True – Lies!

At last she was able to select a gift after an hour of startling window shopping. However she was not sure whether he will like it or not.  With fluttering butterflies in her stomach, she went to the park, where finally they were destined to meet after 3 long years.

She got married to Abhi couple of years back. Not that she was head over heels about that, yet her life maintained status quo until one day Karan came back. Karan was her boyfriend for a decent period during her pink age but due to family constraints they were compelled to become travelers of two paths diverged. It was extremely difficult for her, Jiya, to forget Karan, thanks to those wonderfully passionate and intimate moments they shared during the purple patch of their relationship. Within a year’s time Jiya had to prepare herself to tie the knot with the “most eligible one” chosen and approved by her parents, who wanted her to settle down.

Jiya with time compromised with the situation and slowly became involved in her life post marriage. Abhi, her husband proved to be a really caring and loving man. However Jiya could never love him as she did love Karan. Yet the life was smooth; her home, a caring husband in Abhi and her office became her life. One day, a friend from Jiya’s office wanted her to take a peek at  her would be husband as she took out a photo from her purse and handed it over to Jiya. She cared for a glimpse and instantly froze dumbstruck recognizing the person in the photo. Needless to mention, it was Karan. Her life took a U turn when she and Karan came across each other in the birthday party of their common connection. From then Karan and Jiya stayed connected through mails, late night chats and calls. Jiya noticed that her suppressed emotions, feelings were oozing with passion. She again started to build castles in the air and the same feeling of floating on to cloud nine resumed. One day Karan asked her out, “Let’s meet sweets!”  She was excited to hear the word sweets, her pet name given by Karan when they first time acknowledged their affair. Jiya was very excited and gleefully accepted the proposal; since then she started to paint the city in the color of her passion.

Karan came to the park after almost an hour past the scheduled meeting time. Jiya had a long day at office, and then she went shopping to pick the best gift for him. Even though she was exhausted, she waited for him to come, deeply lost into her past;  images came flashing into her mind one after the other; each one equally romantic and passionate. It was getting late but she hardly minded as she was in no hurry to return home. She desperately wanted to be with Karan as long as possible, even for the entire night as Abhi was not in town. She was still engulfed into her adventurous thoughts, virtually feeling Karan’s presence; his touch and kisses all over like he used to do. “Indeed he was the king of good times,” Jiya thought and chuckled in her mind. Suddenly she felt a tap on her shoulder, she turned back and it was Karan.

Karan said, “Hey sweets; I got stuck in an urgent official work!” Jiya shrugged and gave an expression to suggest that it was fine. They exchanged a quick hug and then they both walked  inside the park in quest of an isolated place and sat side by side when they found one. It was getting dark to darker and Jiya was in anticipation that something might happen soon. Suddenly Karan wrapped his left arm around her shoulder and lifted her chin with his right hand and lowered his face. They were almost within kissing distance when Jiya closed her eyes, her cerise lips trembling in fervor urging to get locked by his lips. Moments passed nothing happened; Jiya opened her eyes and saw Karan staring at her. “Still mesmerized by my beauty,” Jiya thought looking at Karan and broke into a sweet mirth. “Hey, what are you looking at, so intensely?”asked Jiya. Karan did not answer but to her surprise came up with the most unexpected query, “Hey what you like about Abhi?”

Jiya was hit by a bulldozer. She did not know how to react to this. However she recovered her composure and promptly came up with the truthful answer. “Abhi is a very handsome and very good by heart,” she commented. “I am not claiming that he is a poster boy of any sorts but he indeed has a pleasing personality; everyone around him is very fond of him thanks to his versatile talents and extraordinary IQ. He has done a lot for me and genuinely loves me.” Karan did not show any reaction and swayed away from her. Jiya was wondering what will happen next when Karan suddenly commented, “Sweets you have lost your charm. You looked far more ravishing before marriage, when I was charming you.” Jiya was utterly confused upon hearing that and thought how someone’s look can change so drastically with time! She still had the same eyes, same nose, same face and the same crimson lips. One can either lose or gain weight and that can only make the difference, if at all. In Jiya’s case even that was not true as she was still equally appealing, which she knew by seeing the love in Abhi’s eyes and lust in the eyes of quite a few others.

