The incompleteness is now complete

You had instilled such joy, I had felt complete

Not a care in the world no burden unwieldy

A song in my heart, tapping were my feet


There was a time when time stood still

Every moment when I gazed at your face

All my dreams, I hoped you would fulfill


Yet a fear, a doubt had been lurking around

Will I one day, from my slumber awake

Find reality hurting and the pain profound


We never could really travel together

Fate or what else that stood the barrier

Pondering, makes the predicament only harsher


We lived the years as there were to live

But something was amiss something unconsummated

More often than not, the mood would turn pensive


Heard of your demise today, my heart went offbeat

That potential and those possibilities that could have been

My feeling of incompleteness is now complete.

You are important to me !!!

You are always with me day in and day out

you make me laugh, you make me cry

you connect me, with my near and dear ones

you help me hear lovely voices

you help me click beautiful photographs

and help me shoot videos

you help me see those vibrantly clicked

pictures and videos

you entertain me with enthralling music

you awake me everyday early in the morning

you help me remind about important tasks and

birthdays and anniversaries

of my dear friends and relatives

you have become part and parcel

of my life

I cannot live without

You – my dear cell phone.

How curious are you?

Many of us work very hard with full dedication at our work places. However, sometimes we feel that our curiosity to know certain new things is dwindling.  At some point of time, we do not feel inquisitive any more.

When we are hungry, we feel like eating and crave for some food. If we have eaten well, we temporarily stop thinking about food etc. However, after few hours we start feeling hungry again. Same is the case with our inquisitiveness, our desire to get curious keep surfacing as per our requirements. Actually, curiosity is must for our life. If we are inquisitive about mysteries of life, we keep moving on. If our curiosity has died down, then life also becomes a baggage.

If we have to live with zest and enthusiasm, our inquisitiveness should not go down. We may feel temporarily tired after getting to know certain mysteries; however, we should awake again after some time.  When we get physically tired, we take some rest and then re-start working, like-wise the flame of our curiosity should light up again, once we have taken a break. To acquire knowledge is directly related with our brain activity. To know something and to explore something gives us a kind of mental exercise. When our brain gets tired after gaining knowledge about new vistas, it also requires some rest. So when our brain gets adequate rest, it recharges itself again and we get curious as we were before. So would you like to be curious to acquire new things so that life gives you a motivation to live?

Killer Sadness

Nothing can make me sad
Nothing can make me cry
Nothing can kill me
The way your sadness does.

I can brave the bitter world outside
I can live the life as it comes
I know I can
You know I can.

So why are you sad?
What makes you lost?
Why do you ruin the moment?
By raving about things I wish to forget?