platform….no trace of anything whatsoever. And it is a scary solitude mind you. Because our railway platforms are usually so much action packed, that this bout of quietness gets really edgy.

With a late night train to catch, we are perched up on one of the benches, pointlessly piercing our eyes every now and then into our respective watches, all in vein. With no announcements, and no sign of our expected train, with electricity playing spoilt sport every five minutes, this whole “waiting” thing is getting all the more unnerving.

And then, from behind a dark, dull, sultry corner emerge these chaps. Two of them—talking aloud, joking, chatting, making their presence felt… is as if their day is about to get kicked started.

One of them is pulling a handcart—having one large utensil, a couple of small containers, a robust kettle, and a never ending chain of white paper cups! Their paraphernalia itself tells their story.

Hard work is what they do; patience is what they breathe; and then mind does stop once to ask oneself, how much must they be earning at the end of (beginning for them) another working day? Could it be enough for them to save for an unknown tomorrow?

As soon as the cart puller halts his cart at one particular place to start preparing the steaming cups of tea, he looks down and sees a really unclean platform. Quickly he instructs his co-helper to get him a broom, and then he himself gets to work; cleaning the dirty mess which those uncivil and carefree travellers have left behind.

Just then his co-helper comes up to him and tries to tell him some episode that happened the day before, when he had gone by the train window of a halted passenger train, to serve tea. Some traveler lady was about to enter into a brawl with this co-helper, because she suspected that he was trying to act over- smart by not returning her money/ change. Whereas his side of the story was that he didn’t carry change, and he had asked her to wait just a few more seconds so that he could return her change in a while; after he’d get it from another customer in the same compartment.

Then he narrated another happening. He told the chaiwalla that three days back, on aboard a late evening passenger train, a man ordered two cups of tea. Since his son was sitting by the window, he passed on the money to him to give it to the co-helper. Our co-helper quietly took the change; but in the meantime this man got up and rowdily started blaming the co-helper that he had his eyes on the gold bracelet worn by his son.  The co-helper tried to defend himself, but the man was solid rock. He didn’t budge, and thus paid him just Rs 2/- for the three cups of tea which the father-son duo had consumed.

The chaiwallah patiently listens to his co-helper’s narrations, and quietly asks him to rotate his turns, which would mean that alternate days the co-helper would make tea, and this other guy would serve it. He also gives him a “let it be” kind of glance; pats on his back thrice and asks him to move on digging the past events behind.

His approach is terrific. He has seen this all; because he has been here for long; he knows it all; he has been on the job; and he has the kind of hands on experience which our fragile co-helper perhaps lacks. The kind of knowledge of human judgment which our chaiwallah possesses is so true.

Amidst all this, the platform now looks slightly better off; one could now see travelers coming in for the same late night train that we were waiting for.

A few of them walk up to our tea vendor and order 1,2,3 cups of refreshing tea. And there are a few who just walk up to him to ask him where their so and so, so and so bogie/ coach would wait….He quietly and confidently answers their queries, playing the role of the missing station manager!……and he knows that these bunch of travelers who have just asked him their respective coach numbers will not be ordering any tea. He knows from the beginning that they are not his potential customers. Yet he does not complain. The queries of these few travelers make the co-helper irritable. But our chaiwallah is patient. After all, for him, it is Just another day…


Teeth for Life

Greetings Everybody,

This is the second post from “The Guy who Flies”.I guess I did a good job of convincing everyone that the person flying in the picture is really me( the blog -I really fly….).I feel so because there has been no one  commenting about the authenticity of the picture.There is one thing i forgot to mention about in that article,that is about who i am. Iam Dr.Rammohan Nair, a practising dentist. Talking about being a dentist there was this toothpaste ad running on prime time television, in which three kids are discussing what they would be in the future. One kid says he wants to own a chocolate factory, so that he can gorge on them everyday. Reacting to this the other kid says he would then become a dentist “sheeeee….. DENTIST”!! exclaimed the other two kids.

