Women hold up one half of the sky, make up one half of the world’s task force and fulfil one half of the planet’s potential. In women lie nature’s best qualities of motherhood, compassion, humanity and love. Since they have been blessed with the capacity for giving and nurturing life, women also have the capacity for a deep commitment for preserving and nourishing not only their own offspring, but of the entire planet world.

After they have been downtrodden and disfranchised for centuries, women have developed unparalleled skills of frugality, economy and resource management. They have been bestowed with softer and gentler qualities therefore women eschew wars, violence and destruction of the planet. The tragedy of human race as seen is that, for too long muscle and brute power ascendant over the emotional and spiritual strength. Looking at the mess that the world entered lead to the realization that another approach is required. To women then, the world must turn to bring healing and spiritual qualities of positivity and patience.

That is the time women stepped out of the shadows to take their rightful place beside men in steering the course of the future. One has to look at the women who have broken the shackles of their conditioning, from Rani of Jhansi to Helen Keller-the deaf and dum genius, Indira Gandhi to Kalpana Chawla. Just like a word is inseparable from its meaning, the name Ela Bhat is inseparable from the SEWA- Self-employed women’s association. She has rescued thousands of women by giving financial help. In 2010 she was awarded the Niwano Peace Prize for the upliftment of poor women. She also received the first ever Global Fairness Award by Clindent in Ahmadabad.

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw is an Indian businesswoman, technocrat, innovator and the founder of Biocon, the leading bio-technology enterprise based in Banglore. She has spearheaded its evolution and in her pursuits, she faced many challenges but never gave up. With her steering Biocon became the first to receive US funding. Her pioneering work earned her the Padmashree in 1989 and Padmabhushan in 2005 from the govt of India. She is also named among the hundred most influential people by the Times magazine and also in the Forbes list, Nikai Asian Prize 2009 etc.

Today there are many women organizations fighting many causes for the well-being and safety of women. This shows and makes us recognize that when a power of woman is unbound and unleashed there is no force on earth that can stop her from achieving her goals and realizing her dreams.

Yet much remains to be done. The memory of too many centuries of separation still haunts the women and holds them back from coming into their own. They are still to realize the extent of their true strength and their enormous potentiality.

Let each woman stand as an inspiration to other women. Women are the nature’s finest force and the planet’s cherished hope. AND THE TIME HAS COME FOR THEM TO EMERGE AS LEADERS IN THEIR OWN RIGHT

Career Enhancement

Successful Career of an Individual is a facet, which governs the life of everyone throughout his lifespan and brings him happiness, Contentment and peace of mind. Life of all people to whom you admire having achieved magical success in career have worked hard and planned their careers meticulously. Success in career is based on a number of factors which include educational background, IQ, EQ, leadership qualities, dedication to work and focus for perfection. No one is imbibed with all these qualities but a successful  person aims at achieving perfection by practicing and continuously making endeavours to sharpen his abilities.

The key to success lies in trust in one’s own abilities, trust in your team of people with whom you work and management with a coordinated performance combined with an espirit-de-corp.

The last advice I have on the subject is hone and use your faculties to achieve performance that becomes flawless and magical.


In Kerala during 1950s, monthly school fees and examination fees were charged  by the State government. Even though it may look a very small amount, say Rs.5 if you compare with today, the value was great at that time. As we were nine children to our parents, I did not like to burden my father who was the only bread earner for the family. So, from the age of 10, I used to work in small shops in the city bazaar as a helper during April-May school vacation periods. From my 8th class, at the age of 13, in addition I used to take tuition classes to 8 to 10 children studying in primary classes from early morning. I used to get Rs. 10 per month for each child and it was a huge amount at that time. This income helped me for my studies up to the completion of 10th class.

The most satisfaction I got from this was that all the children passed every year with very good marks. This made me to enjoy the sweetness of the fruit I produced  with my own hand.

Thus from the age of 10 I learned to stand on my own feet  and learned, ‘A man’s best friend are his ten fingers only. But it took another 20 more years to learn the lesson of savings. Even though it was very late, I was very much satisfied that I could spend my earnings to the welfare of my family, my younger brothers and sisters and not wasted.

Another Rainy Day…

She had finally managed to get an off day from work, after weeks of hectic round-the-clock work at the hospital. In spite of having made plans to sleep in late, her eyes opened to the six o’clock morn. Cursing her own circadian rhythm of waking up daily at six, she sat up on her cot. An entire day with no work seemed highly appealing. Smiling to herself, she walked out of her room. The quarter wing seemed empty, with everyone still in cozy slumber.

It was still drizzling; as it had when she had gone to bed last night. The rain sprayed itself on her as she walked over to the mess. A cup of coffee and the Hindustan Times paper in hand, she got back to her room. The raindrops fell at her window sill with a clunk, a voice she loved. Sipping the hot coffee, she skimmed through the daily news. Nothing ever interested her. As always, she tossed it across the bed, and switched her laptop on. It had been almost a year since she moved into this city. Kolkata boasted of colours, vibrant culture, fabulous cuisines and rich literature. It breathed a life of its own, and it was almost impossible for her to not fall in love with it. The melancholy of the Howrah bridge and the lushness of Victoria place; she loved every bit of it. It was as though the city read her mind, toyed with her mood and made her feel overwhelmed. And it had a lot many more reasons too.

While checking her mails, she found a name flicker on her chat messenger. Her fingers reached out on their own, typing out a hello. It had been months since she had seen that name in her list of online friends. He replied back. He had known that she had shifted to his city, she found out. But how, she did not ask. He spoke of his wife and family, his work and home and friends and life as such. She told him about her new research, her endless hours of hospital duty, her new life, her husband and lot more. He sent over his wedding pics, and they spoke about married life- about the good times and bad. Two good friends were opening up to each other after a while. A long while, indeed.

