Friendship is beautiful

It makes me see the tears when you smile

I can feel the love in your anger

The reason behind your silence

I know why you talk so much or don’t at all

I know what makes you blabber like a child

I can see the happiness behind your tears

The love behind the hatred

And the care when you are shouting

Friendship is beautiful

It makes me see beyond

What you are wearing

What you are speaking

What you are showing

It makes me believe you

Even when you are faking

If makes me see inside you

It makes me feel your soul


Water water everywhere

Water water everywhere

Water on the trees

Water on the leaves

Water on eyes, lips, face

Water on you, water on me

Water water everywhere


Water water everywhere

Water on the fields

Water on the terraces

Water on ponds, rivers, marshes

Water on water

Water water everywhere



So what you didn’t come?

So what you didn’t come

I sat by the window

Looked up to the silver, playful sky

Flirted with the stars

Winked at the crescent moon

The moon was decked in glitters

Just ready to have a ball

We exchanged glances

With throbbing hearts

Told our endless stories

Held hands, tickled and tapped

We went for a never ending ride

The stars sneaked and giggled

Made the night mysterious

Endless and loving

So what you didn’t come?


I am afraid to be committed,

because I don’t want to  fail,

but now I am ready..

in the name of love.

Part of this commitment are promises,

Promises that should never be break,

For this connects us and bind us,

not just friends but at this time as lovers.

I promise to be at your side,

ready to be called all the time,

In happiness and triumphs,

Specially in sorrow and despise.

I promise not to lie,

or else I will die.

I promise to be your eyes,

If you need light and sight.

I promise to be your ears,

If  you need someone to listen and give advice.

I promise to be at your back,

Ready to tap, if you need back-up.

I promise to call or send messages to you,

despite of  a busy time.

Three things I assure you,

Honesty, Trust and Love,

that you never get from anyone.

Rest assured that being faithful to you,

will always be in my heart.

I am willing to sacrifice my time,

Everything I have,

just to prove my love.

for it will be….


ONLY YOU.. ONLY YOU.. in my life.


(dedicated to MJR)

Poem for My Love

I’m so glad, I have you,
but pls…………
don’t try to account the love of mine,
coz i will be hurt,
……….hundred times

for one thing i may not lie,
that’s the love I have for you right now.

Pls. don’t even try,
to say things that can hurt me badly,
coz i will be hurt…………
thousand times.

If something is unfavorable,
don’t dare to ask me,
anything that you want to say,
coz i will listen to you freely,
…’coz if not,
I will be hurt million times………

I miss you each day,
dont be mad pls. at me,
if i am not able to contact you hourly,
be open-minded and please me,
because if not……..
I will be hurt…… billion times

I love you  dearly……..


The blue kite flies high on the sky

Moving aimlessly, carefree and beautiful

Going up, coming down, twirling and twisting

On the blue vastness he claims his own

Another kite comes from no where

Swirls round him like divine providence

Twisting his lustrous string to complicated knots

He cannot fly high now, cannot sway to his wishes

He is knotted and tucked by a reinman

He is tucked to an endless story

The story of aches, pains, humans

The story of life.


First poem at first sight

Hey Ms, I saw you a day before
Which I cannot forget you forever

I am damn sure it was an evening
Please don’t relate it to logical reasoning

All of a sudden our eyes met instantly
Where I grabbed your attention constantly

My heart beat swung like an oscillator
Increasing zillion times a binary counter

You were expecting me to tell it ASAP
But this idiot toggled like a flip-flop

Finally I barked the 3 magical words
While you scrutinized the whole avenues

I may not be a Mr. Perfect
Though I am as active as a MOSFET

My hopes were like a weak transistor
You pulled me up by adding a resistor

Hope you remember the promises we made
Which resembles to an amplifier in cascade

Copyright of heart

What all I need,
Is just a copyright
Of your heart. 

To paint the sketch,
Of my dreams.
To listen, to the waves
When u breathe.

To sing the praises,
Using all the verses.
To step on my foot,
for your heart’s, beat.

To hold it with pride,
To show how rich I am.
A place of mine,
To stay ever and ever.

What all I need,
Is just a copyright
Of your heart.

Only yesterday..

Yesterday I saw a ‘noble’  man

Getting down from his limousine

Smelling of filthy riches and conceit

Full of fads, demurs and ‘yes bosses’ around

He had a big nose, stony eyes and lot airs

His chin was looking up to the nearest tall building

He was in a hurry and his men were running around him

Confused and lost – they did not know how to make him happy

The ‘noble’ man then got down from his car

Shoved off a sinking old lady with dark penetrating eyes

As if she was a material

That didn’t amuse him

And he didn’t want to buy!

You are always on my mind..

Life had been beautiful

With the ups and not-so-ups

I had you on my mind

I had you on my thought

I know you know

For I have been on your thought

Apologies and gratitude

Thank yous and sorry

For what didn’t matter

For what shouldn’t have mattered

I have been blessed

For what you have given me

You are lovely

You are the reason I live

I guess, you know by now

You are on my mind

You are always on my mind.

This unending pain- A Poem

“This unending pain,

Is taking my breath away,

I loved all,

I swear.

My silence is echoing in my heart,

This pain will forever last.

They have put a full stop on my feelings,

I am now left with day dreaming.

I am not what I used to be,

And this blame is also put on me.

This fatigue is taking my life away,

I am still worried for him,

Without me,

He will not be able to stay.

My efforts are a time waste,

And my life has lost its taste.

This unending pain,

Is taking my breath away,

I loved all,

I swear.”

who died?

