The cool desert wind,
I could feel it with eyes closed.

Looked down, I could see the stars,
Reflected in the water at my feet.

It was an oasis,
after miles of trudging.

I caught up the water
Saw the reflection in my palm,

Only to realize …
I was looking at a mirage.


The rule of mirage is mind blowing
It makes one suffer at the length of any explanation
It generates a gesture of glowing
And then leaves one lamenting over it’s excellent sensation.
It follows to traverse one’s being
It does so, still changes the road to destination.
Don’t know, is mirage Hungry for doing so or the one following it.
Its perennial impact remains ever hidden as temptation.
Through the whole journey of success, resides the thirst furnished by it.
And thus strengthen one’s state of being in sedation.
Physiologically it implies to nothing.
Then why the surrounding becomes cold to make one shiver at the cost of modesty.
Righteousness is in not lifting such feeling.
But why to discuss that all over which has least possibility



Packed in illusionary bundles of hope

shipped abroad

to serve a foreign nation

with dreams of flowing wealth to feed their families

floating in poverty behind,

all a quick means to clear debts, to conduct weddings

to live a life free from misery back home

but burning sand knows only to scorch,

dissolving faith and hope into mirages,

bunkers of misery, broken bones and belief

they lie forlorn, meekly shedding drops of sweat and blood

to survive in an alien land for a dream destroyed

thoughts of loved ones left behind the only solace,

lying frozen in fractured body and frustrating mind

waiting eternally for a world they might never get to

savour again, all for a dream that turned into a mirage.