The Story Writer

Shashi was a boy, who like all other boys went to school. But, unlike most boys, he was not allowed to decide for his own future. It was his father who decided what he will study, where he will study and how he will study. And also what he will not study, where he will not study and how he will not study. So, when the boy grew up to be a man, he found himself confronted with a world where he had to make his own decisions of which he had no experience. He tried to compensate for his lack by making such decisions that were not the obvious ones, decisions that created the greatest impact and gave him an enormous sense of responsibility in exercising them. Thus when friends invited him for picnics, he decided not to join. When an opportunity came for him to go abroad to study, he decided not to go. When he was offered a job, he decided not to take it. When there was talk of his marriage, he decided not to marry.

The one thing that Shashi loved doing was writing – writing stories. Fiction. In his stories he used to make his characters act rationally by making wise decisions for them. His characters went out to picnics with friends, went abroad to study, took up jobs and even married. He decided for them with as much responsibility as if they inhabited the real world and not the imaginary one that he has created.

Then one day Shashi fell in love – for the second time. His first love was writing stories but his second was a woman he met at a poetry reading session. She was a foreigner on a visit and they became friends. They kept their acquaintanceship over Orkut, Facebook and Twitter for a number of years. One day he expressed his love for her in a matter of fact way in a message to her. She confirmed love from her side too hoping for a consummation of their love and living their lives together. Some more time passed by soon. Then one day she asked Shashi exasperatedly,

“Don’t you want to marry me?”

He replied, “Yes. But I can’t. Long time back I decided not to marry.”


“Because then I did not love anyone.”

“But now you do.”

“I can’t reverse my decision. It is my responsibility to bear the consequences of the decision I have exercised.”


“But I love you.”

The woman vanished from the virtual world from then on. The friendship froze.

Years later Shashi again saw the woman at a literary festival. She was now the companion of a famous writer known for his grumpiness. He stood at the end of the queue to get his copy signed. When he came forward the woman was surprised to see him. He in turn surprised the famous writer by inviting his companion for coffee. The famous writer accompanied them to the café. They had their introduction along with the coffee. It was then that Shashi made his pronouncement, “I want to marry you,” to the astonishment of both the listeners present. The famous writer coughed and the woman looked at him askance. So he added, “Because I still love you.”

She mumbled, “Why…”

He interrupted her, “I decided to override my earlier decision.”

He did not wait for her reply and left instantly. This time it was Shashi who disappeared from the virtual world – perhaps into his imaginary world, the world of his stories.

Beautiful woman

Long ago there lived three princess. They lived in a beautiful garden. Ana had long grey hairs and grey eyes she thought herself she is the most pretty girl in the world. Iana had blue eyes and golden brown hairs she thought herself the most fair girl in the world. they both never talked to each other with love or with any good feelings . They were jealous of each other. The third princess , Sana was the most friendly and spent her most of the time helping poor. Sana had black hair and brown skin. She thought herself the ugliest than her sisters. Sana never felt jealous of her sisters because she was happy and proud that her sisters were beautiful. One fine day three princess were in the garden. Ana had taken bath in the rose water and Iana in crystal clear water .They both were arguing about who was the most beautiful woman in world. An old beggar woman came to that garden and asked for alms..the two princess ignored. They pushed her out but Sana gave her food and clothes. Immediately the ugly old woman turned out to angel and said  …..     the one who is beautiful will think of others happiness and help poor…

Beauty is not in face its the light in heart..

In love with an unfaithful fantasy!

“Truly speaking whenever I think about you, a picture comes into my mind – Its raining, we are alone and all wet, we were on a long drive, it is late and no one is around. I ask you to stop the car and I step outside and start enjoying the raindrops touching my face while you watch me intensely from the car.”

Aakash read Ritu’s text and replied, “waiting for the day when our dreams will come true, missing you baby!”

