How can I study?
I am twenty.
And in love.
The weather is enchanting.
Life is beautiful, inviting.
And here I am,
Cooped up in my room,
Sitting at a table full of books.

Fresh air blows in from the window
And blows out again.
Teasing, daring me to follow.
My lover is waiting, pleading,
Longing for a meeting.
My heart is light:
It wants to dance
To the music of love.

How can I stop it
From hearing the music?
How can I stop it
From swaying to the tune?
How can I rein in my thoughts
Who want to fly free?
How can I force my mind to study
And stop its flights of fantasy?

My foot hurts when I walk.
But that’s just the pain of being alive
Which is as good as the joy.
For it tells me that I am walking again.
I would like to run, even though it hurts,
On the path of life with friends
And not sit at home
Nursing my foot in hot water.

Outside, roses must be blooming.
The shops decorated for the new year.
People wearing new sweaters
And smiles on their faces:
Feeling the cold wind and bright sun.
I am young. And in love.
And a prisoner in my room.
How can I study?

Fairy Tales

I had stopped believing in fairy tales
Or hoping that dreams would come true,
Or making a wish on a falling star:
But that was before I met you.

I used to believe in love that’s divine;
Romance and passion in the moonlight:
Someone would court me with roses and wine –
But nothing seemed to be going right.

Faith soon gave way to cynicism.
I stopped believing in the power of love:
Innocence overrun by egoism.
I felt I had nothing to be proud of.

But then you forced your way into my life
With a gentleness I found hard to resist:
The past I wished to forget was in strife
With the future I was beginning to glimpse.

And through the dark clouds that seemed to envelop my future
I saw, softly twinkling, a star of hope:
Your companionship seemed to bring that light nearer –
I took your hand to help me climb the slope.

You showed me a whole new world:
Sprinkled with stardust and strewn with flowers!
High above my senses whired:
You gave my dreams new wings, new powers.

How could I resist the perfect gentleman’s charm?
How could I stop my dreams from coming true?
When my brave warrior vowed to keep me from harm,
How could I stop myself from letting you?

Days have not yet broken my dream:
The star is now a  sun lighting up the sky:
Life is not all peaches and cream –
But the beauty of life has not passed me by.

The path ahead winds so much I cannot see where it leads:
As far as eye can see, trees provide cool shade and shelter.
And even if further on, it’s thorny and full of weeds,
It matters but little if your arm rests on my shoulder.

As Long as You Love Me

love heart

As long as you love me
Life is beautiful.
Of deep joy sweet will be
The cup of life full.

As long as you love me
I am never alone.
You are ever with me:
Wherever you may roam.

As long as you love me
No day can unpleasing be.
All weathers delight me:
If by you I could be.

As long as you love me
Nothing else can matter.
Let the storm rage fiercely:
Your love is my anchor.

As long as you love me
I want nothing other.
What prize on earth could be
Dearer than my treasure?

As long as you love me
Let the world do what it will.
Your love will protect me
From disaster and evil.

As long as you love me
With your tenderness my love adorn,
Happiness bows to me:
I’m the luckiest girl ever born.

A Parting

1330727-3-parting-of-the-red-seaI remember the time when we first became friends,
How wonderful life was then!
Those days were were together
Like two happy children.

Every day was full of laughter,
Every moment spent together was bliss:
And now that we have to part
All that I’m going to miss.

I remember the smiles you bestowed on me,
Your tender loving care;
The quarrels, sulks and apologies:
How sweet those moments were!

The times we quarrelled were pure agony,
Being with you was my greatest pleasure:
Ah! fool that I was, I did not realise
That those days would not last forever.

I wish those days were here again,
But my wishes are in vain:
You’ve said goodbye so tenderly
And left me in such pain!

That day, when we last met,
I had not realised parting was so near,
And when I remember your sad silent eyes
I feel I want to weep on your shoulder:

But even that comfort is denied me:
I wait in hope for our next meeting
When I can tell you how much I care for you
And how I dread oh! terrible parting!

But even those moments will soon pass
And we must part, perhaps forever:
It cannot be true; I will not believe it:
No, we must always be together…

In mind if not in body, in soul and in spirit,
In love and in friendship, concern and care:
The ravages of time, the hardship of separation, our love will endure,
Oh, fate and man and heaven! part us if you dare.

sow it

Vexed the earth,

Baked in scorching sun,

Parched here and there in sun fire,

Was dumb with despair,

Holding tears in eyes,

Desperately retraining

The tearful overflow,

Drawing from her sap,

Provided for the deep deep roots,

So that the barren tree tops,

Are laden with new shoots,

Blossom, bloom and juicy fruits,

Sets up the musical mood,

The bulbul and the nightingale ,

Sing throatfull tunes,

Of love despair and hope.

Autumn! Autumn!

Yet you remain unfazed,

Autumn recedes, the bloom too fades,

The fruits snuggle the branchlets,

In melancholy embrace,

Still you remain silent.

Yet again the sun bakes up the earth,

But still you remain unfazed.