EXCUSE ME!!!! what kind of a moron ad filmmaker made such a stupid ad? He seems to send the message across that being a dentist is the most absolutely disgusting job in the world. He seems to forget  that we dentists  are working on Homo Sapiens and not on feaces eating pigs. Actually being a dentist is not bad at all. We do have to sometimes treat mouth that  look and smell like  sewage lines. But  it is a fantastically advanced science with loads of job satisfaction (especially when we relieve our patients of tormenting tooth pain) and we do pretty well for ourselves. I can vouch for that with my two flats, two cars , a twenty something mistress in another town etc. HEY!!! I am joking.

But did you guys know why we dentists are in so much demand? Because you guys donot take adequate care of your teeth. The importance of maintaining good oral hygiene is known to all but the necessary steps for it are known to few and practised by fewer. It pains me a lot especially to see children suffer severe toothaches because of the ignorance among parents about simple oral hygiene procedures.Ido advice my patients about the importance of brushing gently after every meal sith a soft brush but as I felt the need to reach to a larger audience, I have created a site to provide all possible information about how to retain your teeth for life. Kindly visit the site and see if you can fing something useful.





Narrow lanes

Tiny by-lanes

Edgy footpaths

None walks on footpaths

Walls made of red bricks

Acting as partitions to homes

Peddled bicycles leaning against walls

Expressing, “we belong to the homes…”

From some far away places come galloping bicycles

Balancing their way through stones and pebbles

Kites getting stuck on electric poles and wires

Rows of sparrows happily sit on wires

Mind stopped a thousand times with the smell of greasy hot corn shaft

Kept over the grill

Somewhere hands joined in to warm themselves up over fireplaces

Beating the chill

A thick smoky mist

Everything vanishes in it….

Plucking eucalyptus leaves

Breathing in their scented fragrance

No one to stop; no vigilance

Come summer

Panorama changes

Tangy tamarinds and sour mango pickles

A slight provocation causes a tickle!

Scorching heat

Burning feet…..

As July passes and August shows up

Clouds open up

Celebration galore

Green seems to be every color

Rangolis scatter……..

Far away from farms

Come sounds of cow bell.

Barefoot with slates and books

Innocent minds run two blocks away

With the sound of school bell.

Of Course I love You…!and we love you too

Of course I love you…! till I find someone better.

Well! its not what I mean but the title of one of the most beautiful books i have

read recently  by Durjoy Datta and Maanvi Ahuja. The title is catchy and tells

the tale of hearts of the youths belonging to “youngistan”

The main protagonist Deb is an engineering student who holds his heart in

his sleeves and is most fascinated by figures not figures as in Mathematics

but figures as in “36 – 24-36”. What follows is a series of affairs, lust till he meets

Avantika. The gorgeous girl who’s just out of drugs and falls head over heels for

her. With time he understands what love really means but life by then doesnt

seems so easy to him. He gets debarred from campus placements and finally

joins a PSU through his fathers’ reference. By then Avatika is gone  and he

understands the pain in love and separation. He meets Amit, Astha and Neeti

in office who are just opposites to the type of lifestyle he led and the people

he hanged around with. Yet Deb finds their simplicity and love  for him

adorable. The story ends in a happy note with a changed for better Deb.

Deb’s character is someone you would love to hate in the beginning but later

as the story revolves you seems to have developed an effection for him. He is

an appropriate example of confusion and runs around without knowing where

he is heading to.  Avantika is cute and confident who is back from a dark life

hence knows to welcome light and goodness. The best part is when Deb

befriends Amit. Amit’s character is just the opposite of Deb’s. Amit is just like

the character of Suri In “Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.” He loves Astha but all he manages

to tell her to express his love is, ” The way you presented the lay out of pipes in

your mail is beautiful and i really really love it.”  Deb plays cupid and makes the

two meet and get knotted for life.  You really love Deb for it

The way Deb’s character understands true love and friendship is beautifully

potrayed in the book. At the end, you find Deb a different person, one who

knows the mistakes he had committed but has learnt from them and taken a

right track . Its Deb’s character helped by Avantika’s character who writes the

book ,” Of couse I love you..!”, in the Epilogue.

