The political trend in India kick starts and proceeds like a marathon but does not, or seems not to have finality, although politics is the oldest profession . Any political party definitely begins with or has good ideas, but ends up confused as to what is its goal. This may be because no party is given or left without opposition, to show or do what it has promised its people. Just like there are two sides of the same coin, every party has two sides good and bad. As soon as one party comes to power, the others are busy doing research to pull out all the possible loopholes and flaws to defame the seated power. The seated power would fight and fight to save their party. Anyone who would support its leader when he is wrong is welcomed into the party. All during his tenure, time is spent in looking over his shoulders to see if his supporters are there for him. If yes, then he is confident that he is the true leader or his position is safe.

Today India has innumerable Indians who want to serve the country by being the part of the system. Innumerable parties have been formed, each one with its own cause- fight corruption, help the down-trodden, spread education, good governance, equal representation for women, help the farmers etc etc. Everyone wants everything asked for. But how to achieve, what path, what methods-nobody is aware.

These are the questions which each political party in its tenure is attempting to study & find. But how sad! Term ends but no solution. The party ends up not by placing itself at the service of the nation but by placing the nation at its service.

Seychelles, a Victim of Sea Piracy

Seychelles is no more a paradise for rich holidayers and tourists. It has become  a hunting ground for  pirates, Somalian pirates. Their operational  area is from Seychelles to Mahe, gulf of Aden and Maldives.

The pirates’ target is any ship that passes by in their working area,  be it a merchant ship, a cargo ship or an oil tanker or even a passenger ship. Once they boarded a passenger ship which probably carried a thousand passengers.  Completely outnumbered, the dozen odd pirates were hammered nicely and thrown into the sea. So, they avoid  ocean liners.

What is their aim of  hauling up ships?  Their merchandise or oil?  None of these.  The ransom  money from ship owners for releasing the ship and  crew.  They demand millions of dollars and the owners find no  way other than paying up the amount  and getting the ship back.

The pirates do abduct crew and other passengers  sometime. The purpose is the same – ransom.  A retired couple set sail in their private yacht  one day. They had traveled hardly 60 nautical miles and they were cornered  and taken prisoners along with their yacht. It is not known where these two persons,  60 and  56 are.  Probably they are held hostage for any negotiation in the future.

The interception could place any where up to  Maldive islands.

Don’t the ships have any protection?  Yes, the Indian Navy does come to their rescue.  They did capture some pirates also and in some cases, after destroying their small ships the men were thrown into the sea to make them fend for themselves or die a horrible death.  The UK and American Navies also do help.  But then a distance of some 1500 nautical miles cannot be protected every inch.  The pirates choose their target and according to their timing.

The greatest sufferer is the Seychelles government and its people. Their tourist traffic has dwindled down to almost a trickle. No honey mooner or holidayer would venture into this area.  The island’s income is thus affected.

The other source of income is ‘tuna fishing’; tuna is exported to the European countries.  The  French and Spanish trawlers who do the fishing for the island have slowed down their activity.  So much so, from 2009, the catch has reduced by 30%.

Tuna processing and  canning system  in Seychelles is a highly automated one.  At one end of the conveyor belt, the trawlers unload the catch and at the other you collect the canned tins.  The factory has been producing 450 tons of tuna fish daily which has reduced to around 300 now. Some 3000 Seychellians are employed in the fishing industry. Not only the income of the Seychelles population has decreased  considerably but  also many have become unemployed as well. What will the  people do?

Why are the Somalians  indulging in this immoral practice?  They say, their fishing business from Gulf of Eden has been affected terribly due to poaching by other nations.  Next, the gulf has become a dumping ground for all kinds of wastes including toxic waste.  This has affected the health of the Somalians.  Thousands  suffer from mouth disease and stomach disorder.

Somalia is a very poor country and underdeveloped as well.  And yet people have to live.  What could they do?

In the circumstances, piracy appeared to be a very tempting and  a quick money earner method  and they had  grabbed the  opportunity. The Somalian piracy has the public’s support and not considered immoral at all.

The navies of other nations do capture the pirates and try them out in their own courts.  Recently there was an agreement among the nations that the convicted Somalians must spend their jail sentence in their own country and should be sent to Somalia after trial. Since the Public have given their open approval for the piracy , will this measure reduce piracy by any significant  percentage? Very doubtful.  We don’t know  what the Somalian governments’ stand is in this regard.  Are they for or against piracy?

Possibly thousands and thousands are indulging in this trade.  Suppressing or eliminating this  large scale professionals  is not an easy task through the small help the island gets from neighbouring nations. If  fleets of ships are deployed, it may be possible to eliminate the menace.  But then, isn’t this asking for the Moon?

