I wish life was what we want to make of it!

Life is what we make out of it

Always had been, always will be

I would love to have the reins in my hands

I would love to have it take the course

That brings joy to everyone

Making everyone merrier and beautiful

I wish I could


Life is not always what we want to make out of it

In spite of all that matters

In spite of all that we invest

Physical investment – we can still let go

Emotional investment hard to

I wish life was what we really want to make of it

I wish it was!

The sunset, the silver crescent and me

The scarlet sunset all set to die

Leaving me with a numbness

That I didn’t feel for a long time

The world has gone oblivion

I sit like a cadaver witnessing another day die

Probably the only witness

Who can vouch that the day did happen

The sun slopped down behind the darkness

Leaving me more dead

A while later I saw the sparkles and the silver crescent

The darkness came with glittering glory

The breeze started to blow on my face

I lifted myself, went out, looked up

I laid my recovering semi-numb body on the dry porch

Looking up, gazing and reading the endless story

Suddenly, the night started to live

And so did I.


The mystical abode needed painting
A task that was pretty daunting

Colors dull or bright needed to be chosen
For every room and every faction

Each room housed  a different personality
And with them the colors had to agree

Some were grim and others, people of substance
And every hue needed to define their semblance

An uncle always melancholy and fray
His room had always been a shade of grey

An aunt, forever sparkling and full of life
Why orange would harmonize, the reasons were rife

A teenage son, in his own world who’s perpetually lost
A mix of shades it had to be and definitely crisscrossed

A young girl an epitome of sophistication
For her the color of silky pearl’s always in fashion

Wisdom that grayed granddad’s hair
For him any color that was fair

The painter brought his color palette around
Wondered why in a fixed pigment each person was bound

Each one deserved the freedom to change
And move up and down in every range

Life you see is never a constant
Said the painter in a voice very prudent

Let’s paint the whole house a shade of white
For each one to decide upon his own tint with delight

White invites every color into its heart
Dark shadows quietly then depart

The color of every experience will only shine brilliant
Allowing the soul to move on as it changes every garment

The-way-you-want-to-have-it 2011

Moments, memories, love, tears

Fun, frolic, merriment

Glitters, glory, music, tipsy feet

2010  has gone by

We need not drag the pains, regrets

No tears, no aches, this time

All are but past

Let’s usher the new life

A year filled with hopes and happiness

Let’s live instead of getting ready to

Live you dreams, your wishes, your life

May you have the-way-you-want-to-have-it 2011!

Moving Life

As I move past the green avenues

Vast fields and the endless path

I realize that life is in motion

It’s moving eternally, non-stop, relentless

Life never stops living, does it!

It never says no to what’s in front of it

It continues, whatever come may

Doing its job, integrated and unmoved

It’s us who stop, lament and live on the memories

Memories have  a shelf life

And letting go of the ones that hurt

Moving , breathing life, living to the fullest

Makes living beautiful!


I never looked back

I never saw his smirk

I never felt his smile

I walked away, towards light.

I have been in the sun since

with my tears dying in shadows

until none flowed, none left

but smiles..never had to see smirks

I got a hand to hold, lips to graze

eyes to shy away from, life to behold.

But on a dark day

when the sun had shied away

I saw him again, without the smirk

but with love

a love that took too long

to realize.

& I …smirked

in tears.

The Call

I heard a call

a faint laughter

from the ground beneath

echoed into my womb

tingled my heart

and flashed through my eyes.

A whisper, a tickle

a corny secret, all blushes

the call of the Woman

to sway herself  to the tunes

of life.

To walk in high heels

to redden my cheeks

to bat my lashes, to paint my toes

I could be all

& still be muddy, and in moss

I could be the earth

I could be all

for I have the call of Her inside

echoing all through

the call of The Woman!

