May your dreams come true

Eleven months and four seasons ago I had a dream

I have many dreams

But that was special

I dreamed of a rainbow world

With multitude of people

With cascade of colors

They speak different

Wear, eat, sing different

But all are united in their thoughts

They have the same red blood

The same tears, the same laughters

The same hopes, dreams, aspirations

The same dream of peace and love

I had a dream

That was a simple dream

And as I usher in the new year

I am one more year older and more hopeful

I still have the same dream



Who are You?

You’re the sunshine after the rain
You’re my comfort in moments of pain
You believe in me when my hope is lost
You’re with me in thoughts
You look into my eyes
and reach the depths of my heart
For every end, you are a new start
Your laughter makes me happy
Your grief makes me weep
I am yours forever and ever to keep
Your words are melody to my ears
When I am scared you hold me near
You are the silver lining to my darkest cloud
You raise my faith when I’m in doubt
My heart lies in the palm of your hand
You make me still, you make me stand
You are my fantasy, my ultimate man
You love me for whoever I am
You are worth every dream, every wait
You are my soul, you are my fate
You are the face I search amongst the crowd
Your voice I hear when silence surrounds
You’re the shoulder where my tears fall
You’re the name my lips call
You take away my worries and my cares
You are the answer to all my prayers
You fly like a bird among the trees
You flow like the air over the seas
You come close and whisper in my ear
I cant see you then why do you seem so near?
I want to ask if all this is true?
Where have you come from…Who are you??


You may get a lot of negative feedback from some,

To block the road you wish to travel,

But you must dream anyway,

And cherish your dreams,

As they come from your soul,

It is the blueprint of who you are.

What more they represent

The direction you should take on earth

To reach before it is too late.

so lets dare to dream…..


“You have to dream before your dreams can come true. Dr. Abdul Kalam said this Baba. Then what is wrong if I dream about going on moon?” Bhola remembered his question to his father some years back. The answer was as expected. A labourer’s son can not afford to dream.
Every possible effort was made to stop Bhola’s habit of dreaming. But Bhola also made every possible effort to fulfill his dream. Bhola’s mind again raced back to the bygone days. How hard he had tried to go to school. Since, his father did not allow him to attend day school he went to night school.
One day his father suddenly died and the schooling came to an end. Now Bhola’s whole life revolved around survival of his family. Working day and night Bhola managed to maintain the big family. The dream of going to school – then to college – then job – job of an astronaut – the whole edifice crumbled down as the foundation was washed away in the river of misfortune.
Today Bhola is working in a school canteen as a bearer. The dream may have faded in the oblivion, but the spark is still simmering in the ashes. When his coworkers listen to Bhola’s dream they are amused and make fun of him.
One day Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam visited their institute. The Principal Madam specially made mention of Bhola’s dream to him and his getting inspired too. The Great man shook hands with Bhola.
The hands which had the fortune to be gripped by Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam were now touching the head of a new born baby. Bhola was trying to pass on the blessings to his new born son. He gave sweets to the Principal Madam and said, “ Madam, maybe my son will take me to the moon.” “Yes, Bhola, you have to dream before your dreams can come true.” Principal Madam’s best wishes made Bhola’s eyes sparkle with hope and dream too.

Path to imagination…..

Sometimes I want to catch an ever running shadow

Sometimes I want to add colors to the panoramic rainbow….

One day I wanna hold crystal clear moon beam

Other day holding in my hand that moist warm steam….

Sometimes I want to converse with the vibrating echoes

Someday I want to write a never ending prose….

At times I want to hold back the ice from letting it melt

This is my strong desire; absolutely heart felt…..

I want to hold tight the flowing sand

I wish I had had a magical wand….

Sometimes I want to sit on a foamy cloud

Other times climb the highest peak and scream aloud……..

Sometimes I feel like catching a swimming swift fish

That’s when I’m at the helm of imagination; this isn’t childish……

I want to make characters alive straight out of the chessboard

I want to spot the most timid sheep out of the entire hoard…..

Cutting through mighty waters, I want to go meet horizon

Asking it just one question-

“how can anyone be so mystical”?

“you are nothing short of a miracle”

One day I want to create numbers beyond what already exist

Other day express life in one word; gist….

I want to construct roads all leading to just one destination

That’s what I call the city of imagination

My big leap

I myself traveling on that road one day

I’ll sing a sweet lullaby

And put myself to sleep……

You Are In Me!!!

You were my Sunshine.. Glowing all day bright!

You were my Moonshine.. Drizzling the cool night!

I have a Dream.. I wish to experience!

And that is Love.. Which has no sense!

I lost my Appetite.. To see you relish!

I lost my Life.. For you to cherish!

Is It love?? Or just Pain??

Am lost in Chaos!!!

space - love

And at last I rise in pride.. That “YOU ARE MY PAIN..”

I let this world know.. I feel the “PAIN” in my heart!!

My dream….


With slow and steady steps,
With soft, caring hands,
I had built a dream
– a cottage of glass.
I could see in and out of it,
crystal clear.
It reflected back on the sun
with so intense a glory,
the sun sunk in its brightness.

It was white,
It was green,
It was azure.
The rainbow faded in its hues.

I walked tip – toe,
I ran frantically,
I danced in the rain of my joy.
I lived in fantasy,
I slept my waken hours.

It was my love.
It was my life.
In my sleep,
I lived my dream.
My waken hours
yearned for my niche.

My eyes spur blood.
It hurts.
Pieces of broken glass
pierce my eyes.
The brittle dream
that had rested on my delicate eyelashes
is lashing me.
My dream,
the cottage of glass,
is broken.


dustYes this is a mud storm story. You have heard till today snow storm, sand storm, sun storm, but this is mud storm.

The city was covered with mud and watery soil all over. I was walking along the roads and people were enjoying the sweet mud fall all around. Sweet mud cause it tasted sweet and was good for health. The tall buildings, roads, cars and every thing was covered with thick soil same like snowfall. People were enjoying pushing each other in the puddle. People who came out fresh out of there house for a walk with fresh pairs of clothes were thrown in the puddle, so all city crowd was dirty enough not to be recognized.

When earth heated from below, lot of soil is thrown out and slashes of rains made the soil muddy. This was the every year scene especially after summer. It lasted for few days and it would stop. It was something different compared to the regular seasons.

But this year something different happened, Small River of mud started flowing on the road and it was a watery mix soil which we often experience after heavy rainfall. The river started flowing all across the city which was overflowing from the earth below with heavy rains. People enjoyed more in the river, jumping pumping. People climbed the hillock and swayed down to the bottom.

Slowly the river of mud was getting bigger and taller. People started climbing first floor of the building; I too climbed the floors for Safety. Huh !!! suddenly there was a gush of of huge mud reaching 6th floor I and many people went to the broken terrace of the building I caught hold of the tank ladder and got saved. Before my eyes 1000-2000 people were washed away and I could see lot of bodies covered with mud, dead flowing in the river of mud.

The huge river came to normal and vanishes and we came down to the ground level. Lot of people standing near the shops was washed away. It was scary next moment was very dangerous cause it started raining more heavily. With no rescue available all crisis depart fallen aback I thought I would be death today. We tried to reach the tallest shelter to keep ourselves safe. And again sudden gush of river mud came and I was 1 inch above the river looking for help.

My wife kicked me and woke me up from a lazy Sunday morning……..