The next alternative  for the exporters is to send armed escorts in each ship.  This should not prove very expensive at all. Since the pirates come only in small numbers, a  dozen odd  well equipped soldiers on board  could easily overpower the thieves of small groups. This seems to be the final solution at the cheapest cost. And the ship owners must consider this option in the interest of their own business and safety of their goods and crew.



The farce elements of Indian elections

 The election dynamics in India works in a very strange way.  Do you know a one percent swing of the electorate towards a particular political party could earn  them up to  ten  seats? Here is another down to earth example:  in the recent Assembly election in Tamil Nadu, India, the AIADMK party polled 39 % of the total votes and the DMK just 26%.  A difference of 13 % vote resulted in a stock  of 127 seats between the two giants?      

 So, every vote counts. The  election commission says that only 75% of the electorate cast their votes. Wouldn’t that absentee  25% mean a swing of over a hundred seats?

The Commission prepares a list called “Voters list” for every constituency.  This is considered a very sacred document  like it is equivalent to  the Holy Bible ! If your name is not in the list, you are a  nobody.  To be more blunt, you are not an Indian at all ! So sacrosanct the darned list is.

How accurate the voters list is? Very inaccurate. Dead persons’ names,  names of people who have  changed their residence, of people who have gone on transfer to another constituency,  appear there.  When you leave your rented house, you think in terms of changing your gas connection electricity connection, ration card, telephone connection and so many other things but no one  ever thinks of informing the election commission about the change of address. So, where is the accuracy of this so called sacred list? And changes take place routinely almost daily.

Less than 50% of the Indian population have  permanent houses/addresses  in the land. The remaining are floating population who may change residence every year or  after a couple  of years. If you are   not physically present in a particular house, the election commission  will ruthlessly remove your name from the list for the next election as if you are dead.  You are expected to get yourself enrolled, as it were, in your new location. You need all the time in the world to do this, which may include submitting an application form along with your photograph, proof of  residence and so on. You get so fed up running after the various steps that you feel it would be better to remain a vote less character in your own country.

With so many  imperfections in our electoral list, we boast to the world that we are the greatest democracy in the world and we had carried out a monumental  election so successfully.

On a casual exchange of notes with an Election official, he stressed that the Commission needs to know how many voters are available in a constituency, hence a list is a must.  Great. “Including dead persons and transferred persons?” I remarked  for which the gentleman  had no rejoinder.

It is sad that one thinks and talks in ancient ways in a modern computer world.

I would personally recommend that we go in for an all  purpose electronic  smart card which may  contain all your personal information other than your residential address and which records details of your participation in various elections and you should be permitted to vote from any place in India and in any constituency. [As of now, if you happen to be on outstation duty on the election day, you lose your right of franchise.  Why?]

The central government said in 2010  that they are preparing an unique identity card for every individual.  Where is it?  Will it take twenty years to complete and provide it to every individual?

In a democracy, it is vital that every adult votes in every election.  Abstaining   from voting,  should be considered a democratic sin.  100% voting is ideal but we need to have some slip  margin, which should not be more than 2 %. Accordingly,  98% participation should be the minimum.  We should work towards this figure. Only then we could claim that the elected candidates have the  popular support.

Washing dirty linen in public

I like the Election time, you know?  And we get plenty of it in a democracy.  Currently the elections  for  various types  of local bodies in different cities, towns  and villages of my State Tamil Nadu  are in progress.


Wherever I go I hear speeches and the loudspeakers blaring away varieties  of information., palatable and non palatable. Walls are plastered with slogans.  Right in front of my house, I see auto rickshaws  plying and a man reading  his election speech through a loud speaker fitted on the hood of the auto. The funny part is no body could make out  what the man  is trying to say; one can’t even grasp  the name of the candidate  because the auto  whizzes past your house   within 15 seconds.


But you get much more and  exhaustive information about the candidates and parties from the newspapers. It is only then we  come to know that  how bad   some leaders  or political parties have been  conducting themselves. They grab land belonging to  innocent people and even that of  the Government’s. The  leaders cheat the people   by false promises of jobs, transfers and promotions etc. The impeachers are blunt to the point and mince no words  in exposing the other’s  misdeeds. I wish one was a little diplomatic about these revelations. But no. They insist on calling a spade a spade !   Is this correct, you tell me? But then  this is legally allowed in a democracy.


Next, there is a saying that “All is fair in love and war and Elections”.  I am not sure if the third option I have quoted  is correct but someone did say, “It is all right…”


“But don’t such accusations tarnish the image of  the concerned candidate(s)?”  The answer is ‘yes’ and ‘no’ because the affected candidate will deny all the aberrations and turn the  gun on the accuser with more charges.   Two bullets facing each other, eh?  So, I should think it is a kind of tit for tat !


“In which case, who do they vote for?  Aren’t the voters influenced by a candidate’s bad history?


“Did I hear a  ‘NO’?”

“Yes friend, indeed. The  accuser has as many skeletons in his cupboard as the accused ! Both are awful and unfit to be in the ruling clan. So, how do the voters decide who to vote for?  We will come to this point a little later.