Life Forever

To say that life is short

To you you embrace death

with dignity is wrong

Cos life is infinity

There is no life or death

Life is what you see and let others see

Death is the unseen life in the realm of heavenly beauty,

With God beside you accepting you as you!


Manju Dubey

La Vie Pour toujours

Pour vous dire que la vie est courte à vous embrassez la mort avec la

dignité est la vie fausse de Cos est infini là n’est aucune vie ou

est la vie de la mort ce que vous voyez et laissez d’autres voir

La mort est l’invisible une vie dans le royaume de la beauté

merveilleuse, avec Dieu près de vous vous recevant en tant que vous!


Manju Dubey


It seems time has numbed,

The wind has missed whispering

The sky is yellow, burning golden bright

Burning my within to dead ashes

Vulnerable, stony, I am a cadaver

Being without you is a sin…

Now, the heat has stopped

The sun seemingly pacified

The breeze cajoling the trees

It’s just started to rain inside

You are gone

Yes, you are gone…

An Angel on Earth

Look there –
Who’s that obscure man?
Fervently digging out debris
Debris of carcasses, cadavers, flesh and blood
Pulling out a pounding heart, a still fresh soul
Look at his arms –
Still oozing red from the merciless concrete
Eyes half dead, frail as a skeleton, clothes none at all
And a heart, still a bleeding one
Bleeding for the new life under the debris
One more life to save and he would get death
‘Buy a life get death free’, he smiles –
An evangelical smile
Who is he?

My prayers for all the people and their families who have lost their lives in the tragic man made tragedy in Delhi.  This is gross, grotesque, condemnable outright. The heinous human callousness must be stopped; we will have to brave it out. Let’s get our message loud and clear.

I came back :)

I had wandered off

into a dream…

all smiling,walking on crunchy


I hoped to discover bliss

I had wandered off from my letters

and found myself in labyrinths

of strange scripts

I looked into my eyes

and I surrounded me everywhere

strange mirrors smiling back

I lost myself somewhere

and yet, I held my hand

I walked back into you

and you stood there all the while

for me wake up and come back

to you….

The Final Word

That final word from you
Shattered my world into pieces
I knew not how much you meant to me
Until you left me forever
You removed me from your life
As smooth as you entered
You never once looked back
To see how dead I was
In this lone open valley I lie
With dreams and hopes dead
Deaf and blind with grief
Tears squeezing the life out of me
I know death is just a breath away
If only that could relieve me of all the pain
You just broke my heart and went away
Why didn’t you give me death instead?
I knew you cared
But what went wrong in the end?
I want an end to this existence
I cannot bear this gnawing pain anymore
I want to cut the life line
That attaches me to the past
Intoxicated with love
I fall into that final sleep

Love me without rhetoric

Don’t say that I am different,
Don’t say that I am special,
Don’t say that the wind would stop whispering without me
Don’t say that I make you feel like all that clichéd stuffs they have to say

And then leave me

Don’t surprise me when I am dead asleep with your falsettos,
Don’t surprise me with cats- bring- home kind of mess
Don’t surprise me with all the flowers the florist around the block has
Don’t surprise me on the darkest of days with cakes and cuddles and say it is my birthday

And then leave me

Surprises do not amuse me any more
They shake me with an unexpected fear – a premonition
Loving my normal self, making me feel like an ordinary person
Loving me because you really love me and you really do

Love me without rhetoric

Lost Love – A Poem

“I feel,

I have lost my love,

Laying beside him,


Not able to feel his love.

I feel,

I have lost my soul,


I have lost him.

I feel it isn’t me anymore,


Now, I make him bored.

I feel so lost in this world,

As everything starts with him,

And ends with him.

If he doesn’t love me anymore,

It feels,

As, I am sitting alone on a sea shore.

May be,

I am thought off as a fool,

Who can never remain cool.

May be,

Now, I have lost my love.”

