A rave is a big event at which young people dance to electronic music in a large building or in the open air.Raves are often associated with illegal drugs.
So who started this trend of rave party trend in India. Basically this is a foreign culture we have adopted just to show how advanced our society is.

Recent raids on rave party has openly showed how our young generation is going waste having drugs, alcohol and sex. This is nothing but parents that have raised their children as spoil brats. Nuclear family has been again broken into more pieces as family members themselves don’t know where they are ?. It was a real surprise as parents often argue with police, as to what wrong they have done and they are just enjoying their lifestyle and they provide money for enjoyment. These brats come from a very high society having political influence. Their parents have taught them that  we have lot of money so there is no fear of getting caught and they are free to pollute the society like dirty pigs in muddy water.They are ready to pay any amount of money for drugs and sex.

If you read the details of rave party in newspaper, a layman will feel ashamed of events happening in the parties. Top of it politicians, police and drug peddlers work together to make these events happen.I think after one warning all these party animals should be trashed into lock ups for six months, so these richie Filth will  release their mistake. Many parties go undetected so what about those where drugs are sold openly. These nexus anti drug guys  who catch drugs consignment coolly, sell half of the booty for these parties so they are equally responsible for creating this mess. Recent rave party was organised at a politicians hotel so agar saari dal hi kalli ho to hum kay kar sakte hai.

In our cities many abnormal and illegal activities occur daily which go unnoticed to our general public, but police know everything of daily activities, they are mum about it.

I think responsible citizen should behave and guide their kids in proper direction to get rid of this menace.

Concept of get-together / parties has lost where family members / know friends meet and chit chat sharing goodies together. Since life has become so hectic people should meet together and share some clean ideas, without have drinks and drugs.

First poem at first sight

Hey Ms, I saw you a day before
Which I cannot forget you forever

I am damn sure it was an evening
Please don’t relate it to logical reasoning

All of a sudden our eyes met instantly
Where I grabbed your attention constantly

My heart beat swung like an oscillator
Increasing zillion times a binary counter

You were expecting me to tell it ASAP
But this idiot toggled like a flip-flop

Finally I barked the 3 magical words
While you scrutinized the whole avenues

I may not be a Mr. Perfect
Though I am as active as a MOSFET

My hopes were like a weak transistor
You pulled me up by adding a resistor

Hope you remember the promises we made
Which resembles to an amplifier in cascade

Emotion, Obsession and the Unreal world

Jiya was happily married to Avik and it was Avik’s occupation in Bangalore, which kept them far away from their hometown. It was almost three years they were in the IT hub of India and Jiya soon adjusted with the pace of the city and it’s inhabitants. Avik had rented a flat off the old airport road, near his office. Everything was running smoothly until Shiv came into Jiya’s life.

Shiv, a Punjabi guy; burly, tall and handsome. He was in the same apartment where Jiya used to stay and so they often bumped into each other either in the staircase or in the car park. Jiya only knew Shiv by his face and nothing else was happening until one day, when Jiya went for shopping and bought lots of dresses and accessories. She drove back home but she faced the hardship in carrying those loads of bags from the car to her flat. At one point two of her bags slipped her grip and with great difficulty, she managed to pick them up. Later when she was near the staircase, she tumbled down on the ground with all her bags skipping her step. Meanwhile Shiv was galloping down the staircase, when he saw Jiya on the ground; he went running to help her. He helped her to get back on her feet, carried all her bags, and helped her until she was comfortable inside her flat. After that, whenever they meet they started to spend some time in each others company, chatting on various topics. When Shiv learnt that Jiya was a Bengali girl, he requested her to send him some fish curry when she would cook it.

Jiya had a cook still she took the pain to prepare fish curry for Shiv and went upstairs to hand over the dish to him. He was a bachelor and lived with two other flatmates. It was Shiv only who opened the door after Jiya rang the bell for the third time. Shiv was surprised to see Jiya there. Jiya heard voices of girls from his room and asked Shiv, “Who are the girls chatting inside your room? Are they your girlfriends?” she winked.

“No Jiya, they are not my girlfriends, they are the friends of my flatmates,” Shiv replied. “I don’t have any girlfriend, Jiya, I am just waiting for the best match,” he smiled. Jiya handed him the fish curry and said “You asked me to prepare fish curry for you; here it is. Taste it and let me know how it is”

They didn’t meet again for next 5 days. Jiya was very anxious to know whether he liked her recipe or not. It was almost 6 months, since they started talking and chatting and slowly Jiya developed a soft corner for him. Every time they met, Shiv would always say, “Jiya why are you already married? Or else I would have definitely married you. I am  searching for a trendy, good looking and someone with a big heart, just like you.” “Do you have a sister who looks like you? Then surely I will marry her,” he added.

She waited eagerly everyday at the car park hoping to meet Shiv and to know how the fish curry tasted. Finally, on the sixth day when Jiya was going to the market she saw him on his bike and a girl was behind him. He didn’t even look at her. She thought he must have failed to notice her. Later in the day, when they met on the staircase Jiya asked Shiv who she was and promptly Shiv replied she was his cousin!

Jiya believed him and started living in the unreal world where she and Shiv was always together. She was missing him and she called Shiv in the morning and asked him to meet her but he said he was busy and cannot meet her that day. Later that evening when she was coming back from gym she spotted Shiv’s bike in the parking. She was delighted seeing that and she thought Shiv must be in his room. She went upstairs and rang the doorbell no less than five times before he opened the door. He looked exhausted and he was surprised to see her there. He promptly said that he was busy completing a presentation for his office, but at that very moment a girl came out of his bedroom; she too looked equally exhausted. Jiya noticed her carefully and found that she is not even properly dressed. Jiya understood how busy Shiv was and she made a retreat immediately without saying a word. She came back to her repose and cried a lot. She asked herself why did she get into such things afterall.  Avik had no fault and they were happily married then why she got lost in an unreal enjoyment in a world of utopia. She never found an answer but by then she realized that her real world was much enjoyable than the unreal world!

Housewife are Nation builders

On this international woman’s day I would request all men and women to pledge that the housewife be given the status of Nation builders. Please let not the census group housewives in “economically non-productive” category with prostitutes, beggars and prisoners. It is an insult to the community by referring them as non-productive community. If a mother is able to give just one conscientiously sensible son or daughter to the nation a major part of the problems are resolved. I am sure there will be innumerable numbers of great sensible sons and daughters who would agree with me and help housewife the required sensible respect and status in the society.

I have an accomplished background with great respectable achievements but just for the sake of my children I have given up my profession. Rather than giving excuses everyday in office for the sake of my family and children I would prefer to stay home to imbibe the culture and tradition I have acquired from my mother. I would dedicate my life to all those high achieving women who preferred to be an housewife and work only during their leisure by exploiting their inherent talents. I have no other way to reach the community for support rather than to sit at home and start his blog.