The coffee had dried out, but their conversation hadn’t. She remembered the endless times she had heard him go on and on about his city, his Kolkata. She had known the nooks and corners of the city, even while she had never stepped out of Madras. The best sweet shops, the oldest of Indian Coffee Houses, where Tagore and his contemporaries used to have coffee and discuss literature and art; the dingy bookshops across the markets where first edition prints were on sale, unknown to most. She knew it all. She had always dreamed of being here and today as she sat in her room in the very same city, she thought of how ironical life was.

The entire afternoon was spent in the bank, and she felt doggone tired by the time she got back. The day had been kind of funny. She felt happy after her chat, yet a part of her bled of a hollow nostalgia. She decided to not waste more time, and began to surf data for her research. She was startled by a buzz.

“Hi. How are you?”

“I am okay.” she typed back, wondering why he asked her so.

“But I am not.”

“What? Why?” she typed out in a flash. She did not understand him.

“Everything was fine until I saw you today- your texts, the new display picture, and the new you… Knowing you are in the same city had been hard enough. I would see you online most often, but I’d always be invisible. I never wanted to let you know. Just one general conversation, and I am shattered, Yami. I know you are married. So am I; and I know I should not be carried away. I also know that I’d be back to normal in a while. But still, I don’t know why, even after such a long time, you affect me. And, that too, to such a great extent.”

She felt lost. She hadn’t wanted to bother him, or cause him any trouble. It had been so very long, that she never considered such a possibility to have existed. Her fingers traced over the keyboard aimlessly. A pang of regret stabbed at her. She should not have initiated the conversation, she realized. Somehow, it hurt her.

“I am so sorry. I never thought it would be this way. It has been a very long time. I just could not not say hello.”

“I am not blaming you Yami. It feels wonderful to know how you are, and what is happening with you. It really does. But at the same time, a part of me is reminded of what could have been, and what could not be. I am very much happy with my wife, my family, my work and life as a whole. I know you are happy and life is smooth, with your husband. I know the long distance might be hard, but at the same time, I know you are happy together. So am I. Life is good. Yet, today as you came in, fresh as ever, I feel empty. Maybe I am not as strong as you are. Maybe I never expected it, so the shock. I don’t know…”

She sat back, a lump forming in her throat. She typed back: “I understand what you mean. Just as you said, we’ll go back to being normal, in a short while. It is just a moment of nostalgia, a rewind of those memories which never blossomed. Nothing more than that. So, please cheer up, and maybe another couple of years later, we’d talk again, and then we’d feel differently…or maybe we’d feel the same…But that does not matter. What matters are the present, the daily routine and the often boring normalcy of our lives.”

“Yes. You are right. I am glad I have had those memories with you. I just have one regret. I want to see you once. Once in this lifetime. And at the same time, my mind says I don’t want to; I should not want to, rather. And I know, I would not, too. Well…it’s been a long conversation. I guess I’d get back to the life, which I left behind, the moment I saw you online. Take care, Yami. You are special, and always will be.”

“You take care too. I am glad that we both are happy and enjoying life. At one stage, I never thought you’d be. Nor would I. But time does heal a lot of wounds. Prayers, always. Until life decides to grant us a moment like this from the past, God bless!!”

“You too Yami… Wish I were as level-headed and strong as you are. You manage to move on so well. And I am so glad you do. Hope you have a wonderful life with your husband, and I hope you both get to be together soon. Take care. ”

The green dot next to his name died away. She laughed at the irony of his statements, the irony of her life. Strong and level-headed; having managed to move on with life- ah, ironical. She shut her system down, and walked over to the veranda. The rain still drizzled on. She stood for a long time watching the raindrops die away, merging with the soil.

“Yamini, what is it in the rains that hypnotize you to such an extent?” she heard someone ask. Shaken up from her reverie, she turned back to her colleague.

“I have always loved the rains. I often feel as though the droplets fall for my sake… Just for myself…As though the rainclouds delve headlong into my thoughts, and rain my thoughts away… ”

“As always, I cannot comprehend what you speak Yamini. Anyway, how is the groom-hunt going on at home? Did they finally find someone, who matches all your criteria?”


She said no further, turning back to face the rains. And the rains lashed on in a new fury, as though the clouds were indeed reading her mind. And she smiled at the irony of her life!

Career Enhancement :Special For Students

I would ask each and every students who is aspiring for a lucrative career to develop following Qualities

  1. Set a Goal for yourself.
  2. Decide your options for the choice of a career
  3. Remember, whatever your existing qualifications are, there are not sufficient in the present day highly competitive professional field.
  4. Continue your studies to a higher level.
  5. You can keep improving your qualifications even upto the age of 45 and above.
  6. Make sure that you work 10-12 hours a day in your job instead of just 8 hours normal schedule.
  7. Please note your face is not your fortune.
  8. You should be always smarty dressed  with an upright posture and polite behaviour, good etiquette and excellent manners.
  9. Don’t lose temper, always remain cool and whenever you get into anger, immediately drink a glass of water.
  10. To add your qualifications, improve your communication skills, learn a foreign language and enhance your vocabulary.
  11. Develop your friendly circle those who are ambitious, have good social background and respect social ethics
  12. Always have a smile on your face and greet people with a warm handshake.

These are few hints to develop your personality, more shall follow in the next blog.

The Fuel Price Hike.

