Answer me, God!

One incident took away almost everything from my world. Aayush, my younger son was only 4 months old then; I could have never heard the word “mamma” from him  neither would I knew how well my elder son, Aryan could sing or how handsome he looks in his all white cricketing attire. It all happened little more than a year back but it is still so vivid in my mind as if it happened just a week before. I am writing this on the eve of my birthday, thanks to the saviour for he gave me an opportunity to celebrate my birthday this year with my family.

We met with a  road accident when we were coming back from Pondicherry to Chennai after spending a superb holiday. Our red car, as Aryan recalls, “Papa’s red car fell and broke into pieces so papa bought a big black car.” Our car was rammed by a xylo from behind and the world became darkness to me.

When I was back to my senses, a month had passed and I was still in the hospital with a severe head injury. The worst thing that happened during this accident was that I suffered from retrograde amnesia and lost my last one-year memory. Due to that, I even forgot my younger son, since he was only 4 months then. Still, I keep on urging everyone individually, not to disclose this to him when he grows up. He will be very hurt when he will know his mother did not remember him. Many more things happened in that one-month period when I was in the hospital, but I was simply clueless.

Finally, one day I was released from the hospital, still on a prescription to continue my high dose medicines for an indefinite time. One day I was just lying in my bed, and found my aunt’s digital camera. She came down from Kolkata during those wretched days to help us. I took the camera and started browsing the pics in it. I saw the first pic, and then the second and then as I pressed the next button, the third pic came up. I stared at the picture blankly. It was Aayush’s pic, with one of his leg wrapped with a white plaster. I immediately ran to my hubby to enquire further. He didn’t hide a bit and told me Aayush fractured his leg during the accident. If that was not all, the fracture got detected after a couple of days when the leg started to swell. Poor Aayush underwent a massive pain for those two days.  In addition, my elder son, Aryan who was only 3 and half years then, broke his left collarbone and was in trauma since he was the only one who saw the whole thing. I became numb and only my tears, which do not follow any rules, continued to roll down my cheek. He also said that every night both the kids kept on crying. The younger one tried to pronounce “mamma” and kept on crying and the elder one, kept on asking everyone when his mother will come back to him.

For better care, my hubby sent me to my mothers place to Kolkata after a few days post my return from the hospital. During that stay, I would ask my mother about all that happened when I was not in my senses. She would always start her narration with Anirban, my hubby, how he took care of me. He was badly injured too in the accident, 21 stitches in his head and with a broken shoulder, still he spent all the nights in the hospital sitting next to me. His routine was somewhat like this; he joined his office few days after the accident – he would go to his office in the morning, return by 5 pm, then feed and make Aryan sleep (He was not allowing anyone to feed him and making him sleep).  After Aryan slept, hubby would have his dinner and go to the hospital with my dinner. He would feed me and then used to sit the whole night awake next to my bed and the next day morning again the routine continued…. I always love my hubby a lot but after hearing all this from my mother, that love increased manifolds and the respect I had for him increased too. He too was badly injured and required proper rest after the accident, but due to his commitments then he did not get any rest and now he is suffering from the side effects. 6 months after the accident, he started getting tremendous back pain, for which he still have sleepless nights. After a check up from the doctor, we came to know during the accident, he badly hurt his back, if he would have taken proper rest then after the accident, now he would not suffer from the side affects. I am very lucky to have him as my best half; he showed me what life is and where happiness lies.

I had no clue what my parents went through as i am their only daughter. Few months back when I was visiting  my aunt, the topic reappeared. She disclosed that my mother kept fasting because I could not eat properly when I was in the hospital. She used to tell, “I will leave my fasting only when my daughter starts eating normal diet.” ‘Hat’s off to you maa, you have shown me what mothers are for and thanks baba for your support.I know you too went through a lot of pain !”

A year flew by but the stigma of the incidence is still crystal-clear in my mind. Very frequently, I get the memories flushing my mind and I always ask with moist eyes – ‘why it was me and my family, who had to experience such a horrible fate.’ This is the only question that I have for Him, the power known as God!

Natural Anxiety Relief

Everyone goes through periods of anxiety from time to time. The world we live in an increasingly complex, and an extra day, and it seems that more demands on our time, our bodies and our brains, than ever before. But what do we do when the pressure just does not seem to subside even when the cause is removed, or even laying in bed or relaxing with your loved ones?

Of course we all run to the local doctor and get a pill to fix (almost) everything nowadays. But we also know enough now to know that there are often risks and side effects to consider.

