Two black bugs and sixteen red ants

Frank went deep into the bush

Hiding from his father’s stare

Saving himself from Amanda’s eyes

Amanda is more a mother than sister

And he finds her more intimidating

Than the wild bugs in the bush

He eyed two black bugs crawling chameleon

Frank picked one by one balancing in his two wannabe fingers

Dropped them immediately into the empty jam bottle

Then, he looked for preys here and there, all around and over

Not finding anything interesting and little upset

He settled for the tiny red ants on the tree above him

Sixteen red ants, venomous and perfect

Then closing the bottle lid quickly

Frank lounged quietly as he shook the bottle intermittently

The two black bugs and the cavalry of sixteen red ants

Fought historic epic battle till they all tossed for life

And eventually died to the eight year old’s whim.






Stringless love

You go love bird, go off the strings

And explore the colors of the world

I am letting go you of my true love

I know that you know I love you true

I know that you know you are my life

You are my world, my life

But today I free you of the chains

Fly off to green lands not trodden

Discover the newness, color of life

Fall in love with the beautiful world

Explore the hills, springs, the land of sun

Live life stringless

Know you true love and then come back

I will wait.

Sparrow on my window

It was a sparrow

Yes, a little sparrow

All set to keep me on my toes

When the world slept in dark and peace

It would nibble, nick and flutter on the AC sil

It would shake me off my warm sleep

At the dead of the night

The starry nights are not so pleasant

When you are clumsy, have deadlines to catch

The sparrow all set to plot against me

It stroked the tin sil as if there is no tomorrow

As if he met his long lost lover after a war

Everyday, all through the winter month, all night

I would wake up at midnight and come out

To fly off the little plotting creature, with a dead twig

So that I can sleep in peace

And can reach in time prim and proper

And then one day

I woke up to silence

No picking, no flutters, no signs of existence

I opened the window and sneaked out

But no sparrow, no life, no plots against me

All night I tossed on bed thinking of the little bird

A lost little bird that strayed to bad weather, fog and cold

To some distant world, far off, far away.

May your dreams come true

Eleven months and four seasons ago I had a dream

I have many dreams

But that was special

I dreamed of a rainbow world

With multitude of people

With cascade of colors

They speak different

Wear, eat, sing different

But all are united in their thoughts

They have the same red blood

The same tears, the same laughters

The same hopes, dreams, aspirations

The same dream of peace and love

I had a dream

That was a simple dream

And as I usher in the new year

I am one more year older and more hopeful

I still have the same dream



Color my heart

The sky splashing colors

Blue red, oranges

Dark green, light green, purples, pinks


The best is the not-so-red color

The virgin red is very close to my heart

Full of hope, power and love


So what it’s not-so-red?

Difference between red and not-so-red

Is just a shade or two


You give the not-so-red

And I will color my heart a shade darker

A perfect virgin red.



Water water everywhere

Water water everywhere

Water on the trees

Water on the leaves

Water on eyes, lips, face

Water on you, water on me

Water water everywhere


Water water everywhere

Water on the fields

Water on the terraces

Water on ponds, rivers, marshes

Water on water

Water water everywhere



So what you didn’t come?

So what you didn’t come

I sat by the window

Looked up to the silver, playful sky

Flirted with the stars

Winked at the crescent moon

The moon was decked in glitters

Just ready to have a ball

We exchanged glances

With throbbing hearts

Told our endless stories

Held hands, tickled and tapped

We went for a never ending ride

The stars sneaked and giggled

Made the night mysterious

Endless and loving

So what you didn’t come?

Poem for My Love

I’m so glad, I have you,
but pls…………
don’t try to account the love of mine,
coz i will be hurt,
……….hundred times

for one thing i may not lie,
that’s the love I have for you right now.

Pls. don’t even try,
to say things that can hurt me badly,
coz i will be hurt…………
thousand times.

If something is unfavorable,
don’t dare to ask me,
anything that you want to say,
coz i will listen to you freely,
…’coz if not,
I will be hurt million times………

I miss you each day,
dont be mad pls. at me,
if i am not able to contact you hourly,
be open-minded and please me,
because if not……..
I will be hurt…… billion times

I love you  dearly……..


The blue kite flies high on the sky

Moving aimlessly, carefree and beautiful

Going up, coming down, twirling and twisting

On the blue vastness he claims his own

Another kite comes from no where

Swirls round him like divine providence

Twisting his lustrous string to complicated knots

He cannot fly high now, cannot sway to his wishes

He is knotted and tucked by a reinman

He is tucked to an endless story

The story of aches, pains, humans

The story of life.


Only yesterday..

Yesterday I saw a ‘noble’  man

Getting down from his limousine

Smelling of filthy riches and conceit

Full of fads, demurs and ‘yes bosses’ around

He had a big nose, stony eyes and lot airs

His chin was looking up to the nearest tall building

He was in a hurry and his men were running around him

Confused and lost – they did not know how to make him happy

The ‘noble’ man then got down from his car

Shoved off a sinking old lady with dark penetrating eyes

As if she was a material

That didn’t amuse him

And he didn’t want to buy!

You are always on my mind..

