Inspiring Quotes For Life! Pick One To Refuel You With LOVEveryday!

RyeGrass“I  come from the land where LOVE is the essence of life! INDIA!” the very word when Miss India-Universe Sushmita Sen had ever said during the Parade of Nations in the 1994 Miss Universe and eventually won the very first Miss Universe title for her country!

Love is the essence of life? Yes, it is! Life cannot be complete without love in our hearts. It is the propelling factor that makes us fulfilled each day and what makes the world go round smoothly!

Here are some inspiring quotes that make us rejuvenated and refueled because of love.

“Have you notice a grass?

Even if somebody steps on it,

it never gets hurt…it never hurts others, too.

When a wild storm attacks……All the big trees are uprooted.

But a simple grass survives..

So stay noble and humble, like the grass..SIMPLE but STRONG!”

“No one has travelled the Bridge of success without ever crossing the

streets of trials!

God never promised us an easy Journey in Life


“God sees you as a CHAMPION….He believes in you and regards you as a strong, courageous,

successful overcoming person.

You may not see yourself that way but that DOESN’T change God’s image of you.

You may feel weak, fearful and insignificant But GOD SEES YOU as a VICTOR!”

“LIFE is a rope that swings us through hope. Always believe that today is better than yesterday and tomorrow

will be much better today.”

“A beautiful life doesn’t just happen.

It is built daily by prayer, humility, sacrifice and love.

May that beautiful life be yours always.”

“The GOD we met in good times is the same GOD we meet in hard times. May the Lord refresh us and give us

STRENGTH as we face new challenges everyday.”

“GOD planted a seed of faith in our hearts. So, all we have to do is WATER it with WORDS of God and CULTIVATE

it with lots of LOVE!”

“Life is full of reasons to enjoy!

To suffer…

To fight..

To give up…

But there’s only one reason why life is beautiful,

It’s when you live life for the GLORY OF GOD.”

I do hope that in this very troubled life, full of uncertainties and despair, may have created a Great Blessings in your heart as you read these simple quotations that will give a more positive perspective in life. We may have lived our lives differently yet what makes it more essential when LOVE is always there in our lives because….


A little boy your age

Dry TreesA little boy of your age

Asked something

With a sheet of paper

Fledging open before me

I had nothing to say

I wrote a poem on it

And smiled like “ the bean”!!

He just slapped me

Laughed like a mad

And disappeared

Before I could ask  him anything

I liked him

Liked him innocently

He is the first man

I’ve loved really

For he had given me a lesson

A paper worth more

Than my poems

Overdose of Love

Some loves are meant

For life, pulling out

And pulsing life in sugary

Sweet hopes.

Then there are some

Never meant to be born

Accidental births aborted

With time, from swaying minds.

Yet again, a few happen

That are meant to kill

Suicidal, and lethargic

Like dancing on a pyre.


My love sucks my life out

Like the hungry infant

On its mothers breasts.

The mother caresses each sip

Of pain with care

And yet, when the last drop turns

Thick red, all that’s left is a smile

Moistened with bloody prayers.

Love should kill

A death by love is far glorifying

Than from plague, or by war.

Frenzied hearts would know

What black magic love holds.

For those who do not know

Death by natural means

Or a martyr’s pride

Is all that will follow. I for one

Was born in search of death

I found it my beloved’s eyes

And there I lie in his arms

To die a glorified death.

A Death due to love.

On the shore

calm-sunrise Ahead lies the immense ocean;

Beloved, on the shore we stand,

Crescent moon’s fair sparkle,

Flings a mesh of soft rays,

Picture like the silent world,

A blend of dark and radiance,

Rarely the calm breaks,

When the nocturnal birds fly,

Blurred by darkness seem,

The blazing flames of the city,

The evident agony of existence,

Parked or stirred, are burnt,

A glittering ship on the horizon,

To the west fades away,

Like a squad of flames,

Marching in search of sun,

Softly the fluttering waves,

Ebb away on the shore,

Like the lovely dreams of life,

That Inspire, bloom, shatter and recede,

Yet, on the lovely shore,

Beloved, we meet,

For Life like the ocean,

is Neither just beautiful nor just solemn.

The Love That Is Life

Small tears, an ocean

of pain, tiny laughters

tickling eyes. All will tell you

about the love that is life.

A walk in the park

or the chase for time

a quick stroll through heaven

or the panting in the hell

walk in the park

All’s well, and all will tell

the love that is life

the only love a man ever has

his life, to walk around the world

to smile at the tickle of a bird

perched high pecking life

from the nuts in his palm.

