I wish I was your lover…!!

“Go up to that handsome hunk and talk to him; you always claim that you can charm even a complete stranger, but I know you can’t do it,” Sonam challenged Jiya, “I am damn sure that the guy won’t give any weight to you; best of luck girl, go try your luck!”. The place was Mumbai and they were inside a Ganapati puja pandal amidst lots of people and crowd. Jiya immediately was on her feet, she smartly walked up to a group of boys sitting diagonally opposite to the place where they were sitting. Jiya went to the group and said, “Hey guys I lost my purse and I need your help to find it!” A handsome guy stood up and came to Jiya and said, “Where were you  sitting? I guess we first need to search it there.” He added looking at his friends, “you guys enjoy; I will take care of this!” Jiya immediately thought that she won the challenge and she was so happy that she could not stop smiling. The guy asked her, “Hey gorgeous, I am Amit and what’s your name?”

“I am Jiya,” she replied. They both walked up to the place where Jiya was sitting with her friends, her friends were spellbound to see the guy with Jiya coming towards them. Amit immediately after reaching the spot started searching for the purse. But he could not find it and said,” I and my friends will try to find it from the other corners of the pandal; give me your contact number, if I find it I will inform you.” Jiya gave him her mobile number and they left. That night Jiya was thinking about the incident that happened and she started feeling guilty. Just for the challenge, she went up to Amit and said she lost her purse and now Amit and his friends were searching for the purse desperately. But Jiya didn’t take Amit’s number so she was unable to contact him; she had to wait hoping Amit to contact her.

A week went by and Jiya lost all hope for a call from Amit, but she couldn’t stop feeling bad and guilty, it was hurting her from inside. On the 10th day, morning there was a call on Jiya’s cell from an unknown number. Jiya received it and it was Amit. “Hey Jiya i am very sorry, my friends and me searched a lot but didn’t get your purse,” Amit updated. Jiya immediately said, “Amit lets meet for lunch today, its a treat from me.” Jiya also said him the time and place and immediately hanged up the phone so that Amit can’t make any excuse. Amit was waiting in the restaurant where Jiya asked him to come, but Jiya was late by 10 mins.”Is there any good news? Why you are treating me?” Amit enquired. Jiya smiled and said, “Definitely their is a good news, I got such a good and trustworthy friend like you, I am very happy for that and thought we must go out for lunch and celebrate.”

Amit said, “That’s fine, Jiya but I could not succeed in my mission.” Jiya added, “Amit I will say you the truth today…” and she told him the entire story and assumed that Amit would surely get angry and leave the place at once. But to Jiya’s surprise he was just smiling and finally said,” Thanks to your friend who have given you this challenge, because only for this I met you.” They had a wonderful evening and they became great friends. Very often Amit use to call Jiya and either they went out for dinner or lunch or just hung out in some coffee shop. Jiya was perusing her master’s degree in biochemistry and Amit took the privilege at times to drop Jiya at her tuition classes, Jiya was very happy to get a friend like Amit but from his side it was a different story. He was in love with her at first sight but Jiya had no clue about it!

One day when Amit went to drop Jiya to her tuition class he saw all her friends were gossiping outside the classroom since the teacher didn’t arrive by then. Jiya took the opportunity to introduce Amit to the gang and everyone was very happy to meet her new friends except one; a guy named Inder, who had a massive crush on her. Jiya once mentioned about Inder to Amit; about the madness he demonstrates at times despite knowing Jiya is far from having any such feelings for him. This was the first time Jiya saw a different expression on Amit’s face when he was being introduced to Inder. Both of them stared at each other as if they were about to annihilate each other. Jiya became a little worried seeing such an expression; she knew about Inder but she was wondering why Amit too showed such a reaction.

It was Jiya’s birthday and she thought all this confusion must come to an end. She invited all her friends for a party and informed them that she had an important announcement to make.

All her friends were their in the party by 8 pm. Both Amit and Inder were also present and tried desperately to ignore each other as far as possible. Rest of Jiya’s friends were contemplating about what she was going to announce. They were almost assured that Jiya would be accepting one between Amit and Inder as her boyfriend.

As the clock struck 9, Jiya was ready to cut the yummy chocolate truffle cake, when suddenly a sharp, good looking, smart guy entered the party. He went up to Jiya and kissed on her forehead. He took out a ring from his pocket and slipped it in her ring finger. Jiya looked delighted and excited. After the cake cutting Jiya announced, “Friends this is the surprise. This is Abhishek, love of my life and i am sorry if I hurt any of you unknowingly. Abhi was out of Mumbai, he was perusing his engineering, but now he has completed it and is back here to me permanently and as you people witnessed my engagement with him, I am glad to announce that we will soon tie the knot once he gets a job.” All her friends clapped in delight.

It was only Inder and Amit who walked out of the party still snagging at each other and at the same time, they walked out of Jiya’s life too.

Finally!!I Baked That Cake!

Now baking a cake is no big deal, but when attempts have given you comments like “it tastes good,but it doesn’t taste like  cake”..that’s when serious preparation come into the scene. My friends refuse to believe in my culinary skill (many lunches at school have I subjected them to my experiments)and my dad is too sweet to hurt me. My ma however, looks upon my kitchen experiments as if I’m playing house. So this Christmas, I refused to be taken lightly. And I began my search for that perfect recipe of chocolate cake. My frantic search was often attempted to be thwarted by my friends who gave me recipes where they felt sure nothing could go wrong. Wherein, I just needed to measure and mix and bake..well anyone can do that. I wanted to bake, really bake a rich dark soft chocolate cake that would melt in the mouth and render everyone speechless and eat back their comments!

I found many recipes with pictures that could even melt the tongue, but I just felt so very dissatisfied. I had to bake a special cake and this time I had it in me, nothing could go wrong if I could just get that perfect recipe. By Christmas eve I became desperate. Tomorrow is Christmas and tomorrow I had to keep up my promise of my perfect cake. So while shopping my friend told me a harmless way to bake a cake, where I can save my face and they can save their tummy-a ready to bake cake mix! Now that was the final straw. I just bought everything that I could imagine to go into the making of cake and left with renewed frustration.

So around 7’O clock,I started sifting the flour and kept looking at the cut & paste recipe I had made from many and felt low…..very very low. I have always wanted to cook well. I enjoy doing it. That’s when I realized what the hell, they are not expecting anything edible anyway so I might as well just enjoy playing house. And I baked a cake, by 10. I put on the icing and I was happy. Hard labor payed off well coz I was licking my fingers and I loved the taste. Tomorrow they might laugh but I just know I did well.I kept the cake in the fridge ,proudly.

I woke up at 2 to the sounds of carols and ran downstairs to have a better look at Santa. As I got near the fridge I saw someone sitting in the floor. It was my brother in search of a  midnight snack and I found much to my dismay & happiness, he had eaten much of my cake. When he said it was delicious, I was delirious with joy. So I saved a few pieces for my parents and friends and sat down with my brother munching one of the best cakes I had ever tasted. Now for those who need my recipe, here it is:

Mix flour, coco & icing sugar. Pour a mixture of chocolate chunks melted in black coffee to the powder mixture. Add an egg and condensed milk. In goes a pinch of vanilla essence, baking soda and baking powder. Add milk and then pour in maza(yes the soft drink)…stir well…and bake. For icing, just mix coco, icing sugar and condensed milk. When the cake cools, pour in the icing and keep it for setting in the fridge.Voila there you have a beautiful dark chocolaty chocolate cake. Make sure to keep away the midnight snackers!!