Life Management

Life Management By Self-empowerment-1

To find the ways to manage our lives, we have to first understand what life is and what management is?

The difference between a dead and live person: Our body consists of innumerable number of live cells. Each cell is an independent unit. Numbers of cells keep on changing all the time. The dead cells are replaced by the new cells. A person is live till the time this process of change in number of cells in his body is taking place. If this process stops the person is dead. Throughout the life span of a person this process keeps on taking place. Therefore, if one wishes to increase his life span, he has to make sure that this process of change in number of live cells remains active. Moment this process stops he is declared dead.

Now Life (age) of a person in years is the time span between his birth and death. When we say ‘management of life; we mean ‘to manage activity in this time span’. In my opinion, we keep on changing our life span (or remaining-age period) all the time. This happens because of our activities. We can’t survive without activity. Even while sleeping (either relaxing or otherwise) our life span keep on changing. All our activities – god or bad – will have effect on our life span. In other words, our remaining life span is in our hand.

Management is broadly defined as ‘efficient utilisation of all available resources to achieve the desired objective in predefined time frame.’

Now to manage the life we have to define its objectives, available resources and the time period available – to achieve those objectives.

Now let us first understand that time period available (remaining-age) to one is not specified. One can live for a long period or one can die at any moment. So we can’t define time period available. This increases our difficulty to manage life.

Next we have to define objectives of our life. Now each individual may set different objectives for his life. This also makes it impossible to make a fixed formula, which can be universally applied to all persons, for managing life.

Next, resources available also vary from person to person. Resources available may be time, energy, will power, intelligence level, money, manpower, material help, responsibilities etc.

Thus it becomes more difficult to define a universal formula for life management. In short, laying down a plan for life management, which can be applied to all, is not an easy task.

However, we should not leave hope and try to do it.

Firstly let us set an objective that is universally applicable to all living beings, irrespective of time period (remaining-age) and resources available to an individual.

We know – one of the main requirements of good management is efficient utilisation of available resources. Efficient means optimum utilisation of resources to achieve optimum results.

Now it is a well-known fact that our efficiency is optimum when we are happy (i.e. we are in the best mood and our mind is at rest). When we are sad our efficiency is the least.

Therefore, our aim in life should be ‘to remain happy all the time’ so that our efficiency is optimum; and thereby what ever we do we do it to the perfection. Now this objective can be universal, as it is independent of available time or resources.

Now we will try to find ways to achieve this ‘objective of life’ i.e. TO REMAIN HAPPY ALL THE TIME.

In other words, Management of life means – ‘to manage our life in such a way that we are happy all the time’. In other words, we have to control our activities in the present, so that they have good effect on us and we remain happy all the time.

To remain happy all the time we have to understand what happiness is and what are the factors affecting our happiness?

One of the paths to achieve happiness is self-empowerment. And this is the most important path, as any one who is dependent on any one else for any thing can’t remain happy. Can you remain happy in your old age, when you have to depend on others (including doctors or medicines or conveyance etc)? So, we have to depend or rely more on us for our daily requirement. How we can do it?

As we have realised that life can be managed well if one can live it efficiently; and one is most efficient when he is happy.

As the life span of an individual is uncertain one has to live happily all the time. One can not postpone his living happily otherwise his efficiency will go down, and his life span (remaining-age when he can do some activity as per his wish) will reduce.

Living happily all the time means we have to live our life (consciously) in the present, as we can’t live in past or future.

Living in the present means we have to live every moment of our life consciously so that we make sure that we utilise that moment efficiently. The moment not utilised will not come back to us. Our future depends upon our activity in the present. We will reap in future what we sow in the present.

Therefore, we have to empower ourselves so that we live all the time happily. Therefore, one should not waste any moment without efficiently utilising it.

Self-empowerment can be achieved by self-awareness and self-actualisation.

The other important point in life management is – how to increase our life span so that our problem of life management becomes little bit easy. Less the time, more is the difficulty in managing it.

Therefore, we should find methods of increasing our life span – period available to us till our death. This period should be such that we can use it for some creative work – not to feed the body only and curing it with medicines.

This leads us to next important point of living healthy all the time. Unless we are healthy we can’t be happy. We will also see how to remain healthy without having any medicine – whether allopathic, ayurvedic, homeopathy or of any other pathy.

(To be concluded…)

(Presented by: Harish Nagpal, [email protected])

The Ezhumattoor chronicle

God said, Let there be light: And there was light. One day my dad said Lets move to Ezhumattoor: and I seldom saw light again!

Being a bank employee, frequent relocations was never an alien concept, not for my father or to his family. Every three years or so, my father’s office would make him shift to a new location. As a result, I have been to various parts of my country in a span of 20 yrs. Relocating from one place to another, let alone frequently, but even once, takes a physical and financial toll on you. Once you have passed a certain age you tend to become more cautious about your health, you start to worry about your future, and you decide to settle down. I am nowhere near that stage, whereas my brother believes he is almost there and as for my parents, it didn’t take them more than an evening-tea-drinking-time to decide on the affirmative. Before you know it, they were renovating a weather-beaten 25 year old structure in a one horse town called Ezhumattoor which unfortunately happens to be my home town!

Allow me to introduce you to Ezhumattoor, an inseparable part of gods own country, which has its share of scenic locales, year old traditions, rich culture, abundant greenery, irritating idiots, annoying bugs, frequent power failures, and unbearable stench! God bless the noble soul who took time out of his busy schedule to create a wiki page for this place.(If the concerned noble soul happens to be a native of Ezhumattoor please ignore the ‘busy schedule’ part). The wiki page boasts the town of having it all from provision stores to a movie theatre (which surprisingly it does, but not exactly the ones you might hope to find).

When asked ‘why ezhumattoor?’ my father was quick in replying, “I am fed up of living in this concrete jungle” clearly indicating his aversion to city life. My mother, who rarely has an opinion of her own, was quick to nod along. I, on the other hand, didn’t quite catch the good that could come from leaving the ‘concrete jungle’ and moving to a ‘jungle’ in the true sense of the word!

One cold morning, I woke up in the middle of a room full of boxes containing our stuff, all packed and ready to be loaded in a truck standing by downstairs. In just a couple of hours we were to leave the apartment in the middle of the city which we proudly called our home for the last  5 years. At about noon that day, the trucks were all loaded. I was given the keys to the house and was asked to lock-up. I took one last look at the once-lively-but-now-empty house of ours, shut the door and turned the key all the way to the left till I could hear the lock fall securely in to place. It was a three hour drive to our new home.

