Home Remedies that Really Work

Call it mother wit or an old wives’ tale, but that odd remedy your grandma gave you when you got sick really worked—and worked surprisingly well!

Experts say that some old home remedies are very effective at curing’ what ails us.

While the following natural cures are relatively safe, use good judgment If you have any unusual reaction, or if symptoms persist or get worse, stop treatment and consult your doctor.
•Chicken soup for a cold. Medical studies show that hot chicken soup has a better effect on upper-respiratory infections than other hot liquids, the New York Daily News reported. The steam breaks up nasal congestion and the soothing broth, especially if it’s homemade, certainly can make you feel better.
•Sugar to stop hiccups. A teaspoon of granulated sugar, dissolved in your mouth before swallowing, is a remedy for annoying hiccups.
•Coffee for a tension headache. One study of regular headache sufferers found that caffeine boosted the painkilling effects of ibuprofen. Lead study author Dr. Seymour Diamond of the Diamond Headache Clinic in Chicago said that “a big mug of good coffee” may also do the trick, Reuters Health reported, but warned that chronic sufferers should avoid caffeine, which could make symptoms worse.
•Ginger for upset stomach. Research shows that ginger, in moderation, can quell nausea, but it caution pregnant women who take it because it can promote bleeding.
•Honey and tea bags for minor cuts and scrapes. Honey contains a natural antiseptic and vitamins and minerals. Dab it on a wound to kill germs and stimulate healing. A wet tea bag can stop a minor cut from bleeding since the tea contains tannic acid, which constricts blood vessels.
•Toothpick and cotton for ingrown toenail- A toothpick wrapped in a bit of sterile cotton and placed (not too deeply) under the toenail near the affected area relieves pressure and eventually allows you to clip the nail.
•Bananas to lower HIGH blood pressure. High blood pressure increases your risk for heart attack or stroke. Studies show that potassium- rich foods like bananas can lower blood pressure, possibly because potassium causes blood vessels to expand, thus lowering pressure.
•Cherries to relieve gout. Gout, a form of arthritis that affects mostly men, results from uric acid in the blood that hardens around joints, especially in feet, and causes severe swelling and pain. To relieve pain, eat 1/4 to 1/2 cups of cherries daily. Experts believe the cherries contain an enzyme that breaks down and excretes uric arid.

Saw palmetto for prostate problem. Studies show that this small plant, which resembles a palm-tree, is effective in reducing an enlarged prostate gland, reducing the need to urinate and improving blood flow


What is a balanced diet?

Mrs Mehta was worried over her son’s health. Her 6 year old son is a fussy eater and refuses eat every time he is asked to eat. As a mother, she was concerned and was trying her best to make things work. She is not alone. Many parents face this and do not know how to go about.

If fussy eating behavior persists in children, they may end up having health hazards.

  • Nutrient deficiencies leading to improper growth
  • Weak immune system
  • Long term health issues

The importance of balanced diet is not unknown and most know the benefits and the ill effects of it. To make it simpler here is an overview:

What is a balanced diet?

We all know that the right kind of balance containing the right amount of carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals and fibre in our daily diet comprises of what we call a balanced or healthy diet Each of these nutrients has a vital role in the all round growth and development of children. It is important for all nutrients to be present in the required amount in a balanced diet.

What are the nutrients and their functions?

1. Carbohydrates: these provide a source of energy.

2. Proteins: these are required for growth and repair.

3. Fats: these provide a supplementary source of energy and are required for absorption of fat soluble vitamins

4. Vitamins: these are organic substances required in very small quantities

5. Minerals: these are required for healthy teeth, bones and muscles.

6. Fibre: this is required to help digestion by helping intestines function correctly.

Finding the right words at the right time for the cancer sufferers

Reality bites and having to face your loved one who has just been diagnosed with cancer is pathetically hard. We are at loss for words, tongue tied and do not know what to and what not to speak. However, each word coming out of our mouth have intense implication. We must be careful while choosing the right kind of words and when in dilemma it’s better not to speak at all than to hurt his/her sentiments.

According to LA Times, several peer counselors at ‘National Breast Cancer Organization’ offered the statements they found most and least helpful to hear during their own breast cancer battles.

Right words:

“I’m here for you, and we’ll see this through together.”

“I’ll organize your friends to make dinners, drive car pools, shop, etc. — whatever would be helpful.”

“I know this is difficult for you, but please know I will do all I can to support you.”

“I’m so sorry you have to go through this, but I’m here to help in any way.”

“Would you like to tell me more about it?”

Wrong words:

“You’ll be fine.”

“You poor thing.”

“I know how you feel.”

“I know someone who died from that.”

“Call me if you need anything.”

“Will you be OK financially since you won’t be able to work?”

“I think you should ______ .”


Among many, one change that  all cancer patients undergo is having to fight the ongoing battle emotionally and physically. They become way too sensitive even to normal words or the words that haven’t had hurt him/her before. Even the people who  had the ability to laugh at themselves before start to count on words people around them speak once diagnosed with cancer. ‘ I can’t take the call. I have cancer.’ ‘ I can’t pass the remote. I have got cancer.’ – silly stuffs like that goes to show the terrible agony that he/she is going through.

The psyche of cancer sufferers are hard to understand. You never know what turns their emotional switch on. We must not say things like, “You look healthy,” when they are not, or give instances about those who had cancer and how pathetically they suffered. We should not tell them that we’ve never known anyone who was cured of cancer by using chemo, radiation, etc. Nothing would be more helpful than to be in their shoes and be empathetic.  Render the right kind of words at the right time.

Caregivers can make a difference.

Do we need a system change in every field for a better future?

The modern time managers keep shouting, “Change, change… for the better?”  We need to change with the time and with the new atmosphere and concepts.  Towards this, the Managers pack off the old hags in  their organization  under compulsory retirement because they are a bad influence on the younger generation who seek changes.

And yet we don’t want any kind of changes in certain areas.

The Central  station is a big land mark in the city of Chennai.  A  General Manager of Southern Railway  once had ordered a new pattern of colour scheme for the Central’s exterior.  And Bang came  vociferous  protests from the public.  They are so used to the crimson red and light yellow combination for the exterior that they wouldn’t accept any modification.   So, the public made a hue and cry and promptly the GM reversed his decision  and restored the old model  back.