Now about the election speeches.  Being local elections, you don’t see huge public meetings  but only roadside shows. The great advantage of these small sized meetings is that you can cross examine the candidate and  he has to answer your questions.  If he doesn’t, he loses marks.


In one case, a listener  asked, “Your  party has  not kept so many promises made in the past.  Why?  Some of them are over ten years old. The speaker candidate scratched his head.  This was a Waterloo test for him.  Then clicking his fingers he answered  like this:  You see the  election promise  you are referring to is only ten  years old;  we are still working on the three year and  four years brands.  So you have to wait your turn.  Be reasonable.  Things take time to implement, you know?  The crowd appreciated the answer and greeted him with applause.  And he won the elections too.

In another case, [this happened to be a General elections case], a questioner pointed out ,”You party has not nominated your  Prime ministerial candidate (because there was really no consensus and there were infighting for the post) and they got away  saying, “We will select a PM through a democratic process after the elections  and not force one on the people now.”  The  public lauded this response. ”That’s true democracy, isn’t it?” the voters hailed and the great  party won the General elections as well.

Lately, the parties have started announcing  a  number of freebies. [Even the Supreme court has permitted this !] There is  a competition in this regard. If one party offers one grinder mixer per family, another would offer one for each voter. Accordingly in some homes you may  find anything up to five mixers.

So, all this is good fun,  good rhetoric and empty words too. Nobody means what they say but say they have to. Having listened to many speeches  the voters indeed  would get confused about who to cast their vote.  One wag advises:  Toss a coin, brother.




Life after 26/11 Mumbai attack……..

Life after 26/11 Mumbai attack……..

Walking along sea line of Taj Mahal Hotel was a pleasant change for me,
from my routine work. Happened to visit Gateway of India in Mumbai after Mayhem created
by the terrorist.It was not a pleasant scene in the year 2008, when the terrorist had
burnt down Taj Mahal Hotel.

The Hotel is restored to its original beauty, with a heavy price tag. Things yesterday
had come to normal with so many people trying to earn their living on Gateway of India.
Only thing missing at Gate way was the pigeon’s, they had disappeared, probably peace is
not restored internally. Hundreds of visitors had come to this place on a weekend, with back
of their mind attack scenario.

The photographers were busy catching there customers for a quick photo session along
rock building and small toy vendors impressing the kids. A Small bunker vehicle was placed at corner
of the road and few policemen were trying to control crowd. The hotel is heavily guarded with obstacles
and partition. It was almost a heavily guarded fortress with very less space to peep in.

Everything was normal, as the Taj monument took me three years back,
I started recalling how building was on fire and army fighting with a bunch of butchers,
who knew nothing of their doing’s.  I could see narrow lanes along the hotel, which was very
difficult to access, cause you never knew what was store in. The smart terrorist had picked up a good
location to spread their bullets,  as you go further it was very difficult to track them. Oberoi
Trident has a much bigger space to move but CST station, is a real mess with so many people around.
They had made a good catch at CST station.

As I was strolling along the bay, I was getting a feel something big had happen here but still
people are fearless and moving freely along the Gateway. Mr Laden or who ever the person must had
a good laugh during live telecast of the attack, but not for long as he is buried in a sea grave
counting beads of dead.
Yes Gateway and Taj are now standing strong again with full glory hats off to our brave army,
and Army of brave Mumbaikars. History repeats again and again, but our enemy has still not learnt
their lessons.
Standing on the coast I could scream “I am proud to be an Indian”

Corruption ! You won’t be around for long in India

Corruption is the topic of the day on every lip.  More revelations are made daily about who the corrupt are, how much money and other assets they have amassed and so on. Amazingly, the persons whom we thought were honest and straightforward too have come into the list. It’s a stab at our back, isn’t it?

To eradicate this volume of corruption, we need to resort to several varieties of operations on the same human body one after the other. These operations have to be ruthless.

It would be useful to identify the reasons  how we have come to this sorry state.  Some sixty years back or immediately after our Independence in 1947, the politicians, bureaucracy  and the business community were   more honest.  One never heard of corrupt Indians. Yes, there could have been small time thieves including small bribe takers to give you a telephone connection or power connection or get some certificate signed etc. But never looters in   Lakhs and Crores prevailing  now.

There are two reasons, according to me, why corruption has grown in size  to heavy proportions and  become an uncontrollable giant. Politicians did not want to punish anyone for any kind of offence.  I remember, late  Mr. Morarji Desai, one of the Prime Ministers saying in the Parliament  that  “officers should be more tactful.”  In other words, the lower down clerks and supervisors and junior officers  were angels and should not be  blamed ever for any kind of  lapse by the officer cadre.