Indian economy is considered to be a developing economy. However the policy formulators are hell bent on making India a developed nation within a short span of time and that’s why they have decided to adopt all the policies and measures that are followed by the developed nations.The fuel price hike is just one of those measures.The Government of India decided to deregulate petrol completely and it also reduced the subsidy on diesel,cooking gas and kerosene. Now there is no harm in reducing the burden to the exchequer but what stuns us is the timing of the act. Presently we are witnessing inflation and the prices of the food basket has almost sky rocketed. Increasing the fuel cost will only aggravate the problem as the rise in fuel will have a rippling effect on the economy.Prices of all the commodities will rise by quite a few times in order to neutralize the fuel price hike and the customers will feel the pinch.The deregulation could have been done when the inflationary pressure was wiped out. Alas the policy makers decided not to wait any longer.The increase in the price of the so called food basket affects the middle class and the lower middle class as they spent a major part of their earning in food. The affluent people spend only a minimum percent of their income on food and so they will be least affected.The signal that is going out to the masses is that the rich will become richer and the poor poorer. In fact to remove subsidy when we haven’t achieved equality of income is a crime.It is the duty of the Government to assure that each and every individual can at least get the bare necessities of life like food, shelter and clothing and only then it can think of deregulation.We witnessed a transport strike in West Bengal as a protest against this price hike and there will be meetings and demonstrations but one feels that all these will be used to achieve political mileage whereas the suffering of the common man will continue. If we go by the international crude oil price then a liter of fuel costs roughly Rs.22. Add to it the cost of refining which is at the most Re.1 and so the cost comes to Rs.23. Add to this Rs.6 for maintenance of the refining plant. Now the total cost is Rs.29 at the most. The market price of a liter of petrol is Rs.56 nearly. So the remaining Rs. 27 is taxes that are levied by the government , the customs,excise and other duties and the profit of the dealer. If the Government had reduced this share then the prices wouldn’t have been affected and at the same time the oil PSUs’ would have reduced their losses. But the Government chose the “soft target” the consumers to pay for the losses which is totally irrational and illogical.

My daddy angriest!!

Life starts early and what ‘Life’ is to us depends on how life has been to us.

Disha is the only child of her parents. Her father is an engineer and have been working for a government sector firm for last 25  years or so. He is dominating by nature and has the last say for every matter at home. Her mother is a house wife and soft by nature. During her childhood, the only thing that terrified Disha was the thought that her father will scold her! She would study in order to get good marks and avoid her dad’s scoldings. The most terrifying days of her life were those when she had to take her report card to her father for his signature on it.

Oh! did I tell you Disha is 24 now?  She is an engineering graduate. Actually she got this degree when she was 22. During the campus interviews in her college, she got a job in then one of the top most IT companies in India. She was happy. More so for her dad. For her dad, settlement of his daughter means everything. He is not among those who want their daughter to get married in a good family and this defined ‘settlement’ for them. For Disha’s dad settlement means ability to take care of ones own life and that means financial independence. He has been like this from very beginning and whenever Disha didn’t do good in her studies, he had always given her  lectures on how life will be without a job and all.

But you see life can’t always be the way we want it to be. Disha studied well, got her B-tech degree, bagged one of the best jobs, got the offer letter and even got a tentative joining date but then the company was dead. It was one of the biggest IT scams. Along came the recession phase of economy and there were no jobs! Disha was sad. More so for her dad. This time I think you can understand why. She was depressed. As time passed she became more sad and depressed. This time for herself because now  she can actually feel what her father has felt for her. Disha realized that how important it is to stand on her own feet. It’s time she should be responsible enough to not only take care of herself but her family as well. And this realization made the difference. She tried like never before. This time not to avoid her dad’s scolding but to give her father what he truly deserves. And there was no looking back.

Her struggle lasted for about one and a half year after her graduation. In August, she appeared for an interview for freshers. There were 300 odd candidates along with her, maybe all like her. There were 4 rounds of interview and it all lasted for 2 days. She along with four more had qualified till the last round. It was 11.30 pm of the second day when final result were declared. Two of them were selected for the job. Disha was one of them. Disha was relieved and happy. This was the turning point of her life. She flew to Delhi the very next week for her joining.

You must be wondering why I missed her dad! Actually I felt I need not write how her dad felt as you can imagine it well. For a dad  nothing can bring a bigger joy than the joy of his child’s well being. Disha’s dad is happy and so is her mother. Oh!, I missed to tell that Disha has a boy friend as well. I’ll tell about this in some other post.

The Sapphire Pendant…


I am Naina Sanyal. For the last seven years I have been working as a Program Manager in California and life has been work to me. I knew I never wished to be in Kolkata, but here was I again. The city where I studied, the city where many of my friends lived….. yet  I had jitters down my spine to be back here once again. I felt the same when Swarna gave me a call and told me that I just had to be there for her wedding in Kolkata.

Would I be able to face everyone once again? Would I be able to stand again from where I had left? Would I be able to face Akash again? Or is it okay for me to be facing him yet again?

I knew Akash would be there in the wedding too. Swarna is sure to have invited the entire group that we used to have in college. I cannot deny that though the very thought of standing in front of Akash gave me shivers down my spine yet I wondered how it would be after so many years. I knew Akash might have never been able to forgive me and he had all the reasons for that, yet I fancied meeting him again. May be it’s all the bygone years that has given me the courage to even consider that today.

Akash taught me what it was to love and to be loved. I don’t remember how and when we fell for each other though but what I clearly remember is the long walks that we took holding hands in the canopied pathways. I remember, the songs he dedicated to me in college fests as he kept looking at me from the stage while he sang strumming his guitar. I remember how he inspired me to study harder and excel.