Life is the love we bear

the weight stooping and

pulling us up from no where.

The love that is life

we behold , inside the chest for our

hearts to hear all through time

till we become dust in silence

and float to no where.

Peace in the Valley

Behind those shattered window panes

Amidst those dingy; sullen lanes

Though smiles still dwell on helpless faces

Hearts have a different story to tell….

As they speak, voices quiver,

The cold winters these days don’t make them shiver

What echoes in their heart-

Are the painful memories of hatred and war.

kashmir1The once illuminated house boats

Sway by the lakeside; broke

Roots of the tall fir trees

Are shaken

Hopes in twinkling eyes

Are broken

In this rich land of Orchards

and Saffron.

Too many trespassers

Too many false promises

Today they are asked

To exercise their choices.

“Where do you all want to go” they ask.

Is this a question to ask?

Of course they won’t go anywhere-

It is about roots; it is about life

It is about freedom

And it is about “Waiting”…..

They smile as they wait with open arms

For that one bright day—-

They long to hear the sound of flowing streams

Far from the devastating nightmares

They long for peace to surround the Valley

And for peace to prevail in their hearts.

But till then—-

It is everything but peace…..


I have to say something,

But will not say,

At the threshold of temple,

Devotion will not, I weigh.

The fragrance of imagination,

Fills my heart,

Yet will not bloom

The flower of my art.

Of the stellar world,

I know the mystery,

But yet my words,

Will never reveal it.

A lonely purple cloud,

On the edge of the sky stays,

But the secret of its solitude,

No one will know.

solitudeOn the shore far away,

A silver liner is parked,

Yet it will never, Touch the shore,

Your graceful gaze,

Has set me ablaze,

Yet that fire,

Will never scorch you.

What is life?

The obscurity of life I contemplate
The feelings of pleasure and pain
The excruciating lust, passion and desire
I haven’t understood these
And life and death are miles away, probably
I won’t be able to relate to them in this lifetime
I have but assumed a role of those pretentious individuals, who summon emotions and,
Hunger and desire in paragraphs and verses
Thus I try to tread upon these and I don’t promise
To do any bealonetter……. I only hope
But again I am lost cause every question accompanies an experience and
Every experience accompanies a question
And everything brings me to the beginning
And that is unknown,
I whirlpool around the same things every time thinking i stumbled upon something new and, thus I understood the words of a creature like me who tired of discovering said
“Live in the moment”
I wish to do the same because life is too short it hasn’t
Given us time enough to understand its vastness
Probably it doesn’t want us to understand it
Thus the lease on time
Thus the shortness of life….

Poems And Words


To be brief, frank and free,

An exaggerated statement this can’t be.

When I couldn’t go in search of words,

Words came and played with me.

They arranged themselves,

In such a way.

Music emerged from them,

That began to sway.

The swaying music with,

Rhythm of words.

Sounded as fresh,

As chirping of birds.

I penned it down.

A poem it was called.

I got the credit.

And genius I was told.

If those words had not been,

I could have never seen,

A poem from such near distance,

And the meanings therein.

The Rain

huge-rain-dropThey have always been an important part of my Life

Have taught me to face the world & live right.

Have been a part of my smiles & Tears

Have been there in my laughter & fears

The only reason I can think of is simple & plain

It is because I stepped into this world during the rains

Maybe that is why it has a special significance

& In my life plays a role which is very prominent

I remember as a child splashing to school during heavy pour

& Finding “RAINY DAY SCHOOL CLOSED” displayed at the main door.

Recall coming back home & having a blast

Those days soon turned into memories & become things of the past…

When in high school I still very clearly remember

We used to hit the sports field just in this weather

Loved playing in mud water like small little children

Past every moment laughin’ & singin’

In College rains made me miss a special someone around

It became the most romantic season & hell no one I have found

Became lonely & missed a major joy in life

But here it taught me to survive.

When I saw my dad for the very last time,

before he expired leaving all of us behind.

I had the rains which were coming down and pouring

like the tears in my eyes that wouldn’t stop flowing

Happiness, Joy, love, laugh, sorrow & all the emotions.

Rains have always been there & given me a reason.