He just died

I knew it from the winds

they were harsh and my flowers

flew into dust

I knew it from the trees

who refused to let me in to

their shade

For I had a fight

and he had walked out

I could have apologized

but my darker self stood tight

I had no tears

I stood still,watching him dying somewhere

I couldn’t hold his hand

neither ,could sing a sorry

to his retreating ears

I just died, and he just left…

Love Story- A Poem

“A boy,

And a girl,

Saw each other,

In the crowd of hundreds,

Came closer and closer,

Felt each other always around,

With each other they were bound,

Entered in a new world,

Where they were the only birds,

Secluded each other from the crowd,

Loved each other unconditionally,

Cared about each and every feeling,

Found always day dreaming.

Then a day came,

When they thought to be tied in a relation,

Name is not required to be mentioned,

Wanted to overcome each other’s sorrows,

Wanted each other so badly,

Got married,

And thought,

We would live happily.

But it was not so,

Then came other people with this relation,

And they wanted to interfere without any reason.

This went on year after year,

For the girl,

It was hard to bear,

She would sometimes sit silent,

And sometimes cried in pain,

Dead feelings only remained.

She cried for the help,

She showed her pain,

A girl’s life is full of adjustment,

Was the only answer she got,

For the sake of society,

She has to bear everything,

Some love stories,

Are like that,

With a good start,

But only bad feelings,

Adding to a girl’s cart.”


I closed my eyes

pinched my lips

held my breath

let the world go by

I wouldn’t cry

I wouldn’t fail

myself  for them to play

I watched the sky

and saw clouds form a smile

I got the meaning

the world never goes by

It never stops too

Why- A Poem

“You all saw me laughing,
You all saw me saying,
You all saw me talking,
You all saw me shouting,
Did you all hear my silence?
Did you all see my tears?
Did you all feel my sadness?
Did you all see my helplessness?
You did not,
I want to ask,
Does it mean?
I don’t have heart?
It means,
I am never hurt?
I want to ask,

What is time?

What is time?

Time comes, time goes

Time flows, time flies

What is time?

Where does it come from?

Where does it go?

Where does it live?

What’s its destination?

Or is it that WE shift, WE move

And time stays in its place, fixed, static

Like the illusive moving tree glimpsed from a mobile train

What is time?

Time is a perception

Time is fast or slow, time is how WE move

Time is deception, time is illusion

Time is but us.

blue wings

I had a dream

yesterday night

when the stars looked

charred and the world in

restless slumber.

I had blue wings

shiny electric blue wings

with black borders and hazy pink

I was flying, amidst clouds of blue


I looked down and saw no one,

none saw me too in blissful flight.

I saw rainbows and clouds blanketed

in dews

I saw birds in myriads looking at me

in wondered gaze.

I flew away, with winds growing strong

and an eminent hurricane lost me

in chaos.

My dream then turned black

and I could no longer see my blue wings

I never saw me flying

and I kept searching for my blue wings

with black borders and hazy pink !

She still smiles at the sun

The little girl smiles at the sun

While the frail cows graze in the languid hours

She has a small hut to live

A mother, a brother and lot of poverty

The hut has everything on its thatched roof

Weighing it down to the earth

The two cows are half fed but happy

She has enough humiliation, enough hurdles

That keep her busy all day long

She wakes up early in the morn

Takes the cows for grazing before anyone else does

Gets the greenest pasture for the cows

She, then, comes back and rushes for the market to sell the cream milk

Runs down the valley to feed her mother, who can barely move

Packs stale puffed rice,  makes sure that her brother reaches school

Cooks, washes, cleans herself in the drying river

When the sun is just about to sleep

She has the world to finish before the sunrise

She has four mouths to feed, and hers

Life has poked her but she has come out of it every time

She has all the poverty but she is happy

She still smiles at the sun.


Ails me your upset smile;
Ur blind love with added spice;
& decadent mirth
Expressed in, void eyes…

& I want to, rescue those,
Hollow nerves that are penning queries;
And ‘poignant ping’
Inducing, memories

Trust me if u would,
God’d planned, with utmost care,
For u, a painless cure…
Someday you’ll know, this I am sure.

It was justice or injustice
Do not think, what it was.
“Why” “Why” start to cry
And to know this “why” research you try
Till you know the reason—why..?
Continue to research devoid of tear supply

Life is what, why life u got;
Why not for u..?, u wish for what;
If not that, what is for you?
Try to know, what life expects from you.

And when you know about the destined coast;
Life will become savoury like roasted toast;
Then raise a toast, for the awesome voyage;
Which thereafter u will pursue till you age

Growing up years…

So curious to take one glimpse of that flying airplane,

Not even bothering if it causes any neck strain.

Playing in the basking heat till forehead sweats,

So what if in this bargain even sun sets?

Riding on bicycles all day long,

Pals who join in, taking them along.

Climbing up mango tree like a feat of a monkey,

Nicknamed in the neighborhood as notorious and naughty!

Awaiting for a chance to play some prank,

Never coming home without a good rank.

Taking each new learning experience as a stint,

Always approaching a game with killer instinct.

Bubbling with endless enthusiasm and energy,

Accomplishing group tasks with a synergy.

Unknown of a word in one’s self dictionary—Shy,

Ever overboard with questions—how, where, why?

Getting into petty squabbles in one moment,

Instantly patching up with friends the next moment.

Actively taking part in scout and camp,

Flushing with pride when called as a champ.

Always ready to crack some silly joke,

Hardly any game was played without the arm that broke.

Every little incident was as if meant to share,

Just one punch line defined us—We Dare

Secrets to be talked about in murmurs n whispers,

And although in class we were back benchers; Yet considered fast learners.

This was all we did as bouncing youngsters,

Each day we thus cherish our growing up years…