Ritu’s thoughts were engulfed by sadness like the dark clouds that were there in the sky. She was all alone, waiting for Aakash to come back from UK. It was raining heavily and she was missing him like hell, more to say she was missing his text messages. She believed that her dreams would come true one day – sooner or later! She was wondering how things have changed in last six months. It was Aakash who taught her to smile, right from heart for the second time! She looked out of the glass pane towards the falling raindrops and felt as if the whole sky was crying with her … sharing her pain, her sorrows.

Ritu was a housewife and into wedlock to Rishi for two years. Although it was a love marriage, as the year turned, there was only the marriage left but no love! Rishi was working for a MNC in Bangalore, which always kept his plates full and to add on it, he had to make official trips all over the world! He had to work until late hours and on the following day needed to leave for his office early to attend the early morning calls. As days went by Ritu started to feel lonely and soon sadness and the memories of their good times became her companion.

This was when one of her school friend told her about Orkut, a social networking site, where most of her batchmates were present. Chatting with school friends can kill some of her time, she thought and opened an account in Orkut and in no time found her school under the community section of the site. When she opened the members’ list, she found most of her batchmates were present there. She sent friend requests to all of them and within the next few days, she and her friends started scrapping each other.

After a few more days, when she logged into her account, she found a pending friend request from an unknown guy. She usually never accepted any unknown friend request but there was something different about that guy. May be it was his profile pic or the content written in his profile or may be his profession that amazed Ritu. He was a casting director for movies. Ritu always liked the glamour world; in fact the affinity was so intense, she immediately felt that being a friend of a director can bring her close to that world! She instantly added Aakash as her friend.

It however made no difference to her scrapbook until one day when she eventually found him online. They started their chitchat with simple “hi hello” but soon they started to chat almost everyday. It used to be normal friendly chat sessions though the compliments from Aakash were always overflowing. She would ask him about his shooting schedules; about the famous actors and models that he came across and very soon, they became best of buddies. Their chat schedules never paused even for a day except during the days when Aakash was off to some other city for shooting. During those days, Ritu used to login almost five times a day to check if there was at least any offline message from him. She was already addicted by the way Aakash used to pamper her; she was completely captivated by the way he complimented her, all these which she was craving for, since last one year.

The only information about Aakash, she had was that he was a Punjabi guy, almost a pinup boy, almost of her own age. He had done his courses on film and media from UK. He was single and was settled in Mumbai. Ritu didn’t knew what was happening to her, she started to build castles in air. Every morning she would anxiously wait for Rishi to leave for office, and then she would immediately login to check if Aakash was online. Soon a distance was created between her and Rishi, the obvious reason being her closeness to Aakash. After a month, Aakash and Ritu exchanged their cell numbers and then during their first conversation itself she realized that they shared similar wavelengths, same interests and were very similar by nature.

Within a couple of months, Ritu fell in love for the second time with her unknown friend. Ritu missed him when he would be out of reach during his shooting schedules. But she knew once his shooting was over, he would very well come back to her. She regained her lost smile; she started to get everything from Aakash that he expected from Rishi!

One day she took the courage and texted her true feelings to Aakash and to her surprise he texted back saying, “mai bhi tainu pyar kadiya!” Ritu felt out of the world as she jumped in joy but never did she realise that there was no future to their relationship since she was married!

As days went by, she started to become even more attached to Aakash and on the other hand she was left with no feeling for her hubby. Whenever she had a fight with Rishi, she would text Aakash and she couldn’t stop smiling seeing his lovely replies. She started to text him when he was away for shoots, “hey don’t you miss your baby while you are off for ur shooting? Sometimes I feel I have lost u when you do not reply to my msg! “She used to get a reply by end of the day,” oh my baby you will never lose me…I was busy shooting darling, it was too hectic, I am sorry baby!
Their texting continued until late nights; they both would share their dreams of an unreal world. Ritu at times would realize and would text him, “this is an unreal world dear…it hardly have any existence!” Aakash would instantly reply, “I have started liking the unreal space in which we both are together and adoring each other” and the texting went on and on. It was not much problem for Ritu as Rishi used to come back quite late!