Jiya said to Karan that she had bought a gift for him to celebrate their reunion after 3 long years. Karan however surprised her by saying that he cannot take it. He further clarified that he was in no mood to complicate things by doing this. Jiya was visibly upset but it seemed nothing bothered Karan. After a few minutes however Karan suddenly asked Jiya to show the gift to him. Jiya sighed in relief and thought finally things might turn her way and handed over the packet to him. Karan opened the gift wrap and found a branded watch in there. He took time to examine it very minutely and then handed it back to Jiya and said, “I told you sweets I simply cannot take it. Maybe you should give it to any of your cousins!” Jiya was completely shattered and felt a valiant slap of insult on her face. She stood up to leave and said, “I guess this relation will not work out,so lets stop being in touch!” Jiya was astonished to spot Karan’s indifference and his passive agreement to the proposal even without protest. Jiya walked out of the park and she threw  Karan out from her life as she headed home, confused, rattled and with a bleeding heart.

That night her eyes poured and she did not even attempt to cease the flow of tears down her cheek. She felt remorse for wasting couple of months for Karan, who never seemed to have any feeling left for her. She felt terrible for being unfaithful to Abhi, the person for whom Jiya was the world. She became depressed acknowledging that she was running behind a glittering image of lie at the expense of the eternal truth.

Next day when Abhi was back home, Jiya went up to him and hugged him tight and whispered in his ears, “I am sorry honey, I am all yours; I love you Abhi, you are the best part of me”. Abhi still in her embrace felt that she was sobbing. He kissed on her forehead and asked, “Hey what happened all of a sudden?” Jiya did not reply but provided an enigmatic smile almost saying, “How does it matter?” She came closer to him and stood on his toes. Instantly their lips locked and it remained locked for quite a while … may be till eternity!

Confession of a solitary lover

Rimi missed his touch, the warmth of his hug; but she was not in a position to disclose it to anyone as she was married to Aakash. She knew her confession would ruin her married life!

Everyday she waited for his call, his mail, or maybe just a one-liner text. All those made her feel close to him. She was gradually getting dependent on him, for everything, he was like a sunrise in her gloomy life. Aakash, her hubby, a corporate manager in a leading MNC, was too busy with his official trips and hardly could give her any time. She was married for two years and quite naturally, she always craved for time from him. However, always in vain!

Rimi got married early and like most of the Indian marriages it was an arranged one. Aakash despite being the most eligible bachelor, decided to marry Rimi as he was impressed with her simplicity and innocence. Post marriage they moved to Pune, where Aakash was working.

Soon she found an alternative to devote her time to. She used to spend her time going through mails from Ronny, her childhood dude, someone she felt knowing like the back of her palm and knowingly or unknowingly liked. She used to cherish those moments when she read their chat transcripts saved on Yahoo! Messenger.  It made her feel connected to him.

It was a Sunday evening, when Rimi went to Barista alone to chill out. Aakash needless to say was out of town, busy in one of his usual business trips. She ordered for a hot mocha and when she was receiving the drink from the counter, she felt that she just saw Ronny. ‘Illusion for sure,’ she though and soon took her eyes off the person in question. She took a seat near the glass casement from where she will get a lovely view of the overlooking hills. She took a sip of the hot coffee and looked blankly towards those serene cliffs, when she felt someone was tapping on her shoulder. She turned around in a flash and the person standing in front was Ronny indeed. He took a chair next to her after Rimi’s bafflement was over. They talked and talked and Rimi came to know that, Ronny too had shifted to Pune and was employed as a relationship manager in one of the four star hotels in the city.

After an hour and a half of tete-a-tete, Rimi realised it was quite late and she have to go home. They planned to meet again. Days passed by and they continued to meet regularly. Meanwhile Ronny started to mail her often and at times called her too. She used to wait for all the communication from him and when that was not there, she knew that he must be quite busy. After all she knew her from childhood, and knew his habits well, which always made her confident about him. Even when she used to show fake anger, Ronny would chime some extol or would send some funny sms, which would compel her to burst into laughter. Happy days continued… until one day they got involved into an affair.

Rimi always felt closer to Ronny due to his proximity and not like Aakash roaming around the world on business trips and the love she got from him which was unmatched compared to the aloofness she got from Aakash. Rimi always felt time flying when she was with Ronny; she started drifting away from Aakash more and more. Even when Aakash was in Pune they hardly spent any time together. Rimi avoided eye contact with Aakash as somewhere she knew she was wrong. Aakash reminded busy with work and hardly noticing that his wife was into an extra marital affair for about a year.