The writing style is humourous and the authors  seem to have their hand on the

pulses of the youth of today. After “5 point someone”, I have really enjoyed

reading this book. Its filled with some hilarious, some strange and some very

emotional episodes which makes it difficult to keep down the book once you

start reading it. The story telling is amazing and one of its kind yet I would have

loved it if the authors made it a little more innovative.  Don’t miss reading the

Acknowledgements part of the book because of its humorous style of telling. I

really wish to know if  the book is autobiographical and if Deb and Avantika are

the authors Durjoyand Maanvi in reality? If you are reading this Durjoy and

Maanvi please let us know.

People in college or just out of college would love this book and for people like

me who live up to the spirit of  ‘ College Life’  and who  reads  stories like

this to ruminate  own memories of growing up….. would love it too. So go ahead

and get a copy of yours if you’ve not yet read, “Of Course I love You…!”.

P.S.   This is for  the Bollywood producers and directors incase they think making this a movie. Below is the list of my suggested star cast

Deb:                       Ranbir Kapoor

Avantika:            Katrina Kaif

Vernita:               Genelia D’souza

Tanmay:             Imran Khan

Shrey:                  Ritesh Deshmukh

Amit:                   Rajpal Yadav   ( should look younger)

Astha:                  Divya Dutta      (should look younger)

Neeti:                    Minisha lamba

the Cover

I gave it back to my Monster Boss!!!


It was a rainy day in kolkata and the road outside the bank i worked for was

getting water logged soon. I was glancing once at the window and once at my

watch every two minutes, eversince lunch, trying to think of a way to get out of

office by 6pm.  But I knew 6pm is like impossible when you have a monster like

G as your boss. G had  successfully made our lives hell by then. His purpose of

existence in the bank seemed only to screw the happiness out of people like me

who were chosen by the Almighty to report to him. He would make us overwork

and stay back in office til 8.30 or 9 pm even if we didnt have work.  By that time

we were so used to G’s autocratic monster world in office that we had started

accepting that G was chosen by God to punish us for all our sins in previous

birth. But that day i was desperate to leave on the official time and not on the

exit time rule of the Monster. G had gone for tea outside the bank and i knew he

wouldnt return for at least an hour now as his rules of work did not apply to

him. I packed up and just as i was about to climb down the stairs….THE

MONSTER WAS THERE!!!! right infront of me.  “Where are you going so early?

home???”. I knew I was in for some serious trouble now and i have to think fast

to get out of it. ” Well!! er… One of my clients called up. He wants that i meet him

today at 7pm for a discussion on his financial portfolio. Its little urgent.”, I lied.

But i can never forget what happened next. “

” I will love to accompany you to meet this client of yours and i shall

personally see how you consult him about his financial portfolio. Give me 2 minutes and i will get my laptop.”

G the monster was gone leaving me stranded all alone and i couldnt even

imagine the huge trouble I had invited myself in. I would be fired for lying if

caught guilty. As I was feeling shit scared, something in me just spoke out to

give it back to G. What followed next was extensive planning. I called up C, my

most reliable friend cum co prey of G the monster, in office  and told her all.

Next followed few instructions to C about a call she needs to make me from a

PCO, which if executed properly would bell the cat.  I also called up a college

friend of mine ( a guy), gave him further instructions and did the needful to his

name on the phone book of my mobile. I was set for the reality

show that God had pushed me in.

G had arrived and we were travelling by his car.  He was driving.  I was directing

G to the office of my ficticious client, Mr. Sengupta. I told him of an office which

was about 50-60 or even more kilometers away from our bank. G being stingy

and lazy never liked to drive so far wasting his energy and fuel, but this time he

was doing it….otherwise he will not be able to live up to his name “monster G”.  I

took G through the most traffic congested roads and I could tell he was cursing

me from within. In the journey he constantly kept on giving me global gyan on

how I could show responsibility and knowledge at work like him. I listened to

everything, nodding my head like a cow but waiting with bated breath for what

was about to happen.  We were alomost about to reach when my phone rang.

I picked up.

“Um… Yes!…. Oh! ho! ok…But Mr. Sengupta (Ficticious), we are almost near

your office. Ok..Ok… Bye.”

“What is it?” , G Asked…….

“The appointment got deffered. The client just called to say that why am I

coming all the way to meet him in such a rainy day. He’s got a meeting after

which he will head home.” , I had set the first feather of victory on my cap.