@[email protected]

Kissing my bed sheet
Sundown Isolation
Add brilliance
And tinge
to locus at focus

Dazzling beam hit
Enjoy congregation
My glance
And urge
Admire beam’s desire

Striking heart beat
enhance Compassion
Add exoticism
And alcoholism
to mood, make it good

Penning buoyant past
joyful Encephalon
Add majesty
And beauty
To milieu anew

The Two Worlds

I love to watch people
I love to watch their complexities
I love to watch the brawls, conflicts, struggles, pleadings
I love to watch the affection, warmth, love and caresses

It’s a vast world of differences and likelihood
It’s a vast world of connectivity and estrangement
So many faces, so many minds, souls
So many identities, distinctiveness, uniqueness

Then there is another world
Inside my heart where I dwell with my solitude
Silent, placid, tranquil, serene and peaceful.

Not depressing Its cheering…

Many here in world with charming faces,
Who make the best their life’s phases.

Sometimes they do slip down and have a set back,
Confident are they towards their come back.

They are among us, One of them is you too,
Strong heart and mind, is the way human move.

Aware, unaware you, me and all walk the path,
Path of light and positive pleasures, till our last breath.

Aware of all, we are grown ups, no more a kid to be guided, still waits for a mother’s/father’s/elder’s instructions, take their advices, Do move in our life, with lots of hopes on ourselves.
Our elders do build up umpteen number hopes on us.
Hopes are good. It brings smile on face. Put up good dreams.
Question here to think and wishing for a answer is still to go…

We do take advices and move, May not take advices and move..
We may achieve what we dreamed of, else may not.
Utmost, we are very much knowledgeable, whatz good in life, But still why don’t we follow the good path, The true light of life…

All night long…

Faint footsteps of fragile heartbeats

paced to-and-fro on my heart’s red carpet,

while the phantom of past reminiscences haunted me

all night long!

Somewhere sobbing sky melted, bit by bit

dribbling midst the curves of cumulus clouds

and somewhere a shining star sang sad serenades of lost love

all night long!

As the moths of your memoirs

buzzed around the flickering flame of my love-scented heart,

my soul glowed brightly in the dark alcove of my body

all night long!

I, like a vagabond, wandering aimlessly,

on the dark path of your heart’s hidden habitat,

lit the lamp of your memories and chanted your name

all night long!

When glum-eyed evening sheds star-lit tears

and moonlight hums a silvery lullaby,

Tuck me in, against your balmy bosom

as I want to sleep in your amorous arms

all night long…

Copyright ©2010 Bharat B. Trivedi

Dreams die…

Angry gusty winds blow away

the sand-castle, I had once built

with sea-shells of love

and conches of care!

Window panes of my dream-house

keep rattling in the dark stormy night

and shatter into

myriad worthless glass-pieces.

Silver-scimitar of Lightening

strikes across the black skies –

like a photographer

snapping pictures with flash-gun

and clicks black-and-white snapshots

of my rainbow-hued dreams

that have faded with time!

My dog-like faithful shadow follows

the last ray of sinking sun,

panting in the sultry sands of Sahara,

where I stagger insanely

to lick the last drops of  moisture

gathered on the thorns of cactus plant!

Though I suffer from cancer of words,

I have come a long way

to make the silence sing…

So, let me close my eyes

and let my dreams die

a premature peaceful death…

I dream of a life – A poem

“I dream of a life,
Where no one lied,
Where everyone is happy and satisfied.

I dream of a life,
Where I can love all and receive the same in return,
Where jealousy and hatred could be burned.

I dream of a life,
Where I can enjoy without any fear,
Where no one’s eyes are filled with tears.

I dream of a life,
Where I can have fun,
Where everyone’s life is bright as the light of sun.

I dream of a life,
Where my life is not controlled by anyone else,
Where no one talks of “You” and “Me” but “Ourselves.”

I dream of a life,
Where I can care and share,
Where day starts and ends with prayers.

Imagine how this life would be?
With no enemies but with only buddies.”