At times for some reason she would always feel insecure about Aakash. May be for her marital status. She would immediately text Aakash asking, “hey do you really miss me?” Aakash would reply, “of course I do. Why do u think I text u everyday when I am not shooting. I miss u, though we never met, we dunno each other but there is something that’s binding us and baby don’t be hesitant, I want you to express what you feel about me, how much you miss me, its ur thoughts my sweetheart that makes me miss u… anyways I like everything about u, especially ur nose ring :)”

Finally, they made a plan to meet up. However, both were in different cities and since Ritu was married and it was, hard for her to travel alone. Aakash was the one who would come to Bangalore to meet her. They finalised the date and the venue. Ritu was very excited and was loving each moment of her own ‘unreal’ world. She was very confused and didn’t even knew what to wear during their first meeting. She went out shopping alone and bought quite a few dresses but was still not sure which one to wear. She smiled in her mind, all alone, cherishing the memories of Aakash and his crazy messages. Even during weekends when Rishi used to be at home, still she kept herself busy with some work or the other, may be to avoid eye contact with her hubby. Seeing Ritu’s attitude, Rishi understood something was wrong. He started realising that he hardly gave time to his beautiful wife. Next morning itself, he was supposed to be off for another tour and decided to surprise her once he was back.

Finally the day arrived, when Ritu and Aakash were supposed to meet. She was exited like crazy since that morning. She tried all her dresses to get the perfect combination of her attire, shoes and contact lenses. After considerable trials and error, she finally got it right. Then she picked up the gift that she had bought for the pinup boy and all set to start for her destination. She locked her door that is when suddenly she received a text from Aakash, “hey baby, I am sorry, I am off to UK for few days, and I will contact you once I am back!” Ritu’s eye became clammy; suddenly she felt all her happiness to evaporate!

She always thought he would come back for sure, as it happened every time when he went out for shootings. She waited each and everyday for a text or scrap but there was none! Finally, one day she mailed him. Next day she got her reply, hey I am in UK, part of a very big banner, a dream venture. Sorry baby I think I will never come back to India again! She did not know how to react; she simply stared at her laptop screen blankly. After hours she slowly got back to her senses, mocked at herself, and thought what a fool I was! How can one be in love without even seeing someone and that too with a married lady!

She understood that she was simply a pastime for Aakah and nothing more, he was always sincere to his passion and nothing else. He never had any feeling for her and only played with her emotions. She realized that she herself was wrong too and she had nobody to blame!

After two months one day Rishi was back from office early and asked Ritu to get ready as he wanted to take her out for a  movie followed by dinner. They started to munch popcorn as the opening credits of the movie started to flash on the screen. Ritu’s eyes locked when the name of the director was shown. It was Aakash Tandon and immediately she felt blue and guilty. But she instantly knew that it was an unreal world where she was hovering since she met Aakash, and now she was back in her real world with her hubby. She finally felt happy. The couple enjoyed the movie and then had a lovely candlelight dinner. During dinner, Rishi held her hand and said, “I am sorry honey. I didn’t realise what I was missing. Now I know I was missing you in my grueling schedule! I love you.”

Ritu smiled back at him and saw a ray of hope. She knew the fantasy was over and things would be much better in the real world!

An Incident at Owl’s Creek Bridge: A French Adaptation


The short story, “An Incident at Owl’s Creek Bridge,” also known as “An Occurrence at Owls Creek Bridge” by Ambrose Bierce, published in 1891 in the collection Tales of Soldiers and Civilians was adapted into French film by Robert Eurico in 1962. The film adds to the beauty of the short story, though it had dropped out the sequence from the story that describes details of the protagonist. Noted for its unusual time sequence and twisted ending, the short story and the film, stand aesthetically unmatched.

