The Two Worlds

I love to watch people
I love to watch their complexities
I love to watch the brawls, conflicts, struggles, pleadings
I love to watch the affection, warmth, love and caresses

It’s a vast world of differences and likelihood
It’s a vast world of connectivity and estrangement
So many faces, so many minds, souls
So many identities, distinctiveness, uniqueness

Then there is another world
Inside my heart where I dwell with my solitude
Silent, placid, tranquil, serene and peaceful.

Dreams die…

Angry gusty winds blow away

the sand-castle, I had once built

with sea-shells of love

and conches of care!

Window panes of my dream-house

keep rattling in the dark stormy night

and shatter into

myriad worthless glass-pieces.

Silver-scimitar of Lightening

strikes across the black skies –

like a photographer

snapping pictures with flash-gun

and clicks black-and-white snapshots

of my rainbow-hued dreams

that have faded with time!

My dog-like faithful shadow follows

the last ray of sinking sun,

panting in the sultry sands of Sahara,

where I stagger insanely

to lick the last drops of  moisture

gathered on the thorns of cactus plant!

Though I suffer from cancer of words,

I have come a long way

to make the silence sing…

So, let me close my eyes

and let my dreams die

a premature peaceful death…

Transparent Love

I have always feared water bodies
Have loved to sit and watch though
It was always fun
The ripples with mystery moves
The wind forming and changing the patterns

At times untamed getting out of the groove

The ripples at times touched my feet only to go back
It couldn’t dare, it never had
There was unruliness and there was pattern
The pattern of nature, the pattern of life.

This time is different though
The water is no more fun
No wind, no challenges, no madness
I could see the bottom of the water
Still, emotionless, blatant and transparent
Not a single pattern, no mystery, no ripples

Does water get sad as well?
Or it’s the nature – I wondered.

I could see the bottom
The bottom I never could see but always have wished to
The hues of blacks, greens, browns, yellows, not so yellows
Metamorphosed infinitely, a feel of heaviness and unexplored bitterness
The colors have a story
An untold story – I tried to unfold
It was endless, a story of grime, dirt, sarcasm
I saw the loves, guilts, jitters, cheats, I saw life
I couldn’t take it anymore
I came back.

Surprisingly it felt peaceful
I have always wanted transparent love.

Pains Of My Past – A Poem

“It is hard to forget those days,
Till now,
Memories of that past stay.

When everyone was enjoying the trip to tracking,
I had to stay home, only dreaming.

When everyone was enjoying, trip to sea beaches,
I was only left to turn pages.

When they were preparing for handball,

I had to stop thinking of my goals.

When they were gearing to play handball on state and national levels,
I was busy asking my teachers, for name to be cancelled.

When all of them were partying,

I was only left with sobbing.

When they having fun at college freshers,

I was still to find that ‘HAPPINESS’ as a treasure.

No one knows,
What has gone inside me,
I try hard to forget everything, that has happened to be,
Still my past walks like a shadow with me.

I know life doesn’t stop and is really fast,

That is why, I want to forget that painful past.”

A Daughter Makes a Father Respect Women

The man eyes the rogue
Guarding his girl like a wounded lion
He felt like piercing those eyes
That told of lewd cravings

It seems not so long when he was one of them
He used to flaunt being immoral
He was lewdness personified
Life hasn’t changed much since

Only that he has a daughter now
Who made him respect women.

I saw a Human

I eyed on him
His eyes, lips, eyebrows, his face
I saw deceit and dagger looks
I saw an ogre
I eyed on him
His eyes, lips, eyebrows, his face
I saw love, compassion, harmony
I saw an angel

I eyed on him
His eyes, lips, eyebrows, his face
I saw scorn, vulnerability, disbelief, cynicism
I saw a human.

Love me no matter what

My eyes are growing old
With the bleak I suppose not to see and less of shines I must
I wonder if you will like me with old eyes.

My ears are growing old
With spurt of falsities and less of solicitous symphony I must
I wonder if you will like me with old ears.

My lips are growing old
With the fake guilt smiles and less of squashy love I must
I wonder if you will like me with old lips.

My nose is growing old
With plastic breeze and less of essential fragrance I must
I wonder if you will like me with an old nose.

My heart is growing old
With sopping up blots, blues, blames, growing big and supple
I know you will love me with an old heart.


My Affirmations

I Love and Appreciate Myself Just as I Am


Life is beautiful

I appreciate, I thank

I value myself


Life is beautiful

I am healing hurts, old wounds

Getting better everyday


Life is beautiful

I can change, I am worthwhile

I live in present


Life is beautiful

I make friends, I care, I love

I live with gratitude


Sweet Memories

A few broken pieces of primitive metal caps
Some tin cans, squared plaques, poster colors
Disoriented brushes, hordes of tainted greetings card
Sparkles, glues, satin ribbons, barbie, mickey stickers……..