On my second day here, I set out to explore, maybe I can catch a movie, I thought. Didn’t do so the first day, as it was spent wholly in my room where I sat chanting the never-effective-but-very-relieving mantra “why god? why?”. The air was damp, as it had rained the whole night. The sun was still feeling a bit reluctant to shine out from within the clouds.  Its a 50mtr walk from my front door to the gate. Once you open the front door, you will find a slippery porch, a muddy lawn, a stairway which leads to nowhere, and finally a weed filled path which leads to the gate. It takes an army man’s courage and an entomologist’s knowledge to take the first step towards the gate. Once out of the house, one has to be on high alert for attacks from species which seem to have leapt right out of the national geographic channel. I pushed open the rusty old gate, which itself is home to thousands of scary looking bugs. The rain from the previous night had done enough and more damage to the road ahead. I saw my own reflection in one of the puddles out front and I noticed the wide frown I had on my face. I started jumping pot holes, which was an amusing sight for the onlookers I believe, as they had their gaze set upon me and were whispering something to the person closest to them. Or maybe they were just curious as to who this new face was, I don’t know.

Once the endeavor with the pot holes was over, i reached the main junction, where one can find a few provision stores, a bakery, a saloon and an internet café that does not have an internet connection! There was, as usual, a lot of commotion between the people at the junction. I stood in front of the bakery, sipping a cup of cold tea, trying to catch up with the latest happenings in town. A middle aged man who himself had a tea cup in hand befriended me. His focus was compromised when he was suddenly distracted by a fellow-passerby who screamed out to him, “kooooi! Entha ivide?” (Loosely translated it means “ what are you doing here?”), to which he promptly replied “chumma, oru chaaya kudikkaan”. They smiled at each other and the man again turned to me, but then I was distracted by a similar plight as I heard another man shout at the other side of the road at another passerby, “kooooi! innale kandillallo, evide aayirunnu?” and that’s when the most amazing thing about small towns and villages came to light- everybody knows everybody. No one is a stranger in these lands. If one happens to be, the locals make sure that he doesn’t remain so for long. Everyone in ezhummattoor seemed to be tied together by one common name-“ Kooooi!”!!!!!

A slight rain had started just as I was about to leave the bakery. I bid farewell to my new found friend and started towards the movie theatre which is popular among the locals as ‘cinema talkies’. The theatre, or the ‘talkies’ if I may, is an old weather-beaten structure which happens to be the only source of entertainment for the locals of ezhummattor, and also one would not be able to find another theatre in a 20 km radius. The movie that was playing, was one that starred superstar mohanlal, but one that had released in the city months ago. The theatre premises were unusually quiet for a mohanlal movie. There was no one in the ticket counter either. Right beside the ticket counter was a room where I found a person wrapped in a blanket and a scary looking machine which I assumed to be the projector, thus making it the projector room. A slight knock on the door was enough to wake up the man from his slumber. He pointed his eyeballs at me, clearly not amused at having been woken up. Coarsely he said “innu kali illa” (means: no show today), on enquiring why, I was surprised to learn that the whole theatre had been flooded by the previous day’s rain as the roof had a major leak! I made it a point never to return to the theatre whenever its raining.

Disappointed, I was, but the events of the day had a lighter side to it. I evaded the pot holes again on the way back. While nearing my house I saw a couple of people from the shops in front, staring right at my house. I followed their gaze to see if I could find out what was going on, only to find my own brother amidst the rubber trees surrounding my house, sporting a knee length trouser, a black t-shirt and a professional camera, trying to take pictures of a squirrel which in itself was a visual treat to the local folks. Then I saw my dad sitting in the porch reading a newspaper and my mom was in the terrace hanging up clothes. Then I noticed I had a smile on my face, which I realized was the first one after setting foot in this place. I realized for the first time that this electricity-deprived-lame-excuse-for-a-town is my home now…..and as they say, theres no place like home! I went in, smiling, closing the gate behind me.

He and She

Her eyes kept straying here and there, as though searching out something, or someone. Her manicured nails were painted red, he noted, as he sat sipping his cup of coffee, from across the table. Fidgeting, she sat, lost in some deep reverie. He had the urge to wake her up, to probe what was wrong, or if at all anything was wrong. But, he did not. He was not known to be a meddler; and he did not want to start to be one now. He laid his cup down, scooped all the files and documents strewn all over the table, and started to walk out. She did not even notice him. He felt anger rising in him, and yet, he knew he had no reason to. So, he stormed out of the cafeteria in a hurry, letting the door slam shut on its own.
Shaken from her thoughts, she looked around. She realized that it was more than 20 minutes since she came in for her coffee. And not a drop of it was consumed. She lifted her coffee to her lips. Cold. She cursed under her breath, pushed the coffee mug away, and shrugged in exasperation. She needs help, she thought to herself. But who could she turn to? The ex-husband, of 12 years, who had suddenly packed bags and left, to Trinidad and Tobago? The mother who blamed her for every single mistake, every single step she undertook? The friends who never would lie for her, but would never hesitate to lie to her? Or her little boy of six, who’d ask her every night where Trin-dad-to-b-go was? Who was she to turn to? She swore filthy in her mind, for, she had no answers. Nor did she have any questions left, she realized to her dismay.
His Facebook profile stared back at him. The photograph showed him smiling away. Mockery, he felt disgusted at his own reflection. The confidence of the picture gave him creeps. He read through his self-proclaimed introduction, and he could not recognize the person who he claimed to be. Someone called out to him over his cubicle. Hurriedly he closed his profile, and turned to face his friend. “What was that dude? A matrimonial site?” his colleague asked; curious. “No No… I was just surfing some stuff” he answered, all flustered. Okay, I’ll believe it (for now), he heard his friend say, amused, as he walked away to his cubicle. Damn, he felt himself angered, though he could not place why he would be so. Soon his desk was piled up with files, new tenders to be made, proposals to be made. His mind no more had the space to ponder over human nature, or at the least, his own.
The clock showed 4 pm. Time for her little one to be picked up from school. She shut her system down, grabbed her wallet and keys, and walked out of her room. She did not care to look at anyone one though she felt a hundred odd eyes piercing her. The lift never works, she muttered to herself as she ran down the staircase. Her car lay stuck in the parking lot, and she failed to hide her frustration. Yelling at the doorman, she demanded the other car to be shifted. The watchman obliged in a hurry, and finally she was out in the open. The Mumbai city traffic never disturbed her. She loved the bustle, the noise, the hundreds of vehicles, and thousands of people around her. Everything was dynamic. None cared to look at her, or judge her. Everyone seemed to have just one thing in their minds, to get going. She felt wholesome, she felt relieved and relaxed.
“Mammaaa…you are late by 2 minutes and 34 seconds…” her son hurled his diagnosis at her. She could not help but smile. She scooped him up in her arms, and safely laid him on the front seat. After tucking the safety belt on, she said “Awww…Mamma is really sorry. Mamma had so much work at the office. I wonder if a jell-o could make you forget this.” Winking at his mom, he said “Hmmm…I guess that would be fine. But do not repeat it. Promise?” “Promise baby. Shall we get going then?” He nodded his approval and the mother-son duo drove away. Their laughter seemed infectious.
His eyes seemed to search for her. She and her once-bright eyes, and her infectious smile which had all off a sudden died away. He did not know why. Nor did he want to know. He had never wanted to be a part of her world, and still did not want to. But he never could understand why her sadness bothered him. It made him ache too. But he knew it made no sense. He heard a car drive in, and he looked down from his balcony. She was laughing; her eyes twinkled just as before. He saw her reach out to her little one. They were in another world; he smiled to himself. And then, he went back to his desk and hid himself behind the pile of files, the load of work pending.
She got back to her floor, her son safe in his crèche with his evening friends. Once again she felt all eyes on her, except one. She looked at him, wondering why he never looked He looked up. She was long gone. The office was empty. He walked over to her desk. It was shabby. It was sad, except for the couple of rare hours when she smiled, and worked, and created art. He flicked open the latest ad script she had made. It was the ad for a relaxing chair. It featured a boring man in a stingy cubicle, with a pile of files stacked on the desk. The man remained hidden from view, except for the fringe of hair on his balding head. His hands went to his hair in a reflex. No, he still had his hair. He smiled to himself and walked out. He called it a night.
The fan swirled on, and the sheets of her script flickered in the wind. Pity, he did not wait to look through till the last scene.

