One moment in time

I lived all my days, for that one moment in time
No past no future, in that instance
Felt the world around me sublime

All seemed so clear to me and yet I was blind
Wanted no past no future in that instance
A knot was getting tied there, never to unwind

In your arms I lay trustingly when you kissed my forehead
Felt no past no future in that instance
For me only for me this is, my every being pleaded

In the life that I live, such moments I want to steal
With no past no future in that instance
Time would just stop and the days would turn surreal

Sigh! We walked our separate ways, now memories drop by as gentle dew
There was no past no future in that instance
So never mind the ending dear, love, with you it did ensue

If you time travel, where would you go ?

If you could travel to another space and time where would you go? .Would you want to go back in time to discover how people lived without some of the modern accessories that many of us find it so hard to live without or would you want to travel to a futuristic time to see if you can see if there are flying cars What about alien species ? Would you travel at the blinding speed of light to see what species are out there .Maybe you would even find some really intelligent species out there who could give you some interesting technology that you could take back here and make a lot of money by parading it off as your own

I am thinking some people would want to travel in time to see what their future holds so they can avoid some or all of their downfalls, although there is a school of thought that if you are able to get a glimpse into the future, that would change the new future and make it into and unknown entity. I am also sure that some people would want to travel back to biblical times to see Jesus and all the characters in the bible.

So where would you go if you could time travel?

Money saved is money earned

Saving is most essential in life and  money saved is money earned. I have realized that when I don’t go out, I am saving a lot of money and making a list also makes me spend less as I stick to what is essential and already  there on my list . I think we need to save at least a part of our earnings regularly and as the saying goes money saved is money earned.

One can save only what is left over after  spending on essentials and  on your daily need. No doubt that money is meant for spending. But if something were to happen and you find that you have no  money saved or with you to spend then what happens? It is precisely for that purpose that we need to save, so that we are able to continue living in  the same style as we did  before.We need to save for a rainy day, for the future and for our security. I think if one makes the effort and practise saving from an early age it is not difficult to get into the habit of saving..

Taking my own case – I never made use of the opportunity earlier, I now  feel that I should have started saving much earlier, even a small amount on a regular basis. Now after realizing the importance of regular saving , I  have opened  2 bank  accounts and one of them is never used and money gets transferred to it every month and when it becomes a substantial sum I make a Fixed deposit which gives me a higher interest…better late than never.

No doubt that the present is far more important than an obscure far off future. It is foolish to be unhappy and deprive things for yourself and your loved ones with the  hopes for an unsure future. Saving becomes meaningful only when happiness and security is linked to it..There have been many instances where a family lives on the verge of poverty saving most of their earnings, thinking of happier days ahead,  which  is a foolish thing to do. The family will be discontented and unhappy with such an arrangement. What is past can never be got back and ones  future rests on one’s  past and present. It is always good to make the best of today and make some investments for the future by saving part your income instead of the other way round…

It is easier to earn than to save as many would realise. It is true that money saved and invested is money earned. It can be investment in fixed deposits, property or anything else that appreciates over the years…