The incompleteness is now complete

You had instilled such joy, I had felt complete

Not a care in the world no burden unwieldy

A song in my heart, tapping were my feet


There was a time when time stood still

Every moment when I gazed at your face

All my dreams, I hoped you would fulfill


Yet a fear, a doubt had been lurking around

Will I one day, from my slumber awake

Find reality hurting and the pain profound


We never could really travel together

Fate or what else that stood the barrier

Pondering, makes the predicament only harsher


We lived the years as there were to live

But something was amiss something unconsummated

More often than not, the mood would turn pensive


Heard of your demise today, my heart went offbeat

That potential and those possibilities that could have been

My feeling of incompleteness is now complete.

And I decided to die

To feel as never have felt before
To be as never have been
To breathe as never have breathed before
my last gulp of air
To desire and to love
with an  intensity that will permeate
Never will let it fade away
And feel it as never have felt

My last moment in death,
may open me to the essence, that
only feelings bring meaning to life
and Sensations would sweep all over
Telling me to let go and not crave,
all the pleasures and the pains
Of  love and of partings
And feel it as never have felt

The quest to experience
every experience there is to be
To rush and to fall
To feel hurt and to weep
To open all my wounds and cry
The malady I shall not deny
To up heave all the burden and liberate
And feel it as never have felt

The things that I have right now
would not have really been
As exquisite as it is just now
To be treasured, and to be cherished
In the moment of my demise
The depth of it all
On a pedestal I shall keep
And feel it as never have felt

To know and to fathom
There’s nothing outside of me
The universe is but subsumed
Inside of me to conceive
Impregnate me with the cognition
that I live, is only for me
To breathe as never have breathed
And to feel as never have felt

My last gulp of air, may just about ignite
Illuminate and show me all
till now that I never had seen
That “being” is just the “now”
To experience and to fill
And for death I need not wait
to teach  what life is all about
And to feel as never have felt