Old Man’s Paradise

The Prologue

“Whose letter is it?” Brinda asked her husband, Ashok.

“Dad’s. He likes giving surprises!” Ashok replied “They haven’t gone to Kasi*”

“Then where did they go?” She asked.

“Old Man’s Paradise!”

“Old Man’s Paradise? What place is that?”

“We shall find out soon,” He said “As he has invited us over there.”


The train was going through a place which had greenery on either side. Ashok peeped through the window of the train compartment.

“Do you see him?” Brinda asked.

“Yes, I see him!” Ashok replied, he had seen his father’s friend Dayanand holding a sign board with “Welcome to Old Man’s Paradise!” written on it.

He tried to pull the chain down with all his might.

“What the hell do you think you are doing?” asked a man, who was with them in that compartment.

“ We are going to get down the train!” He said turning back “I think it is stuck…come on, guys, help me!” He added looking at his family members.

His wife Brinda and his two daughters Priya and Preethi held his waist and pulled him back. The chain came down as well as the train came to a screeching halt.

“Who pulled the chain?” The T.C. asked, rushing towards their compartment.

“I did!” Ashok said, taking down the luggage.

“Oh, you should be that old man’s son” The T.C. said rather annoyed “You’ll have to pay a fine of…”

“Rupees five hundred…here it is!” Ashok said giving it to him.

“It’s nice to see you guys” Dayanand said with a warm smile “It is about fifteen minutes walk from here. Please follow me!”

“Dayanand Uncle, isn’t there a railway station nearby?” Ashok asked.

“Yes, there is one in the town.”

“And how far is this town from here?”

“Thirty kilometers!”

Soon, they reached the compound wall of the Old Man’s Paradise. As they entered, they saw Gulmohar trees and Yellow flame trees on either side of the path. It gave the feel to the name “Old Man’s Paradise”.

There was a pond with lotus flowers and a wooden bridge in the middle to cross it. On the other side, there was one huge banyan tree with a circular platform below. As they walked ahead, they found a big building with a beautiful spring fountain before it. The spring fountain was surrounded by colourful flower plants.

“Welcome to old man’s paradise!” Ashok’s father Kishore said, welcoming them inside.

“Hi!”Ashok’s mother Rukmini said coming.

“Why are your hands muddy, gandma?” Preethi asked.

“Well, I was plucking the vegetables for the lunch” She said.

“Plucking vegetables?” Brinda asked surprised.

“Yes, we grow our own vegetables in the vegetable- garden behind the house.” Rukmini replied.

Later, they all had lunch together on the dinning table.

“Well, hope you like the food.” Rukmini said.

“Yeah, we like it!” Ashok said smiling at his mother.

“Dad, how did you guys come to this place?” Ashok asked.

“Well, son, it’s a long story..It was long time back…” Kishore said.

“Grandpa, start it with ‘Once upon a time long, long ago..’” Preethi interrupted.

“Once upon a time long, long ago…when we friends weren’t even married…we all set out for a trip in our car. We had lost our way and reached this wonderful village…As it had turned dark, so we had decided to stay back in this village for that night. We were pleasantly surprised by the wonderful hospitality of these innocent villagers. The best thing about them was that they all lived like one big family…” Kishore started the story.

“Though they had their problems. They had power supply only for a couple of hours or so in a day. We, friends used to think that we should do something good and nice to others…which would give us joy and satisfaction in return..”

So we came back again to this village and talked to them about solving their power problem with solar energy. They co-operated with us and we solved their energy crisis.”

“Then the next big problem was that they used to waste their hard earned money by drinking, smoking and gambling. We tried to get rid of these three bad habits of these villagers and succeeded in the same, though this one took longer time to achieve.”

“The impact was so much that the person who was selling vine in vine shop was forced to close it and open a provision store in its place.” Dilip added.

“Wow! That’s amazing!” Ashok said

“Then we realized that these villagers weren’t educated and they were many times cheated in the town. So, we decided to come here some weekends and teach them to read and write.” Dayanand said.

“You guys did all this before you all got married?” Ashok asked.

“Yes, It was then your dad got this wonderful idea of buying some land over here and settling after our retirement.” Pradeep said.

“When we told this to the villagers, they were more than happy and gave us thirty acres of land in the outskirts of this village for a reasonable price. They even helped us to bring this dream place together and took care of the same in our absence.” Dayanand said.

“ But, why thirty acres?” Ashok asked.

“Well, I and Vishnu wanted to grow grapes!” Dilip said.

“I wanted to grow mangoes!” Pradeep said.

“It was my dream to grow strawberries someday..” Raghu said.

“I wanted tomatoes..” Dayanand said.

“Well, I wanted to grow sunflowers..so we needed more land.” Kishore said.

“That’s very nice!” Ashok said smiling at them. “You guys have achieved your dream!”

“Son, If you believe in your dreams, then go after them and never rest in peace until you achieve them.” Kishore said.

You’re right, dad!” Ashok said.

“As a matter of fact, they didn’t tell us too. We all were under impression that we were going to Kasi.” Narmada, Vishnu’s wife said.