“An Incident at Owl’s Creek Bridge” is a wonderful film in the sense that it makes the audience feel the tension and trauma of the character sentenced to death. It is an elaboration upon a man’s hope against hope even at the final moment of his execution.

His illusion of escaping the execution is shown in such a manner that it appears to be as if in a dream. The violent beating of drums beat upon the viewer’s mind. Thus, the tension is made felt to them. His escape from the ties, under the water seems miraculous. His suffocation and the final gasp of relief are equally made felt to the viewers.

The tireless swimming and running shows how intense his desire for life is. The intermingling of the slow and fast camera movements, his fictitious escape, his gasping, the amalgam of fear and hope in his eyes, his inexhaustible energy that helps him run, all combine to give stature to these shots that makes it worth calling surreal. The viewers are made to hope with him and fear with him. His joy at reaching a land and the way he adores the beauty of the tiniest of flowers shows the relived man.

The introduction of his wife and children provides a backdrop of fantasy. It shows the preoccupation of the man’s mind – his hope, his sole preoccupation. Eventually, when he is shown as meeting his wife, the setting is purely “more than real” with the slow-paced scenes, close-ups, a gasp of contention – all forming a dream-like sequence. The validity of which is knocked upon with the sudden shift of scene. The background music suddenly stops and a deadly silence is established. This brings the audience back to reality and makes it clear that all the preceding events were the illusions of a mind yearning to live more than fearing death.

The view of the audience is directed towards the criminal who is hanged and the tensions in his mind. Thus, the audience is made aware of the fact that “drowning is not so pitiful as the attempts made to rise.”(Emily Dickinson) It is his mental attempt at a vain escape, which deepens his sorrow. The last scene leaves the audience very disturbed, while the whole world is shown unaffected: the guards resuming their duty.

The film makes the audience empathise with the tensions of a man when he has to stand face to face with death. For everyone else, it is just insignificant. The film is notable for its cathartic effect. In terms of filmic vocabulary, the film remains a Classic.


MILITARY SHOOTING(the content of this blog is meant for adult reading only)

Hello, this is Piu. Life is the queerest game whose only winning task is to learn its rules. Following is a gruesome real life story that I happened to encounter unfortunately many years ago when I was a child.

There was once a family of four. Mr. Kumar(name changed), the chief engineer, Sales company, Branch –Bokaro steel city, the then Bihar. He had a very happy family with two daughters, the elder one Aparna(name changed) and the younger one Aradhana(name changed) and his wife , Padma(-do-).Everything was going all well. Mr. Kumar was recently promoted to his new post. Aparna had just passed her 12th intermediate with science and fabulously scored 90%ile. Aradhana was still studying in 10th standard. Mrs.kumar took great care of the entire family.

Aparna was a serious and sincere child, devoted to work and not so outspoken. While Aradhana was just the opposite; she was cute, extrovert, always smiling, seldom serious.

Despite of the exceeding contrast in the nature of two sisters, they were each others best friends. Aparna always protected Aradhana’s mischief and Aradhana always supported her sister in every matter. Life was going all very smooth and happy.

The only best and the worst quality of time is that it never remains constant.

Just one incident, shook the very root of this family and changed their lives henceforth. One day, in Mr. Kumar’s office a big hullabaloo took place. Despite of illegibility for quoting a tender, a contractor called Champak got into direct confrontation with Mr. Kumar. The situation flared up so hot that Champak switched over to abusing and violence in Mr. Kumar’s office. Mr.kumar too lost his temper and the situation reached to physical attacks when the police officials closed in by the spot and separated the two.

“I will ruin your entire family”, threatened Champak, while he was being shoved away by the policemen. “we will see”, returned Mr.Kumar.

A few days passed and Champak was out on bail. Everything seemed to settle down. But no, this was not the case with Champak’s evil mind. He formed a group of his fellow mates, searched the exact address of Mr. Kumar and eyed on each and every family member in order to know their daily activities.

Aparna and Aradhana used to go out for a walk at 6pm every day in their lane itself. So it was not very far away from their house. They used to return at 6.40pm.