A couple of years back, the lawyer community of  Chennai suggested they switch over to  an Yellow coloured gown in place of the black gown. They had become somewhat tired  of  the ghost type  costume ! But the public opposed the idea and  wouldn’t let them take to something else.. “What non sense? We want to see them only in black.  Black is beautiful…”

The craze had died down and now they are back to the black.

For years, the insignia for a doctor in a hospital, be it a government hospital or private, has been  a long white coat.  You can recognise a doctor from miles through his white coat. But the researcher claim that the white coat, tie and stethoscope curled  round the neck of a doctor carry microbes including ‘super bugs’ which are anti biotic resistant bacteria.  Thus, the doctors’ apparel is infectious !

The government hospitals in Chennai have forbidden the wearing  of white coats by the doctors, inside ICUs. The Health secretary of the State government has forewarned that they may completely prohibit the use of  white coats in the  wards, outpatient halls, treatment rooms etc in  all city and District hospitals in course of time.

The  study of the ill effects of   the white coat paraphernalia had been carried out by one of the government hospitals in Chennai. Will others accept its findings ?  Will WHO (World Health organisation)?   Anyway, until WHO endorses the verdict we perhaps need a status quo on the issue. Unfortunately, this being a technical matter, the people  cannot  raise a hand of objection if what is proposed is in the general interest of the patients.

So, friends if you are  an in patient and a group of medicos are advancing towards your bed, you wouldn’t know who the true doctor is, especially if he has hidden his stethoscope inside his trouser pocket.

Tips to stay healthy with diabetes

Once a diabetic is always an diabetic. We cannot change this fact. However, we can live healthy even with increased blood sugar level. Following is a stepwise guide to live a healthy life even with the deadly disease.

Decrease your blood sugar level by monitoring your glucose level regularly. Keep digital glucometer handy for checking your sugar levels at home.

Maintain your cholesterol and blood pressure level. Increased levels of both aggravate diabetes and kills our body slowly. Periodical check on the cholesterol and BP levels help in controlling the diabetes level as well.

Stop smoking and moderate your alcohol consumption habit.

Brush your teeth two times daily, keep your gums healthy and maintain a good dental hygiene. Visit the dentist once in every year or as and when required.

Consume prescription drugs as and when prescribed. Do not self medicate yourself for you never know.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle by modifying your food habit. Walk regularly for at least 30 minutes, go to gym and relax in between work.

Learn to cope with your stress. While it is impossible to get rid of stress, we can handle with with ease and stress free.

Prevent yourself from dehydration. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and fluids.

Use mouth washes after every meal. This will help prevent gum diseases

Clean yourself. Check your feet for cuts, bleeds, blisters, sores, toenails and swellings

Lastly, stay informed, stay aware and stay fit.


Every woman will go through the ” what is happening to me ” phase in her life, more than once. Women tend to internalize trauma lot more effectively than men and thus implosions are very often. Now when I read Elizabeth Gilbert’s EAT PRAY LOVE, I too was gulping more than my fair share of crisis. Its toll was visible on the outside. It was sheer curiosity that prompted me to read this book.The title EAT PRAY LOVE, resonated like a chant,for I love to eat, like to pray and love to love. It sounded like an easy solution to my multitude of problems.

I started the book, I finished it. I asked myself what would I do ? We always tend to put others before us so much that the question of ‘what I want ” is always given minimum priority. But when this woman, Gilbert,took to healing herself through food, prayer and love, it seems possible for women to self-heal.

I’m not here to tell the story or comment on the book. But the book contains a key and I have discovered it. I opened the resources to my self-healing once in a while to realize the simplicity and magic of this three elementary words..eat..pray…love.

Why do children need to drink milk?

Calcium constitutes a very important part of our health, especially for the growing children and youth who require it to the optimum. The fact that it is not produced by our body makes it all the more important. It has to be supplemented from outside sources, both natural and chemical.

Why do we need calcium?

provides bones with rigidity and strength.

confers rapid growth of bones in children

plays vital tole in message transmission to the brain

helps in the regulation of enzymes and hormones

aids in bl0od clotting, heart functioning

plays vital role in the pregnancy

helps in the production of lymphatic fluids

helps in transport of nutrients and other substances

helps in the transformation of light to electrical impulses in the retina

What are the dietary sources of calcium?

Our body cannot produce calcium on its own. So it has to be supplemented either through natural food resources or lactates, gluconates and carbonates.

Dairy products contain huge amount of calcium. So it is important that we include dairy products in the diet of the children on daily basis. This could be anything from milk, milk shakes, chocolates, ice-creams to butter, cheese and chhana, kheer. Other natural food rich in calcium includes meat, seafood, green leafy vegetables, peanuts, seeds and all varieties of seeds, legumes and nuts.

What does deficiency of calcium cause?

Deficiency of calcium can lead to innumerable problems in grownups. This happens due to improper diet during childhood. It’s important that the basic diet of children contains enough of calcium products. The conditions that may arise due to deficiency of calcium includes:


bowlegs, knock knees

poorly developed bones

poor growth

cramp in legs

irregular heartbeat

poor sleep disorder

Why do children need to drink milk?

Milk and milk products are loaded with calcium and other nutrients. So, it is the easiest way to include dairy products and get the sufficient amount of calcium in diet. If milk is removed from diet, it can lead to insufficient ingestion of calcium – something that’s going to stay with the kids forever.

The ‘Julie and Julia’ syndrome – day5

Understanding the changes within

Till the last day of her life actress Parveen Babi was convinced that Amitabh Bachchan was trying to poison her. Parveen Babi had suffered from Schizophrenia all through the later part of her life.  The height of “innocence” they say is “madness” where one is unaware of his own self.

Is it fate then, that lead to these circumstances and conditions in life? Are we doomed to it? Or is there a way out?

Don’t we all live schizophrenic lives to some degree or other? Can we guarantee that our view of this world is always clear and correct?.
Every time we perceive something, it is always filtered through our emotions, our desire, jealousy, pride, ignorance, or aggression. And when insecure we pass judgements, we compare and get defensive.

The origin of perception is always from within and not outside. A piece of music may bring pleasure to some and discomfort to others. The same  tourist place may bring happiness to some and displeasure to others.
All the different perceptions we have, arise from our very own minds. Through our prejudices, which is our own creation. Or sometimes through external conditioning, when  we accept what has been taught to us without analyzing or examining its  reliability or authenticity.

The sum total of all our experiences ( the internal reactions to the external events ) and conditioning condense within us and we form a belief system. This belief system is what takes us through our life. Either towards prosperity or towards doom.