They all rested for a while after a delicious meal. Later, they played “UNO” game together. In a way, the game had become like a tradition amongst them. Then they took bicycles and went peddling around the green path. They passed by the sun flowers field, the mangroves, grapes yard, strawberry and tomatoes fields.

When they were returning back, it started raining.

“It is very nice to peddle a bicycle in rain, you know.” Vishnu cried.

“Yeah!” They all cried back in chorus.

When they reached back, hot snacks and tea was waiting for them.

“It’s a wonderful place!” Ashok said very pleased.

“Yes, you won’t regret growing old.” Raghu said smiling at him.

“How about watching a movie in the home theatre?” Dilip suggested.

Krishore led them to the large hall which had a big library of books, music cds and movie dvds at one end, and a home theatre in the other end.

Kishore picked up the movie “Big Fish”. They all watched this movie directed by Tim Burton and enjoyed it.

“I have seen this movie many times” Kishore said “and I have enjoyed it every time!”

Later, Kshore gave a book to his grand daughter Priya. It was a collection of short stories. She was surprised to see her grand father’s name on the cover page of the book.

“Grandpa, I never knew that you write?” She said.

“You wrote it, dad?” Ashok asked, taking it from her and going through it.

“Well, I used to write when I was young. Later, I became busy and couldn’t continue it. Now, I had time so thought of doing it.” Kishore said smiling. “Here is my first collection of short stories!”

“I’m proud of you, dad!” Ashok said.

“Thank you, son.”

The Epilogue

“I hope you enjoyed your stay over here.” Kishore said.

“Yes, dad, we sure did” Ashok said “It was like a dream come true!”

“All this will be yours along with children of my dear friends when you guys grow old.” Kishore said.

“Thanks, dad” Ashok said.

The End

Power of small things

Have you ever wondered how small things we use  at home and office  have made our life easier and comfortable? Strangely, we  least remember the inventors of these contraptions or we don’t even try to find out who the were.

Safety pins

Take the safety pins for instance.  Is there  any home right up to the smallest village level without safety  pins?  It’s such a small thing to handle too. I often think how mothers some 1000 years back kept their baby’s napkin firm in the child’s hindquarters.

Mr. Walter Hunt, an American designed the first safety pin in 1849 to keep pieces of clothes together. This was made from a single piece of steel wire.  Not seeing much prospects for the invention, he sold off his patent  for $ 400 dollars to a friend to pay off a debt. But later in April 1849, he obtained a patent for an improved model of a steel wire  coiled at one end and the protruding end locked in a crevice.  By and large we use this model even today.

Ask any Home maker if she could administer her house  without safety pins.  She would say an emphatic NO.

Hair clips

According to records, hair clips were designed and patented by Kelly Chamandi  in 1925.  This is an offshoot of safety pins and was introduced some 75 years after the safety pins. Why such a long time gap, is difficult to comprehend.  Possibly the ladies in those days didn’t need them.  Not so in present time. No lady regardless of the hair style she is used to, could live without hair clips. A cheap material but very valuable for keeping the hair from flying off.

Push pins

We use them for pinning together sheets of paper usually in offices. In recent times staplers have come into use but yet push pins are much more effective and preferred by the office goers. It is not known who invented this but  since no ingenuity was required,   the manufacturers have been concentrating  their effort on producing a number of varieties. Several models have come into the market such as  map pins with colourful  heads  and flat pins etc.

We didn’t have the push pins in India for many years.  I still remember the office clerks and superintendents using ‘thorns’ to keep stacks of paper around the year 1935.  Push pins possibly came to India during World War II.  It’s a valuable piece  in all types of offices and banks. But for the push pin we wouldn’t know how to keep two sheets of paper together.

Sewing needle

It appears  that Muslims in Spain used  needles with an eyelet through which a thread was passed for stitching clothes or mending them.  They were driven out of  Spain in the 15th century.  The needle concept was then taken by them  to Arabian lands and later found its way to England in the 17th century.  The design was perfected and  mass produced in England,

Thread and needle are valuable items in any home even today. How will you stitch your buttons without thread and needle?.

Sewing machines

I feel that one of  the greatest inventions for man kind is the sewing machine. It is an equipment which cannot be replaced nor could we do without it.

The fore runner for a sewing machine is a needle with an eyelet.  It was Walter Hunt (Safety pin fame)  who used the needle to produce a sewing machine of sorts in the year 1849. He lost interest in it thinking that it would create unemployment. One Elias Howe reinvented the machine whose design was copied by Isaac Merrit Singer  who made further improvement by placing the needle vertically  and a presser foot to keep the cloth in place, along with a shuttle  underneath. Thus came into being the modern sewing machine and has been  monopolized by Merrit Singer.

I wonder how life would be if there are no sewing machines and tailors around  in the world. You have to then wrap round your body a five meter long cloth to go outside your home.  Could you imagine yourself walking  like a ghost on the streets? That would have been  your apparel in the absence  of a sewing machine and tailor.


In spite of digital electronics and associated devices, it is the Stethoscope which continues to be  a Physician’s pass port.  Have you ever seen any doctor without stethoscope garland  round his neck?  You snatch it away, any doctor would feel most miserable.

One Rene Laennec, a French man, was the inventor of the  stethoscope. He was serving as a physician in  1816  and he wanted to examine the condition of his patient’s heart.  He took a  thick paper, rolled it into a cylinder shape, put one end on the patient’s heart and the other end to his ear. He heard the heart  beats clearly.  Thus came into being the stethoscope to feel the heart beats all over the upper portion of a human body.    Though  the invention is some two hundred years old, the world has not found a replacement for it and as cheap.

The above are inexpensive things and are  commonly available which make our life easy.  Don’t you think we need to thank the inventors? Further more, they have become  inseparable parts of our daily life and are irreplaceable inventions too.  They may go on and on for centuries.

Love and Marriage – the Indian view

This article is meant for NRIs (Non resident Indians) living abroad and more in particular for their adult children. You are perhaps already in love with someone and may have even  planned to marry him/her.  If your fiancé happens to be a Westerner, I have nothing to advise you.  But if you are an young man of marriageable age,  born to Indian parents and living abroad,  do read this piece.

Frankly, I am amazed  to read  articles in some e-magazines about dating, having sex etc. Through  these I  gather  an impression that  the Westerners view  marriage as a contract for a limited period  or a  development that could be abandoned instantly and hop on to another’s lap.

All these look  odd , unethical and  even obnoxious.  Permit me to share the Indian thought and philosophy  on ‘dating’ and marriage. There is nothing known as ‘Dating’ in India nor would you find an agency that arranges dating. For that matter, there is nothing known as ‘love life’ either. The father of our Nation, Mahatma Gandhi once remarked, “The Westerners love and marry but we Indians Marry and Love.’ The real love life starts from the day of marriage and it grows and lasts till death do them part.

