India is my country;
I am proud of it;
We Indians are mighty
I am aware of it,

India is my country;
I am a lover of it.
Our ideas have diversity,
I respect it.

India is my country,
Admirer I am ardently of it.
Our people and landscapes have beauty,
I am proud of it.

India is my country;
A whole-hearted well-wisher I am of it.
Its borders are our wealth,
I am concerned about it.

India is my country;
I am dutiful to it
Worried I am about its security,
I shall campaign for it.


As per The New York Times article dated 26 August, written by Mr. Selig S. Harrison, The Director of Asia Program at the Center for International Policy, a quiet geopolitical crisis is unfolding in the Northern Pakistan by China where Islamabad is handing over defacto control of the strategic Gilgit-Baltistan region in the disputed Pakistan Occupied Kashmir ( POK ) to China. Referring to a variety of intelligence and other sources, he said an estimated 7,000 to 11,000 Chinese soldiers of ” People’s Liberation Army”, appeared  to be stationed there for more or less permanently. It is matter of great concern to India and all peace loving countries, as it may damage the peace in the whole region.

In this context, I would like to bring some facts about China joining hands with Pakistan against India.

As per the authentic intelligence report received by India, China has already started constructing more than 22 strong underground tunnels  in this strategic region with at most secret and a hectic military activity is in progress  behind its ‘iron curtain’ not allowing even a single person to enter in this area. Since it is very close to Aksai-Chin area, the area China occupied from India during 1962, Indo-China war, it is a most strategically important speed route to move its troops , weapons and heavy vehicles from Eastern China to Kashmir.

China has also very deep long term strategic interest in this region as the Karakoram speed high-way pass through it. China has plans to extend it and also lay a railway line between the new Gwadarport in Baluchistan, built by  China with its own money and Kashgar in Xingjiang province. Once this link is completed, it will take only less than 48 hours to reach Gulf, compared to 25 days they take now.

The important question now I ask you all, will China take over as Super-power, the security duties  as US did with Panama Canal ?

Already Myanmar is in Beijing’s pocket. So is Bangla Desh in Pakistan’s in the name of Islam. And in the Indian Ocean, in Sri Lanka, China is in good-books, has built  a deep sea port at Hambantola, as an expansion of its strategic foot print, very near to Indian mainland. All these are great concern to security of India and peace in Indian sub-continent.

Also, there is a great unease over China’s interference in Indo-Pakistan Kashmir issue. In a latest development, China now issues only stapled visa to Indian passport holding Kashmiries. No stamped visa for them. China has refused visa to a high ranking Indian Army Officer some time back as he happened to do his military duty in Kashmir. India protested in very strong terms in this incident to China. This for the first time in the history that China openly taking a partial stand on Kashmir favouring Pakistan.

Lastly now, China claim that Arunachal Pradesh, a Soverign State of India, also belong to them. As a proof, an Indian delegate when applied for visa to visit China , visa was refused, as he doesn’t need visa. All these are most deplorable on the part of China.

In conclusion, colluding with Pakistan, China arming Pakistan top to toe, there is a dark ‘ mushroom cloud’ of unrest dooming over Asian Region.


My memory goes back to 1946 when I was only five years old. I was born in the capital of ” God’s Own Country ” ( Kerala ), Trivandrum, now called as ‘ Thiruvananthapuram’, at that time the capital of earstwhile, Royal, State Travancore & Cochin, ruled by the King , His Excellency Sree Chithira Thirunal Balaramavarma Maharaja.

The voice I could hear everywhere were only ” Vande Matharam ” and ” Bharath Matha ki Jai ” The freedom fight was at its peak everywhere. I could see people holding the Tricolour Flag with Charka at its centre. I knew the charkas  as there were two charkas in my house  and my sisters used to make cotton thread out of cotton, to make cloth. Some times, due to curiosity I too were carried in this stream of people with flag in my hand. Frankly speaking, I did not know the meaning of freedom because we children all were free. Moreover I was always busy with my brothers and sisters, altogether nine.

But I remember very clearly when our country got freedom. At that time I was studying in 2nd class our school was closed for some days due to freedom struggle. But on 16th August,1947 morning, we all children with our teachers and masters  assembled on the school ground , hoisted our National Flag and sang,” JANA GANA MANA ” and ” VANDE MATHARAM “. Then we took a procession through the narrow streets of the city to the ” East Fort ” were there was a huge gathering. Really it was a thrilling day for all of us, like a festival. Soon I was compelled to return home as I was sure that my father may be searching for me. I was not given freedom by my father to go away from house to far off distance as I was only six years old.



It is hard to believe that the woman who could win the Nobel Peace Prize has to pass her days in the dingy cells as she demands equal share of the common men in the democracy, as she dislikes the oppression and always dares to stand against it. Yes I am telling of Ong Sang Syu Ki who has to spend her deplorable days behind the bars for the reason that she leads the opposition, she can’t bear with the oppression and she can’t tolerate the whims of the ruling party. In a word she wants a change. She wants the sun of total freedom from torture beams in the horizon.

She is no young lady, bent down with age, torture and oppression. Yet she has no other way than to pass her days in the narrow cells for more than 14 years just for the sake of trodding the law implemented by the rulers of the country. Isn’t it a farce? Global people are aware of the fact that this woman never cared for herself, her only aim was to liberate the common people from the acute oppression of the ruling government. The people all over the globe are waiting for her release. But throwing water to their expectations the government of Myanmar extended her prison term.

According to the opinion of different corners Syu Ki’s term has been made longer chalking out a plan that she can’t carry on any political movement. She fails to take part in the forth coming election in 2010. The Junta Government has taken a stern step for this reason though the Chief Secretary of the UNO attended a meeting with the Junta Government risking his own life appealing for the release of Syu Ki. But the Juntas paid no heed to the appeal; they did what they planned just to curb the power of the protesting soul.

What goads the Junta to turn a deaf ear to the appeals of the top ten countries is a million dollar question. But it can never be the reason that the issue is Myanmar’s own. If Democracy is down trodden can loathing be far behind?