May your dreams come true

Eleven months and four seasons ago I had a dream

I have many dreams

But that was special

I dreamed of a rainbow world

With multitude of people

With cascade of colors

They speak different

Wear, eat, sing different

But all are united in their thoughts

They have the same red blood

The same tears, the same laughters

The same hopes, dreams, aspirations

The same dream of peace and love

I had a dream

That was a simple dream

And as I usher in the new year

I am one more year older and more hopeful

I still have the same dream



The-way-you-want-to-have-it 2011

Moments, memories, love, tears

Fun, frolic, merriment

Glitters, glory, music, tipsy feet

2010  has gone by

We need not drag the pains, regrets

No tears, no aches, this time

All are but past

Let’s usher the new life

A year filled with hopes and happiness

Let’s live instead of getting ready to

Live you dreams, your wishes, your life

May you have the-way-you-want-to-have-it 2011!