A Plea

God to man hath gifted nature
Whose nurture could do no one
So nature to man said,
I love thee no more

Felled you, my trees wantonly
Killed you my animals wantonly.
Polluted have you me thoroughly.
Nothing left have I to give you really.

Then man to nature pleaded
Nature oh my nature
I pray to you thee
Rain to me thou bless
For no drop of water have I
No grain have I to eat.

Do We Really Care?

I was just sitting on my workstation and a thought swept my feet, thought which provoked me again to ponder over the blunders we did and in fact which we are still doing.  Here “WE” Is the entire human race and not just you, me or a group of people.

God created a beautiful world out of his best imagination and to make the world more beautiful he created a wonderful species i.e. MAN. Even in his wildest imagination, God would have never thought that the human being He created will one day destroy and divide the whole world.

The first blunder made by us is by dividing the wonderful planet in to several parts and sub parts. There is just one world and it belongs to us. Then why do need passport and visas to travel to different countries. In this context, I would like to thank God for showering life in just one planet, or else wonder if we have travel to different planet that what all documents and formalities need to be done.
Now we have divided the world into smaller parts but do we still care about the part that belongs to us. Do we really care about our country, city or locality where we live? No, I don’t think so. We may be educated but for sure we need ages to evolve as learned species.

Coming to the environment, every one is making hue and cry about global warming, but the point is shouting about the matter will not lessen the effects or consequences. Do something to create a chain of change. No one is expecting you to take any drastic steps; even a smaller one will make a huge-huge difference. Don’t go for paper bills, may it be telephone, electricity, credit card, etc. Instead opt for electronic format.  While taking print-outs, use both sides of the paper. Try to switch off lights, fans, appliances when not in use. Switch off your car in traffic signals if the waiting time is more that 15 seconds. These are just smaller thing, which we can do at our end. If we can just as little as this, we can make a huge difference.  Remember, smaller step will make a remarkable difference.

I care for my world because it belongs to me. Do you care about it, ask yourself?

Has Global Warming melted Utterly Butterly Delicious?!!!

Frantic visits to every nook and corner baniya shop, general stores, retail stores (which claim large stocks of it any time of the day!- False claims though), have failed to deliver me the much awaited light yellow slab of utterly butterly delicious butter of late….

It’s as if Butter has literally vanished from the stores . Don’t know if you too observed this trend, but it is something which didn’t miss my eyes, for I’m just longing to see that “twist in her eyes- cute smile- packet” of Utterly Butterly Delicious to come back in the frozen counters of stores…….. I guess this shortage of butter is the same phenomenon all over the place.

And then, further groping into this whole thing, I somehow doubt whether it has vanished, or has actually got melted…….!!! It’s kind of a weird thought, but just read on and you’d understand why I’m saying so—-

amulBecause further moving on with some analytical thinking, racking of brains, and investigations bring me to this think tank Fish Bone Analysis—- Monsoons have been less than normal this year so far, and there are grim chances of there being a coping up in short term at least. So, if monsoons are lesser, the grass is lesser to graze, so, cattle are fed lesser, thus the production of milk must have had a setback proportionately. And so, if that’s the case, how can butter be produced to its otherwise optimum levels? And somewhere, the subtle reason for there being lesser monsoons this year has been blamed on the El Nino effect—so which means that Global Warming has started showing its true colors, very close to our lives…..very close to our food requirements and taste buds, so, which means that just like the glaciers in Arctic, the warming effect of this whole thing is also impacting Butter which has begun to melt slowly but surely!!!

But then, my investigations come to a halt, because if that would have been the case, even milk shortage would have occurred. But that doesn’t seem to be the case. So that means if milk production is unaffected, then why on earth does Utterly Butterly Delicious production have to suffer?

One of my friends was bowled over by my Fish Bone analysis!!!

She was like “Hey! What on earth are you analyzing? Just think about the serious consequences of how the entire threat of global warming would possibly have a tremendous impact on water availability, seasonal ups and downs, loss of forest cover so on and so forth. And look what you are sitting analyzing”.

My reply to her—Well, see, that kind of analysis everyone does; but I’m simply trying to bring in a tinge of humor at play when I sit down to do this kind of analysis!”. “I am totally aware about the much serious consequences which you say, but the Butter Flutter is just my way of making folks aware about the significance of the issue of Global Warming; because just like me, many adore Utterly Butterly you see….So they’d be able to better relate to my kind of comparison”. Hope this analogy works. Hope rains catch up in parts of the country where they’ve played a much more spoilt sport. Hope dams fill upto brim. Hope El Nino’s effect becomes Nano (petit)! Hope cattle get a good graze, and Hope butter production comes back to normalcy with a Bang!

We are waiting for Utterly Butterly girl to come back to the frozen counters of stores. We want that twist in the eye effect to play wonders. We want the Butter to feel Better! Because if Butter feels Better, we too feel the same.

Hope it’s not a long wait though………..  !