Stringless love

You go love bird, go off the strings

And explore the colors of the world

I am letting go you of my true love

I know that you know I love you true

I know that you know you are my life

You are my world, my life

But today I free you of the chains

Fly off to green lands not trodden

Discover the newness, color of life

Fall in love with the beautiful world

Explore the hills, springs, the land of sun

Live life stringless

Know you true love and then come back

I will wait.

Why- A Poem

“You all saw me laughing,
You all saw me saying,
You all saw me talking,
You all saw me shouting,
Did you all hear my silence?
Did you all see my tears?
Did you all feel my sadness?
Did you all see my helplessness?
You did not,
I want to ask,
Does it mean?
I don’t have heart?
It means,
I am never hurt?
I want to ask,

Lost Love – A Poem

“I feel,

I have lost my love,

Laying beside him,


Not able to feel his love.

I feel,

I have lost my soul,


I have lost him.

I feel it isn’t me anymore,


Now, I make him bored.

I feel so lost in this world,

As everything starts with him,

And ends with him.

If he doesn’t love me anymore,

It feels,

As, I am sitting alone on a sea shore.

May be,

I am thought off as a fool,

Who can never remain cool.

May be,

Now, I have lost my love.”

My Engagement – A poem

“I sat there,
In my chair,
Holding my palms,
Feeling nervous,
And my eyes down.

My in-laws came,
Still nervous, I remained.
Though my sisters were with me,
Still I couldn’t find myself relieved and free.

Then came the star of the night,
He looked dashing in his outfit,
With me he was made to sit.

Was the announcement of our engagement,
Everyone was filled with joy and excitement.

After few minutes,
Our engagement ceremony took place,
I could see his joyful face.

Everyone, then danced with joy,
And my sisters presented a dance number for me and my guy.

This was my engagement day,
Memories of which,
Will forever stay.”

Thank you love – A poem

“I was so alone,
You came into my life,
And gave me my smile.

I never shared my feelings with anyone,
But you gave me reason to share them with you.

I never cared so much for anyone,
But you gave me reason to care for you.

I never loved anyone so much,
But you gave me reason to love you.

Your love is unconditional one,
With no twist and turn.

You changed my perception to at life,
And changed my life from dull to bright.

Thank you for the love you give me,
Thank you for the care you show me,

Thank you for all those beautiful moments that you have given me,
Thank you for everything.”