An Indian adult, on sighting a girl who looks acceptable to him or what one may say  as ‘love at first sight’, would not sing  ga ga  and approach her to express his infatuation.  He would study her from a distance, of course without her knowledge, and make an assessment about her suitability as his future wife. One tip some parents give their adult son in this regard is, “ See if  she reminds you of your mother in many respects. If yes,  pin her in your heart.”

The next step is to involve the parents  in the future activities and development. The parents too would make thorough  enquiries about the other party, such as the financial  status of the parents,  the family back ground, qualification of the groom,  nature  of his employment and so on. As regards the bride’s side,  her qualifications and her general reputation in  the social circle of their area..  Only when  both  the parents are fully satisfied  about the credentials of the  other party, ‘the bride seeing  ceremony ‘ would take place. [In most cases such a mutual examination of various factors  would be carried out with the help of a marriage broker before the seeing ceremony is arranged]. The purpose of this occasion is to give a chance to the bride and the groom to see each other and convey straightway his/her acceptance  or  non acceptance for the other.  They are the final arbiters. In certain instances, the Man or even the Girl  may want to have a word with the   other  before saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’.  Once the answer is   ‘yes’ to the other, there would be jubilation all round and they would immediately talk about the future action such as date of engagement and date of marriage and details of the  associated arrangements.

The marriage date  would get fixed taking all criteria into consideration, such as the Boy  may need time  to get confirmed in his job which may be an  year away or the Girl has to finish her studies which may be  a few months afar.

During this interim period, they would meet each other periodically but always in one of their homes. If at all the Boy wants to take her out, he would insist that an elder accompany them. Even during such  sojourns there is no question of any intimacy, perhaps ‘holding hands’,  that’s all.

Sex?  Heavens  No!  Pre marital sex is a taboo in India even if the pair had got engaged.

After marriage, they begin to love each other deeply and establish an unified and harmonious  life and  adjust to each other completely remembering that  they have to spend their full  life together till death do them part.

This is the pattern in nearly 90 percent cases and is known as ‘arranged marriage’. The remaining ten  possibly follow the Western model and may have lots of dating  and  other kinds of outings  to find out their compatibility and in this process  may have trial  sex also. But the experience shows that such marriages break up sooner than later.

So, if you do want to get married, why not go in for a partner living in India? Haven’t I already conveyed what   the Indian view of marriage is?  It’s a lifetime commitment.  Despite all these precautions  some marriages do fail.  Of the 90% perhaps  5-10%  may end in divorce or permanent breakup.

As regards the 10%  who pick  partners on their own, who enjoy all kinds of liberties during courting days, more than 6% end in  fiasco.

But the majority of the arranged marriage types, lead a very happy life. In one wedding, an elderly lady blessed the young bride and pronounced, ‘May you live long for 60 years.”  The young bride retorted back, “ What? Only 60 years !”  She was then 22.

Who am I!


At the doorway of most ancient mysterious mystery schools

Are these autograph – Man Know their self

The question here is – Do you know who you are?

Have you ever asked yourself – Who am I?

We all know that you are a two-legged creature

Creatures looking like you are called human beings

Do you know who you really are?

Everybody around probably knows your full name

You too know all your given names and nicknames

We all know that human beings are more than names

Do you know who you really are?

Do you know your own likes and dislikes?

Do you know what you like doing in your spare-time?

Apart from your profession, what else do you do?

Do you know your strengths and abilities?

Do you know your weaknesses and faults?

Do you know your potentials as a human being?

Do you know you were born with some natural talents?

Everybody knows their own sign of the zodiac

The question here is – are human limitations

decided and controlled by their sign of the zodiac?

All things been equal, there are good and bad people

in every zodiac sign, while there are rich and poor

people also in every astrological sign

To attribute your weaknesses and failures to astrology

is a sure evidence of fallacy and self-delusion

Do you know who you really are?

Look at yourself in the mirror

Let today be the start of your self-analysis

Your journey to self-discovery has began

A new event at India a dog realization itself.

By this knowledge it offered prayers to lord Rama.

Its all about time is’nt it?

Between you and me don’t you agree that time is everything around which our very existence revolves. Remember those movies where the hero and heroine meet there is a clap of thunder and “time stood still” and both were unaware of the havoc this situation plays on nature (strong winds blowing etc)  Similarly often we feel that time has “stood still” or “time flies”. Whatever be the case we blame time, but should it be blamed really?? I think it all depends on the mental conflicts that we face and our state of mind. It is human nature that we defend ourselves if situations are not favourable.

Right now my state of mind is a mixed bag. I wake up with a jerk in the morning thinking I am 21 in 4 years I will be married. Oh My God!! I have spent almost 5 years here in Canada from 17 till 21. I have such less “time” on my hands… But then …. when I meet people around me or even when I tell people at work about myself  they feel proud of my achievements. Sincerely they commend me and say that I have come a long way without knowing the pitfalls of my journey so far… I feel much better!!

And then there are days when I don’t work I feel “time” is moving so slowly… I can’t wait to go for work the next day!! Also people around me are at a stage in their lives where they have met the minimum standards of living (as I would like say it!!). For instance, everyone has a permanent full-time job, everyone has a license, own vehicle and for God Sakes! their own credit card!!! I am amongst people who have all this and I am always questioned or critiqued since I have none of the above mentioned credits. It worries me that I always have to remind them of my age and I will only achieve it with “time” or when the “time” is right… but I get nervous of being jinxed (as I am superstitious as hell!!) what if I am never able to reach that stage sometimes I feel jittery when the future is unknown and uncertain???? My mum always tells me ‘insecurity come with age and security with experience and when both merge then a confident person emerges’!

I have always been a restrictive, shy and nervous person. I have hidden confidence otherwise I am a chicken in front of people, as every critique or comment gets to me… and yes I must clarify every negative comment, the positive ones don’t affect me. It is as if I am waiting or looking for someone to critique me in a negative sense or else it is not normal!!!

Hey!! Does that mean I am a pessimist??? I will know it with “time”. All my fears will overcome, my questions will be answered and my achievements will happen with time!! So Am I really dependant on time or is it all a cover up??

With these conflicting and volatile thoughts that keep crossing me  but then I eventually get rid of them and pick singular un complicated path that keeps me going and that is of working hard and planning my future step by step, as that is something that is not decided by time and I am happy it is that way. Time  can never be a cover up .. time is strength, time is our chart of growth as a person or in any relationship, fame , fortune you name it!The day you are born you login with time..  the day you die you logout…again with time. Therefore time is quintessential for our days on earth!