Life had been beautiful

With the ups and not-so-ups

I had you on my mind

I had you on my thought

I know you know

For I have been on your thought

Apologies and gratitude

Thank yous and sorry

For what didn’t matter

For what shouldn’t have mattered

I have been blessed

For what you have given me

You are lovely

You are the reason I live

I guess, you know by now

You are on my mind

You are always on my mind.

She still smiles at the sun

The little girl smiles at the sun

While the frail cows graze in the languid hours

She has a small hut to live

A mother, a brother and lot of poverty

The hut has everything on its thatched roof

Weighing it down to the earth

The two cows are half fed but happy

She has enough humiliation, enough hurdles

That keep her busy all day long

She wakes up early in the morn

Takes the cows for grazing before anyone else does

Gets the greenest pasture for the cows

She, then, comes back and rushes for the market to sell the cream milk

Runs down the valley to feed her mother, who can barely move

Packs stale puffed rice,  makes sure that her brother reaches school

Cooks, washes, cleans herself in the drying river

When the sun is just about to sleep

She has the world to finish before the sunrise

She has four mouths to feed, and hers

Life has poked her but she has come out of it every time

She has all the poverty but she is happy

She still smiles at the sun.

What Life would be!

What life would be

To stop by the unknown flower

And appreciate its beauty

What life would be

To thank the man cleaning the road

Of our trashes without failure

What life would be

To go ahead and help someone cross the street

What life would be

To smile back at the stranger who needs your prayers

What life would be to appreciate

The man who serves you tea in your office everyday

What life would be to thank, appreciate and acknowledge

Your daily buddies

What life would be without them!

I wish life was what we want to make of it!

Life is what we make out of it

Always had been, always will be

I would love to have the reins in my hands

I would love to have it take the course

That brings joy to everyone

Making everyone merrier and beautiful

I wish I could


Life is not always what we want to make out of it

In spite of all that matters

In spite of all that we invest

Physical investment – we can still let go

Emotional investment hard to

I wish life was what we really want to make of it

I wish it was!

The sunset, the silver crescent and me

The scarlet sunset all set to die

Leaving me with a numbness

That I didn’t feel for a long time

The world has gone oblivion

I sit like a cadaver witnessing another day die

Probably the only witness

Who can vouch that the day did happen

The sun slopped down behind the darkness

Leaving me more dead

A while later I saw the sparkles and the silver crescent

The darkness came with glittering glory

The breeze started to blow on my face

I lifted myself, went out, looked up

I laid my recovering semi-numb body on the dry porch

Looking up, gazing and reading the endless story

Suddenly, the night started to live

And so did I.

The-way-you-want-to-have-it 2011

Moments, memories, love, tears

Fun, frolic, merriment

Glitters, glory, music, tipsy feet

2010  has gone by

We need not drag the pains, regrets

No tears, no aches, this time

All are but past

Let’s usher the new life

A year filled with hopes and happiness

Let’s live instead of getting ready to

Live you dreams, your wishes, your life

May you have the-way-you-want-to-have-it 2011!

Moving Life

As I move past the green avenues

Vast fields and the endless path

I realize that life is in motion

It’s moving eternally, non-stop, relentless

Life never stops living, does it!

It never says no to what’s in front of it

It continues, whatever come may

Doing its job, integrated and unmoved

It’s us who stop, lament and live on the memories

Memories have  a shelf life

And letting go of the ones that hurt

Moving , breathing life, living to the fullest

Makes living beautiful!

An Angel on Earth

Look there –
Who’s that obscure man?
Fervently digging out debris
Debris of carcasses, cadavers, flesh and blood
Pulling out a pounding heart, a still fresh soul
Look at his arms –
Still oozing red from the merciless concrete
Eyes half dead, frail as a skeleton, clothes none at all
And a heart, still a bleeding one
Bleeding for the new life under the debris
One more life to save and he would get death
‘Buy a life get death free’, he smiles –
An evangelical smile
Who is he?

My prayers for all the people and their families who have lost their lives in the tragic man made tragedy in Delhi.  This is gross, grotesque, condemnable outright. The heinous human callousness must be stopped; we will have to brave it out. Let’s get our message loud and clear.

Love me without rhetoric

Don’t say that I am different,
Don’t say that I am special,
Don’t say that the wind would stop whispering without me
Don’t say that I make you feel like all that clichéd stuffs they have to say

And then leave me

Don’t surprise me when I am dead asleep with your falsettos,
Don’t surprise me with cats- bring- home kind of mess
Don’t surprise me with all the flowers the florist around the block has
Don’t surprise me on the darkest of days with cakes and cuddles and say it is my birthday

And then leave me

Surprises do not amuse me any more
They shake me with an unexpected fear – a premonition
Loving my normal self, making me feel like an ordinary person
Loving me because you really love me and you really do

Love me without rhetoric

Lost Love – A Poem

“I feel,

I have lost my love,

Laying beside him,


Not able to feel his love.

I feel,

I have lost my soul,


I have lost him.

I feel it isn’t me anymore,


Now, I make him bored.

I feel so lost in this world,

As everything starts with him,

And ends with him.

If he doesn’t love me anymore,

It feels,

As, I am sitting alone on a sea shore.

May be,

I am thought off as a fool,

Who can never remain cool.

May be,

Now, I have lost my love.”