Some sweet love letters sealed with heartaches
Old, tattered Alice in the wonderland, a few Archies comics
Tintin adventures, archaic pencil boxes with extinct pens
Glitters, magnets, cellophanes, colored papers, chalks…….

A closet full of childhood reminiscence
Full of engaging memories, indelible nostalgia
I will have to get rid of those, definitely this time
I need space, more space to accommodate unfamiliarity…….

I have run out of coveted sizable space
The mahogany closet is a monster
A monster, which has to be killed
My childhood memories have to be killed …….

The Morning Sun

Tryst with the morning sun..

He winks through the pane
As immaculate and dazzling
Throwing a naughty dare
I have a demanding day today
Still loving the tranquil laze

Tryst with him never go waste

Look at him, he’s still being naughty

Just cannot tame or trade with him

He does not give in to allures

He is not a con man, not a lie

He never deludes, he never fails
He is the morning sun

What’s in a Flower?

A Flower Tells Us A Hundred Words…

Pristine, chaste, tender, intense
A flower shows us the way to God
Or way to our inner selves, our soul
It brings in a sense of awe, wonder, peace
Love, memories, nostalgia

Every time I look at a flower – dew fresh and serene
I feel, I am looking at the eyes of a naive child
A child, who is eager to be cuddled and touched
I touch the tender petals, breathe the aroma

And leave it there to grow to feel the bliss forever

My Age

I still remember

during my childhood

I used to climb on the hills

nearby my township.

not simply climb but

running  & reaching to the top

in fraction of time.

The hills were then full of plants and trees.

I still remember,  I used to run

through a narrow route

between the bushes and grass

I was afraid of the

tigers and other animals

in the dense forest.

Now I realize that

I cannot not climb any more

on the hills nearby my township

which are now empty

without any trees and bushes,

cause I am now old enough.

The Rain

huge-rain-dropThey have always been an important part of my Life

Have taught me to face the world & live right.

Have been a part of my smiles & Tears

Have been there in my laughter & fears

The only reason I can think of is simple & plain

It is because I stepped into this world during the rains

Maybe that is why it has a special significance

& In my life plays a role which is very prominent

I remember as a child splashing to school during heavy pour

& Finding “RAINY DAY SCHOOL CLOSED” displayed at the main door.

Recall coming back home & having a blast

Those days soon turned into memories & become things of the past…

When in high school I still very clearly remember

We used to hit the sports field just in this weather

Loved playing in mud water like small little children

Past every moment laughin’ & singin’

In College rains made me miss a special someone around

It became the most romantic season & hell no one I have found

Became lonely & missed a major joy in life

But here it taught me to survive.

When I saw my dad for the very last time,

before he expired leaving all of us behind.

I had the rains which were coming down and pouring

like the tears in my eyes that wouldn’t stop flowing

Happiness, Joy, love, laugh, sorrow & all the emotions.

Rains have always been there & given me a reason.

To live life & to face all moments with equal élan

Now I try to live life to the fullest as happily as I can

When today I sit at my window & see through the pane

The drops falling on my face, as I feel the rain

The moments shared with it become a reality & I go in flashback

I realize if rains weren’t there, a very loyal friend in life I would have lacked

All about money..!! [in various Perspectives]


As a child, i wondered what is money
Is it a thing that’s keeps all in harmony
My father carries in his wallet
I was confused, as what to call it
That colored piece of paper
He says it vanishes like a vapor.

I grew up to be a teenager
I had to be a thrift user
Started using it on my own
Usually worked it as a drone
Got it every month, to use it till the end
An idea of a burger in it, would never blend

I tried to save every penny
With a hope to make it many
To make it look bigger
Though it wasn’t a ‘thicker’
After a few month i would open my piggy
It made me feel quite a jiggy

Things changed, so did the value of money
All that seems to be funny
As I started to earn a few
My ideas turned to be brand new
I was still a thrift in my own way
Like an old story on a new day

A burger was an easy bet then
And electronic gadgets were my desires often
A piggy was replaced by a bank account
Saved all bucks until it was a big amount
Targeted on a defined buy
May the price be a quite high

One day this value of money will be innovated
My desires will surely be outdated
What i ask for now will change
Tomorrow might be even strange
A home, a car, will join my wish list
And again I will have to grip my fist

I wondered then and I wonder now
The money will change its value and how
Will I keep chasing it so far
Or will it keep my life ajar
Would it give me some time to rest
Or keep me searching for my best