Lets have a look at what then could be the winning formula.
Studies show that our brain vibrates at Alpha level (9 to 14 Hz) when in a calm meditative state and at Theta level (4 to 8 Hz) which is the deep relaxation or problem solving state, when all the distracting thoughts are blocked out and  a state of awareness is brought about. Awareness provides the presence of mind to see the assumptions and false beliefs before we invest in them. And when we no longer live by the false beliefs in our mind we no longer have unnecessary emotional reactions. With practice we can choose in the moment not to believe what our mind is saying. This allows us to see the emotional roller coaster coming.

Meditation brings about a stability in the mind and takes us to a state where we no longer ‘react’ (with our emotions), but we ‘respond’ (taking responsibility of our role in the situation and remaining conscious of our feelings, thoughts and reasons and being aware of the bigger picture ).

Self-awareness is empowering. We almost always perceive ourselves as a part of the system outside . We believe that the system and the design outside is fixed and perfect and that we need to fit in there. With self-awareness we can  look at ourselves in isolation. It is in the simplest terms, the discovery of one’s own personality.

Making meditation an integral part of one’s daily routine is the key to the whole predicament.

The mind can weave itself warmly in the cocoon of its own thoughts, and dwell a hermit anywhere.” – James Russell Lowell


Today is the  27thday of my self-proclaimed exercise regimen (read my post “The julie and Julia syndrome – day1”). The compulsion I have laid upon myself to be accountable in my blogs for the same has turned out to be a very very successful experiment. I am feeling light. All the aches and pains in my body have disappeared. I have lost most of the flab.
But certain areas like around the waist etc still measure the same.  I have not only, not broken my consistency, but I now aim to link it to some sport. Though I have yet to decide upon something specific. Meanwhile I completed  the basic course of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s ‘Art of Living’ .

There is paragliding, there is bungee jumping and then there is the Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s  ‘Sudarshan Kriya’ . Only experience will speak. The thrill is something that cannot be put in words.

Natural Anxiety Relief

Everyone goes through periods of anxiety from time to time. The world we live in an increasingly complex, and an extra day, and it seems that more demands on our time, our bodies and our brains, than ever before. But what do we do when the pressure just does not seem to subside even when the cause is removed, or even laying in bed or relaxing with your loved ones?

Of course we all run to the local doctor and get a pill to fix (almost) everything nowadays. But we also know enough now to know that there are often risks and side effects to consider.

Natural Anxiety Relief techniques are gaining ground steadily over the past few decades, and starting to become widely accepted, the more traditional medicine.

Of course, we can say that the easiest and best remedy for anxiety is quite simple: a workout! Although it is very easy to ignore the great majority of anxiety sufferers could be greatly improved with a mild, regular exercise program. Get the blood flowing through your veins, get the lung functioning, get the heart beating. This will release huge amounts of endorphins and decrease anxiety, improve the prospects almost immediately.

Second, it is easy to do … Sleep! Are you practicing good sleeping habits? What? Do you fall asleep while watching TV? Quit! The patterns of light and the rocking of ideas seem to put you to sleep, but in reality it is desperately racing just below the surface, and after you fall asleep. It continues to run, searching for the memory banks of the details that go over time.

Caffeine is also an important culprit. Although it may seem, it is important, especially following a poor night’s sleep. But the toxins produced in the body, cause you to be fidgety and stressed. Only a slight reduction in caffeine intake can seriously increase the general mood and you may be able to cope with anxiety.

These may manifest, but good habits  will go to great lengths and basic  needed to alleviate the anxiety considerably. Do not make mistake of ignoring these simple and easy actions and look for the “big gun” cures. You just might find himself in a much calmer, happier and physically healthier to boot!

Popping pills without prescription: How safe is it?

Self medication is the practice of talking medicines, mostly for generalized symptoms, for oneself without consulting the specialist. In India we are privileged with the right to buy medicines over-the-counter (OTC). However, many forget where to draw the line, and go ahead buying medicines for illnesses that might get them to trouble later in life.

OTC drugs have certainly made life easier for average Indians. However, the same could lead us to irreversible health damages. It’s a common practice to buy anti-fungal creams, analgesics, sunscreens, antidandruff shampoos, which are also considered as OTC drugs. We all do that. These are common dermatologically proven health products that hardly get us into reverse medical conditions.

Some even go over board buying Aspirin, Paracetamols, Vitamin tablets, expectorant and non-expectorant syrups.  Buying these does not harm us as much as taking the wrong dosage does. We do not have the medical expertise to decide for the correct dosage. There are so many factors associated with the taking in of the medicines. The prevalent medical conditions of a patient should be taken into account first and foremost. Some people increase the dose without consulting; assuming that two pills would make them feel better than one and so on. They go onto share these tips with family members and friends and influence them as well. Lack of knowledge could be fatal and what seems like a harmless thing could easily lead to disaster.

How safe are Vitamins?

Self medication even while taking vitamins is a big NO. Millions of people who are popping in vitamins are risking their lives to various ailments. Malignant melanoma is now proven to be one of them. Even the water soluble vitamins could lead to dire medical conditions like kidney stone, liver damage, muscle cramps, diarrhoea.

Some do’s and donot’s

Consult your doctor before taking self medication, if you are not sure

Read the warnings and instructions to avoid the possible cross reactions

Get you closet clean of expired medicines

Take the medicines when prescribed

Never share or decide medicines for others

Do your bit of research and know what you are taking

Be a smart citizen, know your life

It is always better to take the natural food supplements like farm fresh vegetables, fruits, cereals, milk, hand made bread, dry fruits. Going back to nature and going back to minimalism makes living safer, healthier and beautiful.

The ‘Julie and Julia’ syndrome – day2

A lot of people are afraid of heights. Not me, I’m afraid of widths – Steven Wright

Understanding  ‘self discipline’
(ok girl! better late than never)

One who says “it can be done” and the other who says, “it cannot be done”. Both are right .
One looks for reasons to do it while the other looks for reasons not to do it and both will find them.

How does one achieve the results one is looking for?
Discipline dear discipline!
We picturize ‘discipline’ in terms of school environment or strict parents. And we generally associate it with ‘restriction’ or ‘no fun’ – mostly a negative connotation. Often related to an outside coercion. And that may partly be true in the short run.

Because we are all looking for instant gratification. ‘what’s the purpose of living if we can’t have fun?’. Ultimately it’s all about enjoying and having a blast. And we have only one life to do it.