Natural Anxiety Relief techniques are gaining ground steadily over the past few decades, and starting to become widely accepted, the more traditional medicine.

Of course, we can say that the easiest and best remedy for anxiety is quite simple: a workout! Although it is very easy to ignore the great majority of anxiety sufferers could be greatly improved with a mild, regular exercise program. Get the blood flowing through your veins, get the lung functioning, get the heart beating. This will release huge amounts of endorphins and decrease anxiety, improve the prospects almost immediately.

Second, it is easy to do … Sleep! Are you practicing good sleeping habits? What? Do you fall asleep while watching TV? Quit! The patterns of light and the rocking of ideas seem to put you to sleep, but in reality it is desperately racing just below the surface, and after you fall asleep. It continues to run, searching for the memory banks of the details that go over time.

Caffeine is also an important culprit. Although it may seem, it is important, especially following a poor night’s sleep. But the toxins produced in the body, cause you to be fidgety and stressed. Only a slight reduction in caffeine intake can seriously increase the general mood and you may be able to cope with anxiety.

These may manifest, but good habits  will go to great lengths and basic  needed to alleviate the anxiety considerably. Do not make mistake of ignoring these simple and easy actions and look for the “big gun” cures. You just might find himself in a much calmer, happier and physically healthier to boot!

I gained… by losing

I was pregnant… and my due date as given by the doctor was 18th Aug. And here it was 20th of August with no signs of arrival of my little one. I was restless. I went back to the doctor and she told me that it is fine. They will wait for another day or two before taking action. But when they checked my blood pressure, it was sky rocketing. The doctor instantly took the decision to admit me and deliver the baby.

And few hours down the line, it was one of my most ecstatic moments when I was holding my daughter in my arms. But it was also the day when I was a culprit to one of the most common diseases – blood pressure.

Most people including the doctor told me that blood pressure is common during pregnancy and usually goes subsides by 2-3 months. I was relieved. Temporarily the doctor put me on blood pressure medicines. Days turned swiftly into weeks and weeks into months. And it was time for me to resume my work. That was around 4to 5 months from the day of my daughter’s birthday. But the blood pressure stayed with me. My doctor send me for consultation to a physician. The physician was one of the best (very compassionate and logical) and we did all the necessary tests required to diagnose the cause of my blood pressure. The tests were all negative and it was concluded that my blood pressure is heredity and I need to take the medicine everyday like many millions of people.

I was aghast at getting blood pressure at my age, I had never dreamt of such a thing. I asked my physician about how I can control my BP and phase out my medicine. She told me to loose weight and reduce stress in my life. I did both of them. Lost 8 kilograms with rigorous exercise and reduced my working hours to half. The result was that my medicine dose reduced to half and I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight.  But when I tried to phase out my medicine, I got terrible headaches and my blood pressure used to shoot up.

It was then my husband told me to visit his yoga teacher. She is a physician equipped with the unequivocal knowledge on yoga. I was not too keen to change my physician but on consistent nagging, I gave in (You know what I mean:)). This was exactly 1 to 5 years from the time I got BP.

I still remember my first meeting with Dr Renu Mahatani. She analysed my case history and told me to instantly stop my medicine. Though that is what I was looking for, I was taken aback and suddenly scared of the repercussions. She told me that I was anyway on the mildest dose possible and the worst that can happen is a slightly high BP. Yes, she also told me to start some yoga and pranayam. Again, I did both.DrRenuMahtani

On the 7th day of stopping my medicine, I got a severe headache and palpitations. I went back to her and she told me to resume the dose but only once every three days. She kept a close check on my BP. She worked with me continuously and we eventually phased out the medicine in steps to once a week, then once in 10 days and then once in 15 days. And it was out. This journey was not easy.  When I look back, I know that the medicines didn’t really mean anything if I didn’t take them regularly every 24 hours since the effect of the medicine only lasts for 24 hours. But it was my mind and body that couldn’t take the withdrawal of the medicine easily. Today, I keep a continuous tab on my BP and have not taken a BP dose for the last 4 months.

Dr Renu helped me tackle the games that my mind played. Most importantly, she saw the same vision that I had “It is possible to survive without my BP medicine”. Till now, all the physicians I consulted saw no problem in my medication – it was the minimum possible and it was keeping my BP in control. But no one shared my own vision. And that was the magic that I experienced when I met Dr. Renu.

Dr. Renu is a consulting physician and a fantastic yoga therapist. She conducts various yoga sessions for all ages including senior citizens and children. You should attend one of her yoga sessions to FEEL THE MAGIC.

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