This kind of stand on the part of the government  gave rise to new work ethics. The low level staffs went about with their chest forward with a notion, “Nobody can touch me. I can do what I like and nothing would happen.”  And the officer cadre became totally demoralized and disillusioned.  They could not maintain  any kind of discipline and work efficiency  in their field of operation.  Since their writ did not run, they took a passive attitude and became silent spectators.

Next, our courts have been very lenient and soft on the offenders. I don’t think they punished even one guy for storing up illegal wealth.

The Indian Penal code lays down the maximum punishment for every  offence .  Most of these are restricted to some two years.  And many  citizens have worked out a strategy on  how  to condense the two years thing to two months or two weeks.  So, there was no fear of punishment in an Indian’s mind at all.

On the contrary, the law should lay down the minimum punishment and the maximum should be life term or death. One could get life even for a small offence like cutting the red signal at the  traffic point and in the process running over a small boy.

It is the British who discovered that an Indian is an excellent performer if you keep a bayonet behind his back and keep on pricking him with it once in a while to make it known to him that the iron blade is very much  behind him.  Punishment was  very stringent  during the British rule.

We relaxed these measures completely the day we got our Independence. As days went by it was the politicians’ ambition to remain in power till death and  therefore began to placate the voters who voted for him.  How on Earth could you punish a fellow who catapults you to the position of    power? As regard the big fish, the politician had a vested interest and allowed them to mint money left right and centre legal or illegal.

What we have to do to stem the rot is to lay down a time frame to finalise all kinds of cases.  I see no reason why a murder case or a death in road accident cannot be investigated within 48 hours and the culprit dealt with within a week. Let the court punish the guilty with the maximum punishment.  We should not hesitate to award death punishment.  The slogan that  “only the rarest of the rare cases should go to the gallows”, to my mind is a silly stand. “Life for life” must be our approach. .

Some years ago one of the governors in China was caught taking  a bribe.  He was hanged.

Let’s also hang the first few corrupt persons and inefficient workers and you can   rest assured that corruption and inefficiency  would be on their  way out.

The instant justice

In India, one could prolong any  court case for years and years.  Yet, the courts themselves proclaim  from  roof tops that  “Justice  delayed is justice denied.”

In one murder case, the court’s verdict was , “We don’t know who killed Arushi but  Arushi is dead.” Would the concerned parents accept such a judgment?

Shall we examine, why  the courts take so long in disposing of cases or do not arrive at the right decisions??

The  Prosecution may not have collected full details, especially in ‘murders’ and the Defence counsel  would  take advantage. When this case is taken up after a long gap, new evidence is produced or manufactured to give a twist to the entire charge.  Although a witness gives evidence  on oath,  he/she does not hesitate to tell lies. So far, no person has been punished for rendering wrong statements, which is an offence by itself.

So much so, people have lost faith in the Indian judiciary.

In  the light of above lacuna, when you read in the  newspaper that the verdict  in a particular case has been awarded within 24 hours and the accused has been punished as well, one feels overjoyed at the speed

A college going young man on a two wheeler, well dressed in shirt and tie, cut the red signal at a traffic point which was secretly being monitored.  The constable came out of his hideout, and asked the youngster to pull over. Many road users wondered how this custodian of traffic rules would deal with the offence.  The violator was asked stand on the edge of the road in full view of the traveling public.  Then  policeman gave an instant punishment.  “Do twenty five sit-up’s” he commanded.

The smart student had to suffer the humiliation.  He couldn’t protest over the verdict either.  But he promised the  policeman  that he would never  commit such a mistake ever again. He also gave an assurance other that he would tell all his friends in the college not to be adventurous.

See the result of instant punishment.

According to a news report in this morning’s papers, a sitting politician took the law into his hand, collected some dozen boys and thrashed them nicely in full view of the townsmen.  Their crime?  Eve teasing.  None of the boys protested.  The MLA  conveyed  that he wanted to protect all the young girls  in his constituency  from unwarranted and ugly comments by the males. With such an approach, would any young men or college boys dare pass any remarks  on the feminine gender?

We need to work on the concept of fast justice. For instance, why can’t we have a rule that all murders and  or road accident  deaths  must be investigated before carrying out the last rites of the body ?

I am of the view that the lawyers are the real villains.  They can ask for adjournments at will, bring in new witnesses who were never present at the spot, make the witnesses change their statements or persuade them to turn approvers and so on. All these are tactics at prolonging the case.

One method of quick disposal by a judge is to tell the parties concerned to come with  all their evidences and witnesses. After hearing both sides, the judge should pronounce his judgment possibly within a day. Only where there  is a question of interpretation of  law, fundamental rights etc, should a lawyer be appointed and that too on he  judge’s order.

According to Indian history the rulers of some 520 States, held court daily and any citizen could go  to the court for justice which was imparted in a matter of minutes. The olden days kings, maharajas and sultans, sat in their chair idly for most of the court time. I believe there were no lawyers then.