That brings us to another related term – “self discipline”?
Why self – discipline?
When we don’t want the fun to go overboard and ultimately turn unexciting, we need an anchor called “self-discipline”.

So, how do we catch this cloud called self- discipline?
The first step – will power. Next comes consistency. Almost everyone starts off with great enthusiasm and very soon the wind goes out of the sail. Consistency is the only way to get there.
The target is, that the activity should become a habit, a way of life, mechanical. There shouldn’t be any thought process involved while doing it. Like self- hygiene. It should become second nature.
Once your research on what needs to be done and how it’s to be done is over, then all we have to do is military–like daily drill. Just do it and do it.

Its about creating a habit consciously till it reaches your subconscious.

Just as it takes muscle to build muscle, it takes self-discipline to build self-discipline.
Well now getting back to myself and my, self-proclaimed exercise and diet regimen. Day-1 was the day for resolutions and research.
Day-2 onwards the action begins .

  1. Reiki meditation : Morning 10:30 to 11:45 practiced self-healing.
    Later,  I read out some positive statements about my health. I visualized that I was exercising daily and saw myself slim and healthy, beautiful and energetic. This helped me calm my mind
  2. Worked out with the skipping rope.
    Expected benefit : Will help lose weight, will help to speed up the metabolism,   improve muscular co-ordination, tone muscle mass and develop muscle mass, improve reflexes, balance and agility, help in increasing concentration.
    Result : Could not go beyond 75 jumps. Took about 2 minutes to complete this.
    (To look back and think that I used to be an athletic champion in my school, college and one right through to representing my bank where I used to work. Seems like it was some other lifetime)
    Took a small break of 5 min
  3. Pranayam : Did 5 minutes of  anulom – vilom and 60 counts of kapaalbhaati which took about one minute.
  4. Aerobics : Evening 6:00 to 6:45,  I attempted aerobics. I say attempted because I could not complete it. I had to abandon it after 15 minutes. I was doing it after a break of 5 years. I used to complete the whole workout smoothly then. Today I reached the abdominal workouts and got a catch in my stomach and doubled up. I was writhing in pain as the spasms kept coming back in cycles. My husband had to rush to prepare the hot water bag for me. And he was teasing me “double O quits?”.
    God! The first day – a disaster. Well this was expected.
    I shall not give up though.
  5. Diet : Had planned to skip dinner today, but was not able to control my hunger so had it anyway. Will need to work on this slowly.

Blogging is therapeutic. Like introspection it opens our mind to many recesses we had never delved into before. It does not matter, how many are reading it. You are thinking aloud, is what matters

Self-respect is the root of discipline; the sense of dignity grows with the ability to say no to oneself – Author: Abraham J. Heschel

The ‘Julie and Julia’ syndrome -day 1

Here I was in my drawing room, sprawled on the sofa and experiencing the phrase “bored to death” in its totality. I mean I wouldn’t have been bothered had I  actually died that day. I would have probably looked down at my body from above and muttered to myself lazily, “dead eh?”.

It was then that I remembered that my brother had the membership to the  DVD rental service and had asked me to use it as he was going to be busy for a few days .

I picked up the DVD to be exchanged and walked into the store . The person behind the desk too looked like, he could do with a few rajnikant jokes . Was he really bored or was it just my jaundiced eye , I was seeing yellow everywhere (read boredom ). I proceeded to sift through the collection. And there I spotted “Julie and Julia”. Meryl Streep being my favorite actress I picked it up. Got home and played it. And before I knew it, got completely absorbed in the scenes. I lived all the emotions Julia and Julie felt and cried through all of Julie’s disasters and all the flurry of emotions that she went through.

The movie is based on two true stories – Back in the forties we meet a young Julia Child (played by Meryl Streep ) a bored wife who has accompanied her diplomat husband to France. And her journey as a student in the Le Cordon Bleu cooking school to a cooking teacher to writing the cookbook “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” for the servant less Americans which was  published in 1949.

Simultaneously the story shuttles to the year 2002 narrating the story of Julie Powell (played by Amy Adams) who on the other hand is timid , never manages to complete anything and hates her job which involves, having to   handle phone calls from relatives of the 9/11 victims at the insurance company. Once at lunch with her close friends, Julie feels very small and trivial compared to her successful friends. Its then that she decides to bring about some change into her life. She discusses it with her husband and concludes that she loves cooking and happened to have the cookbook “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” written by Julia.

She decides that she needs to set an AA (alcoholic anonymous) kind of target. That is “one day at a time”. So she targets, cooking 524 recipes out of this book in 365 days. And she decides to blog about this activity  every single day. By and by she sees her world expanding as readers start commenting. And eventually transitions into a strong woman. She later publishes this experience in the form of a book “Julie and Julia” ,which is later made into a movie.

Well for me, it was like as if my prayer had been answered. I am approaching 50 (Not that age matters . You could start feeling worthless at any age and decide to pick yourself up from there). And my life has not been getting anywhere. Now a housewife, who had committed to giving my home the first priority. I have longed to do something that would make me feel worthwhile and satisfied. However minute it might be. I started with 2 or 3 activities simultaneously and in the process becoming jack of all trades and master of none. And slowly discarded all of them.

So I thought  how about me following Julie’s footsteps . Seems like a very good idea. I should start with only one focus at a time. Let me see, I guess I  first need to set targets like she did.  I should to  be systematic and probably scientific in my approach. Blogging about my  daily  progress would be a good idea . This will give me accountability.

So here goes, I shall take the plunge today :

FIRST TARGET : Health REASON – (This is the most important part. Because if I don’t know why I am doing what I am doing then it won’t last. ) : Well ! I am beginning to put on weight and right now it seems like ‘the beginning of the end’ to me. And I want to follow the doctrine “ A stitch in time saves nine”. I have started experiencing knee pain and back pain recently. Age is catching on me. I need to exercise regularly  to keep healthy.

TARGETED RESULT : Reduction in 10 inches around my waist , and 10 inches around my seat and reduction in about 5  kgs of my weight ( It  already  looks like a daunting task. How did I manage to get this far?)

PERIOD : 60 days  starting today (Is this an unreal time period? well I shall soon know)

METHOD TO GAIN RESULTS: I plan to do it with no help . I could easily join a health club and get the results, but it’s not all about statistics.  It’s about disciplining my life and being accountable for my dreams and desires. It’s about being consistent in the activity. It’s about exploring my limits. It’s about finding my own happiness. And in turn I shall definitely spread this happiness around.