Time flew and Aakash was off to Australia to attend a global meet. Rimi planned to meet Ronny in that same Barista, where they first met to celebrate the first anniversary of their affair. Ronny was waiting there in the cafe and through the glass window he saw Rimi heading towards the joint with quite a few shopping bags in her hand. She had just crossed the main road, when a big Innova came and banged her from behind. She fell flat, clad with blood; all her bags scattered here and there. She felt dizzy but just had enough strength to take out her cell phone and called Ronny. But Ronny didn’t take the call. He saw everything but simply vanished to save himself from an impending problem. Rimi managed to go to the phonebook and searched her hubby’s number. It took a while to find the same, since she rarely spoke to him over phone, Finally when she found it, she called him and the only thing she managed to say before she lost her sense “I am sorry, I betrayed you, and God punished me for that,” her voice faded. She returned to her sense after 2 days, to find herself admitted in a hospital and next to her bed stood Aakash. She expected Ronny to be there next to her, but its was Aakash who was there.

Later that evening when Aakash went home to change, the nurse came to Rimi to give her medicine. Rimi asked her “When did my husband come here? Was there any other guy who came to see me?”

The sister replied, “It was only your husband who was here with you for 24hrs.2day you got back your senses, so now he went home to change. He very frequently took updates from doctors, enquiring about you. He was very concerned about you. You are a lucky girl; you have got such a loving and caring husband.”

Rimi looked blankly at her. She asked the sister for her cell phone and checked for missed calls and incoming SMS during past 2 days. She was surprised to see nothing was from Ronny. She called Ronny, but he didn’t take the call and she thought he must be busy. But she was also wondering that she was supposed to meet him 2 days back and she could not do so for this accident; still why Ronny didn’t call her or send her a SMS?

Rimi got discharged after 2 more days. Aakash was with her for 24hrs in this last 2 days and he fed her, he helped her to go to the toilet as she got a fracture in her leg in the accident. Rimi was having the best time since marriage. They came home. and everything suddenly seemed to be very perfect. Rimi found Aakash was giving him time and was loving her the way she wanted. She realized, Aakash was an introvert person so he could not show what he felt. Now even he understood what Rimi wanted and he started trying to change his way of showing love. Aakash never asked Rimi why she said him about the betrayal. it was 10 on 10 life now for both of them…but Rimi really wanted to know how busy Ronny was.

One day she took out sometime and went to Ronny’s hotel and to her astonishment she found he was cajoling with a girl, who seemed to be his colleague. She saw them both sitting in the garden closely, hand in hand, coaxing … Rimi then knew how busy he actually was!

In love with an unfaithful fantasy!

“Truly speaking whenever I think about you, a picture comes into my mind – Its raining, we are alone and all wet, we were on a long drive, it is late and no one is around. I ask you to stop the car and I step outside and start enjoying the raindrops touching my face while you watch me intensely from the car.”

Aakash read Ritu’s text and replied, “waiting for the day when our dreams will come true, missing you baby!”

Ritu’s thoughts were engulfed by sadness like the dark clouds that were there in the sky. She was all alone, waiting for Aakash to come back from UK. It was raining heavily and she was missing him like hell, more to say she was missing his text messages. She believed that her dreams would come true one day – sooner or later! She was wondering how things have changed in last six months. It was Aakash who taught her to smile, right from heart for the second time! She looked out of the glass pane towards the falling raindrops and felt as if the whole sky was crying with her … sharing her pain, her sorrows.

Ritu was a housewife and into wedlock to Rishi for two years. Although it was a love marriage, as the year turned, there was only the marriage left but no love! Rishi was working for a MNC in Bangalore, which always kept his plates full and to add on it, he had to make official trips all over the world! He had to work until late hours and on the following day needed to leave for his office early to attend the early morning calls. As days went by Ritu started to feel lonely and soon sadness and the memories of their good times became her companion.

This was when one of her school friend told her about Orkut, a social networking site, where most of her batchmates were present. Chatting with school friends can kill some of her time, she thought and opened an account in Orkut and in no time found her school under the community section of the site. When she opened the members’ list, she found most of her batchmates were present there. She sent friend requests to all of them and within the next few days, she and her friends started scrapping each other.