See how king Solomon solved the  issue of ownership of a living child claimed by  two women?  Though Solomon ruled his kingdom some 3000 years back, his judgment is hailed  as the most unique and an  unchallengeable  one. He didn’t take more than possibly ten minutes to arrive at the correct decision.

As of now, 30 million cases are pending in various courts in the land. How are these  going to be settled and in what time frame?.

Stars and I

I sitting on my rooftop
on a lonely dark night
light music playing
besides me
dark black sky is full of shining
and twinkling stars
Moon appearing amidst the stars
like a very big king like star,
me constantly gazing

at the shining stars,

me feeling connected to

the twinkling stars

as am part of the

Universe and me wishing

that could I not be a star

in the sky, one fine day!

Maoist Menace In India.

Recently we have come across Maoist activities in several Indian states. Especially the states like Andhra Pradesh, Jharkhand,Bihar,Orissa and West Bengal are the worst affected.The Maoist menace took such proportion that even the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh termed them as the most serious threat to the Indian subcontinent. Several measures have been taken by the affected states along with the Central Government to combat the Maoists. Joint Operations have been undertaken by the Centre and the States to eradicate the menace but even after a year it failed to deliver appreciable result.What we are trying to overlook is the causes that led to this Maoist insurgency. It can’t be denied that the tribals in several parts of our country have not been taken care of since independence.Their socio economic condition remained at a deplorable level.The only means of living that they had was by working in the Coal Mines of the regions. However the Government even took that away from them when they started to lease out these mines to private players. Several people lost their job which was their only source of income. So there was a resentment among the people of the locality.The maoists took advantage and they spread their ideology to these people rather easily. It is impossible to suppress hunger and so the tribals jopined the ranks and file of the insurgents and strengthened their movement.For a long time the Government both in the Centre and the States did not pay heed to this menace and did nothing to improve the condition of the tribals and finally when the maoist movement gathered momentum the Governments thought to implement the Army to counter the insurgency which is totally a wrong approach.You can’t eradicate the Maoist in this manner.They are needed to be eradicated by political participation and also by empowering the tribals of those regions.If the Government can uplift the conditions of the tribals then the Maoist menace will automatically be eradicated.What we are witnessing right now is a fiasco between the Government on one hand and a portion of the Intelligencia who are sympathetic to the maoist.Each one is trying to prove his point by blaming the other. Let’s stop this infighting as the society needs to show solidarity in the face of a crisis and lets think of ways and means to improve the conditions of the tribals of the affected areas.

Tall, Dark and Handsome…still yummy??

I love John Abraham, he is an absolute hunk. But getting to see him talking about how he takes care of his skin ,i.e make/keep it fair,left me a bit perplexed…whatever happened to the Tall Dark Handsome men !! Being an avid reader of romances like Mills & Boons,and being one who looks upon GONE WITH THE WIND  as the bible of romance, its difficult to accept this strange male obsession with fair skin. Those heroes in the romances,especially in the books of 80s & 90s and GWTW, which came way before M&B s,all the heroes , even when they belong to the Caucasian whites, are portrayed as having a dark demeanor. Rhett Butler in GWTW is dark compared to his woman.

Back then, darkness was synonymous to masculinity. A virile, masculine male inadvertently had a swarthy or something mysterious about him that both excites and frightens the maidens. He is like that lone dark horse which gallops in the open fields, almost impossible to tame and too hard to possess  but too exciting to let go.

Times before 80’s & 90’s, saw dark men completely taken into cruelty as portrayed in literature. The famous Shylock of Shakespeare is dark complexioned, something that indicates his evil nature. The blacks were often portrayed as potential rapists and men fuming with violence, all because of their skin color. But this portrayal also suggests the insecurity that a white man faced when compared himself to a black. The blacks look more virile & masculine compared to a Caucasian white and hence a white dominated world, portrayed blacks hence.

But coming down time,the potential of the evil/darkness to excite and attract was better understood. Hence heroes like Rhett Butler, Heathcliff… came into being. All dark and possibly unconquerable, but in reality they are waiting for their right woman to redeem them. Now that makes it all the more exciting, as Beatles say ” All you need is love ” !

I stick to the paradigm of darkness and virility which also accentuates the femininity and fragility of the woman. And this shift in concepts all boils down to market and our God-given dusky skins. So with all the women chasing fair skin, it leaves only the men. Now ,why should they be spared from the rat-race!

Star Crossed Lovers

‘The Indian constitution is only sixty years old as against our ancient religion. A woman from a higher caste cannot marry a man of a lower caste…the results will be devastating’.

(TV Channel-Headlines Today 4/5/10)  so apparently wrote the educated father of a modern twenty two year old who had the temerity to fall in love with another twenty two year old who was equally in love with her.

Romeo and Juliet, Laila and Majnu and now one can probably add Nirupama and Priyabhanshu too to that list but for the fact that while the other star crossed lovers died together here one devastated partner lives on unable to do anything other than bear the pain.