G’s face was white in disappointment and the best part was he couldnt let me

know it . He was lost and didnt know what to do?

“Could I talk to the client once…. “, G said. I knew he would becuse by then i

knew exactly how the monster thought. What followed next was one of the most

memorable moments of my life.  I connected the phone and gave it to G. He

spoke for a whole 10 minutes and duringthis time I only watched colours on his

face…. red, blue, green and purple. He barely managed to speak mono syllables

beacuse my college friend who with my instructions posed as the fictious Mr.

Sengupta and spoke to G, abused him in the rich and lucid language of the world

of abuse. It was a client of the bank and G couldnt protest more so because the

the ficticious Mr. Sengupta also claimed to be an aquaintance of the CEO of the


“What was he saying for so long?” I asked innocently batting my eyelashes as G

disconnected the call.

” Lets go home or the roads will get water logged soon. In Kolkata you better

push off early at home on rainy days like this or else you face trouble on the

road.” That’s all G had to say.

The rest of the journey he was quiet while i kept on talking in a sweet innocent

‘sugar wont melt in my mouth’ way. I also asked him to drop me till the gates of

my home first.  I had done it and I felt chivalrous after winning the battle.  G had

a real tough time reaching home that day and I entered home in light steps with

a song on my lips.

Eversince that incident G kept me at a distance and treated me ” handle with

care.” For everyone who’s facing a Monster boss at office, just give it back once

and you’ll see how good you feel. As for G, he never knew the truth. Dear G, If

you are reading this now, which I am sure you are, you will know the truth now

and believe me, I dont care.

BBC at the IIT Kanpur

Where do you find the BBC at IITK?

I was a guest at the IIT, Kanpur these last three weeks attending a Science Fiction workshop. I was put up at the famed GH1, and after three days of mess food, my foodie stomach started rebelling. I discovered that there were canteens on the campus which were open up to 2 am at night, so went exploring. The Hall IV canteen seemed the most popular, so I landed up there and scanned the Menu.

There was all the stuff I wanted to eat, and at the fag end of the menu, I found something curious, the BBC.  Now, I knew this wasn’t the broadcasting type of an acronym, considering I was at a prime technological institute, so I tried to make guesses, and the best I could come up was barbecue!

Now, the IITs maybe great and all that but I had a strong feeling the canteens are not about to set up barbecues for the tight purses of the students, so I decided to find out. I ordered a BBC and sat on the grass lawn, waiting for my BBC to arrive.

And soon enough it did, in grand style.

The boy who acts as waiter appeared on the verandah, majestically bearing a plate on a tray, announcing (read shouting) BBC.

I raised my hand, as I had seen the crowd responding to the arrival of the others, and the BBC landed up in my lap.

It was Bread, Butter, Cheese; toasted.


The Monster in the Park

100_6287 green moss and pond

The little white ball floated on the slimy green moss on the pond. The monster sitting on its banks licked his lips and relished its last gourmet meal. It was getting to be nearer dusk but the monster was used to operating in the dull twilight zone.

The voice of the mother pealed across the park like a church bell at a funeral, tired out from the frantic appeals she had been making since the last several hours. The monster drooped his head and sat like a cat that had just had a lick of the stolen cream, and washed his whiskers.

A group of people appeared across the horizon, the lanterns with them glowing dully in the dark. The father was walking ahead, the monster could make him out by the body of the first figure which was screaming danger, anger, of knowledge what could have happened. The other figures came in scattered groups like a handful of peas flung across the meadows. The mother’s figure was the last, sagging, tired, and anxious. The lights flickered brighter as they drew near. The darkness had fallen like a sheet around them.

The monster waited, he knew he had to point out the ball and while they searched and found those little feet and hands, he had to slip away, back to the street beyond, where the next meal awaited him, bereft of its guardians. He realized that he was hungry again… the lights came nearer!

Maid Rights


The other day my maid turned up late. She told me that there is a “morcha” being organized by various maids in the area to demand rights for the “household maids”.

She told me as a matter of fact… thinking I will oppose it and get angry at her. She sounded herself exasperated by the event and looked at it as something that put her daily routine out of place.

