One moment in time

I lived all my days, for that one moment in time
No past no future, in that instance
Felt the world around me sublime

All seemed so clear to me and yet I was blind
Wanted no past no future in that instance
A knot was getting tied there, never to unwind

In your arms I lay trustingly when you kissed my forehead
Felt no past no future in that instance
For me only for me this is, my every being pleaded

In the life that I live, such moments I want to steal
With no past no future in that instance
Time would just stop and the days would turn surreal

Sigh! We walked our separate ways, now memories drop by as gentle dew
There was no past no future in that instance
So never mind the ending dear, love, with you it did ensue

Love Actually…

A lot can happen over coffee! Jiya was looking towards the logo of the CCD with a cup of hot Mocha and was wondering what that exactly meant! CCD was her favourite bistro and she was a regular visitor there over weekends to chill and try out different coffee flavours. She finished her coffee and started to leave when she bumped into a guy on her exit, entering the café. She immediately looked up to say sorry, but was awestruck to see Ronny, her best buddy from college right there. She didn’t knew how to react as it was almost after 6 years that they were meeting and that too when their last meeting ended on a wrong note!

She managed to say a little hi and then a sorry. He hadn’t changed much, he looked the same guy she knew then, the same handsome guy full of charisma, may be a little too flabby than he used to be. He looked straight into her eyes and with a smile he said, “Are u alone? Can we have a cup of coffee together?” Jiya did not know why but she couldn’t force herself to say no. They took a corner seat to hide themselves from the crowd; ordered their drinks and was waiting for it to arrive. It was then when Ronny finally spoke, “Hey Jiya, how are you? How is your husband?” Jiya promptly answered, “Everything is fine. So how are you? Did u get married?” He said that all was fine at his end too and he got married two years back. Jiya was searching for her next sentence when suddenly he said, “I got transferred here to Pune just a few months back and from then my eyes were only searching for you and finally today we bumped into each other!” Jiya did not know why he was saying all this; she suddenly started feeling scared, she finished her drink in a jiffy and got up to leave. “When shall we meet next?” Ronny asked. Jiya did not know what to answer, she looked at him blankly, and than answered, “When we will bump into each other again!

Nikhil, Jiya’s husband, a Major in the army, was out of station for a month on duty, which meant Jiya could enjoy the indiscipline life for a month at least. Nikhil was perhaps the best groom a parent would expect their daughter to get married to. He was a perfectionist, dashing, handsome and rich! Life with him was no doubt the most luxurious life one can ever dream of but Jiya had to maintain the protocols and confined herself inside a shell. Jiya liked eating roadside foods, she loved walking barefoot on the beach, she loved getting wet in the rain, she loved laughing aloud but all this was not possible when Nikhil was around. After all it was matter of his name, fame and dignity. Jiya most of the time used to stay alone as Nikhil was always busy with his duties and as a newly wed bride Jiya used to miss Nikhil. Even though at times she accompanied him to their official parties, she always got bored of the protocol and chose to be alone. Jiya was working in a MNC; so weekdays flew away faster then she even realised and weekends were even nicer as she spent most of her time for herself.

Jiya tried hard to ignore Ronny’s thoughts, but she could not stop herself from cherishing the old memories. The way he would make her feel special! Those days she never realised how much Ronny really cared for her and loved her. She always thought it was just friendship! She recalled, how Ronny sang, “Do dil mil rahen hain” in the college fest looking towards her; the way he bought and wrote about thousand fan cards to make her win a competition; the way he called her up late in the night just to say a hi; the way Ronny reacted when a guy from some other college complimented her; the way he would drop her home everyday, even if he had off; the way he would play her favourite songs on his guitar; how they used to enjoy tea together in rain, they both loved eating the pavbhaji just outside their college and the list was endless! Jiya also started liking Ronny, but immediately after college her alliance was fixed and when finally Ronny got the courage to propose, it was a week before her marriage, she didn’t knew what to do, she got befuddled and left Ronny alone thinking that she couldn’t afford to put her parents on wrong foot only for him! Now Jiya was happy to see him married and settled and thought not to bother him anymore!

The following weekend, Jiya went to CCD again and she was almost stunned to see Ronny sitting their alone. She went up to his table and saw him smiling at her. He said, “I knew you would come. I was waiting for you!” Jiya knew the real Ronny was back; she smiled and occupied the seat next to him; they ordered their hot coffee. Jiya asked Ronny about his wife and he said, “I married my office colleague. Actually, my parents wanted me to get married as I was aging!” Ronny started laughing and added, “I always knew you will be back in my life!” Jiya looked at him and laughed off his joke; they both talked and talked till they both realised it was getting late. Finally when Jiya was about to leave, Ronny asked, “Hey when are we meeting next?” Jiya simply smiled and left the cafe.