Life and history have taught us nothing it would seem. For hasn’t experience shown us that love knows no barriers? Including those of caste and creed? That it is the only emotion capable of crossing all hurdles?

And yes what devastating catastrophe has ever befallen any one as a result of inter caste /inter religious marriages?

Can our experts tell us?

Has the world crumbled around us?

Have thunder and lightening struck us dead?

Has the plague descended upon us?

Then in what way have religions and society ever suffered?

What ‘sorrows’ have occurred other than those visited on each other by our near and dear? Did anyone actually become a ‘lesser’ human being by marrying ‘out of caste/religion’? Unless it is in the mind. And the mind is a terrible control freak. Capable of even resorting to murder obviously if this current story is true.

Division of people along caste lines came into being when they were delineated according to their professions in ancient times. It was to give them an identity. It was probably relevant then. Along the way they unfortunately grew roots and became rigid. Unbending firewalls that could not supposedly be breached. But what we are unable to realize or comprehend today despite our education is that these divisions are all in the mind and can be breached. Easily. It’s only in the minds of the people. Of people who believe in past mores blindly and of those who believe they control and speak for all society. They should not and they do not. And in today’s world they must have no place.

Men made these rules so surely today’s men and women who know better can change them?

Make society accept them.

Teach them, educate them, and inform them of new civilized norms of what is and what can be?

That to love and marry is not a crime against any one or anything but to murder in the name of some ancient man-made rule that has no current relevance, does it?

The Indian constitution may only be sixty years old but it has been built on the knowledge and experience gained from our ancient past. It gives every man and woman within India’s boundaries the right to live, love and die with equal dignity.

One simple question to all those who believe old social mores/customs are watertight and inviolate

The wine colored blood that runs in all our veins-

Does it in any way differ from caste to caste, religion to religion?

If it intermingles does it destruct?

Then why?

Earning Eves

The recent Bangalore murder of a wife by her software engineer husband, sheds some light on the  thin balance of domestic politics. As for now,the reason behind the brutal murder of the only 6 days old bride, is her 3 times bigger pay packet ! Now its utterly bewildering .

Domestic politics is also sexual. The sexism in a man-woman relationship cannot be negated,since a major chunk of it still lies buried inside biology and traditions. Globalization might have reached our doorsteps in many forms, but its yet to enter into the heads of our society. Now I’m not pinging on this murder issue, but on the major issue of the extend of female independence in this country. If freedom is the pursuit of happiness, then it sure includes earning one’s own livelihood. This is sadly denied to many women. In fact a woman earning more in a household is most of the time taken as an insult to the males in the house.

If the divorce rates have increased in recent times, it has got a lot to do with women becoming empowered. But empowerment is not outside culture, its only when it threatens the security of the man, that she is deemed nontraditional and chained to her home. But fortunately, there are men, who are man enough to recognize their partners as their equals. Women don’t have to prove a point to anybody and with this confidence alone comes her empowerment. Man and woman have to co-exist. Happy homes are indeed made of love and mutual respect, not out of oppression and adjustment. Women of today, stands shoulder to shoulder with their men and they forward the society towards betterment so.

If “think globally” has become a cliche, then there are many yet to hear it. Now what happened in the Bangalore murder is not known to anyone yet, but its sad to find a young bride brutally murdered because she earned better. This is not an isolated case, the society has been intolerant towards its females from time immemorial. However, earning Eves are rising by numbers day-by -day.

Rise and Shine (Women Folk)!

Yes- They celebrated their day internationally on 8th March, as they do so every year, beaming with pride.

Yes- They’re smiling end to end all the way up, perhaps looking forward to enter the parliamentarian corridors in larger numbers, for the magic number 33 is ringing bells in many a ears!

Yet, they’re keeping fingers crossed, for what’d happened in Loksabha no one knows…..

Yes- They’re the Bharatiya Naaris- the new face of empowerment and autonomy.

The new age woman who’s bent upon proving herself and to those around her, that she’s no less, and that she too can carve a niche for herself in this ruthless world.

All Agreed!

But then, what about the hundreds of thousands of women folk scattered all over the place in the nooks and corners of this nation? Where are they? Lost in the crowds? Somewhere in this country, there are villages which don’t even exist on the geographical maps- so does that mean that the women living there are not to be counted, when it comes to talking about empowerment? How can empowerment happen in real time if a fair amount of equity and parity in everything is not assured to women across the cross sections of this country?

There are many pressing questions unanswered– Why is female infanticide a reality in this country even today? Why is even today news like “daughters unwanted” making headlines? Why does such a brigade even exist?

So, my heart calls out to all those women folk, who are and who want to bask in the glory of an “International Women’s Day”. I want to remind them that there are many helpless, subdued women in this country, who’re fighting lost battles- against crime, injustice, hatred, discrimination, gender bias, and what not.