What I loved about him was his street smartness and the casual approach that he had for everything, quite contrary to the serene composure that I had. But to all the casual attitude that he carried he had a warm heart enveloping him, a heart which beat for me. I remember once I was down with very high fever. I was in the college hostel then and the food there was pathetic. I missed home when I had high fever and I missed the love of a near and dear one. Then suddenly the security comes up with a box telling me that the gentleman down send it for me. It was Akash, who had prepared Dal,  alu and egg bhujji  with a sweet and some pickle to go with it. The box also had a note…

Get well soon dear. Do eat what I cooked for you. I know it’s not like home food but at least it’s better than the hostel one. Love you. Sleep well.”

I was in tears once I read it and I think I still have the note with me. If I go on like this then I can write pages on our days and you must be wondering then what went wrong? Why aren’t we together?

We were together. In fact we were like the ideal couple of the college. On the fare well day we had a dance  and as we took the stage everyone said,”they would make a lovely man and wife.”  

It was that day when after the dance backstage, Akash gave me a beautiful Sapphire Pendant. He had spend a fortune on it and spend all the hard earned student income that he made those days. “Wear this forever.”, is all he could say.

Forever didn’t last very long though,  may be a year or more. I got a job  soon and so did Akash and they  posted me off to California. I  remember, we shed tears as I bid  him adieu in the airport. We were in touch for some time over the phone and mail but slowly I immersed myself in work and found those long distance phone calls meaningless. I tried to resolve the distance. I asked him to shift base to the US too but Akash refused. He was not ready to leave his family and his country. I never wanted to get back to India too. Our arguments rose and the love seemed to have flown out. Akash waited that one day I would decide to be back in India and then we could settle down. I knew that was not to happen. I was ambitious, careerist, doing well in my job and I knew going to India would spell doom to my career. Just when the dream of being someone in life was coming true I couldn’t sacrifice everything for love. We broke off. Rather I was the one who advocated it. The day I told it to Akash over the phone, he broke like a man who’s lost everything in life. He wept and requested me to be back but I was firm. It was not easy for me too, I loved him and didn’t want to hurt him but that’s how it turned out to be.

We were in touch for some time and then slowly lost touch. Life for me was lonely in US. I worked and gave everything to work. I did meet men but not any that interested me in a different way. Seven years passed by and today I can say that I have done extremely well professionally but not even a day passed by when something or the other did not remind me of Akash. I thought of calling him up so many times but didn’t have the courage to do that. It was few months back when I rummaged my almirah, that I came across the blue sapphire pendant. I hadn’t worn it ever since we parted. I held it in my hand for a long time and then considered wearing it.

If I get back to India will Akash accept me once again? Will he be able to forgive me? Can I not just walk up to him and tell him that I want him to make me wear this pendant round my neck? Yes I was wrong. I missed him, whenever I thought of the future it was only his thoughts which were in my  mind. I couldn’t think of settling down without him. Oh! I was so terribly wrong but can’t I just walk up to my Akash and give him this pendant and ask him to tie it round my neck? would he not understand…. ?

I had arrived at  Swarna’s wedding but my eyes were on finding Akash. I was carrying the sapphire pendant in my clutch bag hoping that things would again fall in place.

It didn’t take me long to notice him, dressed in a kurta pyjama. He hadn’t changed much. The same Akash I had known to be mine once. Our eyes met and we smiled.

My heart skipped a beat. It felt all so awkward to be meeting him again, yet I had to do it. He would understand his Naina, after all he had loved me once or may be even today?

Hi! How are you Naina. You look very different with the spects and everything.“, Akash had walked up to me.

“I am good. it’s been a long time.”, I said as I nodded at him.

We sat beside each other and spoke for sometime like strangers discussing about the weather, the Indian politics, old acquaintances and everything,  but us and the age of knowing each other.

I had to do it… I thought clutching at my bag with the pendant inside. I am sure he would understand me. Should I just hand it over to him?

We were silent for sometime when Akash spoke…” Want to introduce you to someone.”

Meghna, can you please come over here once.“, said Akash as a beautiful girl with long dark brown hair, dressed in a saree joined us.

This is Meghna, my would be…. And Meghna this is Naina, my batchmate in college.  “

I stood there quietly shaking hands courteously with the girl and she stood there beside Akash. They really looked good together. For the rest of the evening we were all there watching Swarna take her vows for life.

Just before I left and was bidding goodbye to everyone, I walked up to Meghna and Akash.

Hi! Meghna,  Wish you all the best in your new life which is all set to begin soon. I don’t know if work will permit me to attend your wedding but there is something which I want to give you. “, I opened my bag and took out the blue sapphire pendant and put it in Akash’s hand.

Come on now! tie this to her neck.“, I said as a surprised Akash looked at my eyes and Meghna glowed in happiness.

I left India the next day.


I knew Naina, that  possibly you wouldn’t be back but everyday since you left my life,  I wished I would open my door and see you standing there, back forever into my life. Seven Years passed by with me imagining every day that you would come back to me saying that you were wrong, that you were immature and we would be together again. Naina, I so missed you. If only you realised what you meant to me.

You left me feeling like a loser in life but forever you robbed me of a desire to lead a life again. With you gone, I just lost “me”. Years passed by but I never felt like living again. It was work and family which saw me through. I tried getting in touch with you but after few abortive attempts of you not replying my mails and not picking my calls stopped that too. But believe me my dear, I waited for you every single day. I knew,  one day you will be back in my life and I waited for that day. My parents wanted me to settle down but I could never think of the future without you.

