A Plea

God to man hath gifted nature
Whose nurture could do no one
So nature to man said,
I love thee no more

Felled you, my trees wantonly
Killed you my animals wantonly.
Polluted have you me thoroughly.
Nothing left have I to give you really.

Then man to nature pleaded
Nature oh my nature
I pray to you thee
Rain to me thou bless
For no drop of water have I
No grain have I to eat.

Eco-friendly Festivals

The Durga Puja is over. For nine days everybody enjoyed the festivities and was totally absorbed in the zeal and fervor of the celebrations. Earlier it was Ganapati Festival. At the end of both the festivals all the water reservoirs, rivers and ocean are totally polluted. The idols which were at the centre of these celebrations, which were the symbol of divinity, are floating on these waters in a mangled state. Blissfully unaware about the damage caused by our mindless actions we move towards celebration of another festival.
procession2I am not against celebrations or festivals. But we should exercise wisdom of our ancestors. The festivals in their time were eco-friendly. The idols worshipped in these festivals were made of clay and were completely soluble in water. Now with use of plaster of paris in making these idols, the idols do not get dissolved in water and the floating parts of these idols would hurt the sentiments of any sensitive person. Moreover, the flowers and other material used for worship are also thrown in the water thereby increasing the pollution.
The population has increased tremendously. The number of celebrations is increasing day by day. Does not anyone think that the capacity of these water reservoirs has come to end? Can we not convert these festivals into eco-friendly ones? Some people have started taking small steps in this direction. I know about some people who do not take their Ganapati idols for immersion in public water reservoirs. Rather they use some bucket or tub to immerse these small idols at home. In some of the public celebrations the big Ganapati idol is not immersed in water, but the same is worshipped every year.diwali
There are other festivals also. Now Diwali is approaching. For four days the nights will be filled with air pollution and noise pollution. Those having breathing problem dread the Diwali just because of this reason. Why can we not gather at some big open place, a little bit away from the city and enjoy burning of crackers to heart’s content? Other celebrations can take place at home.
Take the example of kite flying on the occasion of Sankranti. The streets are full of kids running oblivious of the vehicles trying to catch a kite. I personally know about two persons whose life was endangered because the thread used to fly the kite i.e. manja cut their throat while they were driving the two wheeler. It was God’s blessing that they survived from these accidents.
These are just few of such unfriendly things in our festivals that I have narrated. We are certainly modifying our customs and festivals to suit the changing times. Can we not make them eco-friendly as well as people-friendly?

Hybrid Cars: Changing Trends

Hybrid carHybrid cars are a new scientific revolution which uses electricity and gasoline to run. These are the new generation cars which produces less pollution with a better mileage. Traditional cars greatly pollute our atmosphere with the emission of carbon monoxide and other hazardous gases along with. To curb the problem of pollution and to make the environment green, hybrid car is discovered.

Hybrid car is becoming popular day by day among the people. This is the best alternative available today to curb the pollution and to make the environment clean and green. The hybrid car which is specially designed, which can run on gasoline with an electric motor. The car runs on a dual mode. The electric motor which is powered by the battery takes over the acceleration part as soon as the car starts up. Hybrid cars run on the powerful batteries attached to it. The hybrid car has a special system that shuts down the engine immediately when the car is stopped.

As soon as the power of the battery goes down it automatically gets charged with the running gasoline. The electricity produced from the electric motor helps the hybrid car to run because the gas engine does not give energy to the car completely on its own. The battery of the hybrid car is generated by a generator which is attached to a gas engine. Basically in simpler terms hybrid car gets energy from both the power generators which are electric motor and gas engine.

Now days with the growing economies of the world it is obvious that the pollution is on a high rise. Countries are concerned for the rising pollution and also for the fuel which is going to be exhausted in few years. These types of cars play an important role to curb the problem of pollution and also save fuel. People know that what the consequences of the rising pollution are. So, the discovery of hybrid car was essential. Still today people are using traditional cars but there will be time when people will only use hybrid cars.