After a few more days, when she logged into her account, she found a pending friend request from an unknown guy. She usually never accepted any unknown friend request but there was something different about that guy. May be it was his profile pic or the content written in his profile or may be his profession that amazed Ritu. He was a casting director for movies. Ritu always liked the glamour world; in fact the affinity was so intense, she immediately felt that being a friend of a director can bring her close to that world! She instantly added Aakash as her friend.

It however made no difference to her scrapbook until one day when she eventually found him online. They started their chitchat with simple “hi hello” but soon they started to chat almost everyday. It used to be normal friendly chat sessions though the compliments from Aakash were always overflowing. She would ask him about his shooting schedules; about the famous actors and models that he came across and very soon, they became best of buddies. Their chat schedules never paused even for a day except during the days when Aakash was off to some other city for shooting. During those days, Ritu used to login almost five times a day to check if there was at least any offline message from him. She was already addicted by the way Aakash used to pamper her; she was completely captivated by the way he complimented her, all these which she was craving for, since last one year.

The only information about Aakash, she had was that he was a Punjabi guy, almost a pinup boy, almost of her own age. He had done his courses on film and media from UK. He was single and was settled in Mumbai. Ritu didn’t knew what was happening to her, she started to build castles in air. Every morning she would anxiously wait for Rishi to leave for office, and then she would immediately login to check if Aakash was online. Soon a distance was created between her and Rishi, the obvious reason being her closeness to Aakash. After a month, Aakash and Ritu exchanged their cell numbers and then during their first conversation itself she realized that they shared similar wavelengths, same interests and were very similar by nature.

Within a couple of months, Ritu fell in love for the second time with her unknown friend. Ritu missed him when he would be out of reach during his shooting schedules. But she knew once his shooting was over, he would very well come back to her. She regained her lost smile; she started to get everything from Aakash that he expected from Rishi!

One day she took the courage and texted her true feelings to Aakash and to her surprise he texted back saying, “mai bhi tainu pyar kadiya!” Ritu felt out of the world as she jumped in joy but never did she realise that there was no future to their relationship since she was married!

As days went by, she started to become even more attached to Aakash and on the other hand she was left with no feeling for her hubby. Whenever she had a fight with Rishi, she would text Aakash and she couldn’t stop smiling seeing his lovely replies. She started to text him when he was away for shoots, “hey don’t you miss your baby while you are off for ur shooting? Sometimes I feel I have lost u when you do not reply to my msg! “She used to get a reply by end of the day,” oh my baby you will never lose me…I was busy shooting darling, it was too hectic, I am sorry baby!
Their texting continued until late nights; they both would share their dreams of an unreal world. Ritu at times would realize and would text him, “this is an unreal world dear…it hardly have any existence!” Aakash would instantly reply, “I have started liking the unreal space in which we both are together and adoring each other” and the texting went on and on. It was not much problem for Ritu as Rishi used to come back quite late!

At times for some reason she would always feel insecure about Aakash. May be for her marital status. She would immediately text Aakash asking, “hey do you really miss me?” Aakash would reply, “of course I do. Why do u think I text u everyday when I am not shooting. I miss u, though we never met, we dunno each other but there is something that’s binding us and baby don’t be hesitant, I want you to express what you feel about me, how much you miss me, its ur thoughts my sweetheart that makes me miss u… anyways I like everything about u, especially ur nose ring :)”

Finally, they made a plan to meet up. However, both were in different cities and since Ritu was married and it was, hard for her to travel alone. Aakash was the one who would come to Bangalore to meet her. They finalised the date and the venue. Ritu was very excited and was loving each moment of her own ‘unreal’ world. She was very confused and didn’t even knew what to wear during their first meeting. She went out shopping alone and bought quite a few dresses but was still not sure which one to wear. She smiled in her mind, all alone, cherishing the memories of Aakash and his crazy messages. Even during weekends when Rishi used to be at home, still she kept herself busy with some work or the other, may be to avoid eye contact with her hubby. Seeing Ritu’s attitude, Rishi understood something was wrong. He started realising that he hardly gave time to his beautiful wife. Next morning itself, he was supposed to be off for another tour and decided to surprise her once he was back.