Hence, one feels like telling themRise and Shine Womenfolk”, for you are the lucky few who can spell and breathe empowerment; however there are a multitude of not so lucky ones who are nowhere close to empowerment. For them, it’s all an illusion. They perhaps need you, not for mere support, but for them to be able to confide in you. They would love to hear from you. Your confidence, your capabilities might astound them. But it might also enable them to get up and get going…….

The 33% reservation for women in our political history is closer to being a reality. It’s a moment of joy and achievement for most of the women of this nation; (though the Lok Sabha verdict hasn’t come out just yet). But assuming that it does come out in the positive, it’ll be a show stopper. So, what happens then? In simple terms, it would mean that women would get a larger representation in governance. The real fruition of it would happen only when the women representatives make use of their authority and autonomy by advocating and voicing women issues in totality; and by working closely with the not-so-lucky ones, dealing with their issues, their problems and their considerations.

No one would understand a woman better than a woman herself. If the 33% representatives go on following this very notion, and if they actually take up women issues largely, they’d do wonders in bringing about a true, real time woman empowerment in this country. Until then, it’s all there, yet it isn’t there…..


India of my dreams is a country without poverty. I want India of liberty, equality and fraternity. What is a country without freedom? What is a nation without equality? What is a land without brotherhood? India today is very far from becoming a developed nation. India has many loop holes in it until the loop holes are not filled India can never become a developed nation. This sentence can create anger and some readers but it is the truth, it can’t hide. India’s motto is “satyamev jayate” so there is no problem in telling the truth.

The first problem of India is corruption. In today’s India everything is on sale. From tables, chairs to government employees in many positions misusing their post. India has about 72 lakh crore black money deposited in the Swiss bank deposited by our prestigious politicians. 60% of the ministers have assets more than 100 crore and many have assets even more than 2000 crore as in the case of former CM of Jharkhand. Then how will India develop?

Next and the latest problem in India is lack of brotherhood. There is a very much decrease in brotherhood in present India. There is an old proverb in Hindi that before complaining about situations in other’s house in our neighborhood we should solve our own problems in our own house first. India is asking and warning Australian govt. that proper care should be taken to provide protection to Indian students and peoples of every community in Australia should live with brotherhood. But in India itself there is no brotherhood as in the case of MNS supporters of Maharashtra beating the people of Bihar.

We should avoid such problems in our own country first. India was living in brotherhood until 20TH century only but now the situation has changed.

Next problem in our country is not focusing on technology improvement. 70% of work in Indian govt. is done without the use of technology. Indian government spends very less money on technology, security etc. example: India spends 2% of its budget on railway security but U.S spends a whopping 30% on railway security. Our internet and broadband systems are of very basic nature.

Some people say that Indian engineers work in majority in many countries that’s why they are becoming developed nation but most of the great engineers are now working in India itself. In the 1950’s Russia first launched a rocket in the space as no Indian was involved in that technology. That was the technology created by Russians themselves.

But now India is creating great engineers and doctors through IIT’s, NIT’s. AIIMS and other institutions. But our education has many loop holes in our country. So our education system should be reformed. Our education system should follow the system depicted in the film “3 IDIOTS”.

Another problem is that youth are not participating in politics because age limit for joining the politics is high. Age limit should be reduced to 26. Because youths have a craze for technology, and more mature thinking than the old politicians.

So my conclusions are that until the above problems are solved India can’t become a developed nation even India steps into 2100. I love my country very much as you do and I am proud of it and I want to make a better India in the future and want to see India steps into the list of developed nation soon.

Thank you for reading and remember to post your comments, ideas, thoughts.


Digging our own Graveyard

We admire our prime minister every time he comes back to the country from a meeting with other countries bringing good news for everyone.





It sounds so kind and uplifting

for it brings new hope to the people whose lives were drowned in poverty for more than a century,

for it brings new life for those who are almost dying in pain,

for it brings new inspirations for those who have almost lost their ambitions of living a bountiful life.

What a credit for the existing prime minister! A job well done.

Well, I don’t have any comment with that, I just would like to open an important matter with regards to this.

It smells fishy.

Is this all for free? Maybe YES…. or Maybe NO.

We really don’t know what’s behind the issue.

Maybe YES because our neighboring countries were very eager to extend their help.

Maybe NO because we don’t know what’s behind their intentions.

We might be the beneficiaries for their help for now but would you think in the long run can we still benefit from it? Or they will empower us and later we will become aliens in our own beloved land?

It might be for our own good and for their own benefit.

It would mean that gradually we are digging our own graveyard.

Check it by yourselves.

Reviving Bhopal: Promising Industry

It is sad to note the tragic event during the Bhopal tragedy.

Lives were taken away at no cause.

Properties were destroyed.

Some were physically and psychologically disturbed.

