Women hold up one half of the sky, make up one half of the world’s task force and fulfil one half of the planet’s potential. In women lie nature’s best qualities of motherhood, compassion, humanity and love. Since they have been blessed with the capacity for giving and nurturing life, women also have the capacity for a deep commitment for preserving and nourishing not only their own offspring, but of the entire planet world.

After they have been downtrodden and disfranchised for centuries, women have developed unparalleled skills of frugality, economy and resource management. They have been bestowed with softer and gentler qualities therefore women eschew wars, violence and destruction of the planet. The tragedy of human race as seen is that, for too long muscle and brute power ascendant over the emotional and spiritual strength. Looking at the mess that the world entered lead to the realization that another approach is required. To women then, the world must turn to bring healing and spiritual qualities of positivity and patience.

That is the time women stepped out of the shadows to take their rightful place beside men in steering the course of the future. One has to look at the women who have broken the shackles of their conditioning, from Rani of Jhansi to Helen Keller-the deaf and dum genius, Indira Gandhi to Kalpana Chawla. Just like a word is inseparable from its meaning, the name Ela Bhat is inseparable from the SEWA- Self-employed women’s association. She has rescued thousands of women by giving financial help. In 2010 she was awarded the Niwano Peace Prize for the upliftment of poor women. She also received the first ever Global Fairness Award by Clindent in Ahmadabad.

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw is an Indian businesswoman, technocrat, innovator and the founder of Biocon, the leading bio-technology enterprise based in Banglore. She has spearheaded its evolution and in her pursuits, she faced many challenges but never gave up. With her steering Biocon became the first to receive US funding. Her pioneering work earned her the Padmashree in 1989 and Padmabhushan in 2005 from the govt of India. She is also named among the hundred most influential people by the Times magazine and also in the Forbes list, Nikai Asian Prize 2009 etc.

Today there are many women organizations fighting many causes for the well-being and safety of women. This shows and makes us recognize that when a power of woman is unbound and unleashed there is no force on earth that can stop her from achieving her goals and realizing her dreams.

Yet much remains to be done. The memory of too many centuries of separation still haunts the women and holds them back from coming into their own. They are still to realize the extent of their true strength and their enormous potentiality.

Let each woman stand as an inspiration to other women. Women are the nature’s finest force and the planet’s cherished hope. AND THE TIME HAS COME FOR THEM TO EMERGE AS LEADERS IN THEIR OWN RIGHT

The long, strong hair of Rapunzel and poor me

My favourite fairy tale has been the beautiful story of Rapunzel. I loved every thing about Rapunzel. I was enthralled by the enchantress who wanted the unborn child to be surrendered to her at birth because the man had scaled down the wall to her garden to collect the rapunzel plant for his wife. I loved how Rapunzel grows up to be the most beautiful child in the world with long golden hair. When Rapunzel reaches her her teens the enchantress shuts her away in a tower in the middle of the woods, with neither stairs nor door. When the witch visits Rapunzel, she stands beneath the tower and calls out: Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair, so that I may climb the golden stair.

What could be more exciting than this! I was mesmerized by the beautiful braided hair – long and strong and everything that perfect hair should be.

Then the prince charming appears. He too climbs up the tall tower with the long hair, where Rapunzel was captivated. The together plan means of escape.  However, the poor sweet girl asks the witch in a moment of forgetfulness why it is easier for her to pull up the prince than her and in anger,the witch cuts short Rapunzel’s braided hair and casts her out into the wilderness to herself. This was horrifying for me. I used to get so upset every time I came to this part of the tale. It was hard for a child who has dreamed of braided hair like that since forever. The next part of the story was more saddening, and I used to weep a lot. When the prince calls that night, the enchantress lets the cut braids down to pull him up. To his horror, he finds himself staring at the witch instead of Rapunzel. The prince was blinded by thorns, how I can’t remember, but that was disheartening to the core.