Is inspiration and creativity the true test of love?

Lately I have stopped writing. I used to write most here and on mylot and for about three months I didn’t contribute a single post to either website. I guess the easy explanation would be that I had writer’s block and that may be true however a deeper analysis of the situation would reveal something more fundamental. The fact of the matter is I was in a relationship that wasn’t inspiring me a lot. It was mostly sucking away my creative energy and leaving me both mentally and physically drained.

Now I am out of that relationship I find that I have more energy (drive and creative) to turn on my computer and come here or visit mylot. Now this begs an analysis of the situation and out of it will come the link between creativity and peace of mind especially within relationships. Now this has some serious implications because it may make you want to think that this a marker of a good relationship, the presence of creative energy but is it? The realists among us would fight fiercely to defend their view that a relationship is based on more fundamental settings and that creativity within a relationship is overrated. They would probably say that they would prefer to be with a loyal person rather than someone who can paint a lovely scenic painting or write a touching paragraph on any topic.

So would you get out of a relationship that doesn’t inspire you or worse takes away your creative force? Or do you maintain that a relationship is more than just being allowed to be creative?

The Fuel Price Hike.

Indian economy is considered to be a developing economy. However the policy formulators are hell bent on making India a developed nation within a short span of time and that’s why they have decided to adopt all the policies and measures that are followed by the developed nations.The fuel price hike is just one of those measures.The Government of India decided to deregulate petrol completely and it also reduced the subsidy on diesel,cooking gas and kerosene. Now there is no harm in reducing the burden to the exchequer but what stuns us is the timing of the act. Presently we are witnessing inflation and the prices of the food basket has almost sky rocketed. Increasing the fuel cost will only aggravate the problem as the rise in fuel will have a rippling effect on the economy.Prices of all the commodities will rise by quite a few times in order to neutralize the fuel price hike and the customers will feel the pinch.The deregulation could have been done when the inflationary pressure was wiped out. Alas the policy makers decided not to wait any longer.The increase in the price of the so called food basket affects the middle class and the lower middle class as they spent a major part of their earning in food. The affluent people spend only a minimum percent of their income on food and so they will be least affected.The signal that is going out to the masses is that the rich will become richer and the poor poorer. In fact to remove subsidy when we haven’t achieved equality of income is a crime.It is the duty of the Government to assure that each and every individual can at least get the bare necessities of life like food, shelter and clothing and only then it can think of deregulation.We witnessed a transport strike in West Bengal as a protest against this price hike and there will be meetings and demonstrations but one feels that all these will be used to achieve political mileage whereas the suffering of the common man will continue. If we go by the international crude oil price then a liter of fuel costs roughly Rs.22. Add to it the cost of refining which is at the most Re.1 and so the cost comes to Rs.23. Add to this Rs.6 for maintenance of the refining plant. Now the total cost is Rs.29 at the most. The market price of a liter of petrol is Rs.56 nearly. So the remaining Rs. 27 is taxes that are levied by the government , the customs,excise and other duties and the profit of the dealer. If the Government had reduced this share then the prices wouldn’t have been affected and at the same time the oil PSUs’ would have reduced their losses. But the Government chose the “soft target” the consumers to pay for the losses which is totally irrational and illogical.

Maoist Menace In India.

Recently we have come across Maoist activities in several Indian states. Especially the states like Andhra Pradesh, Jharkhand,Bihar,Orissa and West Bengal are the worst affected.The Maoist menace took such proportion that even the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh termed them as the most serious threat to the Indian subcontinent. Several measures have been taken by the affected states along with the Central Government to combat the Maoists. Joint Operations have been undertaken by the Centre and the States to eradicate the menace but even after a year it failed to deliver appreciable result.What we are trying to overlook is the causes that led to this Maoist insurgency. It can’t be denied that the tribals in several parts of our country have not been taken care of since independence.Their socio economic condition remained at a deplorable level.The only means of living that they had was by working in the Coal Mines of the regions. However the Government even took that away from them when they started to lease out these mines to private players. Several people lost their job which was their only source of income. So there was a resentment among the people of the locality.The maoists took advantage and they spread their ideology to these people rather easily. It is impossible to suppress hunger and so the tribals jopined the ranks and file of the insurgents and strengthened their movement.For a long time the Government both in the Centre and the States did not pay heed to this menace and did nothing to improve the condition of the tribals and finally when the maoist movement gathered momentum the Governments thought to implement the Army to counter the insurgency which is totally a wrong approach.You can’t eradicate the Maoist in this manner.They are needed to be eradicated by political participation and also by empowering the tribals of those regions.If the Government can uplift the conditions of the tribals then the Maoist menace will automatically be eradicated.What we are witnessing right now is a fiasco between the Government on one hand and a portion of the Intelligencia who are sympathetic to the maoist.Each one is trying to prove his point by blaming the other. Let’s stop this infighting as the society needs to show solidarity in the face of a crisis and lets think of ways and means to improve the conditions of the tribals of the affected areas.

A Country in Transition

Living in India my country of birth has been an outstanding experience. Having reached more than half a century (in age) and being almost as young as India itself my experience in the country has been as diverse as its terrain,culture and its polity. Being a child of free and independent India words like repression, suppression were unusual to me. I grew up in a middle class home with traditional values. Although the British had left long ago but as we say in Hindi “Angrez chale gaye per angreziat chod gaye”(the British may have gone but they left behind their values and traditions.

Culture Confusion

To begin with the culture shock was an issue which children like me dealt with each at home and school.In a middle class and upwardly mobile family it was fashionable to send the children to missionary schools.So there lies the confusion at home a child had to believe and stick to hindu traditions, beliefs (including caste barriers and practice untouchability)In school it was just the opposite  liberal beliefs, unorthodox views and above all treat each human being as equal! This was while growing up… and boy was I confused. But among all the confusion one thing that stood out was the individual that I evolved as traditional in views and liberal in practice!

India as a Democratic Society

Customs and Traditions

Much has been said about India and its evolution as a democratic society. On the contrary some of the observation has been seen as profound and far reaching. As a society Indians have a high absorption and adaptation to new influences. Historically we can see the effects of Islamic culture in not only in our monuments but interestingly some of our traditional customs too! The use of purdah in a wedding(Ghoonghat), Sehra for the groom, Shehnai traditional wedding music, mehndi and many more customs. Indian society and its religions are so intertwined it is easy to recogonise and Indian from afar.

Of late many of Indian weddings have been fused with western custom and they are called fusion weddings. I attended one such such NRI wedding in USA. I must say my reactions were mixed because it was so fine tuned that it didn’t seem like a wedding in India at all. Indian weddings are full of blub and bluster and mismanagement! But this was different..