29th August- An auto rickshaw laden with Champak and his gang members reached the lane of Mr. Kumar at 5.55pm and waited for the girls to come out. As normal as any day, the girls came out of their house and started for a stroll while Champak and his friends waited for the right moment. At around 6.20pm, when the girls came at the end of their lane for the fifth time which was rather a bit desolate point, the auto rickshaw started. It took its full speed and passed the girls so closely that before they could understand what was happening, Aparna was already dragged into the auto rickshaw by the men. The men then tried to pounce upon Aradhana next, but the girl struggled and managed to escape out of their reach. Seeing no time to retry, the auto rickshaw sped off with Aparna. .Aradhana ran for her life howling at the top of her lungs for help. But shame, we Indians are perhaps too scared to fight for the right. Guts and nerves are now the lost traits of evolutionised India. Aradhana managed to reach home, crying her head off and with much difficulty related all the happenings to her mother. Her mother called onto Mr.Kumar immediately and in an hour or two the Police reported Mr. Kumar’s place and carried on with their investigation. For Mr.Kumar and his family it seemed all the dark clouds of the sky had broken down at them. All  three of them cried incessantly. Can you even imagine their agony?

Aparna here struggled hard to get out, but the men were only too strong for her. The worst was yet to come. Those monsters took her to a very solitary desolate place nobody knows where and gang raped her. I must stop here a minute for every girl who reads this, should at least try to put herself in Aparna’s shoes and although hideous, imagine what would it feel like. It would be a pain too gruesome to be true. But it did happen actually and poor Aparna was its real victim. She protested for her life all she was worth of but to no avail could she gain success. When the men were done with her, their anger was still not satisfied. These monsters then drank to their fill while Aparna lay unconscious. Then they went again for a row, for one more term again on her. She was gang raped again. She screeched but no one heard her.

And still this was not the end. They broke the beer bottle to pieces and pierced them through Aparna’s privates. I don’t have words to express that pain. The men left Aparna there to die miserably in her very nude state and fled away. At about 1.30 am Aparna regained consciousness and somehow, with her leftover meagre strength she managed to reach an old hut in the nearby village. After much knocking an old couple opened the door and were shocked to death when they saw a naked bleeding girl on their door at this hour of night. They took her in, covered her with clothes and treated her to stop her bleeding. They somehow managed to rush her to the hospital at 2.15am.While Aparna managed to speak out her family’s contact details and then blanked out again. Her family was contacted immediately and they reached the hospital in no time. Her family was paralyzed to death to see Aparna in such a plight.

But the story does not end here. You must be thinking what is the point relating this incident; this, now-so-common incident which takes place every ten minutes in India with one or the other victim.(Waise guys Navratri aa rahi hai na, meri yeh samajh mein nahi aata , jis desh mein ladkiyon ko Maa Durga ka sthan diya jaata hai, unhi Maa Durga ko itni aasani se beabru kaise kar dete hain.?)Anyways not drifting from the point, I would like to say, “The best and the worst quality of Time is that it changes”.

So the time changed. Aparna was regaining her health back after a few months of the deadly nightmare. Champak and his comrades fled away scot-free, our Police was unable to track them. With time and her family’s intense love, care and support Aparna was back to her normal self but only physically. Emotionally, mentally and psychologically she was reincarnated to a new birth. she was  now a transformed Aparna, very determined full of rage all set to punish her culprits herself. The deepest trench of the world is a woman’s heart. With her father’s assistance she got admitted to a nearby college in mechanical engineering. Despite the humiliation and the frustration caused by the social stigma, dreadful taunts, character accusation and other harassments imposed by our great Male superior fake Indian Society, Aparna managed to complete her graduation with 92% marks. She studied vigorously for one more year and prepared for the civil services exam. By her devoted hard work, purposeful rage, family’s support and Maa Durga’s grace, she cleared out the prestigious examination in the very first attempt. Time passed on and now just a few months back I heard she was posted as the DM in the same district where Champak and his few gang members were now enjoying their time quite forgetting of the past. Champak had grown even more monstrous over the years and resorted to murdering a landlord of a village in Aparna’s district over some property matter. When the case was presented before her, she immediately recognized Champak and his gang members and easily arranged for their lifetime sentence in the jail. She revenged them aptly for their hideous crimes. And now she is a happily married woman expecting her first child, her husband also being an IPS officer.