Who can forget the long beautiful hair tied in beautiful knots. To have long, beautiful, strong hair like Rapunzel. I have dreamed of the same since forever. More than anything else, the prince charming was more fascinating by the way he climbs up the tower with the help of Rapunzel’s strong and lovely hair. Not to forget he was chivalrous and all that it takes to sweep you off your feet.

So did I work onto to have a hair like that? Well, I tried every means on earth. I tried home remedies, I went for extravagant professional helps, I went for five star salon treatment but the secret formula that the enchantress used to caress Rapunzel’s mane seemed utopia. Lastly, I cut my hair short. Wearing it short seemed to be a much better option, and I am smarter than my friends think.

Meet a home breaker called, COFFEE

Any marriage is God ordained. If God had not willed it, you and your dear wife wouldn’t have come together ever. In  a Christian wedding service, the pastor, after pronouncing them husband and wife also will make a  statement right in the church “What God had joined,  let no  man try to separate them.”

Therefore if you find that some naughty guy is trying to create discord between them or a kind  of suspicious atmosphere to make them shout at each other,  we must hammer that  fellow mercilessly. Don’t you agree? Such a  home wrecker should be banished from the society and the land itself. Or, we should make him stand at the sea shore when there is a news of an impending  tsunami  so that he gets washed away and driven to the centre of the ocean.

But what do you do when the wrecker is not a human being but a ‘thing’, called coffee?  Yes, coffee seems to have  become a home breaker !

After considerable research, the scientists have discovered  that if women drink cups and cups of coffee, their brain gets highly stimulated and would function with the greatest efficiency even  during stressful situations. Actually, they would find themselves on top of Mount Everest.

But if the husband gulps as many cups, he will become dull and stupid  and behave as if he were a  vegetable. He is also likely to take wrong decisions.

Is this fair on the part of coffee – working in opposite direction in the same house and between two souls united by God Himself?

But then there is a plus point.. If  a wife  wants her hubby to cancel the Golfing session that afternoon, all she has to do is to give him  two cups of decaffeinated coffee and presto he would immediately toss off his golf bag in a corner and yodel.

But as regards the wife,  she will not only act like a super woman but  also her risk of stroke will stand reduced by  25 – 30 percent.   The scientists, may God bless them liberally,  have further revealed  that  coffee may  help ward off diabetes, liver cancer  and scores of other  dangerous health hazards, in women.

Although the scientists have not said so specifically, we  may deduce that men will get heart stroke, diabetes and all other diseases  if they drink as many cups   as the wives.

Don’t you see a kind of formula  herein that if you want to commit suicide and leave your wife as a widow, don’t go to the beach or collect a piece of rope and head for the fan  to hang yourself  but  just walk into your kitchen and drink volumes of   coffee brother,  cup after cup and you will take off to the next world within a day !!.

A wag tells me.  “All this is all right. Have you checked up the coffee price in the market? It’s very high, brother.  Your budget may not  allow you more than one cup  per day.  So, we are safe as long  as the food inflation remains high,  I mean both the husband and wife.  They will never get to drink so many cups.  Never.


Men laughed

when the goats were slaughtered

chickens butchered

and she was being raped.

Men laughed when the earth

grew silent

when the green-less pastures

wailed like an infant.

Men laughed when her bangles

got broken

when she was begging,when

her insides were being plundered

And those who were silent

gazed at her in castrated  stillness

then there were men and eunuchs

and she was dead.

The Indian drama masala…….