Society Evolving

To come back to the point of society evolving. You can feel the change there is certainly a breakdown in caste barriers. Earlier sharing food,employing a muslim or a dalit was taboo in a conventional Hindu home. The generation of today could not care less and do not observe these norms. Inter caste, inter religion marriages are on the rise.Of course we do hear of honor killings now and then and society should come down heavily on such people. Surely, caste and religion play a role at the time of election. During travels in the heart lands of India I found that the quest is for development, alleviation of poverty and other related issues which people are concerned about. But casteism of a different kind is emerging which is not correct.

I think 60 years of independence despite so many challenges India has indeed evolved as a truely rich culture with a strong democratic setup, growing and evolving institutions and polity. Its been a tough ardous journey, miles to go before it reaches the goal. Each year of independence has been a milestone for each of the billion + proud Indians. Of course we are on course, some may have robbed us , waylaid us yet as a proud country we are marching ahead!

Accidental way of life

Words of wisdom continue to come to you from people who have crossed the earthen boundaries. The immortal words of wisdom continue to inspire the mortal ones, in their sojourn of life.
“Human life, its growth, its hopes, fears, loves, et cetra, are the result of accidents,” this quote of the famous philosopher Bertrand Russell found its veracity literally in a real life incident of an accident.
My cousin was bogged down with various problems and was fighting heroically against the odds against him. Though there were many a helping hands, he preferred to carry his mantle alone. Since, he wanted to test his might; his well-wishers also allowed him to fight his own battle as per his own strategy, rather than thrust on him a borrowed one.
One day he met with a serious accident. For two days he was fighting for life in ICU. A born fighter, he won the battle, but took a long time to recuperate. In the process he discovered many things. He discovered the joy of receiving, the pleasure of knowing how people love him, the delight of rediscovering relationships, and most of all the elation of having survived.
He even understood how priorities change. The problems which had earlier appeared to be enormous lost their proportion. Now the sole mission of his life was to get back to the normal routine. This was not an easy task. The doctors gave him six months to get back to his routine. He achieved it in two months. This gained him confidence and new vigour to fight the battle of life.
All this could happen because of action of one person. While my cousin was lying in pool of blood, after the accident, one engineering student took him to hospital, without bothering about the problems that he might land in. He not only took my cousin to hospital, but used his cell phone intelligently to ring up people to inform about the accident. He saw the number stored under the name ‘mama’ and gave us a ring. He even rang up people using last dialled number. This ensured people like us who were nearest to the hospital to reach there on time resulting in life of my cousin getting saved. All because of action of one person! Had he not acted on time, God only knows what would have happened. This person not only saved my cousin’s life but was also instrumental in changing his life course.
Each individual; has a different reaction to his encounter with a problem. Some face it positively, some adopt the negative attitude. My friend’s son was fortunate to meet a couple with positive attitude. This doctor couple was unfortunate to meet with an accident on Pune – Mumbai express highway. For four hours they were writhing in pain lying on the road, cars sped by, but none stopped to help them. Well, eventually they received help and soon got over the shock of the unfortunate event.
They made a resolution after their accident. They always made it a point to stop at any accident site to help the injured ones. And exactly this attitude was instrumental in saving life of my friend’s son.
Both the above incidents made me realize how human life grows, acquires hopes, gets over fear, realizes the potential of love and many more qualities essential for growth and progress, accidently as well as due to accident.

Right Now We Are Talking About Morals…

We talk about morals in our society but I need to really see if at we care 20000 lives lost in Bhopal gas tragedy, Latur earthquake another 25ooo, Gujrat 25 thousand more and the list is endless and what do we find here politicians across party lines just want to score brownie points. We are not even counting the endless scams money laundering, sexual misconduct of persons in influential positions. Thanks to the media who dig deeper and deeper to let the people be aware of the role of persons concerned.

If the people of India are revolting or making a protest its time they were heard. Might I ask why the entire eastern region is underdeveloped and people are in a worse condition than they were in at the time of independence.

We complain about people from UP, Bihar, Jharkhand and other areas flooding our metros but its the well known fact that it is a well planned systematic neglect of the entire region.Then the present govt and the one before it ties up with the likes of Shiboo Soren and Madhu Koda. Neither the Congress or the BJP or for that matter any politician is free from guilt! They have ripped our gentle, well mannered citizens apart through and through.

Now what do we have really anarchy, violence, break down of administrative machinery and everything thats negative to the growth of  a healthy society. Do we care or do we….

I love waiting for you…

I love waiting for you

There is a hope in this wait

A hope to meet you

A hope to get you

My heart remembers the sweet things you had said

The last time when we met

They are the food for my happiness

Your memories are still fresh.

They say it must be painful

And ask me to be strong

But I know I’m the happiest

What they think is wrong

And the distance never mattered

It can’t take us apart

I feel your presence every moment

Your warmth, your touch, your scent.

With you in my life, happiness is a must

Strong is our love, so is our trust

Now that you have come

It seems so unreal

I feel happy and strange as well

What I had dreamt of and what I have got

Happiness bigger than I thought

Your love is stronger than before

Oh you care even more!

Thank you for everything

Now love holds a new meaning

This time when you go

I’ll wait again

In all sunny days and nights when it rains

I’ll dream beautiful dreams

Life must be happier, it seems

With you in my life, happiness is a must

STRONGER is our love, so is our trust!

Don’t allow anyone to hurt you.

When I’m given good memory why should I try to forget things? Why do I have to strain myself as to forget things so that I can forgive? “Forgive and forget” it’s easily said than done.
People hurt others out of pride. When someone thinks of themselves superior to others they tend to belittle the person. We get bewildered at some people’s actions. We wonder why they did that to us. We get no answer.
We can take revenge. But that is not a good solution. Taking revenge gives us more disturbance than forgiving. So let us forget and forgive but how? The thoughts come more deep and frequent if we try to forget.
We get hurt as we care and love the person. The more we care, the severe the pain he gives with his thoughtless action. So we cannot forget as long as the person is in our memories. We keep on wondering why the person did that to us. That refreshes the wound we suffered. We can ignore, don’t keep in touch. But can we forget?
As long as we don’t forget, can we say we have forgiven him? We can get used to a life without that person but do we forgive? All along my life I have been hurt several times. I don’t want to hold any grudges. If someone asks forgiveness after accepting their fault, I melt, or get embarrassed and say it’s ok. But I know what I went through when the person had hurt me.
These days I don’t allow anyone to hurt me. That’s because I have grown too old to have too much attachment with anyone. It is when we feel we cannot live without some relationships that even the silly things others do tend to hurt us. Every one lives their own life. There is nothing that lasts forever.
Don’t allow anyone to hurt you. That is easier than trying to forgive the person later….