Then after  so many years Swarna told me that you would be here in Kolkata to attend her wedding. The first thought which came to my mind after hearing that was the moment I see you again I would take you in my arms and cajole you back into my life. It’s never too late for love, is it?

But what if you are still the same? What if after you broke off you erased me out of your mind? What if the comfort and success that US gave you just made you forget those innocent days you spend in Kolkata with me? What if my name doesn’t even ring a bell in your mind now? Is it that I am forgotten in some memory lanes ?…. and me… I tell you that I missed you, that every day in these seven years I have waited for you, that even today I so badly wish that you come back to my life, so badly wish that you still wear the sapphire pendant I bought for you. What a loser am I !!

Ma was after me for a very long time trying to fix a match. Swarna’s wedding was just two weeks away and I had to act fast.  At last I gave in to Ma’s persuasion and agreed to marry Meghna. I knew it was wrong that I was doing to her but I cannot pose like a loser in front of you when we meet.

When I met you, I still hoped that some miracle would happen and you would be back in my life.

But your last words just shook me. Couldn’t you have given that pendant to me and asked me to make it wear round your beautiful neck? I would have forgotten everything of that past and we would have been one again. If only….

The Best Things In Life Are Free

When was the last time you cancelled an appointment to take your child to the ice-cream parlour after a bad day at school? How long have you lived with an unseen burden on your back, hesitant to cast it off, reluctant to play with the water teasing your feat? Have you felt the emptiness in a house loaded with all the luxuries, yearning to be a home?

In the maddening pace of life, we often work tirelessly to keep up with the fierce, competitive world outside. Eager to notch up an extra point on the career graph, we are willing to sacrifice our personal time and space, regardless of our well-being or health. Large, spacious villas with neat and well tended gardens are commonplace today. But can you see someone soaking in the sunshine amidst the flowers, rolling up their sleeves to plant one more exotic plant, or even taking a walk?

It is very important to strike a healthy work life balance and give more time to the things you would consider insignificant or flippant. “A truly successful person is one who, when at the top of the ladder, is not alone”. Scaling heights in life should not involve giving up on what made you stand at the top in the first place.

The happiness that you feel on seeing an innocent smile on a child cannot be compared with anything else. It can only be felt. Spending quality time with family and friends, going for a walk on the beach, reading your favourite column in the newspaper, laughing at a secret joke and playing football with the kids in the street are some of the things that are free in life, but invaluable.

The one who will achieve success

When we talk of SUCCESS we see two kinds of people in this world:

(1) Those who are successful and the other is

(2) Those who are a failure.

But we will not dwell to those who failed.

Failure is a reality that we cannot avoid to experience.

We all fail and it is painful.

But it is better to fail while striving for something wonderful.

We rather learn from those people who achieved their success.

According to Susan Polis Schutz,

People who achieved success….

“The one who have confidence in themselves

They have a very strong sense of purpose

They never have excuses

They always strive towards perfection

They never consider the idea of failing

They work extremely hard towards their goals

They know who they are

They understand their weaknesses as well as their strong points

They can accept and benefit from criticism

They know when to defend what they are doing

They are creative

They are not afraid to be a little different

They look for innovative solutions that will enable them to achieve their dreams.”

What are presented are the characteristics that we need to possess so that sooner or later we will be counted to those people who achieve success.

“The Power of Delegation”

Delegation is simply giving others necessary instructions and motivations to complete a particular task.

No matter how hard the task is,

No matter how little efforts we put in,

No matter what is the situation,

No matter what it may cause,

No matter who we are into,

It is more productive to set 10 men to work than for you to do the work of 10 men.

All it need are the specific instructions, consistent motivation and working hands that are willing to dirty their hands.

Keep in mind:

“words without actions are empty…”


“actions without words are confusing…”

This simply means that giving instructions will not be as effective as it is, than indulging ourselves into the tasks. And actions without even a single word will not justify our acts.

Our words must go with our actions,

and our actions must dwell with our words.

It is more productive to overpower our constituents! Success is more likely to achieve by the power of delegation!

INDIAN STUDENTS in my country

I often see a flock of Indians wearing a nursing uniform at Mac Donald’s every afternoon on my way home from the school where I am teaching here in Davao City, Philippines. I wondered why are they studying here in our country and why not in India? A lot of Filipinos are craving to go abroad to work and study. It’s in every Filipino’s dream to go abroad and find their fortune and invest in foreign land.

But what makes them come here and study?

Indeed, It is very intriguing… hmn! let me guess!

1. They don’t have enough good medical university in their country? I don’t think so…. I guess India has a number of prestigious universities which can cater good and quality education to their students.

2. Their family lives and immigrated here? Yes, maybe… a lot of Indian investors are successful in their businesses here, maybe they are their children.

3. They do have their Filipino lovers here? Maybe… I have a friend whose boyfriend is an Indian and they are getting married soon.They will be living here for good.

4. Medical courses in the Philippines are very affordable? Yes…Philippines produces a wide range of nurses every year because of the very affordable tuition fees and miscellaneous.

5. They love the climate here? Maybe… majority of tourist visiting the country loves the tropical climate and the abundance of tropical fruits which make them stay.

6. They hate to stay in their country? No, of course not… Indians are nationalistic in nature. They maybe studying here but I guess they will bring what they have learnt in their country to serve their fellow Indians.

7. They love to study here because Filipinos are hospitable. Yes… That is for sure! Indian nationals are very much welcome here. With arms wide open, Indian students in our country are being taken cared of.

Whatever the reasons are, it only mean one thing… we are family! We must share what we have and humbly ask for what we do not have.

“If only loving and sharing will exist in every nation in the world like India and Philippines,

love and peace will reign on Earth”.