Finally the day arrived, when Ritu and Aakash were supposed to meet. She was exited like crazy since that morning. She tried all her dresses to get the perfect combination of her attire, shoes and contact lenses. After considerable trials and error, she finally got it right. Then she picked up the gift that she had bought for the pinup boy and all set to start for her destination. She locked her door that is when suddenly she received a text from Aakash, “hey baby, I am sorry, I am off to UK for few days, and I will contact you once I am back!” Ritu’s eye became clammy; suddenly she felt all her happiness to evaporate!

She always thought he would come back for sure, as it happened every time when he went out for shootings. She waited each and everyday for a text or scrap but there was none! Finally, one day she mailed him. Next day she got her reply, hey I am in UK, part of a very big banner, a dream venture. Sorry baby I think I will never come back to India again! She did not know how to react; she simply stared at her laptop screen blankly. After hours she slowly got back to her senses, mocked at herself, and thought what a fool I was! How can one be in love without even seeing someone and that too with a married lady!

She understood that she was simply a pastime for Aakah and nothing more, he was always sincere to his passion and nothing else. He never had any feeling for her and only played with her emotions. She realized that she herself was wrong too and she had nobody to blame!

After two months one day Rishi was back from office early and asked Ritu to get ready as he wanted to take her out for a  movie followed by dinner. They started to munch popcorn as the opening credits of the movie started to flash on the screen. Ritu’s eyes locked when the name of the director was shown. It was Aakash Tandon and immediately she felt blue and guilty. But she instantly knew that it was an unreal world where she was hovering since she met Aakash, and now she was back in her real world with her hubby. She finally felt happy. The couple enjoyed the movie and then had a lovely candlelight dinner. During dinner, Rishi held her hand and said, “I am sorry honey. I didn’t realise what I was missing. Now I know I was missing you in my grueling schedule! I love you.”

Ritu smiled back at him and saw a ray of hope. She knew the fantasy was over and things would be much better in the real world!

I never had a girlfriend!

If not for the Indian cultural system where the parents start searching for a bride for the boy as soon as he starts earning and gets into the late twenties… I would have been still a bachelor. I touched 28 and my mom showed me 2 short listed photographs of typical Indian girls with good education and homely nature – and I had a short chat with both of them during the official girl-seeing ceremony. I selected one of them… and there I was – happily married!!!

When I was in school – I was a back bencher. No no – don’t get me wrong. I used to score good marks and I was not one of those typical ones that used to hoot out at the teachers or throw paper planes during lectures. But I was simply a back bencher. When I was in the lower classes – I got that privilege because I was one of the taller people in the class. But later on, it became a habit with me… and I stuck around there.

I don’t know what it is with girls. Do they believe that all the people in the front bench are smarter or more studious? Whatever it is – I have always seen these garticleirls fawn around the boys sitting in the front for whatever reason. There was this one day when my science project that we were all supposed to make was a hit with our science teacher. And she asked everyone in the class to have a look at it. I was flattered and I thought it was my chance to get close to the girls now. But alas – the girls did flock to me… just to borrow the project for a while and sit with the boys in the front row to peruse through the same.

I think I am over emphasizing the back bench. Because, in the college – most of the back bencher boys were quite in demand with the girls.

So now I have attributed it to my inability to carry on a proper conversation. Again – please don’t draw conclusions. What do you mean by “proper” in the “girlie” scenario? It could be something like this –

Boy – Did you see that movie “XYZ”

Girl – Yes – Shahrukh is soooooooo cute. I really love it when he comes up with those flowers suddenly and with a baby face – says “Lets be friends”

Boy – Yeah – and that scene is so nice na… when Deepika picks up the little puppy and takes it into her arms na…

Girl – Yeah …. I want to see it again… it is so niiiiceeeee

I don’t think I can go through this type of conversation in my life. I don’t say I am mature and inarticulative, but let’s just say that it is not my cup of tea. I would rather watch one or those Jackie Chan or Bond movies or even meaningful ones like “Sixth Sense” or “Jesus”… Not that I cant sit through these romance (especial Indian ones), but definitely talking about it to an endless extent would be asking too much!

So a result was that I remained a “no-girlfriend” guy much to my annoyance.

The only advantage to this whole thing I see is that I could tell my wife that she is the first girl I kissed!!!