The wind roars by the night,

Scattering dust by the day,

Whirl wind and strong tempest,

The clouds rush and push ,

To invade the blue sky,o

On the earth,

Spreads darkness

With thunders and lightning ,

The rain breaks through the sky,

Amid storm and commotion ,

You set off from your safe abode ,

To soar high up  in the sky, recklessly,

Amid the clouds,

Then dash down the beechen green,

Up again, to dart across the till earth,

Then amid dazzling lightning,

And deafening thunders,

You speak up,

Don’t be afraid,

Don’t be alarmed ,

Get up quickly quickly,

Hurry hurry

New seeds ,

New hope ,

Sow it up ,


Ever young

Ceaselessly the time wheel ran ahead,

Twenties thirties forties the age too sped,

This though, yet not frozen my life’s morn,

Similar tendencies sprout when the same hues adorn,

Still the sunshine pumps up every nerve,

Same is the zest and same is the verve,

Sagacity? Nay! Lasting love! Devotion! Me a love devotee!

Warmth of love ripples the youth in me,

Why about life should one care?

Endless avenues trapped in edgeless snare,

Let the cup of life over flow with joy and glee,

Ever thirsty for happiness the youth in me,

Mirage, deception, dream, call it anything,

Yet I see the truth peeping through everything,

Nurtured the soul not the perishable in me,

Not a seeker, carefree the youth in me.

Poetry- Cuckoo On My Rooftop!


Cuckoo on my rooftop

What a melody she sings

She perches on the Dish TV

And the Dish thus swings!

Then at one point TV telecast gets blur;

And  TV starts to blink

This is how I learn

The cuckoo is out to sing

I send her some grain

But she calls for me

She yearns for an audience

So she gets me

Wonder what she does for a livelihood

Singing for days together might be doing to her any good?

That too when in our world

Nothing comes for free

How can she afford to sing for free?

Bet she should charge a nominal fee!

Woods she left long time back

She’s an urban cuckoo

So mustn’t she in Rome do

What Romans do?

Cuckoo on the rooftop

Sings for her mate

She says she’d sing

But only in spring

Far too fastidious

Far too fussy

At this initial level

She shouldn’t be so choosy

She says she loves my rooftop

Only house in the vicinity

To be canopied by

Plants, flowers and mud pots

This shows

Somewhere in her persona

A primitiveness she still holds

But in order to survive here

She’ll one day get smarter

And I’ve told her—

She can use my rooftop

Not a penny it’ll cost

After all it’s her favorite venue

And time for her to know the meaning of the word value………

post mumbai attacks


O gory hand of human devil ,
How you kill the innocent at will,
Your shameless hand behind every mishap,
A worthless feather in your shameless cap,
You come, you see, you destroy,
A bodiless little hand still holding a toy,
A howling father loses his wit,
In a mad attempt to gather the gory bit,
A scarlet truth runs through all the races,
Confirm the blood stained clothes, shoes and disfigured faces,
In the name of god you hold the gun,
No greater sin committed under the sun,
Which god admits blood soaked offerings,
Your sin will bring nothing but sufferings,
Give your mother a reason to be proud,
Fear the wrath of one above the cloud.

jyoti thatte

My kids taught me so many things……

||Tasmay Shri GuruveNmaha||

Receiving you in my arms for the first time…

I realized how wonderful motherhood is going be.

Your giggles showed me,

how contagious laughter can be.

Listening to your babbles …

I realized how to pronounce words in a better way

When you are happy,

it is so natural that you sway.

Chocolate spread all over your mouth and fingers,

demonstrated a different style to have it.

When you refused to eat…

I learnt how to prepare the dish and attractive way to present it.

When you tell me you are scared of dark,

I know how genuine and honest you are.

All of us are scared of something or the other,

But pretend that we really don’t bother.

When I made a mistake of comparing you

with another good boy or girl,

That was you who brought to my notice –

you can’t really compare a gem with a pearl.

Your continuous creping for a balloon,

taught how to insist things

Merrily patting your hands in water puddle,

you taught me how take pleasure in small – small things.

Engrossed in tearing away news paper into shreds,

you taught me how to be with what you are doing.

There is so much I have learnt from you,

you taught me how to experience life as a human being.



Narrow lanes

Tiny by-lanes

Edgy footpaths

None walks on footpaths

Walls made of red bricks

Acting as partitions to homes

Peddled bicycles leaning against walls

Expressing, “we belong to the homes…”

From some far away places come galloping bicycles

Balancing their way through stones and pebbles

Kites getting stuck on electric poles and wires

Rows of sparrows happily sit on wires

Mind stopped a thousand times with the smell of greasy hot corn shaft

Kept over the grill

Somewhere hands joined in to warm themselves up over fireplaces

Beating the chill

A thick smoky mist

Everything vanishes in it….

Plucking eucalyptus leaves

Breathing in their scented fragrance

No one to stop; no vigilance

Come summer

Panorama changes

Tangy tamarinds and sour mango pickles

A slight provocation causes a tickle!

Scorching heat

Burning feet…..

As July passes and August shows up

Clouds open up

Celebration galore

Green seems to be every color

Rangolis scatter……..

Far away from farms

Come sounds of cow bell.

Barefoot with slates and books

Innocent minds run two blocks away

With the sound of school bell.



Winds blowing,

Trees swaying,

There lies a certain aura in the surrounding…

Chair rocking; Curtains flowing,

Pages flipping,

The door is wide open and is screeching…

Flowers in the vase drying,

A half full glass of wine lying,

Of footsteps and voices there’s no sign…

With colors still somewhat wet,

On the side table is kept,

A yet to be completed painting,

It bears a theme of the quietness around- similar something…

Bed sheets and pillow covers still wrinkled,

Papers down on the floor- scattered and crumpled…

The time piece on the wall goes on with its tickle,

Somewhere the tap begins to trickle…

What dwells thus is a vacuum,

But even amidst this vacuum-

Resides a silence which speaks volumes……..!