I call it the ‘syndrome’ because the condition just got stuck to me. The word also means ‘run together’, and  Julie is with me  giving me new hope.

So there ! Be with you soon again .

value friends

It was early morning and I was lazing when she called up.“Is it really her number” I looked closely to reassure that she was the one who was calling then ignored it. “I won’t spoil my mood early in the morning”, I said to my self pulling the bed sheet over my head to slip in to the comforting world of morning slumber. A beep of the sms disturbed me again irritated I jumped out of the bed, it was her sms it read “ I know you are awake but not picking up my phone because you are distressed because of me, want to tell you that I am suffering from cancer. Wanted to say sorry to you before I die.” I deleted the sms thinking that it was her regular trick. She always resorted to such histrionics to set the train of our derailed friendship on track. She had that habit of offending people in public and pleading innocence in private. In our last encounter she offended me more than I could tolerate so we were out of touch for three to four years. Many days passed nothing in this matter happened and the message and its sender were forgotten forever. It was a lovely morning and I was scanning through the newspaper when my eyes detected a familiar name in the obituary column. It was her name. She was gone. My eyes welled up. Everything seemed so meaningless, my ego, my insult. But I realized it very late. I cursed my self for every thing but alas. We were great friends and took each other for granted. But on that fateful day the devil in my mind said she is guilty and must be punished. I have that habit of withdrawing myself without giving reason because what anyone else does is their problem but what I should not tolerate is my discretion. That was what I thought till that day. Today I have changed and say what ever others do is their problem but I will see only the good side of everything. Because of my stupid ego I did not answer the call of my dying friend. I have got a fitting punishment of living in permanent guilt. As children we speak out our minds openly but as adults it becomes difficult to speak out for so many reasons. The fruit of innocence once touched by the finger of reason loses its bloom permanently. Thereafter there is only reason for every thing. The beauty of art of living fades with childhood and the ugliness of adulthood survives like unwanted weed difficult to get rid off. Through the tainted glass of adulthood everything is tainted. Even the most pure things appear otherwise. The purity of thought fades away. But some events give you a jolt and you want to dust away the dirt forever and retain only the innocent purity, what ever the price.


There is a direct relationship between our diet and good health.

It is very important to discuss one point which is a big problem in the present time especially in urban societies: a problem of heart disease. This means that the heart becomes diseased because of poor blood circulation to the muscles. The arteries get blocked in the surface due to fatty flacks being formed inside, this slowly blocks the circulation. This happens to those who smoke and eat high cholesterol diet. It could also be caused through heredity, or hypertension. It has been found that inactive people are affected by coronary heart disease. Also it is found that people in India get affected  by coronary heart disease as easily between the age 35-45 years. While the economy improving , the dietary  patters of people are changing. People are going for diets which are processed, which are lacking vitamins, minerals and also eating fatty diets consuming meat, ghee, butter and cream.  This seems to increase cholesterol which affects people’s health.

IMPORTANCE OF BREAKFAST AND DINNER: Another important fact is instead of having  a good, rich breakfast, they happen to eat a heavy dinner. The energy is not used at night because  the person goes off to bed soon after his dinner. What really happens is  much of the fat  in the dinner seems to enter the blood stream  which is not utilized. There is every chance for this excess fat to be deposited in the arteries and elsewhere with in the frame work of the body. So, this is why we feel that the diet has to do with Atherosclerosis. There are other diseases caused by poor eating . Many people have a late and heavy dinner, especially with liquor. When a person is sleeping after a heavy dinner  the digestion is prolonged  and he is in a chronic state of dyspepsia where the stomach has no rest. When people get up in such a state, they feel they have not rested, in fact half of the body inside has not rested because of the prolonged digestive process. And when you put your body under stress every day  in and out for number of years  naturally the stomach is bound to go on strike. As a result people suffer from acidity and form peptic ulcers.

Listen Your Way To a Better Diet

The battle contrary to the bulge isn’t an easy one. Most people these days making the effort to eat healthier but it’s tough to maintain with the onslaught of diet-related information and also to stay motivated to choose nutritious groceries. So here’s a tip. Listen your technique to a better diet.

There are some excellent mp3 audio books available on the subject of diet system. Try popping one of these into your truck stereo or listening to them while you’re within the kitchen making dinner. It’s a great route to discover more about the impact of food on one’s body. It can also help you to discover new foods and recipes that cannot be downloaded. And it’s a sensible strategy to settle and be accountable to a healthier eating behavior. Just try preparing a greasy hamburger while playing an audio book discussing this particular wellness risks of saturated fats!

A great audio book initially is The South Beach Diet by Arthur Agatson. The South Beach Diet isn’t extreme as some other diets so it’s a sensible way to transition into your healthier way regarding eating. You’ll still manage to eat much of the foods you enjoy but if you’re like many others fix trading the foods that you limit (are they refined carbs) will help you kid shed weight quickly.

Another great route to obtain information will be audio books by Dr. Andrew Weil. Weil has written dozens of books on health and a number of them are available on audio. I find his dietary recommendations extremely sensible and enjoy that he views food ways of obtain pleasure (something many diet e-book writers surprisingly don’t consider). A few recommended Weil something on audio are Eating Well to obtain Optimum Health, The Healthy Kitchen (with Rosie Daley) and Nurturing Yourself.

If you’re ready to step it just about a notch, you might want to listen to Tony Robbins’ Residing Health course. While Tony’s dietary recommendations aren’t easy and simple to follow, the alkalinity theory of nutrition that he espouses might well be a breakthrough whilst in the nutrition world. And you certainly can’t seem to argue with Tony’s energy. The guy can be a live wire!

A few other mp3 mp3 audio books could to pick up include Diet for only a New America by John Robbins (not related to Tony), Eat to Beat Cancer malignancy by J. Robert Hatherill and Ultraprevention by Draw Hyman and Mark Liponis (the co-directors of medicine inside Canyon Ranch spa). There are also some interesting nutrition-related podcasts in the marketplace such as Tracy Jorg’s Vegan Getting ready food School podcast. And don’t forget regarding about Eric Schlosser’s best-selling audio reserve Fast Food Nation. If you’re looking for some reasons to never eat fast food again you’ll discover them there.

Immerse yourself in these titles and see how your diet changes. Once you discover an enjoyable tactic to eat better you shouldn’t be surprised if you ever never get back on your older ways.