The Indian dramas are really to the bottom made for Indian audience. The aspect that really surprises me is the masala that repeats in all of them giving them a particular flavor. Elements that make the Indian dramas make them somewhat dry but also magnetic attracting major viewers in the form of middle aged ladies, especially popular for the gossip section.
Aside from entertainment I fail to comprehend the morals these dramas try to convey although some genuinely impart ferocious fighting spirits with unrealistically high amount of principles. The other thing that female characters specialize in is the amount of tears they shed in whole series is almost equivalent to the amount I shed in childhood (though I didn’t cry a lot) the feelings in them are really difficult to synchronize but certainly I can sympathize a little. The music is something I do appreciate but then sometimes I wonder where I heard it before.
The incomplete knowledge used from the medical and legal field used in these dramas to continue the story is at some point unjustifiable. The verbal catfight among the saree clad warriors makes me clutch my remote control harder. The paradoxically gossiping neighbor or an evil aunt who makes an appearance once In a while always seem to poke their nose and most importantly to fuel the spark so that it can turn to fire. It’s amusing how a long dead character suddenly is undead (certainly not as a zombie but I would really like to see that once) due to false assumption of death or because of confused identity with dis figuration of face or due to the thick plot woven by the evil stepmother(antagonist) or something named as fate.
Every time the protagonist is in trouble the why do bells in the temple get triggered but then we can rest assured that no evil can befall our hero/heroine now that he/she has ultimate blessings. The antagonists always seem to be wrapped in evil scheming while our naïve protagonists await their fate living in there happy world until it comes tumbling down. Though the passion seems the main point innocence and righteousness is an essence. Then again ‘All is well that ends well’ some how it works out in the end and they live happily ever after.
The admirable points are the sense of fashion of the ladies with lots of use of jewelry after all they are prime in trend setting. All the actors, director and other people working hard on a drama are also appreciable. The emotions pride, anger, happiness, sadness, jealousy, childishness, religion are captivating at some points and expressive as well.
Although I complain a lot I am an avid viewer of these dramas. But I do wish in future we can taste a different flavor of this magic masala.

clothing morality

Recently being on the receiving end of a lecture in dress codes, I realized the stupidity of codes in our morally starched society. Yes there are codes or rules for everything, how to talk, how to walk, how to live…they are there for the smooth functioning of our society. But why is it that for ladies, their dress become a part of their respectability? Why is that, a street vendor is not expected to be conscious of her dress and an office clerk is supposed to be ? I’m not speaking about neatness, but about the very idea attached with blue collared jobs and associated morality codes.

Maybe it is the limited availability of options for men as far as wardrobe is concerned or maybe the society has always pinned down women into her body and dress is an another means to do that. We do have dress codes according to the situation, but anywhere one will be able to recognize the special focus that is put on a woman’s dressing. No matter how much educated she is or how capable she is, in an office,  she has to adhere with the ‘respectability codes’ of the society.

For women there is a finely etched dress codes for every profession. If we are to imagine  a woman as a teacher and then as a street vendor, the amount of detailing decreases in the latter. Why is that? For all we think, we will even imagine her as being unconscious about her body, where as the same woman as a teacher will be fully covered. Recently in a conversation with my friend, she confessed that being a teacher is not the same everyday. So much is depended on the dress she wears. If she is in a Saree then all’s well. If in a salwar, there is a noticeable change in the reaction she receives. This conversation is what set my thoughts into motion. Well for all the stiff necked preaching on values and morality, a woman’s value most of the time boils down to superficiality. It is frightening for a woman. Think about it.

A chuckling visit!

All those ladies who frequent visits to a tailor to get their salwar kurtas/ dresses/ trousers etc stitched—this one’s for you—

Months back, I landed at a tailor’s shop, to get some kurtaas stitched. I had hoped to quickly hand him over the materials and move out of the shop within 20 minutes maximum. But Alas! I was strangled there to my patience’s end.

To my dismay, there was this smart looking, well dressed lady accompanied by her hubby. They were standing by the tailor’s counter. Now the reader would wonder, ‘so what?’ But hey! That’s not the case. The thing is that the lady was merely standing, like a mannequin, whereas it was her hubby who was going on and on instructing the tailor to stitch the dress in a certain way. All that the lady had to do was to stand and give measurements, because the rest of the instructions were coming from her hubby…! I mused over and thought that the lady would rather herself stand as a mannequin, instead of another actual mannequin that the tailor had installed there!!