To live life & to face all moments with equal élan

Now I try to live life to the fullest as happily as I can

When today I sit at my window & see through the pane

The drops falling on my face, as I feel the rain

The moments shared with it become a reality & I go in flashback

I realize if rains weren’t there, a very loyal friend in life I would have lacked


Broken promises ... broken heart
Broken promises ... broken heart

We wish you were there
In drunken dreams, in love
In times of desperation
And aching gaps of existence

Former love, we say
But who are we kidding?
We long for you evermore
The present lies steeped in a past

It was so full of dreams of the future

One tires of love and friendship
One tires of all good intensions
One really does tire of good advice soon
I guess we shall never love again

I pass on the coin you gave
I trample, I tread, I slaughter
What goes around, goes around, around
And promises, they are meant to be broken

Racing through life

prasyWinning gave the ultimate pleasure

and i had crossed ahead

Inch by inch i drew in measure

the fastest,Once again had the lead

No room of doubt was ever there

had i not for this day bled..

The distance seemed to grow in mind

but now,victory looked assured

Every failure would be left behind the gifts,Of pains endured….

This is kind of  a  palindrome.
Even if you read it bottom up it has sense.

The gifts,of pains endured

Every failure would be left behind

but now victory looked assured

The distance seemed to grow in mind

had i not for this day bled

No room for doubt was ever there

the fastest once again had the lead

Inch by inch i drew in measure

and i had crossed ahead

Winning gave the ultimate pleasure . . .

The pain

BlueEyeTearsThe pain of a broken heart…

It aches
when you say his name,
It aches
when you tell me of all the moments you’ve spent together,
and you say those were the best times ever;
It aches
when i look for you and you look for him,
It aches,even more
when you tell me how much you love him
It aches the most
when i see you standing alone there
and waiting for him and he is nowhere….

If he is the one, all in your mind
and he be the one inside your eyes
if he is the one all in your heart
and he be the one, you want to spend your life with
I don’t fear to loose me
the only thing i would wish
is to be “he” ……

Quest for my goal

Quest for my goal

Sorrow hovered over me a like the dark cloud
Blocking the sun’s rays from reaching me
My hopeful peeks into my future were blinded
By the piercing glare of my impossible goal
I tried to block the light with my hands
And that was when I found out I was invisible,
and why my screams reached deaf years
I tried to move forward to my goal
But found myself tied to my putrid past
by the laughter around me:
You are too insignificant.
You won’t make it. What a joke!

Holding back tears, I fell on my knees.
They had finally opened the oak door that
I had tried all my life to keep locked
And all my nightmares came onto me,
to further lower me into my grave.
I stood there with a drooping face
waiting for defeat to capture me.
Like dew refreshing a dying flower
I felt a cool mist surround and rejuvenate me
The love of those who cared for me,

those I have abandoned for my quest for the stars.
I let the tears from my crimson eyes
wash away the sin I had committed.
Closing myself onto me
my dream on my mind,
I walked towards my goal.

Contaminated Life

In her attire tore,
lay she on the floor.
Weeping and crying “mother”.
Her face covered in her hands,
shoulders down and eyes wet,
tears rolling down her cheeks,
covered in blood and sweat.
Her lips red, not of lipstick
but of bleeding blood..

A daughter she was
A sister she was and
a hope she was.
A virgin she was ,but not now.

Nothing left in her,but the life,
a contaminated life of her.
Yet she lived on earth,
suffering and bearing the pain.
White in the dawn and dark in the night,
smile in the morning and grin in the dusk,
the cohesion prostituted her.

Days went past,months went past…
And again a cry was heard “mother”
this time not from her,
but from the kid in her hand.

Poetry- Cuckoo On My Rooftop!


Cuckoo on my rooftop

What a melody she sings

She perches on the Dish TV

And the Dish thus swings!

Then at one point TV telecast gets blur;

And  TV starts to blink

This is how I learn

The cuckoo is out to sing

I send her some grain

But she calls for me

She yearns for an audience

So she gets me

Wonder what she does for a livelihood

Singing for days together might be doing to her any good?

That too when in our world

Nothing comes for free

How can she afford to sing for free?

Bet she should charge a nominal fee!

Woods she left long time back

She’s an urban cuckoo

So mustn’t she in Rome do

What Romans do?

Cuckoo on the rooftop

Sings for her mate

She says she’d sing

But only in spring

Far too fastidious

Far too fussy

At this initial level

She shouldn’t be so choosy

She says she loves my rooftop

Only house in the vicinity

To be canopied by

Plants, flowers and mud pots

This shows

Somewhere in her persona

A primitiveness she still holds

But in order to survive here

She’ll one day get smarter

And I’ve told her—

She can use my rooftop

Not a penny it’ll cost

After all it’s her favorite venue

And time for her to know the meaning of the word value………