But the story still does not end here. While you were reading this true incident, 3 more women would have lost themselves to the cruel insatiable thirst of such monsters. Today, I am writing this blog here and tomorrow few more Aparna’s would be venting out their feelings. They would ask the same question what I ask now,



The numbers…!!

It was a fine morning. When i was about to leave to my office I found my daughter getting ready for school. In a urge she packed her school bag. She collected all her books from the shelf and kept it her bag.When she was doing so one book which was very old and rugged got slipped from the shelf.i noticed that book and asked her about it and she replied that she had found that book in the back yard of her school campus and the book had scribblings of numbersnumbers in a random order and left to school.I started staring at the book since it seemed to be a very old one. I then stepped forward and took the book in my hand. I was shocked to the first page of the book since the very first line of the page had my date of birth. Then I took the book along with me and left to the office so that i can take a look at it in my free time.In my work tension i totally forgot about the book . When I returned back home in the evening I remembered about the book then again I took a glance at the book.

I slowly started relating the numbers in the book with my life. Most of the number sequence in the book was the dates of some important event or occasion in my life.To mention a few firstly I found my date of birth, secondly it happened when I was 3yrs old. I was hospitalized with malarial fever and almost died.Then the third one was the death of my mother which made me think that the book was something serious.Also in one page it was a series of 0 and 1 and at the end of the page it was written as 25 12 09. Then I looked at the calender, it was 24 12 09.

I thought that somehow I should find out what’s behind this page by today so that I can make it false[since it was mentioned as 29th]. First I was confused with the numbers but later I got an idea that it could be a binary language and gave the binary digits for those numbers. Since I don’t know binary system very well it took me a long time for writing down the correct matching words for the numbers. The word behind the numbers was my name. I was happy that atleast i completed my work before the mentioned date.But when i looked at the clock for time it was 12 : 05 Am of 25 12 09. After seeing this I lost my sleep. I started peeping into the book for the whole night. I could make out many dates coinciding with the big events and accidents in the world. This made me go crazy and I wished to know the one who wrote this book.

The next day morning I enquired with my daughter about where she found the book and she took me to place she found the book. Then I went to the principal’s room and asked her if she knew any student studied in her school behaved strangely. She first thought for a while and said that “it was some 15 years back ,there was a girl who would often say that some disaster is gonna happen and would be scribbling the numbers on her note book “. I asked her if she knew any details about the girl and was shocked to hear her say “She s no more “. Then in a low tone I asked “How?” She said that ” It was some 4 years back she died in a flight accident” Then I left back home and my full focus was only on that book since I was very much anxious that what would be next. I slowly took a deep breath and then I noted down all the dates in the book. Towards the last page of the book it was 26 12 09. Then i started assembling the binary numbers the word behind it was death. I was shivering in fear since the worst feeling in life is knowing the date of our death.

Its already dawn only one more day I will be alive so I was depressed and i couldn’t sleep. So I took some sleeping pills and went to bed. Next day morning when I woke up I saw some news flashing in the TV “Tsunami strikes india, more than 1000s were killed” After seeing this news my mind started thinking about the book. Then after that I took the book and I referred the internet for any events happened in world with the dates mentioned. I was little bit relieved when I saw the dates coinciding with the world disasters like twin tower crash, flight accidents, Tsunami, terrorist attacks etc.

After this, I handed over the book to the government along with the evidences and let than continue with the investigations and atleast take some precautions about the fore coming danger….