I was so amused by this scene. It was indeed weird. The man was even instructing the tailor things like keep this measurement 5 inches, don’t make it 3 inches, and don’t stitch the attire too jazzy, just keep it simple; have some simple patterns on the dress. He was even browsing through the pattern designs booklet which tailors usually have, letting the fellow know which pattern would suit better on his wife!  …..Thus he was going on and on with his petty nosy advices, and the lady for whom the dress was being stitched, was standing by his side, quiet, absolutely noiseless. Wonder where her decision making skills had vanished? And wonder how two different people can have such similar opinions and likings. Didn’t she feel like differing with her husband’s set of instructions? Didn’t she feel like taking a closer look at the pattern booklet herself, just in case she’d end up liking a different pattern than what her dear husband had already zeroed in on?

Looking at that somewhat funny conversation, I chuckled, no doubt. But at the same time, another thought raced through my mind— Who says modern women have become independent minded and have the ability to make decisions on their own, even with trivial matters like suggesting their desirable stitching designs to a tailor?

A day later I asked my friend if there has been any time in her married life, when her husband had accompanied her to a tailor’s and she gave me one look. She remarked that a visit to a tailor would be the last thing on their combined outing agenda. Besides, she said, what’s the need to tuck along your hubby, of all the places on earth, to a tailor’s! She said her husband would get completely dazed, if she were to ever do such a bizarre thing!

Anyways, that way it isn’t a big deal, some would think. But to a practical independent minded woman of today’s times, it’s a strange thought. To accompany your husband to a tailor’s shop, letting him do all the talking, while you stand there mum, passively listening to all the talking going on, between your husband and your tailor!!!; it just isn’t digestible.

And then another thought came over me. What’s the point in ladies merely dressing up and outwardly looking smart, whereas from within, they cannot even open their mouth and voice their own stitching related requirements to the tailor?

Wake up guys! It’s 2010 that we are living in. Not some age old times, when this scene might not have been so uncommon. Months have passed, but even today, when I recall that scene, it makes be bemused to no end. Reminiscing that morning’s tailor visit indeed makes me chuckle till date!

The world of baldies

A writer is always looking for ideas or topics to write out his articles.  Sometimes you just don’t get any  inkling  from  any reading materials or from people you get to meet  from time to time.  Newspapers and magazines are the ideal sources because you read them every day.  Even here you draw a blank on most days.

I have found out another source.  I just leave my house and stand on the roadside to study people and I do get some leads.  The main road is just about 20 meters from my house. Soliloquists are my favourite targets, but you don’t   see many of them;  hardly one or two and that too over three hours or so.  But then, patience is called for in this  game.

Hurrah!  I sighted my target within minutes yesterday.  Not soliloquists but  Bald heads!  Every fifth man who passed by me was bald.  They were all  well over forty years of age. The baldness itself  was of varying sizes;  one or two were bald almost completely with very little hair surrounding the area.  I thought mischievously that a helicopter could land on these persons’ head.  My thinking cap took its position and  I let my mind go wild on the subject.

Both men and women get bald after a certain age. Possibly the affected women are less in number. In modern times, the men folk go in for wigs, especially those with watermelon heads.  Surely they need a covering scalp. They don’t feel embarrassed or self conscious about wearing a wig.  In fact they would talk about it loudly and ask a friend for his opinion about his choice of the wig.  Various types of wigs are available these days in the market. Not all men baldies wear wigs.  Many of them live with it without embarrassment.

Baldness is a  sign of age and maturity;  many people sport it bravely, especially when they appear for an interview for a senior post. As a matter of fact, bald head is a kind of a passport for securing a high  level job provided you have the requisite  academic qualifications.  As things are today,  no one young with thick black hair is likely to get selected  as  vice presidents.  The wiggers would invariably remove the wig when they attend an interview for a senior post.