5 Facts about Burning Body Fat You Should Know

Your system is the ultimate device, and running it in peak condition doesn’t require a complicated or time-consuming exercising.

These 5 facts about how precisely to eat food and also fry your frames fat—each along with action plans—will help reshape our bodies this year.

  1. Be natural

Make small changes after a while in your food alternatives and levels of physical exercise. Small steps work a lot better than giant leaps. Remember, small steps equal to long-lasting results.

Add more fiber-rich beans and peas in your meals.

Add the ‘super food’ spinach to any sandwich for the delicious phytochemical, antioxidant, plus vitamin packed crunch!

Thinking of a chocoholic? Once or twice seven days, you can trade with your usual chocolate snack regarding chocolate pudding or cocoa constructed with low fat milk.

Like meat tacos? Make your own at your house. They will be reduce in fat and calories when you prepare the beef such as this…place 1 pound connected with cooked ground beef in the strainer, and rinse with 1 cup of trouble. Drain well, and continue along with your recipe.

2. Be adventurous

Expand your tastes to enjoy kinds of foods. Most supermarkets carry many different food items; yet direct email marketing, the same eight as well as 10 “core” foods constitute most of their purchases if they shop.

Being adventurous with meal broadens your choices and makes it possible to get the 40-plus different nutrients you would like for a fully practical metabolism.

Trade in your current usual chips, dips, plus bagged ‘munchies’ for brilliant and crunchy red pepper whitening strips, jicama slices, frozen watermelon, and baked bagel debris.

Take your kids over a supermarket safari. Pick your food group, and let each munchkin dig up one food the individual has never tried prior to.

3. Be flexible

Balance diet and physical activity around several days. No be concerned about just one meal or at some point. When it comes to building an improved body it’s what one does over time that matters. Everyone overeats or becomes lazy once in months.

So don’t worry with regards to ‘messing up’ or splurging. Just balance out this period by eating a little bit less or being even more active.

Eat a lighter breakfast every day and lunch to plan for “pizza while using works” for dinner. Split an order connected with fries or a rich dessert having a friend.

Did you eat a full box of cookies or a total tub of  Ben in addition to Jerry’s? Don’t feel disloyal! Just realize that the following time you go away, make plans to make a move SUPER active, such as dancing or a good, long exercise session with SERIOUSLY clean eating.

4. Be reasonable

Enjoy all foods, only don’t overdo it. A supportive diet plan can—and should—include the entire foodstuff you like. After most of, food is more than just fuel—it’s considered one of life’s greatest pleasures!

Here’s that secret: just don’t overfill your system with any one foodstuff. It’s okay to eat a bigger or smaller amount. Bear in mind: It’s “what” you consume and “how much” nicely balanced over several days of which counts.

Put your food on the plate, and skip the desire to eat straight in the container. You’ll then understand how much you’re consuming.

Try eating roasted, cooked, broiled, or grilled food items.

Limit fruit juices absorption. Focus instead on eating whole vegetables and fruits.

Be active (both bodily and mentally)

Don’t worry if time frame is tight—you can total up your Thirty minutes in 10-minute chunks each day.

Be grateful for one’s body now. You created it along with your thoughts and actions. If you would like it to look in different ways, just change your ideas.

Action follows thought. So the easiest way to do this is to just invest in a walk first thing each morning. Even if it is just for 4 minutes. Only get outside and SWITCH.

5. Visualize what you prefer to create.

Bonus tip: Adults (and dogs) should exercise at the very least 30 minutes daily

Walk doggie, but don’t just watch doggie walk. Challenge that pup! Try to get the pup tired! By the manner, did you know how the FDA just approved the pill that supposedly helps OBESE dogs shed pounds?

What will your system look like after you follow your fitness and fat reduction goals until you accomplish them? How will in which feel? See it and obtain that feeling of being successful, that feeling of knowing That you’re in control of the ship…ahhhh…now that is the beautiful thing.

You have the power to arive at your goals and possibly be what and who you should be.

Life Management

Life Management By Self-empowerment-1

To find the ways to manage our lives, we have to first understand what life is and what management is?

The difference between a dead and live person: Our body consists of innumerable number of live cells. Each cell is an independent unit. Numbers of cells keep on changing all the time. The dead cells are replaced by the new cells. A person is live till the time this process of change in number of cells in his body is taking place. If this process stops the person is dead. Throughout the life span of a person this process keeps on taking place. Therefore, if one wishes to increase his life span, he has to make sure that this process of change in number of live cells remains active. Moment this process stops he is declared dead.

Now Life (age) of a person in years is the time span between his birth and death. When we say ‘management of life; we mean ‘to manage activity in this time span’. In my opinion, we keep on changing our life span (or remaining-age period) all the time. This happens because of our activities. We can’t survive without activity. Even while sleeping (either relaxing or otherwise) our life span keep on changing. All our activities – god or bad – will have effect on our life span. In other words, our remaining life span is in our hand.

Management is broadly defined as ‘efficient utilisation of all available resources to achieve the desired objective in predefined time frame.’

Now to manage the life we have to define its objectives, available resources and the time period available – to achieve those objectives.

Now let us first understand that time period available (remaining-age) to one is not specified. One can live for a long period or one can die at any moment. So we can’t define time period available. This increases our difficulty to manage life.

Next we have to define objectives of our life. Now each individual may set different objectives for his life. This also makes it impossible to make a fixed formula, which can be universally applied to all persons, for managing life.

Next, resources available also vary from person to person. Resources available may be time, energy, will power, intelligence level, money, manpower, material help, responsibilities etc.

Thus it becomes more difficult to define a universal formula for life management. In short, laying down a plan for life management, which can be applied to all, is not an easy task.

However, we should not leave hope and try to do it.

Firstly let us set an objective that is universally applicable to all living beings, irrespective of time period (remaining-age) and resources available to an individual.

We know – one of the main requirements of good management is efficient utilisation of available resources. Efficient means optimum utilisation of resources to achieve optimum results.

Now it is a well-known fact that our efficiency is optimum when we are happy (i.e. we are in the best mood and our mind is at rest). When we are sad our efficiency is the least.

Therefore, our aim in life should be ‘to remain happy all the time’ so that our efficiency is optimum; and thereby what ever we do we do it to the perfection. Now this objective can be universal, as it is independent of available time or resources.

Now we will try to find ways to achieve this ‘objective of life’ i.e. TO REMAIN HAPPY ALL THE TIME.