But I think “Maid Rights” in India are something that needs to be brought in at the earliest. It is in the best interests of both the employer and the employee. Most employers may not agree and may be against the whole idea since it might mean paying up more for the same work or / and giving more holidays to them. This particular class of people is the ones who are heavily exploited in India without a governing board or authority to lay down and fight for their rights.

People do not think twice before sacking a maid without notice. It goes at the other side as well. Maids too don’t give notice before switching houses… but in the former case, the person loses the means to livelihood where as in the latter case it is just a little bit of inconvenience, which money can easily solve.

How many times have you heard this – an employer is not paying the maid the past month’s salary because of some misdoings of the maid (like breaking some crockery, taking extra leaves, etc). It this fair?

The argument does not end here. It is not about only giving them the right wages and working hours. It is also about treating them as humans. Social and sexual abuse is not uncommon. Venting out your anger at the maid or chiding the maid endlessly for minor faults is rampant. And yes, it does not classify as an “abuse” for the employer. Neither does it for the employee. The employer thinks that it is their birthright to shout and get work done otherwise it doesn’t get done. The employee (in this case, the maid) thinks that it is OK to be shouted at. And hence, this continues. Even sexual abuse is common though not commonly heard of. These cases mostly do not come to light since the maid is too scared to talk about them. Take the case of the recent Shiny Ahuja incident. Of course it is a big scandal and nobody except Shiny and the maid know the truth. But for a moment, give the maid the benefit of doubt and assume she is telling the truth. Here, a poor innocent female has been subjected to the worst of its types of sexual abuse. Think about such a scenario. The maid is mentally and physically in shambles. She has definitely has lost her job. And many a times, she will not be listened to or believed. Worst is that the lady of the house will put up a case stating that the maid had a loose character and was eyeing my husband since quite some time.

Don’t you think so it is high time we have some regulations in place? Everyone is born free… everyone works hard to earn… everyone needs to be treated as an equal. Just by measuring the amount of money a person earns does not put him / her in the lowest dias of justice.


Gurur Brahma!!

Matthias Vetter
Matthias Vetter

Got up early, made breakfast, prepared lunch and was ready to go office by 8.People who know me will not believe it, trust me. I can’t believe myself that I can be up so early and will be so geared up to reach office. As I stepped outside the house it was very cold and drizzling. Not used to carrying umbrella the only thing that I could do was to walk fast.

After 5 minutes of walk I reached the tram stop oooh! I was so excited to be travelling by tram (it was my first time to travel by this mode of transport) and was super exited to see the new country, new place and new office.

Reached office and then was instructed to go in a meeting room where, I was supposed to meet my manager and trainer. I had my own notions or fears how I am going to handle this new scenario? But, I thought it can’t be that bad. I met the respective people but the person who was supposed to be my main trainer was not there. Everything was fine till now but I had heard a lot about my trainer that he is a senior guy, very particular about things, totally committed and technically very sound. He is guru of the stuff. So I was already much tensed and sort of trying to prepare myself for future work.

Finally I met my trainer I should say the best teacher I have met in my life ”Matthias Vetter”. He was nothing like what was told to me. Yes, he is very particular about his work, committed and knows inside out of things. He is a total expert and GURU.

He did not have any arrogance, was open to new ideas and ready to appreciate others views. He always let me try out and let me do mistakes so that I can learn. Before we started working together or I should say before he started teaching me about the whole system. He started from very scratch and even told me how to work with my IDE (tool) which I was using since last 3 years. But I did not find it strange, instead I was overwhelmed with the fact that a person of his stature is teaching me these things and was truly obliged.

As the time passed by we started talking about different things except our work. We started discussing differences in cultures, dresses, festivals, anything under sun. Listening to his point of view was so interesting and gave so much insight to different subjects that I never imagined .Once he got this Indian author book on Management  who had written in 1970 ‘s ,he was so surprised to see that when the management feature was coming in Europe people in India were already writing books on it. He was so curious to know the zagirdari stuff…(I was so amused)

Then he asked me about holi festival and what I remember, I gave him wrong information (as I m one of those who can’t remember things) so I mixed up few names etc. But I thought its Okie he will not find out and what difference does it make even if I made a little mess. It was not like that he went to library and read about the festivals in India. I was ashamed but he never said that I told him wrong story.