The world has changed a lot in recent years.  Youngsters just around 25 – 27 years are masters in Management and well qualified in several fields. They could out beat any learned and experienced person in any kind of cross examination.  But the  selection committee would be wary of appointing youngsters as Managing  directors or CMDs. Can’t  they wear wigs to give them an aged look  and fool the board members !

Women too wear wigs.  While men are bold enough  to own it and showcase their baldness, women won’t.  They would hide even a ten percent damage to the head.  Now, some women have eagle like eyes.  They could pick out a wig on a woman’s head miles away.  So, the wigged ladies would spend their time in a social party only in men’s group.  Some innocent men may  even compliment a middle age lady over a well maintained hairstyle.

My appeal to the wig  manufacturers is  that they  produce  extraordinary wigs in such shapes  and contours that one doesn’t  distinguish the artificial from the natural. This is for the satisfaction of women baldies.

Another plea is for  the Chemists, to invent a  hair cream that would conquer baldness completely.  All ladies in the world would thank you for this.  Next , such a cream would sell like ice cream bars in scorching summer.



Imagine a world where women run the show. No wait! Don’t imagine, just open your eyes and look around you. Society has come a long way since the time when men were strictly the breadwinners of their families, and women were confined to work in the kitchen. The world is changing rapidly and the society has evolved to accept women breaking out of their cocoons and making a mark in their respective fields.

Be it world famous doctors, scientists, artists, engineers or entrepreneurs, you find women everywhere. It isn’t uncommon anymore to find a household that is run by a woman. Fortunately, most men have started looking at women as their equals and the question of who brings home the bread shouldn’t lead to differences between spouses. However, there are still some families that even break apart because the men are too pompous to admit that their wives are capable of earning more than them.

In my opinion, the pink wallet signifies women’s liberation and the fact that women are capable of not only sustaining themselves and their families’ singlehandedly but also contributing in a massive way towards social welfare. Handling finances be it of the household or the country has always been looked upon as the man’s responsibility but not anymore. Women have always had the inmate ability to conserve resources. The pink wallet need not necessarily be of a successful working woman. Even a middleclass housewife may be able to use her business acumen in procuring the maximum provisions for her family using the minimum resources. Women like Mother Teresa have been able to mobilise funds in order to help the destitute, the old, the diseased people and orphaned children. Mobilizing and managing funds of charitable organizations is just one more aspect of women putting their financial abilities to good use, this time to help society at large.

The pink wallet is here to stay so watch out before it outnumbers the blue ones!