From now on, I will not wonder whenever I will see flock of Indian students here in my country… but instead I would just say to myself , Oh! they are my family!.

“My greatest teacher”

A great teacher teaches you more than just the basics in Math or English or Science. A great teacher inspires you to reach beyond your grasp and aspire to be a better person.
A great teacher will go out of their way to make sure that you feel able and valued, no matter how many students they have in their class or how many years they’ve been teaching. You can tell a great teacher by the number of students gathered around their desk throughout the day; they’re the ones still there an hour after school has let out, simply because so many students are waiting.
My greatest teacher was my 4th year science teacher who also happened to be my adviser, Mr. Donato way back s.y. 1998-1999. It’s hard to explain what it was about Mr. Donato that made him the best teacher in a school of dozens. He certainly wasn’t the easiest, in fact, I got the lowest grade ever in my whole life from him in our science subject, he challenged each and every student to attempt what they thought was impossible, and he never let the ‘smart’ kids’ coast by on their good reputations. Maybe it was his easy way with every kid, regardless of whom they were or where they came from. Maybe it was the way he made everything seem a little more interesting than it probably was. I think it was the whole package: he was the type of teacher who made you care about him and what you were learning.
Mr. Donato made difference in my life because he went out of his way to understand someone who was different. My school wasn’t exceptionally large (Notre Dame of Pigcawayan, Philippines), but there were certainly enough students to get lost in the crowd. My problem was, it was impossible for me to get lost in that crowd because, early in my life, my teachers found out that I was one of those ‘smart’ kids. Things naturally came easy to me, and I was often called upon to help my classmates when they were having trouble. I was visibly different from all the other kids, and it made a real impact on the way I felt about myself, all the way through school.
I know that Mr. Donato touched the lives of hundreds of students. There will, of course, be some who remember him a little more than others because of the special things he did for those who needed it. I know that, for me, my time in Mr. Donato’s class changed my life and he’s a big part of the reason with whom and what I am now. He taught me to embrace the way my mind works, and showed me that “being different isn’t really a bad thing but rather an asset”.

The blame game

Rubbish the tenth Board exam! It’s too taxing for the kids. Bring out two levels of Maths exams. Students cannot cope up! Take only grade exams! It will help them to ‘pass’.

How long are we going to let children be surrounded by the ‘feel good’ factor? By the time they really need to cope up with the competition in this world where there are no exams to be given in a classroom, they are bewildered.

It is time to stop blaming the system. No education system can ever be foolproof. And why do we have a jaundiced eye of looking at exams as a means to an end of getting a job? How about the discipline and systematic organizational skills those are required to ‘study’? How many times have we shown them how to do things in a correct manner? Most of the times, children are simply bundled off for tuitions. Is the school so bad?

OK. Fine. Granted. The school is terrible, the teachers are not teaching properly. But are the books bad too? Can the child not read the book? Have we ever initiated the thought process that the shortcomings in the students are due to lack of concentration or sheer laziness in making an effort to understand?

How many times have we set a routine for ourselves? How many times is it that we pay our bills in time? Ensure a system where proper mealtimes are adhered to. Not indulge in gifts for the children to make up for lost time. All these may seem unconnected to the process of education. But to think of our whole lifestyle as a system, we are creating an environment where it is so easy to blame somebody else and ‘feel good’.

This is the role play the children are being exposed to. Not getting good grades? The teachers are bad… the tuition teacher is not paying enough attention. (I pay her / him a bomb to make sure my child studies!) We very often make excuses for their shortcoming unknowingly. It is so easy to blame the system … but who or what is the system? Have we done anything in implementing the system in a fruitful manner?

Let us steer our children onto the path of hard work, a disciplined life. Nothing will stop them from succeeding in whatever they wish to do or have to do.  …. And we have to make the beginning by following that path!!!!!!!!!!!!

Digging our own Graveyard

We admire our prime minister every time he comes back to the country from a meeting with other countries bringing good news for everyone.





It sounds so kind and uplifting

for it brings new hope to the people whose lives were drowned in poverty for more than a century,

for it brings new life for those who are almost dying in pain,

for it brings new inspirations for those who have almost lost their ambitions of living a bountiful life.

What a credit for the existing prime minister! A job well done.

Well, I don’t have any comment with that, I just would like to open an important matter with regards to this.

It smells fishy.

Is this all for free? Maybe YES…. or Maybe NO.

We really don’t know what’s behind the issue.

Maybe YES because our neighboring countries were very eager to extend their help.

Maybe NO because we don’t know what’s behind their intentions.

We might be the beneficiaries for their help for now but would you think in the long run can we still benefit from it? Or they will empower us and later we will become aliens in our own beloved land?

It might be for our own good and for their own benefit.

It would mean that gradually we are digging our own graveyard.

Check it by yourselves.

5 Million per child!!!

That is the amount it is rumored that a popular rapper is paying his singer wife to have his child. I am not sure how the couple arrived at this amount or who suggested this amount but that is the rumor.

Now many persons would scream blasphemy, blue murder and all that is unholy at such an act but is this be justifiable?. The traditional order of thought is that a woman’s purpose IN PART is to listen to her husband. In addition it is God’s order is for her to multiply and fill the earth. So now the question is,”Is she violating God and man’s law by this action.”

Now to explore the issues .This singer is one of the hottest singers on the planet and she has made a lot of money doing so. Is it wrong for the rapper whom she is married to and who is a little older to ask his young loving wife to give him children which in the contract of marriage is a right he is entitled to anyway. Is she looking at the damage to her figure when she now has to give up the sex symbol status and extremely sexy figure? Or is she looking at the damage to her image, now that she will have to trade in short mini skirt for modest maternal dresses which can accommodate her bulging belly? Or is it the loss of revenue which will come from the one year break? Or is she looking at the damage to here figure which will now have on a few pounds and a possibility of sagging breasts?

