My holiday spot

One Sunday I went  with my   camera  to chebrole. Chebrole is a town and a Mandal in Guntur district in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India.

There we visit an old temple of Lord Brahma.

Culturally affluent is chebrole, with added than 100 temples it has abundant actual importance. The Andhra Pradesh government has

Recognized  the actual  accent of Chebrole and placed Chebrole on its tourism map….chebrole has one different  accent

that is Aristocrat Brahma’s temple is amid ….generally BRAHMA has no offerings according to Hindu mythology. so actuality the aristocrat

Brahma  is with aristocrat Siva with four faces. It is alone one temple at Andhra  Pradesh.

Lord Shiva is admirable as Panchanana Shiva (Siva with 5 faces) in some temples in India. The 5 faces are categorical on

Shivling or Shivalingam and is accepted as Panchamukha Shiva Lingam  active of Shiva carved on Linga. The 5 faces of Aristocrat

Shiva are accepted as Sadyojat, Vamdev, Aghora, Tatpurush and Ishana. And they represent administration and an aspect of Aristocrat Shiva.

Some age-old temples  aswell  accept s culptures of  Aristocrat  Shiva with 5 faces. Some paintings  aswell  characterize Shiva with 5 faces.

An important adoration (Stotra) committed to Panchanana Shiva is the Shiva Panchanana Stotram. It explains about the celebrity of the anniversary face of Aristocrat Shiva in the Panchamukha Shivalinga.

As per the prayer, the four faces of Shiva faces four admonition and the fifth faces the sky.

In some texts, the fifth face adverse the sky is replaced by a face on the southeast direction. Another apologue suggests

that the fifth face is the activity that sustains all and is present everywhere. Most idols do not appearance the fifth face that is the Ishana face.

Scholars and saints accept accustomed abundant interpretations for the 5 faces. There are aswell some symbolisms associated withthe anniversary faces.

Sadyojat faces west and represents conception

Vamdev faces arctic and represents sustenance

Aghora faces south and represents dissolution.

Tatpurisha faces east and represent adherence that has destroyed the ego.

Ishana face in the Shivling is declared abnormally in assorted texts. In some texts, it is believed to be the face adverse

The  sky  and  symbolizes  abstention  and  abolition of ego. Another  estimation  suggests  that  shana  is the Self and the activity


that holds all the aspects together. In some interpretations, Ishana face is apparent as adverse Southeast administration and

represents Eternal Shiva or Shiva as the Supreme Soul.

Some of the important Panchanana Shiva temples are begin in eastern locations of India like the one at Chebrolu, or

Chebrole is a town and a Mandal in Guntur commune in the accompaniment of Andhra Pradesh in India