May your dreams come true

Eleven months and four seasons ago I had a dream

I have many dreams

But that was special

I dreamed of a rainbow world

With multitude of people

With cascade of colors

They speak different

Wear, eat, sing different

But all are united in their thoughts

They have the same red blood

The same tears, the same laughters

The same hopes, dreams, aspirations

The same dream of peace and love

I had a dream

That was a simple dream

And as I usher in the new year

I am one more year older and more hopeful

I still have the same dream



Peaceful life has its own flip side !

Life is full of tensions and people keep running here and there. They do not find time to sit and relax. Every time they keep thinking about something or the other.  Many of us feel edgy and jittery through out the day. We sometime think – Alas! Cannot life be peaceful!

However, there is flip side to a completely peaceful life. If there is nothing to do in life, it gets dull and drab. However, our restlessness prompts us to do something; it motivates us to move forward. Our restlessness directs us to go for some activities in our life.  When we look the life from a short term angle, peaceful life appeals us. However, when we evaluate our life from long term angle, our mind tells us that we could have taken some risks in life and had we taken some ‘risks’ in our life, it would have been different altogether.

Sometimes, we feel that flow of life has stopped. There is nothing new in our life. However, we feel comfortable in the situation, where we are.  We stick to our situation and do not want to exert ourselves. One part of our mind says that there should be some change in our life; however, we do not feel like taking risks or entering into new ventures. These kinds of thoughts make us feel disturbed. One part of our mind tells us that we are not ‘zero’; we have ‘something’ in our life and this makes us feel contended. We somehow find peace in our life, in our own way.

We sometimes want to change but without disturbing our peace and this makes us standard, where we are. This way our life remains peaceful and stationary, however, it gets unexciting and uninteresting. Nonetheless, we sometimes get restless with peaceful, calm and cool life and want to come out it.  We keep trying to come out of it and sometimes succeed in bringing changes, despite uncertainties in life.  You cannot change life if you do not want to make efforts and lie low. So do you make efforts to transform your life or you feel contended the way you are going?

know your takes

In the waking hours of twilight,
lies the world in its pathos and plight….
the angel of sleep sweeps her wand….
amidst the chaos, a moment of bliss we find,

while you tread softly in the dreams,
the darkness unveils weird schemes….
may you be filled with all strength
while you give a run to all fears..
some will be beside thru’ the life’s length,
to ensure you are dearer by all nears….

may you be filled with all the love and purity
while your heart is filled with serenity….
while i wish you a peaceful night,
a hope lies for fresh morn,
when you are filled with delight
as you wish the fears so long….

Peace and tolerance, the new religion

PEACEThere are many religions that claim to lead the inhabitants of our planet to salvation. But the scenario today says that there is some confusion relating the term religion that is gripping the world today. If you refer the dictionary, the meaning of religion is given as the belief in superpower and a way to obey and worship that power. This is what, we have been believing since ages and that is what people think is the meaning of religion and so different ways are use to please that superpower .yet today we are heading towards and living in the mid of destruction than have all our prayers gone unheard or is there something wrong with us. Yes, it is in our interpretation of this super power that we have gone wrong.

Different people have different interpretations and now this confusion has reached its prime. We think that our way of relating to god is best way and any other way is faulty. That is where the problem is, in intolerance. If god realization is the ultimate aim of all religions then different religions are like different rivers all heading towards the ocean following different routes. But unlike rivers we try to establish supremacy over each other loose sight of our aim of god realization. When two rivers meet or cross each other a beautiful confluence is the result and together they move towards the aim that is the ocean. Nature sets example for us to follow but we do not follow it. God can be realized by love and peace there is no other way that leads to Him.

So today when the world is sitting on the hatred bomb which is more lethal than the atom bomb the best way to coexist is to follow the religion of tolerance and peace. Live and let live is the mantra of coexistence there is no other way. Peace is the god and tolerance is the religion of the day. The winds of the need to realize god are blowing strongly today than ever before, now it is up to us to build the walls of hatred or to build windmills to convert this strong wind into positive energy. It is this discretion of the world community that will make way for the future generations or to coexist in peace or to continue the war of hatred till the end of the world.