What do you think is she violating God and man by this action or is she just looking to secure her future and prevent children from leading to her downfall? Or is it their business and no one else?


Average performance does not mean that your potential is low. May be the direction of your potential this year was not in sync with the expectations of the organisation, and especially in line with your deliverables to the top management…

When you handle a team, irrespective of the quality of the team, organisation looks only for quality output from the leader. More than doing the work of your team, it is important that you develop the skill to get the work done through them…

Apart from the right attitude, it is equally important to develop the right aptitude to learn more and upgrade your skill so that you will be able to enhance your potential. When your potential is displayed with the right attitude, your performance improves.  When your potential is developed with the right aptitude, your potential generally increases…

Only a person who has both the right aptitude and the attitude will be able to grow consistently in professional life.   While aptitude enhances the potential,  only the attitude enhances the performance.   In effect, aptitude shapes the professional and the attitude shapes behind the professional.  The pursuit of a good professional is to keep this cycle of potential and performance growing all the time…

The fire inside you

Often, we hear people telling us how important it is to be content with whatever you have in life. After all there is always someone who doesn’t have the kind of education being given to us, the good clothes or even three hot meals on the table everyday. There is poverty, despair and illiteracy, no point denying that. But I think that the only way to overcome this difficulty is to think as big as you can and never be content with what there is today around you. Burn with the fire of ambition! There is no other way to success.

Take, for instance a person who has a well paying government job, a comfortable home and a family well provided for. He has two options in front of him, either be content with whatever he has and continue to live a happy life or  to strive as hard as he can until he touches the limit of his physical, emotional and intellectual capacity. Most of the time, people go for the former way of life, completely disregarding their gifts of intellectualism.

If every person continues to think only about himself, then there would be no entrepreneurs, no achievers, no success. Great people like Dhirubhai Ambani, Ratan Tata, Sonia Gandhi all had the option of a comfortable life. But they chose to get down from their pedestals, let the sweat and blood run freely to do something that the world could benefit from. They are wealthy, undoubtedly but what were their humble beginnings?

Every individual has his\her unique skills and unique way in which they can work for the betterment of themselves, of society and of the world. Unless we are always hungry for more, burning with the passion to excel, to strive for perfection, to touch the sky, there will not be any change in the world as we see it now.

It is always easy to take the path in life which is free of obstacles, smooth and shaded. But only the test of fire makes fine steel. Only when we toil hard and long, our arms aching with pain, only when we walk under the harsh light of sun with eyes filled with hope, only when we don’t sleep well at night till we have achieved our goals, can we say that we have, indeed lived a life worth living.

There is a famous saying which goes “No pressure, no diamonds.” So get ready to test your abilities, identify your talents and work as hard as you can to touch the sky. Because even if you don’t get it you will land amidst the stars.

Education – Made ‘Materialistic’

Every  day I come across many persons including my parents saying , ” Don’t waste time! Study for the exams “.  Not only my parents but I think all the parents at least say these dialogues once in a day to their children . Of course, scoring good marks in schools and colleges is necessary, because these numbers and grades plays an important role in our next stage of life. There is  stiff competition among humans in every field but only the Darwin’s theory of   ‘ Survival of the Fittest ‘ is  applicable. Because even we have loads of potentials, only the fittest who overcome others can succeed now. But we assumed that only by reading and scoring marks can only make us to take part in the race to survive. But this is totally wrong.  Education is nothing but the process of learning about something to acquire knowledge about it. But today education has  become materialistic, just for scoring marks and getting a job which would pay many thousands. Nowadays, in  India, every entrance exam needs a student to be a top scorer as a necessary criteria. Its not wrong but all the others who don’t qualify for those exams are not fools or stupid. Most of the entrance exams for colleges have subjects that are being studied in schools. This changes the approach of the students who turn into a bookworm instead of gaining knowledge. As a result education has turned out to be a tool for taking up a job and money. This only will make make us  ‘ ignorant ‘ and ‘ fools ‘ . Education doesn’t mean scoring top marks in the exams. Its not education if you do not want to know anything you read and don’t have interest in knowing about in depth about it. But unfortunately this is the current situation in our country except in few national institutions. This materialistic approach has to be changed immediately in order to produce well  ‘ educated ‘ citizens. Its not the responsibility of the government but of our society and our parents too. First of all , every parent should encourage and motivate their children when they try something new . They should help them to change their mind set so that they can realize that only scoring marks is not important. They should help them to acquire knowledge about anything when they need to know, even though its not going to deal nothing with exams. The society should encourage and felicitate people who are well ‘ educated ‘ rather than felicitating the one who earns lakhs of money and does nothing to anybody. It may not be a big issue to see not as a student, but if it continues it will surely turn out to be a problem concerned with mental ability of our citizens  when compared to other nations .

Comments are requested….

A suitcase full of dreams

Rishabh pushed the trolley bearing his two check in bags, and one carry on. On one of his shoulders were hanging a jet black leather laptop bag and a small documents pouch, containing his travel itinerary and other papers.

His mom and dad followed suit; all anxious, for Rishabh had an early morning 2.30 flight to catch. He was heading to a renowned international University, all set to pursue his career in genetic engineering. All of 28, but eyes were full of dreams, and the vigor was inexplicable. An all throughout scholarship holder that he was, he couldn’t have asked for better academic prospects to come his way. A unique and not the run of the mill degree was what Rishabh was about to pursue.