In other words, Management of life means – ‘to manage our life in such a way that we are happy all the time’. In other words, we have to control our activities in the present, so that they have good effect on us and we remain happy all the time.

To remain happy all the time we have to understand what happiness is and what are the factors affecting our happiness?

One of the paths to achieve happiness is self-empowerment. And this is the most important path, as any one who is dependent on any one else for any thing can’t remain happy. Can you remain happy in your old age, when you have to depend on others (including doctors or medicines or conveyance etc)? So, we have to depend or rely more on us for our daily requirement. How we can do it?

As we have realised that life can be managed well if one can live it efficiently; and one is most efficient when he is happy.

As the life span of an individual is uncertain one has to live happily all the time. One can not postpone his living happily otherwise his efficiency will go down, and his life span (remaining-age when he can do some activity as per his wish) will reduce.

Living happily all the time means we have to live our life (consciously) in the present, as we can’t live in past or future.

Living in the present means we have to live every moment of our life consciously so that we make sure that we utilise that moment efficiently. The moment not utilised will not come back to us. Our future depends upon our activity in the present. We will reap in future what we sow in the present.

Therefore, we have to empower ourselves so that we live all the time happily. Therefore, one should not waste any moment without efficiently utilising it.

Self-empowerment can be achieved by self-awareness and self-actualisation.

The other important point in life management is – how to increase our life span so that our problem of life management becomes little bit easy. Less the time, more is the difficulty in managing it.

Therefore, we should find methods of increasing our life span – period available to us till our death. This period should be such that we can use it for some creative work – not to feed the body only and curing it with medicines.

This leads us to next important point of living healthy all the time. Unless we are healthy we can’t be happy. We will also see how to remain healthy without having any medicine – whether allopathic, ayurvedic, homeopathy or of any other pathy.

(To be concluded…)

(Presented by: Harish Nagpal, [email protected])

Gall Bladder Attacks.

Gall bladder is an organ which helps in digestive process and stores bile. Gall bladder attack is different from gall bladder disease.
Gall bladder attack is both painful and frightening. Most of the people opt for a surgery for gall bladder attack. When my mother got gall bladder attack she immediately opted for a surgery because the attack was really painful and frightening for her.

Following are some of the symptoms of gall bladder attack:

1. Chest pain in the right side.
2. Nausea and vomiting.
3. Queasiness.
4. Gas.
5. Dizziness.
6. Constipation.
7. Headaches.
8. Light colored stools.

Drinking lemon juice and salt at night can ease the pain of gall bladder.

Number of gall bladder attack cases is increasing these days, mainly due to bad eating habits and inappropriate diet. These days more and more people are shifting towards junk and fried food, that creates indigestion and become a hindrance in normal activities of the body. There are more chances of gall bladder attack in the people, who have weight problems, or the people who have high cholesterol level or the people who have gastrointestinal disorders.

Gall bladder attacks can also occur due to allergic reaction to certain foods like eggs, meat, dairy products and citrus fruits. Consuming chocolates, coffee and carbonated soda can also become a cause for gall bladder attack.

Usually gall stones are mainly responsible for gall bladder disease and pain.

Although, gall bladder attacks are very painful but in my opinion getting surgery done for the removal of gall bladder is not a right choice. Gall bladder is a vital organ of our body that helps in the digestion of fats. Also, removal of gall bladder does not mean the end of the problem, because still you will not be able to eat like you used to eat before getting it removed. I can very well cite my mother’s problem here.

My mother got her bladder removed through a surgery but after that she has to really take care of her eating habits. Whenever she eats some high fat food she gets the pain that she used to get earlier.

You can first try some alternative treatments before getting your gall bladder removed such as getting your gall stones flushed with the help of medicines prescribed by your doctor. Also people suffering from gall
bladder attacks should improve their eating habits, like, in spite of having animal foods such as meat, you can switch to vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts and seeds.

You are the only who can take good care of your health and it is only you who make it worse. Stay healthy. Stay fit.

A Little Bit of Luck

Avinash stepped out of the pavements and started to cross the road. The horn, screech of wheels and the sudden swerve of the car came just a second too late, and he was thrown away into the middle of the road, with a pool of blood under him. Everyone thought that he should have been dead.

“Oh, my God, is he alright? Is he..?” cried a young and beautiful girl, who was driving that car that knocked him off his feet.

“Can’t tell?” said a stranger.

“Somebody please get him into my car, in the back seat and I will take him to the hospital…Please….” She cried

They picked up his limp body and laid him down on the back seat of her car and closed the door. She thanked them got into the car and was about to slam her feet on the accelerator.

“Ma’am, I think this belongs to him” Said a stranger, handing her a file. Which she placed next to her seat.

“Thank you,” She said, slamming her foot on the accelerator and driving as fast as she could and raced towards the hospital. Finally, she reached the hospital. He was taken into the ICU. The doctor examined his body. When he came back.

“Any hope?” She asked.

“Can’t say? He has fractured his leg; the loss of the blood is the problem. Because, we do not have his blood group in the blood bank of our hospital and if we don’t get it in the next half an hour or so then he will surely die.” The doctor replied.

“What’s his blood group, doctor?” She asked.

“A+ ”

“Mine is A+ too. You can take my blood” She said.

“Good, then follow me.” The doctor said

Later, Priya came out of the hospital and got into her car. She saw the file. ‘The Whispering Willow’- A collection of short stories by Avinash’

“God, please let him live…please ..” She prayed, starting the engine of her car.

When Avinash opened his eyes, he felt awful. He blinked his eyes, looking at the ceiling. Images seemed to be blurred. He blinked again; it took him sometime before he could clearly see anything.

He was lying in a bed in a strange place that seemed like a hospital. His left leg was covered with plaster and was raised high in the air, suspended to a pulley; he wiggled his toes of his right leg. They seemed to be fine. Then he began to move his arms. Just then a nurse came to his bedside.

“Hi! Mr. Avinash, welcome back to this world” She said.

“How long have I been like this?” He asked, looking at her.

“Three days.” she replied, keeping the thermometer in his mouth and checking his pulse rate.

“Good, you’re making very nice recovery.” She moved on to the next bed. He looked out of the window, opposite to him.

Avinash’s short stories had appeared in the children’s magazines during his schooldays and then in newspapers. When he grew up, he had a dream to become one of the best story tellers of his time. He had joined a book publishing house as an assistant editor, hoping that they might help him in getting his collection of short stories published. Amar Jyothi Book House, where he worked was owned by Mrs. Anupama, a widow in her late thirties.