Nobody expects the incident to happen.

Nobody wants to put their lives into danger.

Nobody wants to lose their property for no reason.

Hence, Nobody should be blamed for it, they are just victims of circumstances.

Could it be the reason that would hamper the progress of the country? Not exactly.

But somehow reviving this industry would greatly contribute to the possibility of  providing more jobs for the citizen, higher profits for the people and excellent skills of the natives.

This great endeavor in my own point of view is a promising industry of this land.

You might be having your point of view in contrast but why don’t we give way to the good points of having this industry rather than weeping in the corner for the tragedy?

Why not use our existing industry into its fullest sense?

This is my advocacy. I am earnestly hoping for your approval. Revive Bhopal!

My Nation’s Neighbor

‘As a “goodwill gesture“ Pakistan has released 100 Indian fishermen from the Karachi prison on 25th Dec, 2009.’

The news made me merry and feel really good as it was the notable move towards the friendliness and goodwill for both the nations. The two Asian countries which are always on the headline in due of terrorism or cross border offences or on Kashmir Issues, which are none other than India and Pakistan. After 26/11 incidents India has almost stopped all the deals with Pakistan because of its refusal on its terrorist bases, which is clearly proven by various factors. There are many Intermediaries like America, China and many countries have expressed their concern over this issue but our neighbor is so reluctant and lethargic in dealing these cases despite of many cautions and alerts it never taken it so serious till it has become the prey for their own tasks.

The people of Pakistan are much frightened because of frequent terror attack and every Friday has been greeted with fear and scare. Now the authorities are reaping what they have planted -“as you sow as you reap”. But it is really a sad one, if the common people are becoming the prey for someone’s hunt. This is the time for both the nations to stand together and fight on terrorism and on many global issues, if Pakistan is ready to come up with broad mind set definitely the good will gesture will become a permanent one and they can teach the world about the brotherhood and friendliness (as it was the fact before Indo-Pak partitions).This is my life time dream on our western neighbor. At this moment, to succeed in our dream we must think and act on our Mahatma’s quote “Unity to be real must stand the severest strain without breaking”

The Delayed Justice


Ruchika, 13 year old molested girl who has become the prey for untoward justice, who was harassed by the then Inspector General of Police in the name of power and politics. The in-appropriate and unexpected chain of incidents leads her to commitment of suicide. The incident took place in 1993 but the case was legally filed in 2000 and brought to the public notice in 2009. The time taken to put forward the case is intolerable, if it goes in such a way no one will prefer to step up towards the Courts or police stations for Justice. The victim is no more with us but the justice is still in due. I really appreciate her friend Ms. Aradhana for her courage and bravery towards this case, the pain that she accepted to pull out the accused to the public and to the court, but the accused seems to be relaxed in his resort and got the anticipatory bail for the further proceedings. Still the authorities are reluctant to move further. Now the case was proceeded by his wife, she is in the mode of saving her life by saving her husband. She started saying that the Ruchika’s brother and parents are changing their statements very often and that to because of the media hype. At this point of time the authorities must provide a moral support and assurance for their safety which is much important to move further and to prove the crime of the accused. It is a lesson to the accused Rtd. Police man and to everyone because “Truth never fails”.

The Pradhan Committee

Every one must be aware about the Pradhan Committee, it has been formed to investigate the remarks of the former Police commissioner Hasan Gaffoor about the absence of higher officials and lack of visible control and command on 26/11. The committee was headed by the former Governor and Union Home secretary R.D.Pradhan. This committee has been formulated to investigate the remarks of the Retd commissioner and about the actual happenings of 26/11/2008. The former commissioner made his remarks after a year on the incident about the officials and authorities irresponsibility over the conflict, the support and the courage which had been offered is not up to the mark’ he stated. The committee has been formed by Maharashtra government to investigate the statement grounds which founds serious lapses on the part of Mr. Gafoor in handling the war like attack. But it has not found any fault on the part of police and officers. In reverse it praised the efforts of the authorities and the officers and it also mentioned that there was absence of overt leadership on the part of Mr. Hasan Gafoor and lack of visible command and control at the CP’s office and the report is tabled by Home Minister R.R.Patil in the Assembly on Monday (21/12/2009).

Through this one thing is well and clear that the efforts of the authorities are being appreciated and the complaint respondent has become the victim for the report. 26/11 is really a critical situation. The forces which are united and struggled hard to get rid of the situation must not indulge themselves in the later part by complaining about one another. It could be a needless fight but it has proven the national integrity against the terrorism and also the people’s whole hearted support against the operation. The Government has learnt a lesson on its security measures and taking proactive decisions on the global threat, likewise the authorities must take this committee’s report seriously and encourage its positives statements and should prevent the negative happenings (the reason behind the committee) and also need act. In order to have a winner, the team must have a feeling of unity; every player must put the team first-ahead of personal glory.