He never ever wanted to be an engineer in the first place. He was always a non-analytical kind of fellow, far from what born engineers are, and far from the logical brainy stuff which engineers are made of. But hard work was his forte, and smartness & a dashing personality was in his blood. An ingrained love for Mathematics in school sowed seeds in his mind so deep rooted, that he took the decision of getting into mainstream Engineering once he entered college. Then at college, a chance encounter with books on genetic engineering overflowed his inquisitive mind. An avid reader that he always was, these books totally swept him away, and thus one fine day his twinkling eyes started groping for a degree in Genetic Engineering. Hence he began applying in all the leading foreign universities. His own database of research papers helped him immensely in putting across a strong case of being a brilliant potential student in some of such universities.

And while all this was going on, Mr. Kashyap, his dad, was his indirect supporter. However, Mrs. Kashyap was absolutely oblivious to all these happenings. For her, Rishabh was like any other college going fellow, pursuing his Electronics Engineering, and then what she had anticipated was that he’d get interested in a Management degree, after which he might go ahead and pursue an MBA, and then get into the 9 to 5 office goers enlistment. But closely behind her back, though completely unknown to her, Rishabh had other plans.

And so, when on a cozy November morning, Rishabh divulged his plans to Mrs. Kashyap, she was stunned. He quietly walked into the sit out veranda where his mom was busy reading the Sunday Times of India. He sat noiselessly beside her, and carefully handed over a white-brown envelope to her. Mr.Kashyap was watching all this from the dining area, but he kept silent. He knew it was Rishabh who needed to handle the situation.

With her thick bifocals, Mrs.Kashyap unmistakably opened the letter, which was addressed to Rishabh Kashyap. It was from the Dean of a very prestigious foreign university, informing him that his research papers were being accepted, and that his application to pursue a Degree followed by a Fellowship in Genetic Engineering had also been accepted, and that he could join the College in the Summer of the subsequent academic year. First reading perhaps baffled her, and so she again moved eyeballs swiftly over the words in the letter, just to make sure that what she was reading wasn’t a mirage. But it wasn’t, and she realized this soon enough.

She was painfully awestruck. Her one eye wept, and her other eye smiled. But she never questioned Rishabh as to why he had kept her in dark all this while. She knew that he had known from the start, that mom would always show reluctance when it came to sending Rishabh overseas for higher studies. And so her ways kept him from letting her know all the happenings. Finally it all had to culminate in this way, at this stage, after the letter fell upon his hands as a full proof indication, that no matter what now happens, no matter how much the hesitance and reluctance, he wouldn’t revert his decision.

Knowing that deep within his mighty heart he had already made a firm affirmative irreversible decision, Mrs.Kashyap kept mum. It was November, and all that she knew was that her only son would be gone by the start of the coming summer; in just less than six months.

The letter had come when Rishabh was only few semesters short of his last trimester of Electronics Engineering. So clearly it meant that he could get the degree and then proceed for his further studies. And he did exactly that.

Finally the day of his travel dawned. He had promised his mom that he would accompany her to the nearby temple the morning he was to travel. Although he was pressed against time for so many other things which needed his attention, he didn’t grumble and quietly accompanied Mrs.Kashyap to the temple to seek God’s blessings.

That evening, the taxi dropped the Kashyaps to the well lit driveway of Terminal 3 of the International Airport. Six feet descended the taxi. Two feet hurriedly ran to get the luggage trolley, two forward looking feet firmly stepped on the ground, trying to get the glimpse of the flight schedule, and to see whether the flight was right time. Whereas two sluggish feet dragged out of the taxi noiselessly, reluctantly, as if it were the feet which had a lump rather than the throat having a lump. Those reluctant feet were of a caring, overtly possessive mom, which were utterly uncertain of how life would unravel from then on; who suddenly was getting a feeling of “life’s going nowhere” kind of upheaval. But her mind had asked her to keep control. And so she followed suit, quietly behind her to-be-genetic engineer son, who was leading the way up to the Main Gate pulling the steel trolley, with firm sweaty hands.

At the final see off point, all that the quiet Mrs. Kashyap could gather of asking Rishabh was “my dear, have you neatly and properly packed all your stuff? I didn’t even take a close look as to how you have managed to pack your suitcases.” To this, Rishabh jauntily replied “Yes maa, Don’t worry. I’ve properly packed my things. I’m not going for some 4 day school camp that I’ll forget half of the things home, or even if I do forget, I won’t rely on you to pack them for me”. “I have grown big. These big heavy suitcases aren’t just full of clothes, they are full of dreams. If I forget clothes here, they can be replaced, but my dreams are irreplaceable”. Saying so, Rishabh left the scene with his suitcases full of dreams, simply giving a wink, hugging his parents swiftly making way for himself amidst the burgeoning crowd.

Mr. and Mrs. Kashyap stood there still, looking at something which had vanished in front of their eyes speedily. Their hearts fell silent, though behind them, a whole new frenzied world of passengers and their relatives & friends who’d accompanied them to the airport seemed to have opened up.

The balanced Mrs. Kashyap whose emotions otherwise were palpable kept herself totally composed and calm. She passed one last glance at the well lit Terminal 3, as she sat in the taxi to go back home, as if to communicate and connect with the surroundings, as if to let them know that she’d be back one day at this very airport terminal to receive her son warmly, when he and his suitcases full of dreams would come to visit home some time in future. Thinking so, she frantically slid down the taxi rear window to let the bout of fresh air seep in through her, enabling her to realize that every day is to be taken with a whiff of fresh new breath….