As a Child

As a child I always loved to go to office like my dad. Life sounded so happy for my father according to me, with no teacher homework etc. ‘Do what you like’ was the life of my dad. The bus ride to school was exciting, but how I wished it was to a picnic and not to school. The drawing class-wow! Awesome periods in which I never missed, my mother, grandmother, aunts & my wonderful toys. Then the number-work class followed by science class bought back home-sickness writing numbers and number names brought tears to my eyes and learning the spellings of animals and plants brought big sobs.
The morning milk was so boring. I wished I could have some cool drinks. The lunch bell brought back smiles. Eating with friends was fun- sharing food with each other. I loved playing hide & seek after lunch. I recollect when one day I was hiding behind the wall of our school building trying hard not to be spotted. The bell rang but I did not hear. I was hiding wondering how I was not being spotted while at the same time feeling happy that I had won. Fifteen minutes passed, I became aware of my loneliness. I slowly came out of my hiding only to find out silence everywhere. I rushed to the class. The social studies teacher had started the monotonous history lecture. She just loved to punish me by asking to write the lesson- British Rule in India 3 times. Then was our computer class. I loved it. Fascinated with the thought of learning without holding pen, pencil, eraser etc, the computer sounded a great wonder for me. The school bell rang; my face glittered to go home. The teacher had filled up the complaint column. My promises to my mother that I would not repeat my mistakes again were another routine to my mom. Sundays were the best. Everyone has a holiday spending some good time with my grandmother, aunts & mom watching my favourite shows on tv, but Sunday night beats the trumpet of Monday morning oh! Oh! No how long.

It took me 17 long years!

My best pal from school was visiting country. It was unscheduled.  Her father had passed away unexpectedly and she had to come. Although, it wasn’t the happiest of times, we had a nice time together on one Sunday when she was bit free from her fixations. It was a lazy afternoon, the dim sun soon mellowed down the spirit with which we had started the day. The setting sun was soft and not-so-yellow, spreading its nostalgic wings on us. We were ransacking our sweet old memories. Transfiguring was never so sweet before! Probably, the poignant sun did the trick. We are friends since junior school and her marriage and my subsequent pre- occupations with some gross things in life had drifted us far apart geographically. She became a mom, a few years ago, and kept shuttling between the roles of the dancer, that she is, and a stay-at-home mom. I, on my part, have just begun to live. Yes, once again and happily so.

Plaques, memories, books, mementos and the scrapbook! Yes, she had dug out her scrapbook! It was a beautiful scrapbook that breathed of our school days! We were both thrilled and enlivened and why not! All those sweet, silly, some curt and snappy, some perky remarks – no wonder we were living it yet again except for the bewilderment that was getting intense with each flip of the page. How could this be possible! My page was missing! How could this be ever possible! I, being her best pal, was supposed to have the first page proudly! She couldn’t have missed me out! But my comment couldn’t be found anywhere! Aside this, another thing startled us. When each and every corner of the scrapbook was scribbled to the full, the very first page was left blank – clearly and cleanly, as if, it was awaiting my pen for long seventeen years! And guess what, we two exchanged a fleeting glance; I knew that look. I could get her right away. Darted to get a pen, got down to scribble down my thought right then, right there! It felt like I really have achieved something, it felt like I really accomplished something on earth! Yes, it felt great, as though I had completed a long pending job. And why not! It took me seventeen long years to finish this colossal job!