I really fly !

Sky is not the limit……..

“I wish I could fly….I wish I could touch the sky……

These are words from a lovely song by Seal .well guys! I FLY.

What’s the big deal? You would say. Any person with a decent income can fly in our country or abroad, thanks to all the low cost airlines.

When I said I fly, I am not referring to those commercial jets where you are seated along with a hundred and eighty other people, cramped for leg space( I travel cattle class(economy) as I cannot afford the luxury of any other class),getting dirty looks from the pretty flight attendant when you ask for the third free alcoholic drink and eating on trays which are smaller than an open handkerchief.

I am talking about flying all alone in the blue sky with nothing but the vast openness in front of you, feeling the breeze on your face as you fly like a bird looking down on the beautiful landscape below. It is a beautiful feeling which is beyond comprehension. Now I know why the birds sing! (This is not my own line. I heard this line in a serial. Gods of copyrights please forgive me.)

I am into this aviation sport called Para motoring which is one the most exciting of the aviation sports. Sports aviation includes sky diving, base jumping ,parasailing, hang gliding and paragliding .Para motoring is paragliding with the difference that for paragliding you need to take off from a sufficiently high place like a hill and you need ideal conditions like sufficient winds or good thermals to keep afloat. Para motoring can be done in any open field all because you have a Para motor on your back which can propel you into the sky and you can fly as long as there is petrol in your fuel tank. It is like owning a plane except that once your flying is done you pack up the equipment in the back of your car and drive home. The amount of freedom this sport offers is unparalleled and it is surprisingly affordable.

As in any form of sport, this sport also requires training by authorized training personnel and carries all the risks inherent any form of aviation. I learnt my paragliding from Temple Pilots, a paragliding school in kamshet, Pune.  I do my para motoring with Wings and Flights, Hadapsar, Pune, a school for para motoring and trike flying .Would you like to see me fly? I take it as a YES.


That is me, ok?  Swear on my mother, it is ME. Alright! all you ladies out there who do not believe me, email me your contact details and I will personally take you to the flying site, show you how it is done and we can talk about it over coffee.

Gentlemen! You have to take my word for it.