Next weekend Jiya went to the cafe and found Ronny was there and this went on and on every week. They both would never set the next meeting date or time but every weekend both would come to the cafe to meet each other. Nikhil was back after a month, but it hardly made any difference in Jiya’s life; she continued visiting the cafe on weekends and Ronny would be always there for her! They started going out for lunch and at times for dinner; sometimes they eat roadside food. Jiya started to stay happy, she started smiling again and moreover she was back to her own self! Whenever she was with Ronny, she would be just herself but the moment she went back to Nikhil she would hide herself inside the shell. Days went by, it was almost a year, Jiya and Ronny was enjoying each other’s company. Ronny always loved her and he was happy with her and Jiya too started falling for Ronny. They never disclosed anything as both were married and they knew their wishes would never become reality.

It was again a weekend and both were out for lunch. When they were coming out it started to rain. Like their college days, they both planned to get wet and go and have tea from a roadside shop; after that they walked side by side, completely drenched and both even before realising, their hands were clasped. Ronny held Jiya’s hands softly; she felt nice and they walked hand in hand until they reached a garden. They entered the garden and no one was around. Jiya was in a dream world, everything seemed so perfect! She came back to her senses when she felt Ronny was kissing her passionately. She was back to the real bad world; she did not know why she ran and ran until she reached the auto stand outside the garden and rushed back home.

She was all in tears and  didn’t knew what to do. She knew that she was in love with Ronny but she was married to Nikhil! She felt helpless and sick. She thought this would affect four lives and decided not to meet Ronny anymore. On the other hand Ronny was madly in love with Jiya, but he didn’t know how to reach her. From then every weekend he would go and wait for her in the cafe but Jiya would not turn up!

Three months went by. On a weekend, Jiya came back to the cafe. She opened the entrance door slowly and peeped in to check if Ronny was their and to her surprise Ronny was waiting for her. Tears rolled down and she couldn’t stop herself, she went and hugged Ronny. She said, “I tried hard but couldn’t stop myself from coming back to you. Ronny now its time I want to be myself. I am tired of staying in a shell” – they kissed passionately as if no one was watching!

Both of them followed there heart as they realized unless they do so everything would simply fall apart. They had already lost to their hearts. Ronny immediately went home and spoke to his wife about Jiya. She was upset and cried a lot but finally she thought Ronny was never happy with her, he can be at least happy with Jiya. She agreed for the separation!

On the other hand Nikhil reacted harshly after learning about Jiya’s affair. He threw everything; he shouted and screamed. He became almost crazy as he too loved Jiya but could not express it. He also loved his duty and protocols. He was not ready for a separation until one day Jiya attempted a suicide by swallowing a full bottle of sleeping pills! Nikhil by then knew that he cannot force Jiya to be with him anymore as Jiya would never be happy. Finally he too accepted and agreed for a separation!

Now Ronny and Jiya are madly in love with each other. They are married; a perfect couple with two kids. They still go to that cafe during weekends, to cherish their memories. Now Jiya knew what the logo of CCD, a lot can happen over coffee meant!

SEPARATED – Its not just a word!!!

crying_girlI know a child named “Sonali“. This is her story. Whatever be the emoticon – Happy, Sad, Comical , Trivial, Horror, whatever… The story is this.

It was a pleasant dawn where the sun was shining at it’s best. Leaves and flowers were beautifully decorated with silvery drops of Dew on them. People were hurrying to their workplaces. But there was a child which had never slept a wink the last night, crying aloud and devoid of tears due to very low stocks of tears in her glands.

What’s the necessity for the child to cry???

Her name was Sonali. A charming sweet little sweetheart of her locality. Not a single man had crossed her without being pleased at her charming face and kissing her forehead. Luckily she was the only child of her parents who belonged to the lower middle class. Sorry. I forgot to include one of the most important members of her family. Her puppy named “Tinu”.

All the people of the locality offered their time to play with this sweet little angel. But she spared time only with her cute looking puppy “Tinu“. One crossing her house can surely hear her saying “Tinu come on let’s play. Love you cutie”.

But now Tinu was missing from home. What happened to him? Why did she cry the last full night??

It happened like this …..

Yesterday morning Sonali’s dad came with his friend to the house. They were talking something on seeing the puppy. As soon as Sonali returned from her bath she found Tinu was missing at home. Then she realised the fact and asked about this to her dad.

He said ” My dear, this is an emergency. We do not have enough money for your mother’s medical expenses. No one is ready to give money as gift or debt. As our Tinu belongs to a high breed, my colleague at office asked to buy him for a large amount of money with which we can manage two months of your mom’s medical expenses. That is why I have done this. Am sorry. I had no other go. Realise mummy’s welfare. Don’t worry I’ll buy you a new dog as soon as possible

OMG!!! This may just be an explanation from daddy’s side. But will that sweet little heart accept this stuff?? Never. She was broken into pieces on hearing all things. She sat near the refrigerator where there was a small place to shelter in the morning. And no one could move her from that place till next dawn… It continued.

Another dog is not her problem. But she was missing her little brother. She can never even imagine playing without him… And we all know “Playing is a lifetime happiness for a child.”

She cried and cried, filled with sadness all the night, never knowing that Tinu would never return back as he was taken  abroad the last night.

We all forget what the puppy will feel for this… Even it has feelings. The only difference is that she knows to CRY. But puppy knows only to MOAN.

This wasn’t love. But more than that.

This wasn’t care. But more than that.

This wasn’t pain. But more than that.

SEPARATION is always painful.