One evening, she offered to give him a lift in her car. Though he hesitated at first. Finally, he agreed and got into the car, next to her seat.

“Mr.Avinash, do you like reading?” she asked.

“Yes, ma’am. Why?” He asked her.

“Just call me Anupama or Anu. I just asked you because, I had seen you going through Jeffrey Archer’s Collected Short Stories so.” She said.

“Yes, Ma’am..He is one of the greatest story tellers of our age” He replied. Agreed. But, do you only read or do something else apart from that?” She asked, looking at him.

“Well, I write short stories too.” He said.

“Really? I didn’t know that!” She said, “It’s exceptionally very good. By the way, give me some to read. Let me see if you really have the talent” she said, changing the gear.

“I will.” he said, turning and looking at her.

“If your stories are really good then maybe I would consider publishing your first collection of stories.” She said
“Oh, That’s really very nice of you, Anu. ” He said.

“Well, met me at 7’o clock tomorrow evening in the office with your collection of short stories” She said.

Next evening at 7, stepped out of the pavements and started to cross the road. The horn, screech of wheels and the sudden swerve of the car…..

“Mr.Avinash, you have a visitor. I think you should see her for she is the reason for you to be alive today. Hadn’t she brought here in time and given her blood to you then it would’ve been a different story altogether.” The nurse said “Would you like to meet her?”

“Of course, what do you expect me to say. Send her in please.” He said.

“Ok, I will send her in.” She said, going away.

He looked eagerly towards the door for her to come.

“So, how are you doing?” Priya asked, coming and sitting on the stool, next to the bed.

“Fine, thanks for saving my life.” He said.

“No, please don’t thank me. Infact, I am the reason for this” She said, pointing her finger at his body, “Well, I couldn’t sleep well for the past three nights. I was always thinking and praying that you should get well. If at all something had happened to you then I don’t know what would’ve happened to me.” She said.

“Nice to know that suddenly I have become the center of your attraction” He said, smiling at her.

“Not just me. But, everyone else too.” She said.

“I didn’t get you?” He said. Well, your first collection of short stories ‘The Whispering Willow’ got published. Believe me; all the copies got sold within one day of its release. Now, it is out of stock in the book stores. All the newspapers had your picture and the critics have acknowledged that you do have talent to be a great writer.” She said, handing him a copy of the book.

He took it and stared at the cover page for a while and as he turned the pages, drops of tears twinkled in his eyes and fell down. She caught hold of them in the palm of her hand.
“Thank you. Thank you, very much. I just don’t have any more words to express my inner feelings of gratitude for what you have done for me” He said “I don’t know how I am going to repay this?”

“No mention. I have already got my reward by this.” She said, showing him the drop of tears to him, “Actually I did nothing. I just happened to read your collection of short stories. I liked most of the stories and I tried to get them published and succeeded.”

“Your stories are so nice, especially the twists and turns in the end. ‘A Plan for a Murder’; in which the husband plans to kill his wife to unite with his lover. But, ends up killing his lover in the end, was great.” she said.

“Yes.” He said.

“In the story ‘Into the dark of the night’; two couple meet with an accident and reach a house
that seems to be haunted. But, what they don’t realize is that they are dead and ghosts, was excellent.” She said.

“Thank you.” He said.

“But, one story ‘The Lost Friend’ seemed to be based on a real story” She said.

“Yes, it is based on a true incident from my childhood days.” He said.

“Did you ever come across her again?” She asked him.

“Unfortunately no.” He said.

“I think now you have.” She said, “I am Priya Sarma, who was studying with you in your school days.” She said, extending her hand to him.

“Really? What a surprise!” He exclaimed, shaking her hand, “Today I am really very happy and pleased.” The door bell rang. Sangeetha kept the pen down on the sheets of paper, on which she was writing something. She went to answer the door. She found Priya standing outside the door. She welcomed her inside.

“What are you doing Sangeethu?” She asked.

“Well, just writing one of my stories, that’s all!” She said.

“What’s the title of the story?” Priya asked.

“A Little Bit of Luck” She replied.

“Nice title.” She said “What’s it about?”

She explained the story to her. Priya listened to her with much interest. Then suddenly she interrupted her.
“Hey! All this had happened to me and Avinash” She said.

“You mean that short story writer, who became famous overnight?” She asked surprised.


“Oh, so, you know him, isn’t it?” She asked.

“Very much.”

“Can you help me to meet him once? I’ve read all of his stories and I just love them all. I just want to meet him in person.” She said.

“Sure. But, do tell me what happens in the climax of your this story?” Priya asked, curiously.

“I’m yet to write the climax of this story.” Sangeetha said, “I am thinking whether to include a sad or a happy ending.”

“If you include a sad ending then I’m going to kill you. Just kidding” Priya said, “Sangeethu, whatever you had written has happened to me or may be it’s just a coincidence. Even then I would like to have a happy ending in your this story. So let her marry him and live happily ever after.”

“Let me think about it. You should bribe me for that.” She said, teasingly.

“How about tomorrow? You can meet him at Malgudi at 7 pm.” Priya said, smiling at her.

Mother -Nature

Oasis of love in them we find,
Ocean of differences is all she binds.
Through her every chide and simple gestures,
in all, love slowly nurtures.
An eye for beauty she gives,
A heart for the ailing is all she asks.
She caresses our feet, in dark.
One mother and nature that we have failed…..
while she endures us all….
If for her we call it duty,
isn’t it ours, to care her beauty?
saplings grow and leave….
she stays along, still more to give.
An inspiration, against the odd she survives,
while we have got on in our lives!

A mirror that reflects the past,
for chide and actions we blame,
while we forget, it is God we tried to tame.

a feeling that we failed to express……

While we run in the race of life,
it is to her we look upon in strife!

all enduring, ever embracing figure,
she ever stands…a forgotten mirror…..

to Her i bow……
in your waters I play….
in your winds i relax….
in your fire i burn ego..
to your soil i bend……
to the sky i go back…..

this for every mother, who has stood through every phase of their kids….
through every hardship of her family….who thought of her family before herself….
and yet ever remained in her poise and never changed…….

just like our nature…..
the winds which have never changed their courses since time the earth was born….
the waters which have always remained the same irrespective of where they went and came….
the fire which which burns everything…taking her kids in her own humble ways….
the sky which always looks upon us as an ever guarding guardian!!!