“When I was 38 I had a job as a computer programmer. I was the only woman in the office and was harassed until it was unbearable. I was fired after I came in one day and my eyes were red and swollen. I was fired for ‘the good of the company’. They proceeded to ruin my reputation with all the head hunters computer professionals use. I couldn’t get another job. I have been on liability ever since. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about my right to work being taken away. I have been on anti-depressants for 20 years. When I had gone to a lawyer he told me either the truth comes out or they all stick together and lie. I knew no one would stand up for me. Of course my doctor said no one would treat someone this way and I must have perceived it wrong. Hence the disability. Enough to pay bills and nothing else. Forget going out to lunch with friends or to the movies or going to the gym. Everyday has a reminder of the horror I had to live through. Everytime I would like to do something and can’t because I haven’t any money. This has created a hatred inside of me that touches everyone I come in contact with much as I try to get rid of it. Hate and sadness are my constant companions, probably until the day I die. It is what it is.”
Preposterous….Is there anything worse that can describe this? Yes…One can use series of not-so-good words to describe this story of harassment of women at work. Harassment of women at work? What kind of expression is this? I thought these women were supposed to be independent economically and that makes a huge difference in the society as this was one of the major reasons as to why women were submissive for centuries. These are the women who are supposed to be “educated”, “aware of their rights”, there “fundamental and moral duties” and “the rules of the society”. But then how did the harassment came in? How can they be mistreated or abused at a place where one expects the culprits to be equally “educated”, “aware of there rights and the rights of the victims”, there “fundamental and moral duties” and “the rules of the society”? What keeps them quite?
Here comes another story….
As an American girl that grew up in the 60’s and 70’s I was encouraged and hopeful that equality for me and other women would become a reality in the USA. I did my school work, did my duty as a citizen, paid my taxes, kept a clean record, and worked at different types of male dominated jobs before joining the military. I thought certainly the military would have to treat me as an equal. That is another story in itself.After meeting and exceeding the requirements of the armed forces, I left the service with honor and awards. I then worked as a legal secretary and then returned to investigations which I have done for several years. I have kept my nose to the grindstone to try to earn the respect and compensation that is promised to those who work hard and pay their dues. I now find myself at 56 years of age struggling to pay the bills and continuing to be confronted with lack of respect and total disregard for my accomplishments and skills. I see my male co-workers who are less experienced and skilled living much higher lifestyles, enjoying respect, higher pay, and opportunities that are denied to me. They are able to provide for their families and put their children through college. While my son and I struggle to keep the lights on and food on the table. My boss’s company has less than 6 employees, so the laws against discrimination do not apply, and he knows it and keeps the company under 6 for that reason. I have run his company and supervised the other investigators for the past 16 years, and yet in his eyes I’ve never “graduated” beyond secretary status. He has turned me down for a raise for the past two years and threatens to fire me if I don’t stop “pressuring” him. The company has made more money each year than the last but he says he cannot “afford” to give me a raise, even though he just bought another new car. As punishment for asking for a raise, he says my wages are “capped”, that I will never receive another raise and if I don’t like it I can leave and he will find someone younger who he can pay half as much.
He is just like his conservative peers, a man who continually says “no” to equality, “no” to respect, and “no” to fair compensation. Even though he is my age, he has no clue that treating me as a second class citizen is wrong. He has not taken anything to heart these past 38 years, has no empathy, no appreciation, and is an elitist, judgmental, spoiled, withholding, greedy, oppressive snob.

The story clearly signifies that the stories of harassment go beyond borders. Infact, United States of America, the military block of the world, the most developed country has victims wherein culprits not only show disregard toward the female co-workers but are fickle minded towards there growth due to reasons that only they can answer, even though people all over the world know that treating anybody as a third class citizen is not allowed, neither morally, socially, economically, politically, nor religiously. There is an interesting fact that came across my research. In India, there is currently is no law against sexual harassment and abuse at work places. The Supreme Court (SC) of India laid down certain guidelines and norms for observance at all work places, in the public or private sector, which are required to be treated as the law under the Indian Constitution. Thus, it is enforceable until a suitable legislation is enacted by the Indian Parliament. A recent ruling by the Bombay High Court on a case of sexual harassment filed by a female employee of a private sector company against her male superior comes as an encouragement for women who been silent on the issue. Yet, there is no law under which women can seek complete redress and that makes it an absolute punishable offence. These women tolerate such kind of harassment only because they have families that demand their salaries. These women either lie in the category of widows who are deprived of the pensions that they are entitled to receive, or those who are forced at homes to supplement the household incomes, or those daughters who have neither fathers nor brothers in a fit condition to work. The maid in my home works as a servant only because her husband who basically runs a local ice-cream vendor, and spends all his money on gambling and boozing. Everytime I see her, I see a new bruise on her face or legs or arms. A woman in her neighbourhood does the same job in some other house as her husband wants her to pay for her stay in his house even though she is his wife and has a complete right over his property. She is ready to work anywhere and everywhere, just to meet with the requirements of her husband. Now it is very easy to exploit women as such.