I had always heard from people that Germans are not very friendly and are very private sort of people. I do agree that they give importance to their space but they are very friendly. With Matthias I never felt that I was in some other country or I am from third world country.

I remember that once he told me very funny thing about Indians what he had observed. He went for mountaineering in Alps i.e. Switzerland there he saw many Indians everybody else was tracking or using their two legs but Indians as used to comfort were using cable car or other mode of transport. So he asked me is this the general trait of Indians because he spoke to some other Indian colleague he confirmed yes we don’t like walking much (LOL).I totally agree with him!

All in all I just want to make a point is that I never imagined that will ever get such good teacher that too overseas which not only taught me what was required but other aspects also. I had enjoyed whatever days in Germany just because my mentor was so nice and helping.

I had gifted a book to him in which I wrote:

Gurur Brahmaa Gurur Vishnu Gurur Devo Maheswara Gurur Saaksaat Param Brahma Tasmai Shri Guruve Namaha

Meaning: “Guru Is Brahmaa (Who plants the qualities of goodness) Guru Is Vishnu (Who nurtures and fosters the qualities of goodness) Guru Is Maheswara (Who weeds out the bad quality) Guru Is Supreme Brahman Itself Prostration unto That Guru”

This is for you Matthias. Thanks for everything.



Winds blowing,

Trees swaying,

There lies a certain aura in the surrounding…

Chair rocking; Curtains flowing,

Pages flipping,

The door is wide open and is screeching…

Flowers in the vase drying,

A half full glass of wine lying,

Of footsteps and voices there’s no sign…

With colors still somewhat wet,

On the side table is kept,

A yet to be completed painting,

It bears a theme of the quietness around- similar something…

Bed sheets and pillow covers still wrinkled,

Papers down on the floor- scattered and crumpled…

The time piece on the wall goes on with its tickle,

Somewhere the tap begins to trickle…

What dwells thus is a vacuum,

But even amidst this vacuum-

Resides a silence which speaks volumes……..!

When PC Mouse met up with real time mouse!


Yes. It happened that late evening. An unusually stressed out day in office it was, with never ending meetings and queued up chores which needed my attention. I trotted along silently, attended the daily shop floor meeting, updated some database here and there, sent a few mails and this all went on upto 5.30 pm.

It was appraisal season. And so I had to stay back that evening; to be part of this important happening. I rescheduled a few training programs, made a few phone calls, and went for a cup of coffee to unwind myself.

Appraisals began at 7 pm.  4 appraisals in a row! It was an overdose. My watch showed me it was 9.30 pm. Still 2 more were to go. My yawn said it all, and I excused myself from the conference room, heading straight for some more caffeine.

As I dragged myself to the cafeteria, I passed my desk, and just then suddenly something moved! My eyes were wide open when that image flashed in front of me—a little mouse was perched upon my desk. And no, it wasn’t busy nibbling on the files, or the network of wires; it was in fact sitting pretty on the top of my mouse; I mean the PC mouse!

Yeah! It was one hell of a hilarious sight. I immediately felt like calling all those sitting in the confrence room to view this Kodak moment! Anyways, a lot of mental exhaustion had swept away the appraisal meeting inside. Lot of eye opening sessions, transparent feedback giving, introspection, future target setting et al was happening. Hard core business talks after all!

They all needed a refreshing break—the givers as well as the takers, and what better way to lighten them up than to just go on asking them to come over and experience this strange meeting—between a real time mouse and a PC mouse!

And why not? Nothing stopped me from acting upon my thoughts. Straight away my feet led me to the conference room, jostling like a child, my heart bubbling with a strange excitement within; wondering how each of them would react, when they actually viewed what I just did.

Out came everyone who was present. Not many, but a handful of them. And I led them all to my desk.

Each one’s reaction was worth clicking. One of them screamed loudly, so much so that it was enough to shoo the mouse away… went the nocturnal creature, finding it’s way out, leaving me with strange questions behind—

No; I didn’t call the peon to hunt the mouse away; I didn’t chase it to see if headed off to have its dinner! I simply stood there with three questions unsettling me—One—what on earth might the two mice have interacted? Two– Why did the mouse perch up on the PC mouse, when it could have sat anywhere on the desk? Three- Why only my desk was chosen to do the honors!?

