“recollecting”the frog and the Princess

Well, its not everyday that you hear the frog & the Princess’ kiss alluded to. And hearing it twice from a damsel in traffic distress and a lad in croaking financial agony in one single day, I simply felt dazed as to how many people take fairy tales  and most importantly the frog & the Princess seriously.There is definitely something bewitchingly curious about the frog ( a green one mind it! ) and the Princess.

I do remember myself becoming better interested in the amphibian life after accidentally pondering upon the possibilities of Mr Charming disguising as the not so charming green frog. Life of the frog is indispensable for the life of the ecosystem  it dwells in, and yet the creature has seldom been given its rightful place in the human realm of imagination and creativity.Kissing a frog seems repulsive and yet the task becomes necessary to bring out the Prince once cursed.So when I heard a friend cry out for her Prince to carry her off from the stubborn traffic & she was ready to kiss a frog for it and yet another friend gasping at his credit card bills and willing to turn into a green frog if sure to be kissed by a RICH damsel in mild distress that doesn’t involve money or muscled men..I just felt that the fairy tale frog isn’t that repulsive after all. On second thoughts, I remember saving a frog myself from my environmentally unfriendly cousin, not exactly coz of my love for nature but for fairy tales   and green frogs who just might be…. 🙂


3880247478_7614a3d04a_oIt was a rainy dusk. Frogs were croaking all around. Dogs at the street were sheltering below the roofs of some damaged or half-built buildings. Water was flowing in waves at the side of roads.

My family and I were resting inside our home. Our pet, a dog was resting at his kennel in our verandah. Silence was being broken by drops of water falling on the stagnant water on the ground adjacent to our house. I, who was just bored of being idle, opened the door and had a wish to have a look at the romantic surroundings around. I was sitting in a chair and watching through verandah, by which I can see the rain outside too.

Suddenly I noticed a frog, that was moving inside our verandah. My dog, which was disturbed by this sight, stood up with ears raised and was watching the frog with a groan. To both of our surprise, another “UNWELCOME GUEST” was following the former guest. Oops!! It was an Indian Cobra. I know how panic the situation was. But something made me to stay still, without any jerk in my position. I wonder, this may be my curiosity to watch what happens next.

Something, that I never guessed happened over there. My dog left the frog and started groaning at the reptile then. I don’t know exactly what the snake had in it’s mind. It raised it’s body and widened it’s hood, facing my dog. It was hissing as if it gonna spit it’s venom on my dog. My dog was a furious one since his birth. He had no fear on anything. He started hitting the snake’s hood with his front right leg. As he hit it, the snake was attempting to hit him simultaneously. Both the animals were at the urge of hitting each other. I know how the situation was. It was worse. My dog was more than a brother to me.

I was tensed. I had a sudden jerk and hit the floor hard with my leg. I know that the cobra would have sensed the vibration on land. He turned towards the direction of source and again turned towards the dog. To all surprise, it spread it’s venom on the frog’s body, which was standing in the middle all those time.

It was really a shock to me. I never expected that to happen. The snake lowered it’s hood humbly and crawled out of the house, into the rain and somewhere into the bushes at the land next to my house. Although I was happy that my dog was saved, my humanity made me to feel for the frog. I took it in my hand, dug a pit at my backyard and placed it in, closing it with mud.