Actually, I, wanted to write about the harassment of women at work but my research and some experience has left me wondering with two questions. Why? Why only the women form one of the most harassed species? Have we heard the same mishappenings with the males too? Very rarely, though cases about the same have been heard too. The next question is till when will this go on? So many organizations have been established all over the world that work explicitly for women and children, even the human rights commission has come up with certain rights for the women, so where do we lack? Why is the girl in the south and south east part of Asia judged on the basis of her fairness before her marriage? Why are her compulsions at home taken as an excuse for exploiting her at work?

How can a woman who is capable of being your mother, daughter, sister, wife, grandmother and a homemaker be harassed or abused? I saw “the bandit queen” lately, wherein the director has highlighted a quote written or said by Manu Smriti ages ago that says “women, cattle and dogs are meant to be beaten”!!! There is no denying that we have got used to following the various norms laid down by Manu centuries ago. As Tagore has said himself, that women are the ornaments of society, theft of a women is the most fatal of all thefts, thence this shall stop. But the situation is not as grim as it appears to be. In India women have started to realize their rights and their equal association with the worldly chores. I guess this is the reason as to why we have a Kalpana Chawla, a resident of a small town who was able to grip her feet in space, a Sunita Williams to participate in an aerospace project, a Sushma Swaraj to be the spokesperson of a party and Pratiba Patil who is the president of our country. These women can really help the fellow women to stand up for their rights through their awareness and bring them the light of hope for a better future. They can help each other by joining hands and working for each others forthcoming. One such effort is the reservation for women in the parliament that was introduced and is still in process for approval.

Molesting A Woman’s Self-Respect

woman and rape

I am sure most women get raped some time or the other in their lifetimes. Now, don’t think of this as a scandalous statement. Haven’t there been times, dear friends when a woman has stood before a man in a public place like a bus stop, the bus itself, the mall or some official place and has been forcibly undressed to the barest minimum by just the lustful look of some stranger? The resultant feeling is of anger, frustration and shame. And there is nothing that can be done about it. After all, you are fully dressed. If this is the mental state of women who get mentally raped every other day, then you can very well imagine the plight of women who get raped physically. And worse is the state of rural women who are humiliated and discriminated for no fault of theirs.

Disrobing women comes easy to us Indians. If Draupadi, the wife of the super five Pandavas could get disrobed then, we are but ordinary mortals. Draupadi was treated like a commodity in a game of gambling. Today, it is no different. A woman who attempts to try her hand in male domains or, succeeds in life both, personally and professionally is often accused of having slept her way up. If a man succeeds, he is appreciated for being talented and hard working!

When a woman is molested or raped, her tattered clothes symbolize the humiliation of her self-respect. The marks on her body will take some time to heal but what about the bruises on her mind and soul? Will they ever heal? Today, we hear of more and more women being raped. Are there too many male sadists or is the value system in the society gone kaput? Women, little girls and even children are known to be raped for lust, for enmity or just for no reason at all. The kind of trauma that children undergo when they are physically violated is just indescribable.

Women get raped, some complain, others just carry on with their lives. What has happened to the men, you may ask. What has gotten into them? Why have they suddenly become so sexually charged? The most terrible part is that many rapists go scot-free to sow their wild seeds elsewhere. Not all want to file a report for fear of what the society will say or maybe a fear of the rapists themselves. So, the soiled clothes are silently washed and life carries on as if nothing happened. But, it is a fact that the trauma of such an incident never heals and if the raped woman does get pregnant then, she goes in for a hush-hush abortion and that’s the happy ending for you!

But, what could be the causes of such offensive deeds? An egoistic man’s idea of self-respect, a male chauvinistic attitude of showing a woman where she stands or simply a sadistic man’s act of temporary physical superiority. Today, a woman likes it if she is called sexy. It is a compliment for her and some times it is this very compliment that turns her life upside down.  The problem is that both men and women have forgotten that a lakshman rekha exists for both of them. Until the rules of self respect are followed in society, we are going to hear more of such cases. Let’s hope good sense prevails and men and women stick to their limits.