Well, if not to all my questions, at least I do have the answer to my third question. I knew it was to be my desk—how else would I have been able to take the opportunity to bring some smiles onto those serious faces, drawn up cheeks and goal stricken minds on that appraisal evening?

Mission accomplished!

How I Gave In To An Arranged Marriage!


I was never a soul who would give in to an arranged marriage,

not because i disrespect the institution of an arranged marriage

but because i am a true bohemian by heart and somewhere

Bohemia and arranged marriage cannot be juxtaposed together.

I didnt know what made me agree to my parents that day but

when dad told me that we were expecting few guests in the

evening who are coming to meet me, i took the clue. I wasn’t

really happy with the arrangement but still i thought that i can

meet the guests without any hangups. They were expected at

around 6pm on a Sunday and i woke up from my much deserved

Sunday nap by 5.45pm, took out a decent salwar kameez dress

and wore it. The bell rang and i heard the sweet exchange of

words between my parents and the ‘guests’.I knew i got to be

prepared now for a possible call to the sitting area to meet them.

I felt like laughing,” What am i doing? am i heroine of the 60’s

who’ll be holding a tray of tea and sweets and entering the sitting

area to see a prospective groom and his family?” i hesitated and

got so much lost in the mental conflict of “should i give in and

go?” or “should i not?” that by the time i was called and i entered

the sitting hall to face 3 unfamiliar faces, i realised much to my

embarrassment that i was wearing bathroom slippers. The loss

was done already and i was on stage, there was no way i correct it

then. It was strange to feel that i gave in and actually sat to meet

them but then i got my brilliant idea or rather the strategy for the

evening. Being a banker professionally and that too into wealth

management i need to meet quite many clients daily in the bank

and we discuss with them morone topics of the markets,

portfolios etc over cups of coffee in the discussion room. I

decided to play the same role to hide my embarrassment, much

did i realise that it will become a family joke later.I looked at the

guests. The prospect sat right opposite to me. He seemed quite

decent but i wondered as to why he too gave in to his parents’

wishes to come and visit us. His parents were also there. What

happened next is the biggest family joke that we have. After few

exchanges of introduction the guy started asking me about my

life and work and i very easily got into my professional shoes. We

went on and on discussing markets, banks, potential stocks, each

other’s work life and role at office.It was freeflow and i almost

forgot that he’s not a client because by then i had also asked him

to sell off one of his fidelity mutal funds and invest into another,

till mutually we realised that apart from us talking the room was

silent. Our parents were looking at us in a look as if they have

seen dinosaurs and then we realised what went wrong. ” Hey! you

guys can talk too. why are you all so quiet?” , the guy said. Its not

that he made me weak in the knees, infact during the

conversation with the guy i realised that he was a serious kind of

guy who possibly never went jolly… (how wrong was i), yet i liked

talking to him. Somewhere in the conversation i felt we were in

the same platform of thoughts, both confused between tradition

and modernity. Rest they say is history. We tied knot few months

later and “The guy” transformed as “The dude”.. .The dude??

Watch out the next blog for him.

The Vacation

red and pink roses

She sat there silhouetted in the yellow and orange hue of the sun

set by the vast back waters when the tear dropped her eyes.

Quickly she glanced at the foreigner couple sitting a few yards

beside her to find out if they had noticed her weeping. The couple

was so much in awe with the beauty of the backwaters that they

had not noticed her. About a year back he brought her here in the

Water Scapes Resort in the back waters of Kerela…. their first

Vacation together…their honeymoon. It was magic everywhere,

Love in the air and life seemed too beautiful to be true. Who says

“life is not a bed of roses?” was what she had whispered to his

ears then. A year passed by and all she has is tears idle tears.

Tears of sentiments not understood, of arguments over silly issues

and the consequences of different other by products coming out

of the grinder called”life”. Yet she loved him so much and

somewhere in her heart she knew he still loved her too, possibly

why he had got her again on a vacation to Water Scapes resort, a

year later.

Moments so true, so beautiful but seems ages ago not a year… she

thought and another drop fell by her eyes. A year ago when they

checked into the cottage in the resort the first thing she knew

was she was in his arms both of them lost in the view of the

backwaters from the cottage veranda… How happy were they…

and today, soon after they checked in, all she can recollect is they

were shouting…. each firing words at each other…. yet another

argument. “FINE!” she said, ” ENJOY YOUR VACATION HERE,


LEAVE ME ALONE!” , tears battling out of her  eyes while she

ran out of the cottage.

Now while she sat and watched the backwaters from the grassy

plot, she remembered all the promises he made to her. She

thought of something and took out her cell phone from her purse.

Her fingers moved fast in her cell phone’s message section till she

found what she was looking for. ” My queen, I am crazy about

you. Life will stand still wthout u. So never ever leave me alone.

Swear i’ll die. I will give you all the happiness i can in life and i

promise i will not let a single tear drop by your beautiful doe eyes.

Love u loads wife. Together we’ll rock! Yours…”, she found it

difficult to read the last lines of the sms as her vision was blurred

by tears, idle tears as she called them. The sms which she stored

like a precious gem in her inbox was sent to her by him while they

were vacationing here last year. She had woken up in the first

morning of their honey moon to find this sms in her cell phone

and on the bed side table, a beautiful bouquet of Red and pink

roses addressed “My Queen”. Startled she had looked beside only

to see him sleeping.

She was still weeping head resting on her knees when the cell

phone rang. It was Him. “Hh..ello”,

she said and what she heard made her weep even more…… just

that this time it was for happiness, for all the love that she felt for

him. In a clear voice he said,”My queen, I am crazy about you.

Life will stand still without you. so never leave me alone. Swear

i’ll die. I will give you all the happiness in life and i promise, i will

never let a single tear drop by your beautiful doe eyes. Love you

loads wife. Together we rock!” , the line got cut and she saw him

come and sit beside her from behind. Quietly he handed her a

bouquet of red and pink roses and pulled her close to him. “The

last one year hasnt been that bad altogether but we can definetely

go better…..but only being together” He said. She smiled and

looked at the backwaters.

My tribute to Michael Jackson

Michael jakson
Michael Jackson
I m very Sad very very Sad… somehow I am unable to digest the fact that Michael Jackson is dead. I wonder why I am feeling so low for a person who is no where related to me, but, I know why I feel so hurt because he had made some good music.  He will always remain the king of POP and will always be alive in our hearts. I would like to offer my prayers to him.

I read in news paper that when the news of MJ death fans bombarded on internet, internet went slow. This shows the popularity of the man. No matter what he did wrong in his life but his music will always keep him alive. He must have done some hideous things but now everything went with him except his music. When I think about Michael Jackson I visualise him moon walking wearing the lighted jacket and his famous scream. Alas! We would never be able to see this great man performing live. It was my dream to see one of his live performances. I think I started listening to English music with MJ black and white .I remember my cousin got the cassette which she did not even let me touch it!

This is one aspect but what about the other aspect of celebrity status. He started his solo career at tender age of 13.Imagine after getting so much fame that too so early in life what must have happened to the child? I think he never got the chance to see the real world. It must be tough when you have to behave what other expect and you have to meet everybody expectations. I am sure it must be lot of pressure. MJ got fame too early in his life and I believe he was not able to balance this whole image. He was never able to mature.

He did all kinds of experiments I don’t understand why he got the plastic surgery done? On one side he was singing “no matter if you are black or white” and on other hand he got this crazy plastic surgery done. Though I totally agree that everybody has there share of eccentricities. In eighties he was worshipped, everything was going right and suddenly in nineties things started going wrong he got into plastic surgery, failure of it, child abuse, failed album and than child molestation charges. And in 21st century he was out of money also. See how life takes its turn.

Now, when he was planning to comeback and has 50 concerts, instead he died of cardiac arrest at 50. God has planned something else for him. I hope his soul lie in peace.

Beautiful lyrics from his song YOU ARE NOT ALONE

“Another day has gone
I’m still all alone
How could this be
You’re not here with me
You never said goodbye
Someone tell me why
Did you have to go
And leave my world so cold”

RIP-MJ! We all will miss you